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Can I Manifest A
More Feminine Voice?

Yes, set intentions for your voice, align with them, release resistance.

Yes, you can manifest a more feminine voice, but before you attempt it, you may want to ask yourself some questions and really dig deep into your soul for the honest answers.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I believe I have to speak or sound a certain way to succeed in life?
  • Am I attached to a particular sound, voice, tone, or delivery?
  • Who are my vocal role-models? Can I list people I look up to for vocal sound easily, or am I uninformed of what’s out there?
  • In what ways is my voice already satisfying me?
  • In what ways do I intend my voice to change?
  • Do I truly believe that my cells, vocal chords, sinus passages, lungs, and more can reshape themselves, adapt, and evolve into my ideal voice, or am I doubtful and skeptical?
  • Do I see a connection between my voice and romance, my voice and money, my voice and health… or do I see myself as free to thrive whatever voice I choose to have? 

The answers to these questions will have a major impact on how easily and quickly your voice transforms, and there’s many other questions that you may want to ask yourself as well.

Once you’re clear on the answers and you’ve done whatever work must be done to get to a place of free-flowing confidence on the subject of voice-transformation, then set intentions for your voice to be soothing, playful, expressive, feminine, beautiful, and musical like a songbird, starlet, or siren from Greek mythology.

Higher voices are usually thought of as ‘more feminine’ but nothing is ‘set in stone’, and whether you prefer high or low, it’s wise to consider a rhythmic, flowing. clear voice. Also consider gentle, sing-song inflections, turning your voice into a musical or poetic instrument. You can even explore a demure, breathy, voice or a giggly, bubbly, more alive and emotive one.

There’s many different avenues to explore, but one key is to avoid a voice that’s too ‘dominant,’ ‘assertive’, or monotonous.

I could write pages more on ‘feminine phrasing’ and word-choice, but hopefully this is a start for now.

Ultimately, you’re here on earth and…

You’re meant to have whatever voice you desire.

Because if you truly desire something, you’re totally capable of achieving it, in some form or another.

You can do it, I believe in you, #KeepRyzing.

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