Hi! I'm J-Ryze. I offer tough love for entrepreneurs.

The world's full of confused people who play small. Fragile egos & knee-jerk panic run rampant. We need wise, high-integrity people to show the world a better way.

We need truth-seekers en masse, because the world ignores isolated rebels, but applauds movements & causes. This is why you're so important. Because if you're here, it means you're smart. Positive. Open to harsh truths.

And if you've seen my YouTube, you know I give tough love that truly matters.

So you're at a fork in the road. Either leave this page & blend-in with a sea of excuse-makers... or take a stand by joining the RyzeNation private Facebook Group, where you'll get epic, custom-tailored advice, access to me, plus you'll meet like-minded people who can help you grow too.

(Note: This group's not for everyone. It takes real heart to face our demons. It takes discipline to apply wisdom & change. It takes a true badass to step up, invest in themselves, and shine.)

So the question is... are you a fit? Are you in? Can #RyzeNation count on you?
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How can I get fit? How can I make more money? How can I have great relationships? How can I feel inspired? How can I create viral content? There are secret answers to all these that no one talks about.

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Sample RyzeSesh Q&A
Knowledge is power. So don't you deserve better advice... on everything?

The world is plagued by bad advisors.

People look up to celebrities… but celebs are mostly good at their craft, they tend to make terrible teachers. (no offense!)

So yes, you could learn from some random ‘Masterclass’, but you’re a superstar accomplishing big things, you don’t have time to waste on aimless advice that sends you off in the wrong direction.

You need top-tier wisdom, tailored to who you are, fast.

And I’m the best person I know at delivering it.

It’s why I’ve advised people like Evan Carmichael on countless topics over the years, and I’ll happily do the same for you, if you let me.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself — here’s a free taste:


"J... Why does my content suck?"

People are lazy. They don't read all your content. Use space, order, balance, emphasis, etc. to make your content easily consumable.

"J... Why can't I get what I want?"

As a kid you already knew how to get anything & everything you want. Read this article to rediscover the secret you used to know.

"J... How do we cure racism?"

With clarity & understanding. People are unclear on the problem, so they're unclear on the solution. As a 'mixed-race genius', I've a fresh view. Read on.

"J...What's the secret to be great?"

Studying? Grinding? Content-creation? No. Those miss the most important work of all. Do this one thing and you'll reach greatness faster.

And here’s a taste of questions group members have asked:

  • “How can I get my 12-year old son to go to school?”
  • “How can I get leads for my business?”
  • “How can I get over my fear of being alone & finalize my divorce?”
  • “How can I grow my social media & my community?”
  • “How can I stop my family from guilt-tripping me?”
  • “How can I have a better work/life balance?”
  • “How can I improve my health & fitness faster?”
  • “How can I find a partner/mate that understands me?”

I answered all of them with flying colors, and you can get access to them by joining the facebook group, they’re all in the archive! 😀

Get refreshing wisdom from a modern-day Socrates.

Socrates. Solomon. Confucius. Einstein. Napoleon Hill. Osho. Deida. Abraham-Hicks. Tony Robbins. I’ve studied all the wisest people around since I was little. I’ve also studied the world’s best creators & artists. (Not to mention the many  philosophers and comedians.) My fave books as a kid were Sherlock Holmes & Encyclopedia Brown — anything to do with fast, brilliant deduction of the truth.

I cherish clear understandings like the wisest humans have always done. But I’m more modern. For example:

  • I swear like a sailor.
  • I love music, movies, & porn.
  • I play video-games.
  • I adapt like a chameleon to my surroundings.
  • I was homeless for ~3 years.
  • I often work laying down.

And if you explored the 4 pieces above, you’ll see I deliver fresh views on shit that matters.

They call me the 'Belief-Ninja.'

Why? Because I spot limiting beliefs instantly from miles away. I sneak up on them like a ninja, using easy, innocent questions… then, when the moment is right, I pounce! I disable limiting-beliefs with precision, free-ing you up to soar.

And my favorite is when someone asks a ‘new question.’ That’s why I especially love ambitious empire-builders. I have a soft spot for true movers-and-shakers, asking bold questions.

I feel extra good when my advice is helping someone who really wants to blast off toward their dreams. If you wanna see some of my passion for uplifting others, click to play the video below. 🙂

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Here's nice things students have said about me.
Society has been tricking you since birth.

You’re not moving as fast towards your dreams as you deserve, because you’ve been distracted away from it.

Parents, ‘educators’, and celebs are all well-intentioned –and I love ’em– but they’ve been serving you stuff that keeps you stuck.

They’ll tell you how to make money, but they can’t tell you why it doesn’t work for you.

They tell you the power of ‘being positive’, but can’t explain why it feels impossible to sustain.

They’ll tell you to follow their path, but they can’t illuminate your own.

And every time you try and fail, you’ll go seeking even more answers from ‘the experts…’

And they’ll gladly give ’em to you for likes, follows, and shares.

But those answers don’t help either.

It’s a vicious cycle. They’ll just keep heaping more & more confusing advice on you until you’re so weighed down by it that you practically give up.

But there’s hope.

Life can be easier, clearer. You can be happy in business, relationships, fitness, whatever you want.

You’ve just got to cut through the clutter and clear away the smoke.

And I can help. All I need is you to ask a sincere question about something that troubles you.

Together we’ll zero-in on clear answers that light you up.

This might sound cocky, but, uh... I'm pretty damn wise.

I’m naturally clear-minded, and always aiming to better my mind, my communication, my beliefs.

I’ve been this way since I was a kid.

Admittedly, I’m not modest about it… but as a child I was worse. I was super-conceited and arrogant… and often I was just plain wrong.

It lost me all my friends, and I ended up homeless for years.

And during those terrible years… life beat all that arrogance out of me.

But it didn’t take away my wisdom or intelligence. And I’m not going to pretend like I’m not gifted & blessed.

Sure, I can still be wrong like anyone… but now I’m eager to admit it & correct it. I love learning from others as much as I love teaching them.

What I’m trying to say is…

I have a deep love & respect for wisdom, regardless of the source.

And I help people who share this respect. Those who want to gain wisdom, understanding, and clarity for themselves.

Hopefully that’s you.

Because I care about helping you.

I know that serving others is essential.

I know that we’re not meant to squander gifts, but share them.

I know that I’m meant to help you soar to great heights.

Celebs. The media. Your know-it-all friends.
The world's full of sh**ty advisors.
Isn't it time you found a great one?

You won’t get answers as good as mine to your questions from anyone else.

Straight up.

In fact, I encourage you to try.

And when you go looking you may want to ask your candidates a few things:

Can they identify your limiting beliefs from a single-sentence? Can they teach deep wisdom in layman’s terms? Do they know the importance of mood-management? Are they masters of metaphor? Can they see through excuses? Can they take an idea from Gary Vee or Tony Robbins and explain it even better than they did? Have they studied philosophy, design, art, psychology, logic, rhetoric, religion, fame, LoA, success, tech, and so much more?

Because all this stuff is vital for teaching others.

When it comes down to it, most people have already asked their friends, family, and various gurus… but still make little progress.

If you think some guru will help you better than I will, go for it. Follow them on YouTube or take their ‘MasterClass.’

But I bet you’ll just waste your time or money.

Personally, I’m tired of all the bad advice in the world.

I’m tired of the media spreading disinformation, and shallow leaders doing all the talking.

So I’m gonna be the change.

And you can too.

All you have to do is click buy, right now.

Why now?

Because now is all that matters. Now is where your power is. Every passing moment is a ‘now’ urging you to improve your life.

Look around at the world…

Life could be so much better, but timid, hesitant people are too scared to pull the trigger and actually level up.

  • They’re scared that real wisdom means they’ll have to change.
  • They’re scared that growth means they’ll lose a friend or two.
  • They’re scared that success means learning new skills.

I believe you’re better than that.

I believe you’re courageous, unafraid. You get it. You get what’s important.

I believe you invest in epic advice, because you deserve it.

Prove me right. Act now, and let’s get you racing toward your dreams, together.


Once you’ve received my advice, it’s yours. It lives in your mind, and makes you a better person. If someone doesn’t get results from my advice, it’s almost always because they failed to apply it. Kind of like someone only working out a couple times a year. Plus, you can’t “return” advice, the same way you can’t “return” a gym membership. One trains your body, the other your mind.

But, since I’m so confident my advice will help you soar…

I still offer a money-back guarantee.

Which means there’s no risk for you. Just give my advice a try for one month, and if you can honestly tell me you’re not satisfied, I’ll happily give your money back.

Helping you understand... ALL OF LIFE.
Why don't I ever do what I say? Why can't I get what I want? Why don't people like my stuff? Why can't I get noticed? Get your questions answered, clear & fast.

RyzeSesh Subscription

Weekly Group Q&A (FB Live!)
$ 97
  • Fast, clear, no-bullshit answers.
  • The wisest advisor you've had (honest!)
  • Wisdom emails (once in a while.)
  • Only takes an hour a week.

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“I just wanna help you be better and answer your questions.”

Random personal details about me.
ENTP - "The Debater"
Virgo / Libra Cusp
The Avant-Garde
Words don't teach, so I deliver experiences.
My parents thought I'd be a lawyer. Lawyers know life & death can hang on the strength of their words. They have to deliver compelling dialogue. So do I. That's why you get my best in every convo. I make you feel something. I speak with passion. I speak in terms you understand. I interrupt at times. I assess, understand, and vibe with your question to make sure I'm nailing it.
Fair warning though, you've gotta apply the wisdom.

I’ve served up game-changing answers to people in the past, and they’ve been too scared, hesitant, or dispassionate to apply it.

If you’re someone who takes nuggets of gold wisdom and pisses them all away, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

If you’re not serious about personal change, I’d rather not take your money, and I’d rather you not be part of this group.

If you’re not eager to apply what you learn with action, I’m not the advisor for you.

On the other hand, if you’re an excellent student, who applies teachings quickly, and uses advice to build something great…

…this is for you, and we’ll reach great heights.

Even More Praise & Testimonials

Why is this important? Because you’re creating content too, and I know a lot about it.

I’ve consumed more art, music, movies, images, games, and books than anyone I know. This is important because, even if I don’t make the world’s most famous art… absorbing so many bits of greatness still elevates my standards. Which means when I answer questions about industry [X], I advise extremely well.

I made everything below by myself. The “How To Name Your Brand” video below was my 1st try at Edu-tainment. The “Empire-Building 101” Promo was my 1st try at a commercial. The “Jay Z Story” was my 2nd try at musical-biographies. My first attempts are better than most people’s 100th.

I’ve also made an online app, a game-demo, & written the world’s first self-help coffee-table book. My experience with many different arts results in insight, no matter what field you’re in.

What this means for you is you’re getting insight from someone who’s been in the trenches, done the work, and knows where you’re coming from.

So... Is this really worth it?

Well, would you rather stumble around in the dark with no guidance?

Would you rather barrel down a path taught to you by someone who’s main talent is ‘being charming?’

Would you rather try a traditional education from schools, textbooks, and ‘experts’? Have they gotten anyone anywhere decent?


How much would it cost you to spend years failing your business because no one bothered to straighten out your beliefs, your character?

How much would you spend giving “one more chance” to the wrong partner, because no one bothered to show you that you deserve better?

The toll of poor advice on your life is massive, and costly.

The price of epic advice is just $97 a month.

It’s an insanely good deal if you ask me.

But hey, your call.

Some people are just straight-up fire.

Some people are just straight-up excellent at what they do.

And at the risk of sounding as arrogant as I did in my teenage years… honestly… I’m one of them.

And I believe you can recognize that excellence, and that you’re savvy enough to get me on your team.

I’m psyched to get started, and I trust you are too.


Let’s do it.

Ask the questions you've always wanted to.
What does 'follow your heart' mean? What makes someone beautiful? What is the next step for me? What exactly is a great brand? Get your questions answered, clear & fast.

RyzeSesh Subscription

Weekly Group Q&A (FB Live!)
$ 97
  • Fast, clear, no-bullshit answers.
  • The wisest advisor you've had (honest!)
  • Wisdom emails (once in a while.)
  • Only an hour a week.

This debut-pricing won't last. Get yours now, because it WILL go up soon.

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Sample RyzeSesh Q&A