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I'm going to say something outrageous...


Gary Vee, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins — Not one of them teaches business as simply as I'm about to. In fact, you likely won't hear business explained this clearly by anyone, ever.

When I failed 11 different businesses, I blamed many things. Market conditions. The world wasn’t ready. Wrong targeting. Not enough capital. No one believed in me. My staff let me down. Terrible environment. Business is too hard. Bad homelife. And so on. But I was lying to myself, because the truth is, every business on earth fails for the exact same reason. And the solution is 3 rarely discussed ingredients.


(Plus all kinds of other ‘marginalized’ people who are in very different situations than you.)

TAke a breath & IMAGINE...

Having complete mastery of your business.

Covid hits hard? Doesn’t matter to you, because you know exactly how to pivot. Want a relaxing vacay? Acquiring funds for a fun trip is easy as pie. Hungry for media-coverage? You’re already making a plan before you’re even out of bed. Suddenly, you’re a game-changing, god-tier CEO… because you’ve learned the simple-but-powerful secret about business that clears away all the smoke and mirrors.

Instead of spending your time scouring business advice columns like this one, you’re out in the world, making more money. Instead of begging for help in forums & Facebook groups, you’re happily brainstorming new services and products to expand with. Instead of worrying about your current business, you’re lounging on your deck, pondering what new one to acquire. And none of it is even remotely difficult.

In fact, it’s laughably easy.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s really not, and I’ll prove it to you.

Do You Remember...

Learning to ride your bike?

When you first saw the bike, your eyes widened at its complex moving parts. It may have felt a little intimidating. You were just a kid, and even though you might have been scared, you knew if all the grown-ups could ride a bike easily, you could too. So kid-size be damned, you psyched yourself up and hopped on.

And abruptly fell. Hard.

Maybe you had a cry, maybe you didn’t. Whatever the case, you eventually got back on and tried again, because deep down you knew that riding a bike was fairly simple. You knew you’d get the hang of it. And you knew that despite all the different gears, chains, and so on, ultimately…

…all you had to do was practice pedaling.

And assuming our bike isn’t a mangled, broken, junk-heap, if we fail at cycling, it’s one thing and one thing only:

We incorrectly performed the process of pedaling.


The same thing goes for cooking.

As kids, we quickly learned not to touch the stove, lest it burn us. We watched Mom prepare meals, mouths watering, hoping one day we’d be ‘big enough’ to cook for ourselves. And eventually, the time comes to learn. But it seems overwhelming. There’s so many ingredients, tons of utensils, and thousands of recipes out there. So we try one anyway, and burn it. Then we try another, but under-cook it. The thing is, as kids this failure doesn’t stop us. We knew that to get good at cooking didn’t require us to read hundreds of books, sign up for webinars, or hang around the world’s best chefs. We knew…

All we had to do was practice ‘heating food.’

And if our cooking goes awry, we have the option of blaming the stove, our tools, kitchen conditions, distractions, and whatever else we want. We can throw tantrums and claim we weren’t taught things correctly. We can swear cooking is too hard and give up on it forever.

But when it comes down to it, cooking –like cycling– is a simple process done by millions of people from all walks of life. And none of us escape cooking’s simple rules. Whether by fire, stove, or microwave, we must heat food. Whether for a short time, or long, we must heat food.  And so, if we failed at cooking, it’s because of one simple thing:

We incorrectly performed the simple process of cooking.

Business is exactly the same.

A simple, universal process done by millions.

And you can master it the same way you would for cycling or cooking. The only obstacle is this: society has over-complicated it for you. Other teachers have confused you.


Gurus are needy & greedy for your money.

The gurus selling biz courses get richer by stringing you along. They don’t benefit by giving you the master-key to business, then letting you walk away. It’s similar to how ‘big pharma’ gets richer by stringing people along with treatments rather than one-shot curing them. That’s why the gurus haven’t made a free page like this for you. It’s scary for them. A page like this would ruin their funnel of people so desperate to succeed that they’d pay anything.

It’d ruin the good thing they have going.

And to be clear, not all the experts and gurus out there are ‘bad.’ I’m friends with some great ones. Some gurus are kind, loving, well-intentioned souls providing a lot of value to the world. They’re motivators. They’re charismatic speakers. They’re influencers. They’re content-machines, pumping out feel-good value.

But well… they just aren’t skilled teachers. They’re storytellers who share “what worked for them.” And that’s great, but doesn’t usually create real change. It doesn’t ‘unlock’ struggling entrepreneurs. They aren’t passing on the simple secrets of profitable business to you.

And if we can’t rely on all the gurus and experts for real business wisdom, who can we rely on?

Can anyone really teach you business-growth?

Parents? Nope.

Even if your parents were entrepreneurs, chances are they didn't quite teach you the core process of business.

Coaches? Nuh-uh.

Coaches have 'courses' & 'programs' to get 'results,' but we all still 'graduate' utterly unprepared.

Gurus? Hah.

Their whole biz model is based on empty-calorie advice that keeps people coming back for more.

Friends? Please.

Friends love talking like they 'know shit' but their advice usually just has you spinning your wheels.

Influencers? Fluff.

Influencers do one thing and one thing well, get clicks for themselves.

Religion? Hardly.

There are some biz tips in most religions, but few really cut to the core of things.

"The world has a
wisdom problem."

— J-Ryze


You need a proper teacher. Right now.

Why now? Because all your dreams are locked behind your profitability.

If you don’t have a firm grasp on business, you don’t have a firm grasp on your dreams. If you’re wasting day after day with minimal profits, you’re wasting day after day of your dream life. If you were taught the basics of business years ago, you could easily be in a mansion, with a couple Ferraris, and a gorgeous spouse by now.

But through no fault of your own, you’ve been pouring your time & energy into things you don’t truly understand, with zero guidance.

It takes a certain amount of physical time to grow a successful business. It takes even more to grow an empire. Do you really think letting day after day slip by without getting on the right path, (at the right pace), is a good call?

Or is it better to put all your distractions, struggles, and poor teachers aside, and really buckle down, focus, and learn this sh*t, once and for all?

The choice is yours, but I’ve seen way too many people miss valuable opportunities and burn the precious hours life has given them.

I really hope you’re not one of them. 


My Name is j-ryze and...

I am the teacher you need.

I’m the right teacher for this because one, I’m a born ‘rebel teacher’ who’s been teaching since I was 11 years old, and two….

Because I was just like you.

I struggled hard in business. Actually, my story’s more embarrassing than that, even. I was an ‘officially-tested child-genius.’ I was placed in a school for the gifted. I had a great childhood. And yet I failed 11 businesses in a row. Computer technician, web-design, artist, blogger, clothing designer, life-coach, author, e-merchant, and more.

I was eventually evicted and ended up homeless. I barely eked out a living while running my biz on the streets for over two years. During that time I was under-fed, under-slept, robbed, and even spent a lil time in jail (falsely accused, but fully pardoned). It was, uh, a ‘less-than-optimal’ time in my life.

Bored & listless after my suicide attempt, I began giving away tons of wisdom.

I did it everywhere, but was especially active in Evan Carmichael’s (Evan’s an influencer who’s friends with Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, etc. – he owns a 3M subscriber YouTube channel for entrepreneurs.) internet forum and his moderators pointed me out to him. They basically said “this guy answers questions better and faster than us on our own forum!” Evan was intrigued so he invited me out to dinner. We ended up talking about biz, brands, empires, and life until the restaurant closed. It was an epic, five-hour session. He saw that I was a very unique kind of teacher, and he knew I could help skyrocket his brand and build his empire. So, he and I began our decade-long collaboration.

And I became Evan’s personal advisor for years.

A strange pairing, right? Evan Carmichael was a successful entrepreneur, extra-good at business. And I was a homeless genius, with a terrible business track-record. But this oil-and-water blend is what gave me my eureka moment. By examining Evan’s many successful businesses, and examining my many business failures, a simple, elegant pattern began to reveal itself.

And I’ll explain that pattern shortly, but first here’s a bit more about me.

A modern merlin delivering fresh views on taboos.

Rebel Teacher - Demo Reel 2021

People Love My Teachings:


J-Ryze Is...

Truth-Bombs 99%
Passion 91%
Clarity 84%

So what exactly is this business 'pattern' I discovered?

"Every biz I studied lived or died,
because of 3 key ingredients."

And I’m not talking about cash-flow, strategy, or personnel. All those things are easily solved if you have the 3 key ingredients of business properly handled.

All business success relies on 3 key ingredients.








Your Beliefs About Your Biz Matter... A lot.

Most people have pretty bad beliefs. They don’t believe their business will get better, nor that they have the power to control whether it does or not. And beliefs are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our beliefs guide our actions and most don’t even realize it. They decide how distracted we are, how often we slow our own progress, & how often we self-sabotage. ‘Bad’ business beliefs will all come true if you hold them long enough.

And the opposite is true too. A founder with strong, positive beliefs has a self-fulfilling prophecy happening as well.

But it’s one of practically guaranteed success, instead.

An incredible number of CEOs dive into their business, totally focused on action. They take all the courses, make all the plans, and invest so much in their products and services. And after all that they’re still ineffective and growing slowly because their beliefs make progress impossible. A business-owner is much better off fixing all their beliefs first. Declutter your internal environment, and your external projects will blossom smoothly.

A founder needs beliefs such as:

  • I’m always making noticeable progress.
  • I wake up focused & happy, I go to bed proud & satisfied.
  • I love cashflow.
  • I love spending & receiving money in the economy.
  • And what I love I always gain more of.
  • I see people as valuable, potential clients; I judge no one.
  • I invest my time and energy well.
  • I keep improving my business skills rapidly.
  • I’m relaxed because I know the world adores new things.
  • I know consumers are hungry for new offerings like mine.
  • People especially want my offerings because they’re so valuable.
  • And if someone doesn’t seem to want my stuff, it’s only because I haven’t persuaded them properly yet.
  • So I keep experimenting and improving my persuasion.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

But guess how many founders have beliefs like this? Guess how many founders really get their mental sh*t together before diving into biz? Approximately 1%. And once you have great beliefs, your job still isn’t done. You have to keep watch over your beliefs, maintain them, because even the best believers can mentally backslide.

So the question is, how are your beliefs?

And once you have solid, positive beliefs on all the topics that matter in business, they’ll still be useless without energy. Because…


Energy is the fuel for your success.

Your energy comes from your mood. So, you could hold all the nice beliefs listed above, but still go nowhere in business… if your mood isn’t high. Bad vibes, negative feelings, and ‘yucky’ moods render every success-belief we have, useless. Our beliefs become dead, unenergized husks. But good vibes, positive feelings, and ‘hyped’ moods juice-up our beliefs with energy, bringing them to life.

And mood-management is easy.

You’ve been managing your energy since you were a kid.

When you were sad, you’d cry until you felt better, then get back to productive play. When you were bored, you’d suddenly start dancing, or running around, because instinctively you knew energy was vital to success and growth, and you’d do whatever you could to amp yours up.

And the same principles apply today. Tony Robbins uses music to amplify his energy and the energy of attendees at his workshops. A lot of CEOs know that exercise “helps them” and they “think better” when their body has some movement and blood is flowing.

Whether it’s music, movement, or massage, you must have reliable methods of mood-management. People who do, succeed. Period. There’s not a shred of evidence anywhere that runs counter to this, because it’s a universal law.

Emotions are energy. Emotions are powerful. And most importantly…

Emotions are entirely chosen by you. 



Choice controls it all.

The power of choice is more precious than diamonds. And oddly, few people really use their power. Every morning, we awaken as a fresh slate. We can choose to be happy, or miserable. We can choose to progress, or plateau. We can choose to improve our beliefs & energy, or let them cruise on auto-pilot. And guess what most business-owners do with all these choices? If you guessed “waste” them… you’re right.

But we don’t have to waste our power of choice.

We can make better choices, more often.

When something unpleasant happens we can choose to do things that improve our mood, instead of dwelling on it.  When we experience a failure or obstacle, we can choose to believe it’s a learning experience on our path to success, instead of believing it’s our identity.

Right now, this instant, you can choose to believe this page is really, truly, explaining business in the clearest, most valuable way you’ve ever come across, or you can believe it’s all nonsense. And you can do it with great energy, or in a bitter, cynical, unpleasant mood.

Your choice.

But what you choose dictates your business going forward.

"A person can change his future by merely changing his attitude."

— Oprah Winfrey


Ever hear the phrase "add value?"

Well it’s true.
You must add value.
But it must be value you believe in.
And it must be offered with kind energy.
And you must choose to offer it over & over.
To more and more people, not less.

The ‘value’ everyone talks about has those 3 hidden ingredients as it’s root. So you literally can’t add value to people’s lives without the correct beliefs, energy, and choices backing it. And that’s the part of the cliche no one ever tells you. So…



"Persuasively offering value you believe in, to an increasing amount of strangers... for profit."

That’s it. That’s business. That is everything. Execute every word of this sentence at a reasonable level, and you’re a successful, profitable business. Riding a bike requires pedaling. Cooking requires heating food. Business requires the above sentence. Couldn’t be simpler.


I don't see all 3 ingredients
mentioned in that sentence!

You’re right. They aren’t mentioned, at least not specifically. But they are there, you just have to think a bit deeper.  Take a moment and inspect the phrase.

If you haven’t found them quite yet, I’ll point them out to you.

Belief is hopefully obvious. It’s in the phrase “value you believe in”, plain as day.

Choice is contained in the “increasing amount of strangers” part. Because some people are hostile to offers. They don’t like spammers. Marketers. Self-promotion. Businesses. Or anyone disturbing their comfortable lives, even if it’s to help and bless and add value to them. And if you’re reaching an increasing amount of strangers, you will come across these people. And every time it happens, you have the choice to let their unpleasant responses affect you positively, or negatively. Some CEOs choose to be inspired by hostiles, doubters, and haters. Others choose to stop trying, fade-away, and give up.

Which brings us to energy. As you perform this sentence, persuasively offering value you believe in to an increasing amount of strangers, profitably… your energy is always in flux. It’s always changing. And when you choose to let the response of ‘the public’ or ‘life’ affect you negatively, you’re lowering your energy. When you choose to laugh it off, stay happy, and continue offering value, you’re elevating your energy.

All 3 ingredients, mixed well, & of decent quality… are the recipe for a successful business.


Every business you look up to
is using this sentence.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, the businesses you admire embody this sentence. They figured out that, just like cycling or cooking, business is simple. All it takes is to “persuasively offer value you believe in to an increasing amount of strangers… profitably.”

And anyone from any walk of life can do this.

Anyone can perform this skill at a reasonably effective level, if they truly want to. And like any skill, it’s not really that complicated. It just takes focus, practice, and commitment. It takes a hungry desire to ‘get good.’ You have to truly decide you’re going to master the 3 ingredients, no matter what gets in your way.

And people with far more odds stacked against them than you have done it.

Kids, Bimbos, and Quadriplegics...

All Used this simple sentence to succeed...


Benjamin Kapelushnik

Sneaker Don

“In 7th grade I started reselling sneakers here and there. I secured my first big deal in ninth grade when I needed money for more pairs that I wanted to buy. I sold a pair of Lebron x MVP for a quick flip and profited $3,000. I reinvested my profit into my personal collection.”

Persuasively offered 'sneakers' he believed in to increasing amounts of strangers.

Aletta Ocean Portrait Biz

Aletta Ocean

Porn Queen

With over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, Aletta says: “At the beginning of my porn career I felt like I was the prey. Then few years later I enjoyed doing it. Now I feel I’m the hunter.” She’s currently got an estimated networth of 1.5 million dollars. 

Persuasively offered 'arousal' she believed in to increasing amounts of strangers.


Jon Morrow

Quadriplegic Blogger

“The only parts of my body I can move are my eyes and lips. And yet… I have an amazing life. Using speech recognition technology, I’ve written articles read by more than 5 million people. I’ve also built several online magazines that have, shockingly, made me a millionaire.”

Persuasively offered 'writings' he believed in to increasing amounts of strangers.

...and you can too.

Great! How do I get started?

The same way you'd start
riding a bike or becoming a cook.

You just decide. You decide you’re sick of struggling in business. You decide that business is simple. That’s it’s something you can master. You decide to commit to, practice, & improve at it. You decide to own it.

If —and only if— your beliefs & energy are right, should you move on to...

...The actions of business.

Assuming you have your beliefs & energy sorted, and you’ve chosen to commit to success, all that’s left are the daily actions of commerce.

1 — Value

Have something valuable to offer.
(Free samples are often easiest.)


Create a repeatable way of offering it.
(Cold-approaches are often easiest.)

3 — POOL

Locate a ‘pool’ of people who may like your offer.
(‘Groups’ are often easiest.)

4 — Distribute

Distribute your offer frequently to your pool.
(Work at least as hard as you would in a ‘job’ to start.)

5 — Result

Some percentage of the people will ignore your offer, less will reject it, and even less will accept your offer.

6 — REPEAt

Then repeat the above process, but this time offer a ‘pricier’ product or service, and offer it only to the people who have already accepted and enjoyed your smaller, initial offer.

It should play out something like this:

~7000 views ⟶ 700 samplers ⟶ 7 customers.

There are 7,851,000,000 people on earth at the time of writing.

Asking you to reach 7,000 of them is a really small ask. An under-paid, teenage intern could probably do this in two months if you hired them. So if you’re serious about business, you’ll need to do something similar.

If you’re already way ahead of this, great!

But for every new product, service, or offer you make, you’ll likely need to do similar work to find out whether or not it works.

It’s kind of like how it takes about three hours to cook a turkey, or how it takes about an hour to bike 10 miles. Even if you’ve got the hang of heating food or pedaling your bike, it still takes real commitment to accomplish anything worthwhile.

The actual numbers don’t matter, the point is it takes a reasonable chunk of time and ‘distance’ for any business.

And it all must be performed with healthy beliefs & energy.

If not… your dish burns, your journey ends, and your business fails. It’s all quite simple, but even the best CEOs lose sight of the core of business in our noisy world sometimes.

100 For 1 Rule


I call this the "Sacred Biz Cycle."

This is the permanent, unchangeable ‘business model’ for all businesses, forever. Simple actions done by all entrepreneurs. But I repeat, this will not work if your beliefs, energy, or choices are unaligned.



You need strangers. Human beings who may value what you offer. Lots.


They must sample your wares, no matter what, this is your daily task.


Once they've sampled, some percent must be persuaded to buy.


Those 6 actions are all I need?

Yes! Sort of. Just like pedaling a bike also requires balance, body posture, steering, etc. The six actions outlined also have some other ‘supporting actions’ that are necessary.

But to learn them, we have but to focus on pedaling well, and the other actions take care of themselves. If we notice we fall while pedaling slow, we quickly adapt and pedal faster. If we crash when taking our eyes off the road, we quickly learn to look where we’re going. Supporting skills don’t need taught so heavily, because we pick up most of them by committing to the core process and noticing what works and doesn’t.

Same goes for business: pedal for momentum and it all works out.

If you’re serious about business, and you truly commit to performing these 6 actions well, your natural intelligence will kick in and help you learn the ins-and-outs. You’ll start googling for solutions when you notice your pitches aren’t persuasive. You’ll begin targeting better leads when you get way too many rejections one day.

In cycling, you learn everything if you just commit to pedaling.

In business, you learn everything fast if you just commit to pitching.

Sure you may get a bruise, skinned knee, or rejected by haters… but so did every success story you know. It’s an unavoidable part of the game.


Generating Leads

Can't pitch people if you haven't found & gathered a list of them.

Refining Pitches

Not even pro copywriter's offers work on first draft.

Cataloging Pain-points

To give value, you must know what people are receptive to.

Testing & Tracking

Anyone who's serious about anything, tracks their progress.

Hiring Help

You hire help only after your business is bootstrapped well.



"I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."

— Confucius


To achieve all this, you must improve your persuasion.

Which is why we created a whole other page dedicated to this skill called: Persuasion Tips & Tricks - Basics That Work.

Why am I giving all this valuable wisdom away free?

Because I want to change things.

  • I’ve had enough of totally competent people struggling at what should be a simple task.
  • I’ve had enough of gurus hiding ‘what worked for them’ behind a paywall, as if it’s some magic elixir.
  • I’ve had enough of watching generation after generation continue the cycle of poverty, when creating wealth is shockingly simple.
  • I’ve had enough of people blaming everything under the sun for their failure, besides their own incorrect performance of a basic skill.

And most importantly for me…

  • I’ve had enough of teaching the basics.

I’m a passionate, talented teacher. And my favorite part of teaching is that I love where my students and I can journey together. (#TogetherWeRyze!) But if every day I get the same basic questions, and we keep re-hashing simple things like “how do I make money”… we’ll never level-up and cover new ground. Business doesn’t have to be complex, confusing, or hard.

It’s time for a better way.

So I decided to ‘be the change.’

I know I could charge a lot for the wisdom provided here. I know that many experts have tried to teach wealth, and that the teachings here are just… well… better.

But this isn’t about my wealth (which I intend to continue growing). Instead, it’s about making you profitable. Enrich others and karma will bring it back to you, one way or another. So, hopefully this unlocks a lot of progress, momentum, and prosperity for you. Maybe I’ll be the next Napoleon Hill, famous for creating billionaires… who knows.

But either way, at least I have a place I can direct people when they’d like a hand at understanding business.

Regardless of all that, huge congrats if you managed to read this far. It takes a focused, dedicated, intelligent learner to pull that off, and it’s a great sign you’ll increase your wealth faster than one might imagine.

Black And White Headshot of J-Ryze Fonceca taken by photographer Matt Barnes.

Bonus Business Boosters:

OK, What Next?

You have three options:

Presumably, you’re on this page because whatever you’ve been doing in business has not been as effective as you’d like.

You can do one of three things:

  1. Continue on as you’ve been doing, spinning your wheels with webinars, yet another ‘program’, empty motivation, inadequate teachings, or…
  2. Take everything I’ve offered here, and try doing it yourself, or…
  3. Join our exclusive Facebook group for rebel-preneurs and let the best teacher you’ve ever met help you. Free trials are invite only so you’ll have to email Cyn or friend her on Facebook.