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LOA: Going General Vs. Super Specific

One of the most misunderstood LOA concepts.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it is simply a helper article to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of the law of attraction.

I’m about to give you the best explanation of specific vs. general manifestation around.

This is easy to do because very few LOA teachers explain ‘manifesting specifics’ clearly, so let’s fix that together, here and now.

We’ll do it by addressing common questions people ask about specifics, as related to the law of attraction.

Here we go:

What are ‘specifics?’

Specifics are ‘more precise thoughts.’

You have 55,000+ thoughts a day, on all sorts of topics. Some of your thoughts are more general, some are more specific.

In Law Of Attraction, the more specific you’re able to be while maintaining positive emotions and attitudes, the more powerful and impressive your manifestations become.

On the other hand, if your emotions and attitudes dip in any way as you think more specifically on a certain topic, your manifestation is slowed, stopped, or even backfired.

In this case the advice is often to ‘go general’, which will help in the short-term, but is not a great long-term solution for manifesting.

‘Going general’ in your thoughts on any topic is a great short-term cure, and in fact, your only viable option in some cases, but remaining general for prolonged periods will prompt life to ‘snap’ you out of it eventually.

Because you came to earth to ‘get more specific’ about your hopes and dreams, not to ‘remain general’ about them forever.

So there you go, specifics are ‘more precise thoughts’, and they apply in differing degrees to various topics.

Can you give me some example specifics?


A general wealth thought may be: “Wealth exists on earth.”
A specific wealth thought may be:: “I intend to make $10,000 extra dollars by month’s end.”

A general love thought may be: “I trust my partner is coming.”
A specific love thought may be:: “I want my co-worker to take me to an orgy!”

And there are ‘levels’ of specifics, too.

Attractiveness exists.I deserve to be attractive.My attractiveness grows daily.Soon I’ll have instagram-model sex-appeal.Here and now, I’m famous as an angelic, living, beauty goddess desired by the masses.

And there’s infinite levels, these five are just an example.

For any dream, goal, or area of life, you’re either thinking very general thoughts, very specific thoughts, or somewhere in the middle.

Think about some topics that are important to you.

Are your thoughts more general? More specific? Are they inconsistent? Do they change? Do you consciously make them more specific when possible? Do your emotions and attitude flare up negatively when you try, or are you able to easily get more specific about what you want?

What role do specifics have in manifesting via law of attraction?

Specifics are kind of like ‘voltage’ for manifestation. Specific thoughts deliver higher manifestation voltage, while general thoughts deliver lower manifestation voltage.

  • The universe is a giant power-generator.
  • You’re a bank of ‘thousands of outlets’, one for each topic. (One for wealth, one for health, one for relationships, one for athletic performance, one for cars, etc.)
  • The universe flows manifestations through you, matching the specificity of your thoughts.
  • If your thoughts are general, the universe delivers general manifestations, if your thoughts are specific, the universe delivers specific manifestations.
  • But each of your outlets has a certain level of resistance, based on your ‘vibe’ or attitude about the topic. (Say your ‘wealth’ outlet has a lot of resistance cuz you have a bad vibe about wealth, while your ‘love’ outlet has little resistance cuz you have a great vibe about soulmates.)
  • If your outlet has higher resistance than the ‘voltage’ (specifics) you’re thinking, your manifestation will short-circuit, backfire, and you’ll probably feel pretty bad.
  • The trick to impressive manifestation is to be as specific as possible without your resistance causing a short-circuit.

If you’ve ever seen someone plug way too much power into a far too puny electrical outlet, you know it can go very bad. Sparks. Fire. Electrocution.

Specificity Outlets In Law Of Attraction

Electricity blesses humanity in so many ways, but only if we respect it and use it properly.

Same goes for the law of attraction.

It can bless your life with so much abundance, but only if you respect and use it properly.

And that means thinking as specifically as possible about your desires, without triggering resistance and short-circuiting your emotions.

It means admitting that your resistance on a certain topic is too high and needs work. Or it means admitting that you’re only ready to ‘go general’ on topic X or topic Y for now. Or it means admitting you’ve been ‘too general for too long’ on a topic like money or relationships, and it’s time to fix your vibe on them so you can get more specific.

If you’re a human who’s literally never manifested more than a few dollars, a specific thought such as “I’m the world’s first liquid trillionaire and it only took me one year to achieve it”, while possible, is likely way too much specificity-voltage for your poor lil ‘wealth outlet.’ It’s pretty foolish to think such a specific thing because it will probably just cause your emotions to go haywire with resistance and doubt. But if Jeff Bezos thought a similar thought, his ‘wealth-vibe’ may be high enough, and his wealth-resistance low enough, to handle it

You can understand that right?

You can see how intense specifics must be matched by an already-good vibe for any given topic, right? You can see how Bezos will have an easier time manifesting specific wealth goals, where a newbie manifestor could easily short-circuit themselves, yes?

Or if you’re a human who’s literally never manifested more than last place in gym class, a specific thought such as “I beat Usain Bolt in all Olympic running events and now I’m being congratulated with gold medals”, while possible, is likely way too much specificity-voltage for your poor lil ‘athletic outlet.’ It’s pretty foolish to think such a specific thing because it will probably just cause your emotions to go haywire with resistance and doubt. But if a college athlete thinks a similar thought, his ‘running-vibe’ may be high enough, and his running-resistance low enough, to handle it

Awareness Graph Ranking2
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It’s all about being self-aware and biting off as much as you can chew, manifestation-wise, and not an ounce more.

Specificity voltage is playing with fire, and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how *you* conduct yourself.

Manifest your dreams by respecting the power of specifics properly.

So can I manifest a ‘specific person?’

Well, once you understand everything on this page correctly, you’ll hopefully be able to answer that yourself.

You can manifest specifics commensurate to your own manifestation ability, practice, and levels on that topic. Someone like Jeff Bezos can manifest very specific things in the world of wealth. Someone like Matthew Hussey or Kezia Noble can likely manifest very specific things in the world of relationships.

Be honest with yourself, are you ready to manifest ‘a very specific person’, or are you currently only able to manifest ‘general’ things? Whatever the case, your abilities improve with practice.

If you want to know more about manifesting a specific person, free will, controlling others, etc. read my post Confusing LOA Terms: Explained Properly!

Once someone understands all this, they often ask…

How can I tell what specifics are ‘safe?’

Well, you’re lucky here, because life has blessed you with a highly evolved, rock-solid, unimpeachable tool that guides you towards ‘safe’ thoughts.

Your emotions.

Every single thought you think comes with an emotion attached. That emotion is like a compass, pointing you towards more specific thoughts, or pointing you towards more general ones, for any given topic.

If you think something and it feels bad, your emotions are saying “Hey, dude, you have high resistance on this topic, your outlet can’t handle more specifics, fix this by ‘going more general’ briefly for now, and then by fixing your vibe on this topic so you actually *CAN* get more specific tomorrow.”

If you think something and it feels good, your emotions are saying “Hey, dude, you have a good vibe going on for this topic, and you can totally get more specific here and juice up your manifestation to get it faster, better, etc. — Please give it a shot, and think more deeply, passionately, and specifically on this topic…”

Your emotions are also saying “Hey, dude, feel free to go overboard on specifics here, because ‘us emotions’ turn negative and let you know the second you go too far.”


Every child is a natural born master of emotions. They’re great at feeling them, listening to them, and doing what it takes to feel better. They’ll take a crap on the floor if it feels good. They’ll throw a tantrum if they think it’ll help. And since you were once a child, you were once a master of emotions too.

Society trains us away from this and makes most adults rusty at tuning into their emotions, but you can always practice and shake the rust off.

And it’s essential, since your emotions are your law of attraction guidance system, and being rusty with them, means you’re rusty at deliberate manifestation. Period.

I cover emotions and feelings far more deeply in my law of attraction primer, here.

What if I think I’m ready for specifics but they don’t manifest?

Reality is your second guidance system.

The results happening in your life tell you what your vibration/resistance is currently, and everyone has different levels of specifics they’re ready for. Not to mention specific-readiness varies from topic to topic.

Can you guess Warren Buffet’s vibration, resistance, and readiness on wealth? Or Beyoncé’s vibration, resistance, and readiness on beauty?

Now can you guess your neighbor down the street’s vibration, resistance, and readiness on wealth or beauty?

For each person, their reality is a reliable indicator of where they’re at, vibrationally. You can simply look at their reality and get a decent ballpark of where their vibe is at.*

(*IMPORTANT: Truthfully, none of us can really know another’s true vibration because it’s a very individual thing based on each person’s beliefs, desires, and resistances. It’s possible that your neighbor really does have a high-vibe on these things, and reality is just playing catch-up and we’ll all witness a change soon… I was just using others as an example because it’s easier for us to understand others, so please don’t judge! :P)

And the same goes for you.

If you’re on autopilot, thinking the same level of thoughts as usual, feeling the same level of joy as usual on a certain topic… your reality won’t change much. Your reality will stay the same. It’s basically a giant neon sign saying “Hey, dude, you haven’t changed your vibration in like… forever… please raise it on important topics, so I can manifest new realities for you!”

It’s ‘better’ and ‘easier’ to tune into your emotions and feel where your vibe is at, but the universe also kindly provides you with a backup indicator: your reality.

So if you’re thinking lots of specific things, and you’re convinced they’re ‘working’ and you ‘feel good’, when you’re actually out-of-tune with your emotional guidance… you can always look around at your reality and see how well (or poorly) it’s improving on any given topic. Because your reality is a direct reflection of your internal vibration.

A lack of honesty about your thoughts, feelings, and manifestations only hurts you and prevents you from proper growth, improvement, and practice using law of attraction, so do yourself a favor, take a real look at yourself, moment to moment and admit the truth.

Your guidance will never lie to you, that’s why you were born with it, and it carried you through some very vulnerable early years.

Get back in touch with it and you’ll have an easy time knowing how general or specific to be, for how long, no matter if you’re thinking of wealth, health, or love.

General vs. specific is simply a LOA skill you must practice.

You were born with the tools for it.

You have 55,000+ moments a day to practice it.

General vs. specific isn’t hard, plenty of people have mastered it.

Expert manifestors got the hang of it, newbies haven’t (unless they’re naturally gifted).

It’s simply up to you to stop whining about or questioning general vs. specific, and instead, to practice it.

I know you (specifically) can do it, I believe in you (specifically)

…you’ve got this.



Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core, but like many skills, has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time & effort to ‘get right’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more to it than I mentioned here. I wrote this simply because many people get confused on how focused or specific they ‘should’ be with LOA, and I felt this would help.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, and even skimming, and I wish you huge joy and success in creating the life you want.