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Have You Ever Experienced These 5 Resistances?

I've given them cute names, but these resistances kill a lot of dreams.

Many of us struggle to recognize signs of resistance within us, or others.

So below I’ll go over five common resistances, their indicators, and give a tongue-in-cheek nickname for anyone who’s engaging in them.

I’ve done all five of these in my younger years, and I reaped a lot of ‘negative consequences’ from the universe for them, including homelessness, betrayal, and more. If you’re able to ‘catch’ them in yourself you can make your life and manifestations go a lot smoother and if you ‘catch’ them in others, you can avoid getting sucked into other people’s drama, resistances, over-ego, and victimhood.

Ready? Let’s go.


Indicator: Constant ‘updates’
Example: If Todd is constantly telling people he’s ‘working hard,’ and always looking for a chance to inform people of all his ‘activity,’ Todd’s likely not very hard at work or active at all, and is using words to cover this lack…

…but if Vince is crushing it in his career, he’s not filling conversational airtime updating people on his ‘action’, he simply chills and shares his success when asked about it.


Indicator: (Over-)Self-praise
When someone tells Todd that his Instagram Grid could be better, Todd immediately counters with “well it’s way better than it was last month”, or that he’s “been too busy getting good at cooking” as if anyone cares…

…but if Vince gets feedback that his Instagram Grid could be better, he takes an honest look at it, and graciously admits that “yes, you’re right, my grid could be better”, then types a reminder into his phone to improve it when he’s able.


Indicator: Prickly, ‘absolute certainty’
If Todd is talking stubbornly, claiming he’s “absolutely 100% certain”, Todd will likely be a hypocrite, changing his view in a year or two…

…but if Vince is expressing his views calmly, and willing to let others disagree, even when Vince knows himself and his subject well and not acting defensive, he’s probably correct.


Indicator: Half-assing things
If Todd’s health needs him to workout more often, or if his career needs him to put more hours into outreach, Todd will find any excuse to avoid doing so, half-assing these important tasks in favor of comfort…

…but if Vince knows he needs to workout or outreach more often, he finds any excuse to squeeze more of it in, treating each activity the way a child treats a new toy and obsessively pushing his schedule’s comfort zones to joyfully inject his desires (like health, or career-growth) into his life.


Indicator: Wishing
When Todd wants to attract his soulmate, he doesn’t work on bettering himself, he just buys Law Of Attraction books or posts on LOA subreddits asking ‘is there any way to make someone love me,’ wishing he can get what he wants without changing internally or externally…

…but if Vince wants to attract his soulmate, he knows he needs to nail down a stable career, improve his personal hygiene, and be a less needy, more grateful, more secure person, so he focuses his days on improving these things, knowing he’s proactively made himself a far better match, far more attractive to a mate, with a much higher vibe.

That wraps up 5 common ‘resistant approaches’ to life (& some of their indicators.)

I hope you got something out of it, maybe reading about them helps you see them in yourself or others around you, and helps you decide to be more like Vince than like Todd.

And I’m curious, have any of you had any experience with any of these resistances?? Did you go through them in your past like I did? Or are you dealing with them now? Or does someone you know embody these? Care to share?

Either way, I appreciate you reading, sharing, commenting, and even skimming. Wishing you a great day.

Much love,

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Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core but –like many skills– has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time & effort to ‘get right’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more to it than I mentioned here. This was just a mini-jumpstart to get you thinking.

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