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Why You Suck At Law Of Attraction

Using Law Of Attraction Is A Skill, Learn It.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it’s a ‘helper article’ to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of law of attraction. Original at: https://jryze.me/skill/

Using Law Of Attraction Is A Skill.

And it’s one that most human beings suck at.

But why?

Why do most people suck at using the law of attraction?

I used to think it was a lack of understanding. I used to think that —surely— if I taught students to understand LOA as deeply as I do, they’d ‘get it.’ Surely it would click, and voila, they’d be off to the races, manifesting their dream life.

I was wrong.

And it’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

Because true understanding rarely (if ever) comes from someone explaining something. Even if a verbal or written explanation works briefly, it will fade without practice. True understanding must be ‘internalized’ through experience. And that experience most often comes in the form of practice.

Theory Vs. Practice

Think about how you’ve understood, applied, and improved at any skill you’ve added to your arsenal throughout life. Was that improvement solidified in you through reading manuals and getting advice?

No, it was through experience, practice.

It was only by putting yourself through the trial-by-fire of practice that you gained true understanding.

  • When you first rode a bike, you fell, failed, and cried tears of frustration.
  • When you first learned to swim, you inhaled water, nearly drowned, and were scared to swim briefly.
  • When you first learned to cook, you got spattered with hot grease, burned food, and ordered pizza.

The common theme for all these skills is that reading books, getting advice, and having a teacher may have been necessary or helpful… those weren’t the main focus of mastering the skill.

Because these things are all skills that take practice to learn.

Think about it…
  • When you first saw Michael Phelps swim, you understood he was way more skilled than you.
  • When you first saw Lance Armstrong ride, you understood he was way stronger than you.
  • When you first saw Gordon Ramsay cook, you understood he was way more masterful than you.

These people are all able to satisfy themselves through their performance. They’re able to get the results they want in their desired field.

Because these are people who obsessively practice their skill until it’s ‘mastered.’

These people started out just like you, as children (‘blank slates’) who weren’t particularly good at their craft. They started out with a bit of advice or teaching from a parent or coach, and then dove into their skill passionately, making sure to practice until they nailed it. They braved all the mistakes, falls, and fails and weren’t afraid to admit they were a beginner and start gently.

  • When you first learned swimming, you had ‘water-wings’ or a parent keeping you afloat.
  • When you first learned cycling, you had training wheels or a parent holding you upright.
  • When you first learned cooking, you started with grilled cheese, or a parent directing you.

The point is that in manifestation or any other skill…

There’s a big difference between ‘beginner things’ and ‘expert things’ for any skill.

Many mistakes, failures, and questions about the law of attraction arise because people treat LOA like some kind of magic pill, instead of a skill that needs training wheels, intense practice, and hours of consistent effort in order to be effective at it.

Practice Manifesting

If you have a question about why or how to manifest what you want right now, I bet the answer is going to be ‘practice more/better’‘use a more beginner approach’, or ‘apply yourself more joyfully and consistently like a good student.’

But most people don’t want to hear that stuff.

They don’t want the answer to their manifestation-woes to be: “have more discipline, be more consistent, practice better, think deeper, analyze progress objectively, fail more, fail faster, skin your knees, get back on the horse, etc.”

And since they don’t want to hear the truth…

The only options for teachers are a) give students the truth even though they’ll be ignored and hated for it, b) serve students fun clickbait like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The 3-6-9 Method,’ or c) help the tiny handful of humans who are actually serious about mastering law of attraction and are eager for honest feedback, even if it means they have to practice more.

Most teachers choose option B, because it’s the easiest path to making money. They’ll just come up with new ‘methods’ with fancy names that make students think it’s not practice that’s the problem, they just need a new ‘method.’

However, LOA students don’t really need new methods.

Most already have plenty of manifestation methods that’ll work well for them… if only they practiced them consistently, attentively, and whole-heartedly like they would when learning to drive.

If you bring me any student complaining of trouble manifesting, and (let’s say) we’re able to observe every moment of their day, thought in their head, and mood they feel… we’d notice something almost instantly:

99% of the students would have the same three problems.

And what would those be, you ask?

  • They practice rarely.
  • They practice briefly.
  • They practice poorly.

Then they fail at manifesting what they want and instead of practicing more with a good attitude… they hop online in rage or despair and ask for advice. Or they ask their teacher to ‘do it for them.’ Or they buy another book to ‘learn a new method.’

Anything but address the real issue, their practice.

Proper practice marks an ‘X’ on the calendar daily and rarely misses a day, no matter what. Proper practice puts away distractions and devices. Proper practice tackles one thing at a time, and sticks with it ’til it’s handled. Proper practice recognizes whether we’re a beginner or an expert, and practices accordingly. Proper practice observes attentively and makes one adjustment at a time to see if it helps. Proper practice tracks results with a happy heart and accepts whatever progress occurs.

Kaizen Practice Method

Everyone has practiced many skills since they were born, and the ones you practiced properly are quickly mastered, relatively speaking. But any skills practiced improperly remain mediocre at best, appalling at worst.

So… what exactly should you be practicing?

Well, the law of attraction is about mastery of your thoughtsmoods, and choices… so practice those.

You have 55,000+ thoughts a day, each one with an accompanying emotion. The majority of your thoughts are probably, well, mediocre… not all that positive or impressive. The majority likely aren’t powerful or joyful or grateful enough to truly manifest shit.

And that’s ok.

In this day and age, that’s basically where we all ‘start.’ (Though as a child your thoughts & moods were far superior.)

So start by improving as many thoughts as you can.

If you’re a beginner and you can only improve your thoughts for 5 minutes, so be it, start there. But like anyone who practices, you’d best be able to do 5 and a half minutes tomorrow. Or if you made 100 thoughts better today, do 110 tomorrow. Or if you increased your emotional-level to ‘content’ instead of ‘frustrated’ yesterday, you’d best be aiming for ‘enthusiastic’ today. I hope this makes sense. The basics of all practice are to start where you are, then apply yourself consistently so that you’re better and better every day.

How do I improve my thoughts, you may ask.

It’s easy, and people have been doing it for centuries. From biblical times, to Wallace Wattles, to Abraham-Hicks there are countless methods from countless teachers that help you improve your thoughts. Some methods are more expert, some are more beginner-style, but there are no rules on which to use. Ultimately, it’s up to you to experiment and find ones that work for you.

Turn Thoughts Positive

  • Some examples you can look up from Joseph Murphy are ‘passing over’, ‘blueprinting’, ‘mind movies’, ‘act-as-if’, ‘going general’, ‘affirmations’, ‘releasing resistance’, ‘lullaby mantras’, ‘gratitude’, ‘reasoning’, etc.

  • Some examples you can look up from Neville Goddard are ‘revision’, ‘congratulations’, ‘fast-forward’, ‘I am’, ‘self-hypnosis’, ‘how did I’, etc.

  • Some examples you can look up from Abraham-Hicks are ‘focus wheels’, ‘the wallet game’, ‘placemat exercise’, ‘segment intending’, ‘magical creation box’, ‘positive aspects’, etc.

Some of these are best done in the morning, others are best done at night, others can be done anytime. Some of these are good for ‘visual’ thinkers, some are good for ‘tactile’ people. Some are good for law-of-attraction-beginners, some best saved for experts. (Affirmations, for example, work great when you’re flying high, but saying them from a neutral or negative mood will very likely make things worse.)

All of the LOA techniques are things that someone ‘made up’ to improve your thoughts, so you can see why it’s important to experiment and find ones that work for you… even if you have to invent your own.

And all of them require a similar kind of effort, the effort to stop living on autopilot, to pay attention and direct your thoughts in a positive way that serves you.

I could go deeper into various processes, methods, and exercises. I could explain the nuances of their execution. But those are for people who’ve already got the hang of proper practice. It’s for people who’ve already disciplined their mind to at least a basic level of consistency. Once that’s done, then we can explore ‘which method is better’ and ‘what are some tips for method X, Y, or Z.’ For now…

Anything that helps nudge your thoughts in a sustainable, positive way will do.

And once you’ve got a method or two of thought-improvement that feels good to you, the next step is to practice it. The same way a guitar player “shouldn’t” be asking for tips on what electric amp to use if they can’t even play a single chord… law of attraction students “shouldn’t” be asking for the tips on what method is best, if they can’t even direct their mind reasonably throughout the day.

If your mind wanders, leans negative, or won’t focus… It is weak. If your mind is unable to think deeply for yourself, experiment with methods, or discover what resonates with you through research or trial-and-error… It is weak. If your mind can’t be slowed down, stilled, or intensified at your will… It is weak.

And if that’s the case, it can only be helpful to admit your mind is weak. Just like someone who can’t bench-press 200lbs. is wise to admit they can’t bench 200lbs. Because only when we admit we’re not strong enough or practiced enough yet… do we then actually hit the gym and start working out.

Belief Muscles

Chances are your mind needs training. It needs workouts. It needs practice. Practice properly and eventually your mind will be strong enough and positive enough to actually be teachable.

Every human being is blessed with a mind.

I’ve spent a lifetime polishing mine, and almost as long sharing my understandings with others, in the hope that they’d learn from my stories, experiences, mistakes, and wisdom. I did it with the hope of people ‘getting it’, so I’d have a team of great manifestors to rock life with.

But a lot of my effort could be seen as a giant waste of time, since I never insisted any of them practice what’s been taught, and it all faded away, so my students became useless at manifesting much of anything due to lack of practice.

Wisdom can be offered to your mind, but only practice will allow you to internalize, embody, and truly understand it on a deep level.

Like an overweight body with clogged arteries desperately needs movement & exercise, most people’s minds need practice, badly.

And no one can do it for you.

Your mind is untouchable by others unless you allow it. Your mind obeys you and only you, unless you allow otherwise. Your mind is the ultimate law of attraction tool to create your reality.

So learn to use yours well.

Learn to use the massive inner-power of your thoughts, moods, and choices to create ‘miracles.’ This takes practice. Especially because society has trained so many away from mental discipline. Especially since we’ve been trained towards mental laziness, letting others think for us, doing whatever’s popular, choosing comfort over challenge, distracting ourselves with drama and entertainment, etc. All these things and more mean most humans are so out of practice at directing their minds, and only practice will help you create the life you want.


Because using the law of attraction is a skill.

And it’s one you can master with practice.