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3 Simple Steps To Manifest... Anything.

But they take passionate practice.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it is simply a helper article to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of the law of attraction.

Manifesting by law of attraction is simpler than most think.

So why do so many people struggle with it? Why do so many teachers have to explain so many things until they’re blue in the face? Why isn’t there a simple, clear explanation of how to manifest?

Well, it’s for two main reasons.

  1. They don’t understand manifestation and the law of attraction properly, so they can’t apply it, or…
  2. They actually do understand LOA, but they’re undisciplined, distracted, and haphazard in their practice of it.

Those are the only two reasons a person has trouble with anything.

Want to learn to ride a bike? Great, you must first understand a few basic principles of how to move your legs, keep balance, etc., and then you must practice properly until you get the hang of it.

Want to learn to swim? Great, you must first understand a few basic principles of how to keep afloat, breathe correctly, etc., and then you must practice properly until you get the hang of it.

Want to learn algebra? Great, you must first understand a few basic principles of math, variables, etc., and then you must practice properly until you get the hang of it.

The same thing applies to manifesting.

So let’s look at the first problem, understanding the law of attraction.

Turns out almost no one actually understands it before they dive into using it. And it’s not really their fault, because (no offense)…

…nearly everyone explaining LOA aren’t very talented teachers.

And to be clear, the current LOA teachers out there have great qualities, and I love these people, it’s just that their main talents are that they’re talented public speakers. They’re talented motivators. They’re talented charmers. They’re talented researchers. They’re talented practitioners.

But they are barely above average as far as teachers go.

If you’ve ever met a truly great teacher, you know the number one thing about them is they recognize where you’re at, and they teach you in a way that ‘clicks’ for you, and unfortunately, most of the teachers out there fail to explain things in a way that ‘clicks’ for people.

And that’s ok. They’re all still valuable. They all still help and serve people. But if you’re expecting to understand the law of attraction and manifestation from their content… you’re in for a long, rough ride.

Which is why I’m writing this article.

Because everyone deserves a clear explanation of how to manifest, so simple that even a newbie could understand it.

To start, I’ll give you the seven principles needed to understand the Law Of Attraction and manifestation. Once you understand those, I’ll give you the 3 simple steps to manifest anything. Ready? Here we go.

First Principle: Every reality begins as a ‘universal desire.’

I don’t mean ‘everyone universally agrees with what you desire.’

I mean that every physical reality you can point out… originally began as ‘energy’.

Whether you believe in ‘the big bang,’ the universe, god, or something else…

The fact is that every physical reality you can think of began as energy somewhere in the ‘great beyond’ or “the vortex” or an alternate dimension or “someone’s imagination”, or Plato’s “cave”, or whatever you want to call it.

For now, I’ll call it ‘universal imagination’, since it’s the least woo-woo, most practical label for it.

Actually, ‘universal desire’ is better.

Yes, let’s call it ‘universal desire’ because even an amoeba or reptile can ‘desire’ a better environment, or ‘desire’ to evolve or breed, despite not having a traditional ‘imagination.’


As a child, you understood that anything and everything can exist as a desire in your imagination.

You also understood that if you imagined it, you could often manifest it.

Every child innately ‘gets’ this.

And since you, who are reading this, were once a child, I know you can go back to those core understandings from your early years if you want, and I encourage you to do so now.

This is such an important understanding.

I’ll repeat: Every physical reality that now exists (or will ever exist), began in the great pool of ‘universal desire’ in some entity’s imagination.

Got it?

I hope so, because a proper understanding can only be achieved if you ‘get’ and understand each principle on a core level so that it ‘clicks.’

(If you don’t understand what I’ve written here, you may have to do some googling or write to me for a more personal, tailored, nuanced explanation.)

I’ll assume this concept ‘clicks’ for you, and move on to the next.

Second Principle: To manifest a desire into reality, certain criteria must be met.

Hopefully this makes complete and logical sense to you.

In order for a drink to reach your lips, certain criteria must be met.
In order for a plant to blossom, certain criteria must be met.
In order to get a plane off the ground, certain criteria must be met.

Again, this is so obvious, a child could grasp it.

Basically, if the necessary criteria aren’t met for any of these examples, then no desired results will occur. And if the necessary criteria are met, then desired results occur.

The same goes for manifesting through the law of attraction.

To manifest a desire into reality, certain criteria must be met, and that’s it. Nothing else.

So we can simply summarize these first two principles like so:

All you need to manifest well… is a clear understanding of ‘manifestation criteria,’ and practice meeting those criteria in an effective way, right?


Third Principle: The 3 manifestation criteria are A) reasonable desire, B) significant belief-levels, & C) minimal resistance.

An analogy can help make this clearer.

Your desire is like a seed. It has to be at least a reasonably healthy seed, of reasonable size. An idle, fleeting desire such as

‘I wonder what it’d be like to be president?’ won’t cut it. You’ll manifest best with a strong, pure, healthy desire such as

“I desire to experience the freedom that is my birthright, often with wealth attached.”

Your belief-levels are like the soil your desire gets planted in. Weak, limp beliefs are the same as dry, parched, cracked soil, devoid of nutrition.

Strong, convicted beliefs are the same as fertile, healthy, beautiful soil. And as your beliefs change over time, so too does the soil your desire is planted in.

Your resistances are like pests.

They’re insects that bite and tear into your desire as it grows. One day you may be believing strongly in your pure desire, the next day you may be doubting it, or limiting it, and each bit of resistance is like a beetle chomping into your manifestation, slowing down it’s growth, crippling it, perhaps even ‘killing’ it and forcing you to start all over again with a fresh seed.

If you want the seed of your desire to blossom into fruition as a physical reality you can experience, all three criteria must be within reasonable levels.

And these levels must be maintained for an appropriate duration, just like a plant must be cared for until it matures.

“But how long til I manifest?”

Ah yes, a classic question. But it’s one only asked by people who don’t understand law of attraction. Law of attraction experts never ask this. Why?

Because Bamboo can take years to shoot up, grass can grow super-fast. And just like each plant has different growth-periods, so does each seed of your desire.

And an expert gardener can heavily influence how fast a plant grows by tending to it, by creating a nurturing environment for it, and by specifically making sure it has great soil and keeping pests away.

Same goes for an expert manifestor.

An expert manifestor can heavily influence how fast the seed of their desire blossoms into reality by making sure it has strong beliefs (convictions, knowings) as soil, and soothing as many resistances (pests) as possible.

If your desire does *not* blossom in a satisfying way, it’s because you (yes, you) have fucked up one or more of the three key criteria.

You either don’t have enough desire, your beliefs are too weak, or you’ve allowed too much resistance to eat away at your desire. Or some combination of the factors mentioned.

Rarely, a person *does* have all 3 of these criteria correct, but then they don’t sustain them for a long enough duration, so their desire doesn’t mature into a physical reality.

Fourth Principle: You can control (or heavily influence) all three criteria in your favor.

Just like a gardener has fertilizer for nutrition, and pesticide for pest-removal, you –as a manifestor– have the tools necessary to grow a great harvest of all your dreams.

The main tools are Appreciation / Visualization (nourishes and fertilizes your desire) and Meditation / Perspective (soothes and minimizes resistance)

And since Appreciation, Visualization, Meditation, and Perspective are available to you at all times, and untouchable by anyone unless you allow otherwise, they are your sovereign power of manifestation.

And they’re also the roots of every LOA teacher’s methods, processes, protocols, and techniques.

This principle means there are good gardeners, who apply their tools well & there are bad gardeners, who neglect to apply their tools and who blame god or luck or other people for their withering plants.

And it’s the same for deliberate manifestors.

Jesus was likely a master manifestor. A bitter old man who achieves nothing likely isn’t. Most people are somewhere in between. It’s important that you’re able to ‘ball-park’ yourself correctly without bias.

I repeat, it’s absolutely essential you assess yourself honestly and admit whether you’re a) under-practiced & not great at manifesting, b) are average at it, or c) that you’re an expert with tons of practice & success under their belt.

Because any self-delusion or self-denial are extremely tempting.

No one wants to admit they might not be as good as they think.

Everyone wants to ‘paint a happy face’ on things and pretend they’re doing fine.

But any self-delusion or self-denial about these things prevents you from controlling your manifestation properly, and therefore, prevents you from ‘realizing’ your dreams.

I’ve done my best to be clear, simple, and straight-forward, but these principles are so vital to success with law of attraction, and so rarely explained…

…that it may be wise for you to stop and think about the principles so far. It may be wise for you to take stock of yourself, your understandings, and your level of applied law of attraction practice to date.

But if you’ve really, truly grasped what I’ve explained so far, let’s continue.

Fifth Principle: Using manifestation tools is a life-time practice.

A skilled gardener doesn’t nurture his plants one day, then abandon them the next, just because nothing has sprouted from the ground yet.

No, a skilled gardener dedicates time, energy, and attention to nurturing his plants, without obsessing over them.

He gives them an appropriate amount of love and attention each day, then moves on to other plants, revisiting them again later.

And a passionate gardener doesn’t plant seeds once, and if plants don’t sprout, he gets mad at ‘gardening’, rages at ‘gardening’ and gives up ‘gardening’ altogether.

It seems pretty obvious and basic when phrased this way, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize these same concepts apply to manifestation.

Instead of sticking with their practice, and practicing it for a healthy, fulfilling amount of time daily, they nurture their desires sporadically, take care of resistance (pests) randomly, and give up altogether raging at the law of attraction when nothing sprouts into reality.

Most people who try to become talented manifestors a) don’t understand how to influence manifestation criteria well at all, or b) don’t practice applying themselves to it well at all, or c) a blend of both.

And just like a clueless gardener who barely practices gardening… This is a recipe for failure.

Mastering manifestation is a life-long practice of adjusting your beliefs, energizing your desires, and soothing resistance.

It’s a life-long practice of appreciation, meditation, visualization, and perspective. It’s a life-long practice of increasing awareness of your thoughts, moods, and choices.

Which brings us to our second problem.

Sixth Principle: Results reflect practice.

Remember how I said there’s two main reasons people fail to manifest what they want? Do you recall what they were? The first was ‘lack of understanding.’ And the second? The second was ‘poor practice.’

So now that I’ve explained how to manifest using law of attraction simply and clearly, let’s explore that second issue…

Poor LOA practice is prevalent everywhere.

It’s similar to ‘writing.’ Lots of people understand how to write.

They understand you put pen to paper, or press keys on the keyboard, and translate thoughts into words.

They understand that the best writers phrase thoughts in particular ways, or apply artful techniques with their words and storytelling.

Lots of people understand how to write, but how many actually study & practice it until they’re good at it?

Same thing goes for law of attraction.

I just taught you how manifestation works. I explained well enough for just about anyone to understand it.

I could show this post to ‘lots of people’ and voila, ‘lots of people’ would suddenly *understand* how to manifest through law of attraction.

But how many would actually study & practice it until they’re good at it?

Guess a percentage. If I showed this to 100 eager manifestor-wannabes… how many out of the hundred would actually practice properly?

It’s important to think on this, because the same way a lifetime of basketball practice was done by Michael Jordan, or a lifetime of martial arts practice was done by Bruce Lee…

…the kind of practice that deliberate manifestation requires can only be done by someone who’s truly passionate about it.

And most people just aren’t.

Most people don’t have fun practicing manifestation, the way Jordan enjoyed basketball.

Most people don’t take a hard look at their practice and admit it’s not up to par, the way Bruce Lee reviewed his punches and kicks.

Most people don’t make room in their life for meditation, appreciation, visualization, etc., the way a truly passionate student does in their chosen craft.

Even if you just want to be a hobby-level manifestor, it still takes way more practice, with way more heart, than most wannabes are willing to put in.

What kind of practice am I talking about?

Well, here’s an excerpt for one of my articles covering LOA practice:

“Structured, focused, enthusiastic manifestation practice is the simplest, most reliable, most universal way of bridging the gaps between simply thinking something, to believing it, to being convicted of it, to knowing it.

Strangely, it seems that most full-grown adults have trouble understanding what the above sentence means.

I’ve told many students before that they need structured, focused, enthusiastic manifestation practice before, and they just smile, nod, and go back to their autopilot lives, and I’m like… ‘Hello? What? Why aren’t you practicing?’

Or they go ‘do affirmations’ for 2 minutes, then fall back to practicing an average of once a month.

That’s not proper practice, it’s a joke…”

And it continues explaining that

“…There’s lots of ways to track progress. Maybe you’re a coder and you make an entire app for it. Maybe you just jot it down in a journal or on notecards. Maybe you’re some kind of savant and can track it mentally. All I know is, most people are not confident in their ability to consistently manifest their dreams, and that confidence is built the same way with any skill. Practice.

And your practice has to be FUN.”

I go deeper into it in my other post, but I hope it’s clear now that even if you take care of the obstacle to LOA success (understanding), there’s still the second reason people fail to manifest using law of attraction.

If either one of these obstacles remain for you, you will have meager manifestation success.

Seventh Principle: Your practice embodies methods personal to you.

There are so many methods to practice meditation, appreciation, visualization, and perspective.

Some are more suited to beginners, others are more suited to experts, but none of them are absolutely necessary. Why? Because all that matters is that you strengthen positive beliefs and soothe hindering resistance.

This can be done countless ways, and there are no rules for which methods or processes to use.

This is because there are 8 billion humans on earth, each one a unique blend of desire, belief, resistance, and talent.

The only way to find which methods work for you is to tune in to your true feelings, your true emotional guidance system, and follow it’s impulses towards ‘feeling better,’ until you zero in on methods that work for you.

This may mean experimenting with multiple methods. It may mean creating your own methods from scratch. It may mean sticking with one method forever, or hopping methods every month.

It’s all individual.

Any teacher who tells you otherwise is lying. That’s why we have such a variety of people on this planet, for their own individual journey and perspective.

Like snowflakes are all made of H20, manifestors are all made of similar stuff, desire, belief, and resistance (or moods, thoughts, and choices) but we’re still each a *unique blend* of those things… which means we’ll have a unique blend of methods or techniques that work for us.

At this point, even though it’s clear that successful manifestation requires solid understanding, significant practice, and is meant to be done by tuning into our (oft-ignored) feelings to guide us towards LOA methods that suit us… people inevitably ask for what methods I recommend.

I highly prefer not to recommend methods, even my own, because that is not how this all works.

So instead I’ll just list many LOA processes created by a myriad of teachers, and I’d suggest you simply google some of them and start ‘going down the rabbit hole’, stopping to play with any method that speaks to your emotional guidance or intuition.

  • ‘passing over’
  • ‘blueprinting’
  • ‘mind movies’
  • ‘act-as-if’
  • ‘going general’
  • ‘affirmations’
  • ‘releasing resistance’
  • ‘lullaby mantras’
  • ‘gratitude’
  • ‘focus wheels’
  • ‘positive aspects’
  • etc.

That will get you started.

One important thing to know before you explore any methods.

There are two core beliefs that must be taken care of in order to get results from ANY method.

A. That you are an infinitely powerful creator, capable of manifesting anything you want, even if you don’t quite realize it yet, and…
B. That you change quickly and easily.

Without these two beliefs, every method you use will be minimally effective at best, and backfire at worst.

So there you have it.

We did it!

A clear, concise, simple, easy-to-understand explanation of LOA and manifestation.


We just covered the seven principles of successful manifestation using LOA.

If you understand each one deeply, and apply each one correctly, your manifestation is guaranteed.

Yes there are some nuances here and there, or some weird cases that are hard to grasp, but for the vast majority of readers…

…this is more than enough instruction to create an incredible life full of mansions, lamborghinis, beautiful mates and thrilling sex lives. Or a peaceful life in a forest. Or whatever else you want.

You don’t need thousands of YouTube videos. You don’t need to read hundreds of books.

You just need to understand these seven principles to turn imagination into reality, then engage in structured, focused, enthusiastic practice until you’re a skilled manifestor, realizing whatever you desire.

And once you understand these, you have the extremely simple task of practicing them.

This practice only takes three simple steps.

The steps aren’t very complicated, people have been using them to realize their dreams for centuries, and you can too.

What are they?

1. Strengthen Your Desire.

2. Soothe Your Resistance.

3. Strengthen Your Belief.

These three steps are founded on the seven principles I explained earlier, and you were born with the ability to apply them.

You have thousands of thoughts, moods, and choices that you manage daily, and you’re empowered with the ability to adjust every single one of them.

Adjusting your them is how you practice the three steps of manifestation.

Adjust them is how you strengthen your desire, soothe your resistance, and strengthen your belief.

(I dig deeper into desire, resistance, and belief here.)

Practice those well and you’ll manifest well. Practice them poorly and you’ll manifest poorly.

(I dig deeper into practice here.)

It’s that simple.

But there’s a big difference between true practitioners and wannabes, and once you have the basic understandings I’ve offered above, it’s your practice that decides which camp you fall into.

I personally believe what I’ve written here cuts through all the fog many other LOA teachers have left behind.

I personally believe this information is powerful enough to help humanity level up, where we can all understand and apply deliberate manifestation in increasingly effective ways.

I personally believe that if you’re able to read and internalize all this carefully, thoughtfully, and considerately, then you have just turned a corner in your life, and have stepped into a massively more powerful version of you.

But it’s not what *I* believe that matters…

What do you believe?

Do you believe that I wrote this with intense love and good will towards you?

Do you believe this is enough for you to get the hang of manifestation?

Do you believe you’re committed to practice and get results?

Do you believe you’ve just taken a huge step to becoming a master manifestor, and that your reality will increasingly reflect that back to you?

Or do you believe these are just words on a page?

Because whatever you believe you’ll achieve.



Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core, but like many skills, has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time and effort to ‘get right,’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more refinements than I mentioned here. I wrote this simply because most people don’t understand the basic workings of manifestation, and even if they do, they have a poor approach to practice.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, and even skimming, and I wish you huge joy and success in creating the life you want.