Speak up. Your voice matters.

In our community we encourage. We engage. We practically beg people to let us help them. Yet many of them still remain silent.

If you remain silent when people are doing their best to communicate with you, understand you, and help you… you’re sending a signal to the universe that you don’t want helpers on your team.

If you can’t find the heart to actively express yourself, sadly, no one will be able to help you.

Speaking up just plain works.

We live in a noisy world. In this digital era, it’s basically an ocean of noise. And when noise is overwhelming, no one can tell who needs help, or what help they really need. Everyone is just another ‘follower’, ‘friend’, or ‘avatar.’ A see of faces on social. And so…

Those who raise their hands, get attention, & speak up... are the ones who get help.

Whether it’s writing on social, speaking on a stage, or having a chat in a bar…

Your voice is your signal to the world that you matter. It’s your power. It’s your beacon, your lighthouse calling others to you. Make sure you use it well.


Your voice makes people rich.

Businesses become better when they get feedback. A team makes better decisions with a diversity of views shared. Your voice is input — literally putting something of value into the world.

So even if you won’t speak up for yourself, at least use your voice to be a valuable, abundant, generous person. Take the time to write an impactful comment. Take the time to answer questions thoughtfully. Take the time to speak up and engage the communities, groups, and circles around you. There’s millions of opportunities to use your voice in life. You’re either using it to create wealth, or stop wealth. Your choice.

And let's talk gratitude.

Appreciation unexpressed is weak.

If someone feeds you great content, don’t just ‘like’ & move on. Use your voice. Don’t let ‘thank you’ be rare in your life.

Every opportunity you have to praise, encourage, or thank someone for what they’re offering to you is a chance to win big. And you’ll likely be thanked in return.

Karma rewards the expressively grateful. It also punishes silent with-holders.

Food for thought.

Your voice is a gift.

You have many blessings. Your limbs. Your lungs. Your mind. 24 hours in each day to spend as you like. Trillions of calories of energy to spend how you wish. And your voice.

It hurts us to see you throw any of your precious gifts away, and we adore seeing you use them to soar & succeed.

But we can’t force you to do the right thing. We can’t make you use your voice. We can only point out how insanely powerful your voice is and see if you remain silent, or speak up.

Either way, the choice is yours.

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