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Law Of Attraction: Getting Some Motherf--king Results

Results first. We can discuss the woo-woo shit later.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it is simply a helper article to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of law of attraction.

There’s tons of bullshit about Law Of Attraction out there.

There’s memes, sugary-sweet, easy to consume, and rarely helpful.

There’s gurus, regurgitating stuff they’ve read, with little true understanding of LOA.

There’s methods, creatively named, fun, and dubiously effective.

There’s thousands and thousands of these things, and that’s good, because there’s more than one path up the mountain. There’s more than one way to master the law of attraction. But if you want to do it quickly and effectively, some approaches are better than others.

If you want to manifest effectively in the shortest possible time…

You’ll probably want a results-focused approach.

And results-focused approaches are no-bullshit approaches. They’re approaches that are simple, clear, and to the point. They’re approaches that don’t tolerate excuse-makers, over-complication, or lazy students.

If your LOA teacher isn’t a straight-shooter who gives you the truth, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well. If the methods they teach are unclear or complex, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well. If they spend more time putting out memes than they do helping LOA ‘click’ for you, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well.

So how can you tell if your Law Of Attraction teacher is good or not?

Simple, just look at what they’ve attracted, right?


Donald Trump has attracted tons of incredible things into his life, but he’d make a terrible teacher. Will Smith or Jim Carrey have attracted tons of things into their lives, and they even talk about the law of attraction, but still, they’re mediocre teachers at best.

You don’t find a good teacher by looking for one with massive wealth or beautiful relationships or perfect physique. You don’t find a good teacher by going with whoever’s popular. Thinking ‘well since they’re popular, they must be a great teacher’ is lazy decision-making. Some musicians are popular, but not necessarily very talented. Or you see those actors who somehow keep getting roles and you objectively can’t call their acting ‘good.’ Popularity is not a wise decision-maker. The real way you find an amazing teacher is by paying attention to their teachings.

Do they teach well? Clearly? Quickly? Directly? Do they tailor advice for you personally? Do they speak your language? Do they speed up your results? Do they elevate your growth? Do they push you to new heights? Do they call you toward a better version of yourself? Do they demonstrate rock solid knowledge? Do they have a passion for teaching? Do they make sense?

Those are things to look for in a LOA teacher.

And if you find a results-focused teacher, they’ll be able to talk about the woo-woo, ‘spiritual philosophy’ if they have to…

…but they’ll mostly avoid that stuff.

Why? Well, they’ll avoid it because they prefer to talk about the mechanics of LOA instead. They prefer to talk about practical approaches that help you manifest. They prefer to get into the nuts and bolts, and show you what cranks to turn, and only explain why one LOA-pulley connects to another if they have to.

You don’t need to understand how a computer works to use it. You don’t need the philosophy behind electricity to light up your living room. A good law of attraction teacher knows this, and while they can discuss the spiritual basis of everything… they’d prefer to see you practicing than philosophizing. They’d prefer to hear where you got stuck applying lessons, rather than compliments on how great they are. They’d prefer to see your success stories over your thanks.

And most importantly, they’ll encourage you to think things through for yourself, and slap you on the wrist if you get lazy in your thinking. Because they know it’s not just finding a great teacher that gets you results.

It’s also your behavior as a student that decides your results.

In my life, I’ve ‘attracted’ some of the worst students on earth. Seriously, I’m not kidding. They’d lie to me about almost everything, not because they were bad people, but because they’d been raised to lie to themselves. Thus, they couldn’t help but do it to others. They’d paint a happy face on everything and pretend their lessons and manifestations were going well.

And foolishly, I believed them. But my doing that harmed us both. It took all my genius wisdom and wasted it. And it wasted their time by giving them teachings, when what they really needed was wake-up calls and a slap on the ass. It was like feeding a spoiled child extra candy to make them behave better, when what they really needed was a time-out or to have privileges revoked.

It’s really bad to lie to your teacher, even if you’re doing it by accident. It’s brutally harmful to pretend you understand LOA when you don’t, or to pretend your thoughts and emotions are top-tier, when they’re mediocre, or to pretend you’re manifesting well when you’re not.

So to get results using Law Of Attraction, it’s worth examining your behavior as a student.

For example, if you aren’t proud AF of your practice habits, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well. If you make excuses rather than sincerely seek solutions, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well. If you refuse to think logically and critically for yourself, you’ll probably struggle to manifest well.

The point is that even if you do find a great teacher, or great methods, your behavior is a huge factor in how quickly you pick things up. And even if you really are a brilliant student with top-tier practice, there’s still the dilemma of choosing a law of attraction teacher. Because in this day and age…

There’s more options for you to master the law of attraction than ever.

And yes, technically you have everything you need to do so inside you already. If you were on a desert island, you could master the law of attraction alone, without a coach or materials, so long as you applied yourself well. But it’s much easier to do it with a teacher. And whatever teacher you choose will only be as effective as your attentiveness and practice habits anyway. You could have the best teacher in the world and still go nowhere, and the only way to tell if that’s the case is proper, rational, critical thinking and honest self-assessment.

Only you know if you’re really doing the work.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to get results.

And once people have found a good teacher who resonates with them, and once they’ve made sure they have good practice-habits, and once they understand that the law of attraction is a law as rock-solid and reliable as gravity…

The 6 remaining reasons most people aren’t getting results is because they:

  • Have hidden resistance/doubt around their desired manifestation.
  • Over-effort due to not understanding how LOA works.
  • ‘Go through the motions’ with too little focused effort on their thoughts & moods.
  • Have a belief in ‘probability’ that screws their manifestations up.
  • Are unable to think critically and sort out the facts of LOA from the fiction.
  • Are simply under-practiced at all this.

All six of these things are extremely fixable, and once they’re fixed, manifestations happen much smoother.

But first they need to be identified (or ‘diagnosed’), and then, any solutions provided must be acted upon and applied.

For example, many people think they have to ‘let go’ in order to manifest.

But this advice gets really confusing, because when this advice is given I’ve almost never seen any teacher clarify that what it means is to ‘let go of resistance’, not ‘let go of my desire.’

You can’t ‘let go’ of a desire, if you have it, you have it. If you’re thirsty, you desire a drink, until it manifests and your thirst is quenched. If you have a sick child, you desire their health until it manifests and your desire is fulfilled. If you want your dream body, you desire it until it manifests, and so on.

The only thing you can let go of is resistance to your desire that may be holding you back. Let go of doubt. Let go of disbelief. Let go of incorrect understandings. Let go of negative attitudes. Those things are all resistance, often hidden or overlooked.

But trying to let go of your desire will just cause you pain and hold back your manifestations. Trying to ‘let go’ of your desire for a drink when thirsty won’t have any positive results, nor will it even be possible for you, because once a ‘true’ desire is ‘born’ it is meant to be fulfilled in some way. (And don’t get me started on ‘what if I desire to fly, be invisible, and be in five places at once all at the same time’ crap, those aren’t ‘true’ desires 99.9% of the time.)

Or another example…

Over-efforting will often manifest the opposite of what you want.

Over-effort on wealth? You end up broke. Over-effort on health? You end up sick. Over-effort on love? You end up alone.

It sucks, and here’s why it happens:

Because you have desires, but you also have imagination. And when your desires and imagination are at odds, even slightly, your imagination wins.

Let’s explore an example of desire and imagination, applied to a simple task, like walking.

  • Let’s say you desire to walk a plank or a floorboard in your home.
  • You put in very little mental effort and get ready for the task.
  • And you have zero problem imagining a successful walk.
  • Desire and imagination are in harmony, success is guaranteed.
  • You walk it well, and get a satisfying manifestation.

Now let’s explore the same scenario, but with a plank high in the sky.

  • But let’s say you desire to walk the same plank when it’s 60ft. in the air over a pit.
  • This time you really have to psych yourself up and put in mental effort to prep.
  • And mostly what your mind imagines is poor footing, failure, and falling.
  • Desire and imagination are at odds, and what you imagine wins.
  • You either walk it and fall, or are too scared to even walk it at all.

Either way, you don’t get your desire fulfilled. You get an unsatisfying result.

Law Of Attraction is always controlled by the dominant idea, thought, belief, or conviction. In the first case, the dominant thought is “Of course I can walk this floorboard.” In the second case, despite all the extra effort, the dominant thought is “I’m not actually powerful enough to pull this off. High planks are scary. I’ll probably fall.”

Over-effort brings failed manifestations, and you can tell if you’re efforting too much by paying attention to your feelings. Because, as we’ll get into shortly, your emotions are your compass.

If you say, “I want a riches, but I can’t get them,” or “I try so hard,” or “I grind out affirmations daily,” or “I use every ounce of willpower I have,” your manifestation is probably f*cked.

Law Of Attraction doesn’t respond to over-effort, it responds to easy, fun, effortlessness. Law Of Attraction doesn’t deliver because of your ‘will power,’it delivers based on your relaxed, deeply embedded beliefs.

What all these examples are getting at is that the main obstacles to your manifestations are easy to fix. Especially when you pair up a truly good student with a truly good teacher. And it doesn’t really matter the student’s circumstances, situation, or stage in life.

Even ‘evil’ people can manifest great things.

Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Mean people can manifest. ‘Ugly’ people can manifest. ‘Broke’ people can manifest. In fact, we’ve all ‘manifested’ already, it’s happening all the time, but usually ‘subconsciously,’ and by default, rather than consciously and intentionally. Straight up, the Law Of Attraction is always working, and ready to deliver your desires. But the majority of your beliefs, moods, choices, and self-talk decide what manifests.

For most people here’s how their vibe with the universe goes.

LOA: Hey girl, let me ask you… do you have that dream body right now, right this instant (or very soon)? (Note: I’ll agree with whatever you decide.)
Newbie Manifestor: No, I don’t. Or at least it’s very far off.
LOA: So be it! Therefore ‘lack of dream body’ is what I’ll continue creating in your reality.
Newbie Manifestor: Sheeeeooooot.

But for a more experienced manifestor it goes like this:

LOA: Hey girl, let me ask you… do you have that dream body right now, right this instant (or very soon)? (Note: I’ll agree with whatever you decide.)
Expert Manifestor: Yes, I do. I can feel it, practically taste it, right now.
LOA: Agreed. So ‘having your dream body’ is what I’ll continue creating in your reality.
Expert Manifestor: Sweet!

If you believe strongly enough that your desired reality exists, is happening, is close, Law Of Attraction will deliver it. If you fake it, or don’t really believe it, or believe it only partially, or believe part of it but doubt others, you probably won’t manifest what you want fast, if at all.

And how do you know how much you believe something? By the emotions you feel surrounding it. If you feel joy intensely, often, or both, then the law of attraction is working on your manifestation and it’s unfolding. If you feel bad about it, intensely, often, or both, then the law of attraction won’t deliver what you want.

Emotion comes along with every thought, whether you realize it or not. Tune into your emotions because they’re your compass for your thoughts. They’ll tell you if your thoughts are in the right direction to manifest what you want, or not. And if your thoughts are ‘unhelpful’ and your emotions are ‘negative’, your number one job is to change them.

Changing thoughts is easy, but only if you apply mental effort. And if your mind is weak from lack of proper use and practice, it may feel ‘hard’ at first, but it’s not. Nothing is more natural to you than changing your thoughts. And adjusted thoughts are the only way to create an adjusted reality.

Darkness is only banished with light. Cold is only banished with heat. Negative thought is only banished with positive thought. Believe, with conviction, good things on as many topics as possible, and the bad will vanish.

It’s that simple.

It’s why every law of attraction teacher since the bible emphasies the power of faith and belief.

But unless you’re naturally talented, in the case of consistent intentional manifestation, simple doesn’t mean instant.

Driving a car is simple, millions of people do it. But it takes quite a bit of study, practice, and training. Benching 300 lbs. is simple, plenty of people do it. But it takes consistent training and discipline. Doing the splits is simple, many people do it. But it takes dedicated practice and a consistently relaxed body.

Same goes for manifesting and leveraging the law of attraction intentionally.

Getting the results you want is as ‘simple’ as believing, but it takes consistent training, discipline, and practice.

Because the number one way for a person to realize just how simple driving a car, weight-lifting, or doing the splits isn’t a book or an article. It isn’t a teacher. It’s by them practicing manifesting stuff.

If you want results, you should be willing to make a spreadsheet with a list of things you want to manifest, big and small, and you should be eager to apply yourself and practice manifesting them until you’re holding them in your hands.

If not, you’re just playing at LOA, and not serious about manifesting at all.

So here’s some Law Of Attraction basics to help you get results.

These are roughly based on Joseph Murphy, one of the most practical LOA teachers in recent history, with bits of Abraham-Hicks, a currently-living extremely consistent ‘channeled’ teacher.

1. Understand that there’s infinite possibility, abundance, and love inside your subconscious mind, (or cells, or heart, or soul,) waiting to emerge into reality.

2. Understand that just like the universal truth that matter expands when heated, whatever beliefs you embed into your subconscious manifests as a reality, 24-7.

3. You have a mind, learn to use it; learn to use the vast inner-power of your thoughts, moods, and choices to create ‘miracles’ in answer to your desires.

4. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking, and if you think a thought often and intensely enough, it moves from your conscious to your subconscious, and then, into reality.

5. Sow seed-thoughts (cause) in your subconscious all day long, and you’ll reap them in your physical reality (effect), and give gratitude that they’re as good as done– some will happen almost instantly, others will take longer, depending on your individual beliefs, resistance, and life path.

6. There are many methods for planting seed-thoughts such as ‘passing over’, ‘blueprinting’, ‘mind movies’, ‘act-as-if’, ‘going general’, ‘affirmations’, ‘releasing resistance’, ‘lullaby mantras’, ‘gratitude’, ‘focus wheels’, ‘positive aspects’, etc. Some are beginner-friendly, some are for experts. Look up any method that embeds positive beliefs deep in your subconscious mind and then…

7. Practice it. Practice it, practice it, practice it. You can experiment with methods, but as soon as you find one that works for you, stick with it no matter how boring. It’s boring to ‘cook food’, but when you’re hungry you stick with that method. You cook. You can experiment with hiring chefs and take-out later, for now, you cook until you’re good at it. You practicing manifesting until you’re fucking good at it.

That’s it.

Practice manifesting until you’re good at it.

As a bonus, if you really want to get good fast, refine your practice on your own. Just like Michael Jordan would do. He wouldn’t wait for help, he’d study his practice and refine it. Tweak your form. Pay attention and catch yourself in resistance, doubt, over-effort, going through the motions, lack of focus, probability-reliance, or lack of discipline.

I could give you some ‘exact’, step-by-step processes and so on, but it’s actually a big problem for people. There’s so many methods out there. Countless. You don’t need yet another one. Then people just spend their days arguing which method is the ‘best.’ I don’t care which method is the best, and neither should you.

When you’re hungry, you should care about heating food into an edible form, or locating berries or something. Not ‘which is the most efficient cooking method’ or ‘which is the absolute most abundant berry bush in my city?’

You’re here to manifest.

And I know I talk about a bunch of things in my writings above.

And yes, teachers, methods, books, steps, attitude, approach, etc. can all help you get results in your manifesting.

But honestly, most people need to stop dicking around with all the little nuances and ins and outs of LOA. Stop arguing over which teacher or method is better. Learn from me or learn from someone else, I don’t care. I only care that you get results. So instead of reading more for another hit of dopamine, I encourage you to find a LOA method that helps you believe positively, with conviction, deep in your subconscious through repetition, or emotion, or whatever works for you.

Conscious Subconscious Heaven Earth Roots Two
In the points made above you can substitute 'subconscious' for many other terms: Beliefs, Imagination, Vortex, etc.

Then practice it a ton, while ensuring it’s as fun and enjoyable as possible. Balance that with discipline and focus (rather than hopping techniques as soon as it’s ‘less fun.’) Track your manifestations, write them down, be precise and clear and serious about it. Start small. Did you manifest that selfie-stick just by thinking about it? Sweet! You have one single manifestation success-story. What’s next? $100 extra dollars? Let’s go. Prove to yourself that it works. Having trouble? You may want to start programming your subconscious with the belief that “Manifesting anything I desire is easy for me.” It’s a pretty good foundation for everything else.

Whatever the case…

Learn to crawl, then to walk, then to run, then to fly.

You get results with LOA the same way you do with literally anything else, by applying yourself well and not letting yourself get tripped up or distracted.

You get results by investing your time and energy to master your beliefs.

You get results by practicing.