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Whole Recipe Vs. Single Steps (Gurus?)

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Xyphelle the Martian dreamt of baking a cake.

So she turned to Earth’s culinary experts for advice.

‘Ella’ stressed quality ingredients, so Xy invested in premium flour, which resulted in a costly catastrophe.

‘Gordon’ advised ‘bloody good utensils,’ which Xy bought, but still created an unpalatable mess.

‘Nigella’ gushed on presentation, so Xy enrolled in a ‘plating’ course, but her cakes stayed barely edible.

Xy felt incapable, inadequate, or fated to fail, and confided in Tymos, a Martian Earth expert.

He reminded her that success takes more than just ingredients, tools, and presentation…

…it requires a comprehensive, start-to-finish recipe.

Most experts overlook basic (or obscure) steps, like ensuring the stove was plugged in and free of frayed wires.

“You see Xy, each guru loves teaching the ‘big secret’ they missed, what ‘worked for them,’ or the ‘most profitable’ steps.

They’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a novice —or an alien— unfamiliar with the basics.

They can’t ‘bridge the gap’ for struggling learners.”

“How can I fix this, Tymos?”

“You have three options:

  1. abandon your baking aspirations,
  2. forge your own A-to-Z cooking process through trial & error, or,
  3. find a guru who considers the beginner’s perspective.

So Xy found a precise, compassionate mentor named Tom Kanel who guided her patiently through every step of the cake-making process, ensuring no detail was overlooked.

And it worked!

Xy’s journey towards her baking dream was reignited.

She was ready to conquer the basics of cake-making one step at a time.

And this story doesn’t just apply to cooking.

Can you see how this applies to struggles in your business?

Can you think of a business teacher who will cover every step?


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