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What “Spicy Accountant” Means And Why (My Embarrassing Story)

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My face was strip-club red.

To know why, I’ll tell you about my chat with my beautiful Spanish friend, Jessica. She bounded up to me excited to share her latest news.

“I got a new career!” Her body jiggled.
“Cool, Jessi, what is it?” I was genuinely curious.
“I’m a spicy accountant!

Our conversation went downhill from there.

I got defensive and judgy. She got incensed and hostile.

I left our chat bloodied with embarrassment.

Man embarrassed with a thought bubble containing a chili and an OnlyFans logo thinking about spicy accountants.

My problem was I had no clue what a ‘spicy accountant’ was.

When Jessi said she was a ‘spicy accountant’, I assumed she meant “a latina who does people’s taxes.” I saw this as obvious because Jessi called herself a ‘spicy Latina’ or ‘spicy mama’ since we’d first met.

It sucked, but my faux pas led me down a rabbit hole where I discovered the blossoming world of online sex work.

The first question I needed to answer was…

What does “spicy accountant” mean?

The phrase ‘spicy accountant’ means “a person selling sexual, erotic, or arousing content (usually featuring themselves) online.” It’s a fairly new slang term that can apply to anyone engaged in online sex-work, whether it’s an amateur teasing fans from her room, to a large-scale pornography team.

I Googled “spicy accountant definition”, “spicy accountant urban dictionary, “spicy accountant meaning”, and though there were many different definitions, they all boiled down to what I outlined above.

Okay, fair enough. Apparently Jessi was an online sex-worker now.

Why wouldn’t she just say that? Did she learn this phrase from a friend? Is this word a new fad? Why exactly, are OnlyFans called ‘accountants’ of any kind?

Why is “Spicy Accountant” a popular term?

Although the label “spicy accountant” is new, it’s exploded in popularity recently.

One key reason is covid lockdowns pushing many women into online sex-work on ‘fan sites’ like OnlyFans, Fansly, and LoyalFans.

This meant a new online platform was ‘stealing’ users and ‘attention’ from platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.

Women were abandoning these family-friendly, heavily censored platforms, in favor of the far more sex-positive, OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is where most did their ‘spicy accounting.’

But since OnlyFans has little user-promotion, online sex-workers marketed (censored versions of) their OnlyFans content on Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and other social media platforms.

And they made serious bank.

OnlyFans models were earning obscene amounts of money in breath-takingly short times. The gold rush even continues (at the time of writing).

So how did this popularize the phrase ‘spicy accountant?’

Because Instagram and TikTok started restricting, banning, and punishing users who used the word ‘OnlyFans.’

Sex-workers adapted by using two common, acceptable, difficult to ban words instead.

“Spicy” and “accountant.”

‘Spicy’ denoting the erotic nature of their profession, and ‘accountant’ denoting someone who ‘deals with finances’.

This is an apt description of what OnlyFans Creators do.

And on Tiktok, some go further to avoid censorship, self-labeling as a “spice accountant” or even a “Tiktok accountant.”

Light dawned within me. This stuff made sense.

I was starting to get why Jessi called herself a “spicy accountant.”

I was also starting to get why our conversation went south due to my assumption.

Jessi was psyched to share her new career with me, not to be stereotyped as ‘spicy.’

I’d happily apologize, but her calling herself spicy so often in other contexts kind of puts the miscommunication on her, in my opinion.

Anyway, I was committed now, so I kept researching. How did Jessi end up doing this? How does one even become a spicy accountant?

I searched:

How to become a spicy accountant?

To become a spicy accountant is pretty simple:

  1. Sign-up for a fansite account (req. valid ID.)
  2. Post erotic or pornographic content.
  3. Market, promote, and sell that content.

(JRyze.Me helps you rise up in your spicy accounting career with posts full of free OnlyFans usernames, OnlyFans niches, OnlyFans captions, OnlyFans bios, and a clear, concise guide on how to succeed on OnlyFans.)

Three steps, very simple, anyone can jump in and get started on becoming a spicy accountant.

Pretty redhead spicy accountant in off-the-shoulder black dress, biting her lip, looking up, and holding a fan of cash bills.

Well, it seems that becoming a spicy accountant was shockingly simple, and had huge earning potential.

I sat, mouth agape, eyes wide.

I could see even clearer why Jessi would try it.

It was time to talk to her and repair the damage I’d done to our relationship.

But I should mention that although I found most of the answers I wanted, there was one mystery that I still haven’t solved.

The question I couldn’t find an answer to was…

Why does “spicy accountant edinburgh” keep appearing as a search suggestion?

All the data I saw pointed to United States being the largest demographic for spicy accountants by a mile.

But whenever I searched “spicy accountants in edinburgh” popped up as a suggestion.

Edinburgh is such a specific search. Is everyone in that city searching to be a spicy accountant? Are they just horny AF and thirsty to find spicy accountants? Is it just a Google glitch?

Honestly, if you know, drop me a line and let me know, I’m super curious.

Anyway, mystery aside, I’m gonna go apologize to Jessi for making assumptions and being defensive.

(I’ll also see if she’ll admit she prompted my assumptions with how often she throws the word ‘spicy’ around. Heh.)

Hopefully you’re enlightened more about spicy accountants, and maybe you’ll spread the word, so others can avoid awkward conversations.

“Spicy accountant, spicy effort, spicy life.” – J-Ryze


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