The sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching.

This is a rough list of the many things I’ve taught Cynthia Moreno. She asked me to whip it up, so I did 🙂

wdt_ID Lesson Notes
1 My value doesn't go away as I get older. (It continually increases, since birth.)
2 How to believe in myself.
3 How to change my crappy beliefs. (Use the simplest baby steps possible.)
4 How to properly assess my skills & self.
5 How to take responsibility for my life.
6 How to use radical honesty.
7 How to properly love my body.
8 How to pitch for what I want.
9 How to grow my Instagram. (I went from 250 to 1950 in a few months.)
10 How to craft compelling headlines, titles, & subjects. (Every word matters... a LOT.)
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