7 Steps To Turn A Stranger Into A Subscriber

The Sales Journey In Plain English (For Spicy Accountants)


1. Get Attention

(From 'prospects.')

You come across two strangers online, Sam and Max.

These strangers don't know that you're a lewd cosplayer, so...

You leave a cosplay-related comment on each of their pages.


This pisses Sam off, because he hates cosplay.

But it intrigues Max, because he loves cosplay.

You've just gained attention from Sam and Max.

2. Spark Engagement

(To create 'leads.')

Sam blocks you but tells his cosplayer friend about you.

Max 'follows' you & quickly moves on, a 'dead' follower.

To spark engagement with him, you must engage first.

So you send him a welcome video, a post, or a DM.

He misses it because his bro accidentally swiped it away.

You don't take his silence badly, and follow up again.


3. Cycle Touchpoints

(Create 'contacts.')

Turning a stranger into a subscriber means making them comfortable.

And no one feels comfortable after one or two interactions.

The more touchpoints you have with them, the comfier they feel.

So you say ‘hi’ to Max in one of his Instagram ‘stories.’ [Touchpoint 1]

Then he sees you’re ‘online’, so he browses your stories. [Touchpoint 2]

Next you tag him in a poll. [Touchpoint 3]

Cycle touchpoints until your ‘lead’ becomes a regular ‘contact.’

4. Rank Desires

(Contacts have 'priorities.')

Aim to discover Max's desires as you interact with him.

Does he prefer a certain type of cosplay?


Does he prefer video over pics, or ASMR over both?

Does his girlfriend forbid OnlyFans purchases?

If you're unaware of his priorities, you'll fail to sell.

5. Create Opportunities

(Contacts become 'opportunities.')

Once a contact feels like a friend, you have an opportunity.

Because people buy when they know, like, and trust you, not sooner.

So you've moved a stranger along the 'sales journey'...


...by giving them touchpoints that touch their desires.

Now you have an opportunity to sell something of value to them.

You just have to make a 'juicy offer.'

6. Make Offers

(It must be 'juicy.')

To avoid wasting your opportunity, you must make a 'juicy' offer.

A juicy offer is one with value that your contact recognizes.

A juicy offer is one that satisfies their desire, quickly.

Where accepting has no obstacles and takes little effort.

So you tell Max that you like him, that he's special to you, and that today only...

...if Max subscribes to your OnlyFans he can choose whatever cosplay he wants.


7. Solve Objections

(Buyers default to 'no.')

Even friendly regulars like Max will often say 'no' at first.

Because people avoid change, even positive change.

So for most sales, you'll need to solve buyer objections.

Believe your product is worth selling passionately...

...And see 'fluff' excuses for what they are.

If you persuade past objections, you'll sell.


(You've earned a new 'subscriber.')

You've prospected strangers, engaged them into becoming a lead, touchpointed them into a regular contact, created an opportunity from all that, made a juicy offer that speaks to their desires & priorities, resolved their objections, and sold them on subscribing to you.

This process is the same one every stranger goes through before subscribing, even if you don't notice it, or if it happens in the blink of an eye, and even if occasionally a stranger takes many of the steps upon themselves.

There's no getting around this 'sales journey', and it's the only way to turn a stranger into a subscriber. The harsh reality is your biz will fail if you don't perform these steps.

It sounds like a lot of 'work', but just like cooking or riding a bike, it's made up of many tiny steps, but ultimately isn't hard at all. It just takes practice.

Please commit to practicing these steps, and you'll win.

P.S. Although each step is simple, there are nuances to each one, and many people f*ck up along the way. If you make a mistake in any of these steps, you'll lose the sale. You won't get the subscriber. And sometimes, even if you execute each step perfectly, it's just not the right time for your target to subscribe. So be chill about it, be open-minded, keep practicing. There's eight billion people on earth, and you'll want to practice on thousands of them.

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