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Things I've Taught Cyn:

This is a rough list of the many things I’ve taught Cynthia ‘Cynshine’ Moreno. She asked me to whip it up, so I did 🙂

1. My value doesn’t go away as I get older.

(It continually increases, since birth.)

2. How to believe in myself.

3. How to change my crappy beliefs.

(Use the simplest baby steps possible.)

4. How to properly assess my skills & self.

5. How to take responsibility for my life.

6. How to use radical honesty.

7. How to properly love my body.

8. How to pitch for what I want.

9. How to grow my Instagram. 

(I went from 250 to 3000 in a few months.)

10. How to craft compelling headlines, titles, & subjects.

(Every word matters… a LOT.)

11. How to self publish a book.

(I edited, assembled, & published: soar.evancarmichael.com/book

12. How to stop judging others, myself, or my past.

(Acceptance and re-framing work wonders.)

13. How to get over traumas.

14. How to think better.

(Critical thinking, diagnostic thinking, deduction, etc.)

15. Tricks to being positive.