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5 New, Easy Ways To Become A Bimbo

By Jason 'J-Ryze' Fonceca & Cynthia 'Cynshine' Moreno


Did you know that everyone has an inner-bimbo?

Did you know that everyone has an inner-bimbo, whether they like it or not?

This is because we live in a ‘duality-based’ universe, where everything has both masculine and feminine aspects in it.

Think about it: A man can be ‘nurturing’ & ‘gentle’ towards a child anytime he wants to.

A woman can be a firm ‘disciplinarian’ or ‘aggressive’ anytime she wants to.

This is why the ‘yin-yang’ or ‘tao’ symbol has existed for centuries, because it speaks to the ‘yin in the yang,’ and ‘yang in the yin’ duality of all creation.

Many people see water as ‘feminine,’ but it can take the form of rock-hard ice or crash aggressively on the shore like a tidal wave.

There’s masculine and feminine aspects in everything, including you and I, and we all have the freedom to either ‘turn them up’, or ‘turn them down’ in our own lives.

In the case of ‘bimbos’, the idea is to ‘turn up’ the femininity.

Did you know that 90% of women are ignorant about all of this?

Well, they really are.

And they simply go through their lives ‘by default’ or ‘on autopilot’, never tapping into the level of femininity they really want.

Chances are you weren’t taught this stuff.

Which means you’re here on earth, navigating life, utterly capable of radiating feminine beauty, compelling the attention of many, and earning wealth and status for yourself through hyper-femininity…

…but if you’re like most people, you lose out on attention, money, status, impact, and feeling proud of your own feminine aspects because you don’t believe in what you’re capable of.

It’s not your fault though.

It’s all because a masculine, patriarchal society has avoided teaching you how fast & easy it is to access your real power.

Your true, feminine power.

It’s there, waiting for you.

You’ve just gotta tap into it.

Did you know that there’s an easy fix for all this?

There are specific ways to think, feel, and act that unleash your inner bimbo, with jaw-dropping results.

If applied well and consistently, you won’t just turn the occasional head, you’ll actually be a rich, famous, hyperfemme person of note in society.

This means you can absolutely be the bimbo you dream of being whether that be a ‘soft bimbo’ or a more extreme version, or like Cyn, somewhere in-between.

This is not ‘fantasy ‘talk.

Bimbohood doesn’t automatically require a buttload of costly surgery or expensive fashions.

It doesn’t require god-tier makeup skills.

This works for anyone of any age, 40, 50, 60, you name it, because everyone has an inner-bimbo waiting to shine, if encouraged properly.

Sure, there are slight nuances for each individual, but the overall approach to bimbodom is always the same.

My many long-term relationships have given me experience helping many women ‘bimbofy’ themselves.

My years homeless on the cold Toronto streets were finally solved when I understood Law Of Attraction, (not to mention my decade advising Evan Carmichael on business, branding, and life.)

Cyn’s years of living the life of a masculine ‘domme’ has given her a deep insight on what it’s like pretending to be masc when one’s actually a bimbo.

Her choice to swap heroin-addiction for self-love has taught her how to make choices that matter.

Together she and I have so many tricks, tips, and tweaks for you to be a better bimbo, and it’s how Cyn transformed from this:


…to this:


We’ve taught many clients to transform themselves in one way or another over the years, and it always starts with 5 key principles that most people skip or gloss over, but that we know are vital, and make sure to emphasize.

These are the 5 principles of bimbofication you must apply to amp up your true feminine power and get the body, fashion, and vibe you really want in life.

That said, we have to warn you: what you’re about to hear goes against conventional bimbofication and body-transformation wisdom.

The reason for this is the world has, frankly, stupefied themselves. Society has become a giant echo-chamber, parroting the same things they hear others say, instantly dismissing anything new… or outside the norm.

Implants, BBLs, and fillers are all fine, but they’re not going to unleash your inner bimbo quickly, gently, or affordably. No way!

These 5 principles reveal what you absolutely must avoid if you want an easy, affordable path to your bimbohood.

What you need is a splash of better beliefs, a bit of nature’s touch, and the honest truth. Sound good? Let’s dive in.

1. Avoid punishing your cells.

Bimbo_Cells_PunishMany budding bimbos think that depriving their cells of calories is the way to go, and that can be beneficial, but not if you’re punishing your cells unnecessarily.

Don’t just randomly start a diet or cut calories, the trick is to get your mindset and emotions right first, then adjust eating habits.

There’s a direct relationship between your thoughts & emotions, and your body.

Do you honestly think that depriving your body and punishing your cells when your mind & emotions aren’t set up for it, will help bimbofy you?

It’s vital to realize that whenever you’re feeling tense or ‘crunchy’ you have just punished your cells.

Get in tune with your body, pay attention to it well, and listen to what your cells are telling you.

Mouth dry? Feeling thirsty? Don’t ignore it for hours, get up and get a glass of water (and consider keeping water nearby in the future.)

Got a craving for a food? Learn to discern whether it’s your cells talking to you, or unhealthy emotional eating prompted by stress, past trauma, or neuroses.

Feeling tense or stagnant? Get up, move around, and dance.

Do whatever you must to get your mindset and emotions aligned, and only then make decisions about your diet, exercise, surgeries, fashion, etc. 

2. Stop focusing on wrong bimbo things.

Theory Vs. Practice Final MinimalIt’s so tempting to focus on getting a boob job you can’t afford yet, right?

Or tempting to focus on wearing clothes your body isn’t ready for yet.

Don’t do this.

You’re a powerful human being and energy goes where focus flows.

It’s fine to visualize these future things occasionally, but your focus should be on doing a good job with whatever next step you can control now in the present moment, not the things that feel out of reach.

Want a whole new wardrobe but don’t know where the money will come from? Great, don’t whine or moan about a future that seems out of reach, instead focus on being a helpful, happy, fun, valuable human being today.

If you really want to be a bimbo, that’s wonderful, but it starts with focusing on being a better you, today.

Perhaps you could…

  • Spend the day promoting some other bimbos on Instagram, showing love.
  • Comment on some other bimbos on reddit.
  • Write a guide on how to come out as a bimbo to your family.
  • Take some more risque photos than ever before.

Improving yourself and providing value in the here & now are steps you can control.

Putting your focus there is what will lead you to a wonderful bimbo-ful future.

3. Forget about hiding it.

Bimbos_Dont_HideMany budding bimbos try to hide their bimbofication for as long as possible.

They do this because of many things:

  • fear of judgment by fam & friends,
  • fear of conflict with them,
  • fear of looking bad or dumb or shallow,
  • fear of failure,
  • and so on.

Don’t do this.

Don’t bother hiding your bimbofication, because the sooner you embrace it, the sooner the universe will help you with it.

The sooner you step away from fear of judgment and haters, the sooner resources, connections, help and inspiration will flow to you.

I’ve never seen the universe help someone who’s ashamed of their dreams…

…and becoming a bimbo is no exception.

Instead of hiding, choose to immerse yourself in the bimbo world.

Visit the many bimbo subreddits out there, follow bimbos on IG, YT, Twitter, and TikTok.

Talk about bimbofication, beauty, femininity, and transformation as often as you can manage.

If the people around you aren’t receptive to it, learn to prune your circles and upgrade your friends.

You are who you spend the most time with.

This is ‘grown-up’ stuff, but only you can live your life and control these things, and you’re totally capable of it.

4. Quit being a powerless victim.

Bimbos_Arent_VictimsEvery human being is born at a certain ‘starting point’, and each of us have a ‘certain lifetime’ to progress towards our dreams.

Yes, everyone is different, but we all come to earth with a very similar journey: birth, pursue-dreams, death.

And we’re all given the same tools to go on this journey.

We’re all given thoughts, emotions, and choices, and the bimbos we look up to are those who’ve used these tools well.

The people who go nowhere in life and never reach any of their dreams are those who use them poorly.

So learn to use the amazing powers you were born with such as ‘decision-making’, ‘mood-management’, and ‘intentional attention.’

Your thoughts, emotions, and choices are kind of like ‘muscles’, and most people’s are weak and atrophied.

Your decision-making-muscles & intention-muscles need practice, and until you have the courage to apply and exert them, you’ll remain weak and powerless to achieve your dreams.

  • Think better thoughts and gain better beliefs.
  • Expose yourself to new media and perspectives on money, time, and body-transformation.
  • Tap into your true feelings and learn to feel better about any subject that irks you.

Being a bimbo is great, but it takes a bold, daring, powerful woman with strong decision-making and intention muscles to achieve it.

5. Avoid chronic dehydration.

HydrationWater isn’t just ‘good for you’ — water burns fat.

Water suppresses hunger.

Water smooths your complexion.

Just drinking 12 ounces of pure water daily can take a few years off your face in a matter of weeks.

You’ll also drop fat, have more energy, and save your kidneys and liver from chronic overwork.

Happy, healthy, glowing insides mean happy, healthy, glowing outsides.

Many bimbos you admire prioritize water and hydration, and we suggest you do the same.

BONUS: Drop the surgery obsession.

Bimbos_Love_SurgeryIsn’t plastic surgery a cornerstone of bimbohood?

Maybe, maybe not.

But whether it is or it isn’t doesn’t matter here.

What matters is that your cells are insanely powerful and the human body is basically a miracle.

So before you invest in costly surgery, that will have you out of commission recovering for weeks, months, or even years, take a few hours to explore what your body can do naturally.

Explore hormones, nutrition, and herbs which are far more affordable than surgery.

Explore exercises that perk up boobs and tone your booty.

Explore law of attraction and mind over matter.

Explore a new regimen of dance or swimming.

These can often be easy, fun, gentle, and affordable.

And when you’re done exploring them, the world hasn’t ended, you instead get a number of great results:

  1. you know more about yourself and your body.
  2. you have made at least some progress towards the bimbo body you want.
  3. if you still want surgery you can still get it, (and you might have even gotten a promotion, more money, or a sugar-daddy in the meantime).
  4. The surgery will be much easier and less chance of complication because your body is healthier and there’s less fat or clogged arteries, and so on.

Cyn has gotten fuller, darker hair, fuller lips, perkier boobs, a thinner waist, a rounder booty, and more… all through natural means!

Society has done you a huge disservice with it’s emphasis on surgery.

The truth is, your body can deliver miraculous transformations to you if you give it a chance, and costly surgery will always be there waiting for you if you really do want it.

Cyn and I have seen thousands of bimbos over the years, and the one’s who look the best –and that means the one’s who were the most feminine, desirable, and ‘flawless’– are the ones who leverage their bodies well naturally first, and then use a minimal amount of surgery to make up any differences.

Over the past few years, Cyn has started calling me The Bimbo Whisperer because of my strange ability to unlock people’s transformations.

Just last week I helped a woman who wanted to be hyperfeminine realize that her being a ‘security officer’ was a masculine job that was crushing her bimbo-dreams, so she quit the next day.

I helped Cyn realize that her living geographically close to family and friends was a major distraction from her bimbo dreams, so she packed up and moved to Toronto, and it turned into the best bimbofication decision she’d ever made.

And ages ago, before I even really knew what I was doing, I even helped an ex-girlfriend of mine gain two cup sizes while shrinking her waist (something most nutritionists claim is ‘impossible.’)

I offer a revolutionary new way to approach bimbofication and body-transformation that relies on just three things:

belief-elevation, mood-management, and decision-making.

These 3 things (which again, you were born with) are all you need… and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

We don’t push you to get costly surgeries or spend your life in a hospital bed.

We don’t want you to deprive yourself of every yummy food on the planet.

We don’t want you to force yourself into the gym as you feel your soul die inside.

We knew you deserve a fun, fulfilling journey towards bimbohood, not a miserable one.

Cyn says The Bimbo Whisperer was her magic transformation genie helping her get on the path to bimbofication fast, stay on it sustainably, and have fun doing it.


We’re not going to lie to you, taking advice from The Bimbo Whisperer takes focus, effort, and courage. It’s not for the faint of heart, or those not serious about achieving their bimbo goals.

  • If you aren’t willing to practice catching your thoughts and emotions as they happen, this is not for you.
  • If you’re too timid to make bold decisions and take control of your life, this is not for you.
  • If you like playing the victim, making excuses, and doing anything you can to avoid real change, this is not for you.

We’re not gonna lie, applying advice from The Bimbo Whisperer takes real f**king heart. Anything that produces massive, easy, affordable change isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

However it’s fast, efficient, and safe.

Fair enough?

I mean hey, if you’re looking for an easy out, google ‘instant bimbofication product’ and maybe you’ll get lucky.

If you want results that matter, using tools that have been around for millennia, read on.

You must be ok with catching sh*tty thoughts and beliefs, if you are, here’s an exercise you’ve never seen before, that will get your transformation started here and now if you apply it.

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