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Best Reality Transurfing Summary

(Dumbed Down 2023 Version)

Reality Transurfing is a shockingly complex book. It wanders from scientific concepts, to poetic whimsy, and it probably sounded better in the original Russian version.

But I slogged through it so you don’t have to.

So now you’re about to get the bulk of Vadim Zeland’s teachings in clear, simple, easy-to-understand summaries. This page is Reality Transurfing’s first twelve chapters… illustrated in memes. Enjoy!

Reality Transurfing summary iconic book cover with a rainbow Silver Surfer sculpture on top of it.

Note: A Reality Transurfing summary that’s truly for five-year-olds is kind of like explaining rocket science to a toddler. It’s challenging to create meaningful understanding without losing them, or boring them… so this may not be exactly for kids, but I’ll do my best here.

Why does my Reality Transurfing summary only cover the first 12 chapters?

Because Vadim Zeland is a wordy, repetitive, motherf**ker. (I love him though, genius dude.)

The later chapters of Reality Transurfing are just rehashing the same stuff in more detail, imho.

If you really want all that nuance and extra repetition, I suggest you just read the book. It’s excellent. 

I consumed many summaries of Vadim’s work before undertaking the task of summarizing this pioneering book…

…and none of them really “worked” for me.

They either missed key things, weren’t simple enough, or didn’t do Zeland’s work enough justice for my taste.

The best one I found was “Transurfing Of Reality In A Nutshell” by Chengeer Lee, and while it’s well done, it’s only 4000 words.

For context, Reality Transurfing Steps I-V is about ~200,000 words.

Now, I’m all for brevity and conciseness, but summarizing a 766 page book down to a 4 page blog post will almost certainly leave out key details. Plus it only featured stock images.

So my only option was to read the book myself, make my own diagrams and illustrations, and summarize Vadim Zeland’s impressive teachings myself.

(I did the same thing for law of attraction.)

Anyway, here we go.

First, you need to understand a whole bunch of wacky terms.

I’m not sure if this is because Zeland’s original work was written in Russian, or if whoever translated it changed some of the words, or what…

…but Reality Transurfing often uses new terms. It also uses common words in novel (or confusing) ways. It also weaves between scientific explanation and poetry, two vastly different approaches to explaining life.

So here’s a bunch of the key terms and phrases used in Reality Transurfing, explained as simply as I can.

"Alternatives Space" - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

The alternatives space is Vadim’s name for “The Matrix.”

Deeper Explanation:

Imagine a big sheet of graph paper. See it filled with infinite dots. Each dot is a “reality,” a “possible moment,” or a “version of life.”

Vadim calls these “sectors,” and your current life is one of these sectors.

You’ll transition to a different sector in the next moment, probably without even noticing.

Your new sector can be happy, nightmarish, or anything in between.

A series of sectors is called a “lifeline.”

Diagram of paths on a grid of sectors in the alternative space.

Reality Transurfing is how you switch lifelines.

It’s how you choose whether you experience good sectors, or bad ones.

Just like scenes in a play, each sector has “scenery,” which makes up  the reality, and a “script,” which decides how that reality plays out.

For example we can look at two realities. Reality A, and Reality B.

The scenery of Reality A has you in a room with your friend.

The script of Reality A is that your friend is in a bad mood, and he accidentally breaks a glass.

The scenery of Reality B is the same as above. It has you in a room with your friend.

The script of Reality B is that your friend is in a good mood, and he pours himself a drink smoothly.

Illustration of a shakespearian actor on stage, and a hand writing a script, side-by-side.

Let’s see if you can understand a sentence in Vadim’s wacky “Zeland-ese” language. Ready?

“Each sector of alternative space has scenery and a script, and by living a series of sectors, you’ve lived a lifeline.

Dots representing sectors in the alternatives space, with some lit up pink to indicate a lifeline.

If you understood that sentence, you’re ready for the next term, if not, it may be worth re-reading the above sections.

"Pendulums" - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Pendulums are any idea that draws people's attention.

Deeper Explanation:

A “pendulum” is an “energy system” or “information system” focused on a topic.

Illustration of a pendulum swinging left towards haters and right towards fans.

The “woke left” have a strong pendulum going on currently, and so do the “conservative right.” 

Vinyl record’s pendulum started out strong, but eventually lost steam. AI’s pendulum had little momentum at first, but has recently gotten quite strong.

Money has always been a massive pendulum drawing people’s attention, but there are tiny new pendulums starting all the time, like the guy who first thought up a sandwich maker.

Illustration of three different pendulums and their individual frequencies.

When you give your attention to a pendulum, you can easily get swept away in it’s momentum without realizing it.

When you give enough attention to a pendulum, you become an “adherent” to it.

Haters, lovers, and anyone interested in a topic, are adherents to that topic’s pendulum.

Illustration of an energy vampire leeching energy from a victim.

This is why some topics can feel comfortable to you, and some don’t. It all depends on how closely your  beliefs match the pendulums.

Either way, the more attentive people a pendulum has, the more powerful that pendulum gets.

When a pendulum grows powerful enough, such as a bureaucratic system, it creates its own laws, which all its adherents subconsciously follow.

"Wave Of Luck" - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

A wave of luck is like when Neo starts controlling The Matrix.

Deeper Explanation:

A “wave of luck” is a lifeline (in the alternatives space) that “rocks.”

It’s a lifeline that feels blissful to experience.

(It’s sometimes translated as the “wave of fortune.”

A grid of dots in the alternative space with a "wave of luck" highlighted in pink.

A good example is when you “wake up on the good side of the bed.” You have a great morning. You appreciate that experience, which shifts you to an even better sector.

This lets someone you’ve been thinking about call you out of the blue. Which thrills you, and summons a neighbor bearing food.

You eat it while creating the best art of your life, and finally your boss calls to see if you’d be interested in a prosperous promotion. We all experience a wave of luck like this sometimes.

Reality Transurfing lets you be lucky on purpose.

But since most folks are out of practice with transurfing, they’re only lucky… briefly.

“Excess Potential” & “Equalizing Forces.” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Excess potential and balancing forces = “karma f**ks you up.”

Deeper Explanation:

The universe self-corrects in all ways.

When something goes against the universe’s flow, it always takes the most energy efficient way of creating equilibrium.

The universe always creates some kind of ‘balance.’

Illustration of how nature balances through lightning, heat transfer, and predator/prey.

But how does the universe do this?

Well, it detects “excess potential” then instantly brings “equalizing forces” into play.

Excess potential is basically ‘negativity’ or ‘over-importance.’

Equalizing forces is basically ‘karma.’

If you focus on the worst in your partner, the universe will bring criticism and tension to you.

If a pendulum attracts many fans, the universe will bring some haters into play.

If your friend gets upset at their living conditions, the universe will break something to distract them, or perhaps remove their shelter entirely.

Illustration of pulleys connected to weights, counter-balancing one another.

Basically, anytime we make an event, object, or topic important to us, we’re creating excess potential, so a lot of Zeland’s teachings are about “releasing importance.”

Drawing of three teeter-totter see-saws, with "work" on one side, and the rest of life on the other side.

This is because releasing importance is the best way of avoiding excess potential & equalizing forces.

It’s the best way for you to switch to a better lifeline, regardless of topic. 

For example, let’s say you wanted to switch to a lifeline where you had more clients.

The first step would be to release importance about the topic, which would dissolve excess potential, and avoid balancing forces.

Cartoon image of three fuel gauges measuring excess potential in regards to "getting clients."

(Whew, that was a lot of jargon, I hope you got it.)

“Induced Transition” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Induced transition just means "where focus goes, reality shows."

Deeper Explanation:

An “induced transition” is when you “shift” to a different lifeline because of your attention to something.

If you focus on a plane crash for long enough, it shifts you into a lifeline much closer to plane crashes.

If you pay attention to dire financial situations, you’ll have an induced transition to a lifeline where you’re much more likely to experience them yourself.

Illustration of the media's layer of reality, your spouses layer of reality, and your own.

This happens to everyone regularly, whether you realize the switch has happened or not.

It can also happen for more positive shifts.

Like, the same thing would apply if you paid attention to signs of your upcoming fame or prosperity as well.

Unfortunately, transitions like these are much less commonly… induced.

“Rustle Of The Morning Stars” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Rustle Of The Morning Stars just means "intuition."

Deeper Explanation:

“Rustle Of The Morning Stars” is Vadim’s poetic phrase that basically means… intuition.

Or the calling of your soul.

Or your heart’s voice.

Or the true desires you feel once you’ve quieted your mind.

“Flow Of Life.” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Flow of life means to accept reality, not resist it.

Deeper Explanation:

“Flow of life” is the natural unfolding of events as the universe intends.

The universe intends to “experience” itself in infinite ways. (That includes both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ways.)

We’re all born with the ability to “feel” or “tell” when we’re going with the flow of life, or resisting the flow of life.

(Though many of us are out of practice.)

Anyway, when we release importance, accept life, and adapt to situations resourcefully…

… we become a Reality Transurfing master, able to create happy realities.

Tragically, most folks resist life’s flow. They fail to navigate life’s situations well. They end up in Vadim’s categories of “The Needy,” “The Indignant,” “The Fighter,” etc.

“Inner Intention” and "Outer Intention" - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Inner intention is 'human,' outer intention is cosmic.

Deeper Explanation:

Zadim says “inner intention” is driven by the mind alone.

It’s the “resolve to act.

It involves an individual acting upon the world to “achieve a goal,” and although you may think  it can accomplish a lot…

…it never can.

It can only make a mediocre impact compared to your true dreams, desires, and imagination.

It’s like personally pursuing the mind’s goal until it’s “achieved.”

Cartoon of a kid stressing over homework, vs. a kid imagining and manifesting an A+.

“Outer intention” is driven by unity of heart & mind.

It’s the “resolve to have.

It’s called “outer intention” because it’s located outside of us, and usually isn’t subject to our constantly overthinking human mind.

You access it by focused imagination on a “goal realizing itself.”

It’s like uniting one’s heart and mind effectively to “choose a desired reality.”

Three thought-bubbles indicating a desire, a decision, and a resolved intention.

Other teachers call this Source.

Whatever you call it, outer intention is a key for consciously shifting lifelines.

Desire alone leads to nothing, desire plus inner intention can change current reality in mediocre ways, and desire plus outer intention can shift to new, impressively different lifelines.

“Slides” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Slides are just viewpoints or perspectives.

Deeper Explanation:

A “slide” is a “version of reality distorted by your worldview…”

…so everything you imagine or experience is a slide.

Image of a man looking through a viewfinder and seeing a biased version of reality.

Let’s say Samantha laughs out loud.

You may see it as an innocent laugh, but someone with lower self-esteem may see it as Samantha mocking them.

Or say a car accident happens.

You may see it as an inconvenient wrench in your plans, but I may see it as a fortunate delay that prevented me from being robbed at the next intersection.

Our perspectives are powerful, they shape everything.

And another name for a perspective, is a slide.

Slides distort everything in their focus, so they can have a huge effect on what lifelines you experience.

Three faces wearing 3D glasses with arrows pointing to text outlining biased perspectives on life.

You can control slides through imagination and visualization.

They’re great at becoming comfortable with subjects that are unfamiliar to you.

For example, let’s say you’re not very familiar with wealth.

Using your imagination, you can put yourself in the shoes of a wealthy person.

If you imagine such a slide often enough and vividly enough, you’ll end up quite comfortable with the subject of wealth.

A diagram of someone envisioning their goal, vs. someone envisioning the steps towards their goal.

And how clear, powerful, or real should your slides feel?

Well, imagine there are three levels of visualization.

Level one is dreaming. Dreams are unlimited imagination, but they’re not too powerful at manifesting reality.

Level two is ‘mind movies,’ where you’re basically watching scenes of the life you want in your imagination. This is ok, but doesn’t tend to get fast, impactful results.

Level three is more like ‘virtual reality’ in your imagination, where you imagine living, being, and experiencing things in first-person perspective, in as much detail and sensation as possible.

You want to aim for level 3.

Three kinds of visualization, dreams, mind movies, and virtual reality.

And don’t just do it once.

Viewing your positive slides once is kind of like driving a car once.

It won’t make you a good driver, and in fact, makes you more likely to crash.

The aim here is to make your slides a habit.

A diagram of someone envisioning a slide once, vs. weekly, vs. as a daily habit..

How much time will it take for my slides to materialize?

As soon as you ask this, you’ve set yourself back, big time.

This is like asking “how long until I become a Nascar driver?”

It doesn’t matter.

What matters, whether driving, or transurfing, is that you put in the practice, keep getting better, and let it take as long as it takes.

So relax about the time it takes your slide to be realized.

Don’t give it extra “importance.”

Diagram comparing a manifestation to a plant gestating and blossoming.

One more thing to note:

Slides are the primary way of ‘training’ or ‘teaching’ your heart.

This is because unlike your mind, your heart doesn’t understand logic or language.

Your heart only understands ‘feelings,’ ‘knowings,’ and ‘truth.’

A cartoon of a heart refusing to listen to reason, but happily listening to habitually imagined positive slides.

“Doors” and "Goals" - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

A door is one pathway to a goal.

Deeper Explanation:

To Vadim, a “goal” is a dream with intention behind it.

An image comparing desires relatively low impact vs. intention's high ability to manifest reality.

There are “true goals” that your soul is calling you towards.

Fulfilling these goals feels amazing.

There’s also “false goals” that you’ve been tricked into seeking by pendulums.

Fulfilling false goals will be mediocre at best, and painful at worst.

True goals vs. false goals.

Once you’re aligned with a goal, “doors” start to show up.

A door is a path towards your goal.

With any goal, there’s many doors that can bring you to it, but not all doors to your goal are a fit for you.

Remember when we covered the two types of intention?

Well, if you use inner intention to achieve a goal, you’ll enter an unsuitable door.


You either fail to achieve the goal, or do so, but in less-than-ideal ways.

A transurfer uses outer intention to have the goal realize itself.

Do this and you’ll be inspired to the right door which leads to your goal in joyful way that suits you.

Illustration of a woman choosing between three doors to financial freedom, meanwhile the fourth door holds her true path to it.

You’ll know you’ve taken a right door towards a true goal when every step along the way (even the challenging ones), energizes you.

You’ll know you’ve taken a wrong door towards a false goal when every step along the way (even the simple ones), drains you & feels shitty.

“Soul Fraile” - Explain Like I'm Five Version:

Soul fraile just means your destiny or calling.

Deeper Explanation:

You may have noticed that each person you meet feels different to you.

Even identical twins can be told apart by their ‘vibe.’

This is because each soul has a unique frequency called its “fraile.”


In Reality Transurfing, your soul’s unique frequency can make your life incredibly easy.


Because anything matching your soul’s fraile will resonate with you and call you, and any mismatches will deplete you.

When I became homeless, I was scared, but it ended up being a blessing that made me into who I am today.

Looking back, I can see my soul was calling me towards it, but I fought and resisted the whole way.

Only when I let go and accepted it, did life start feeling good and turn around for me.

There’s many sectors of the alternative space that match your soul’s fraile, and whenever you concentrate on them, you’ll feel energized. 

The ones that don’t match will feel opposite.

With the jargon cleared up, let’s get to the actual summary.

There are point form “summary” sections at the end of each chapter of Reality Transurfing, but they’re pretty rough.

They’re only useful for those already familiar with Reality Transurfing’s approach.

I’ll try to keep my summaries below simple, and you can always look up most terms above if necessary.

Here we go!

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 1

The Alternatives Model

You create your own reality by navigating lifelines in the alternatives space.

And others are doing the same thing.

The universe elegantly delivers you, and them, whatever reality they choose…

…despite us all seeming to share one.


You’re switching lifelines all the time, even if you don’t realize it.

You do this by managing your thoughts, moods, and actions.

Specifically your attention and ‘importance’ levels.


Unfortunately, most people try to switch to better lifelines with a wrong approach.

They fight, strive, struggle, hustle, and more…

…but these methods just make things worse.

For reality transurfing, only ‘choosing’ effectively switches lifelines.

And choosing is done through practice and discipline of your thoughts, moods, and actions.


And remember…

The alternatives space contains all the brilliant solutions you’ll ever want, and it also contains every nightmare you could ever imagine.

So learn to ‘transurf’ the waves of life, to get where they want to go, and to enjoy the ride.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 2


One person engaging with a topic is enough to create a tiny pendulum, and a group engaging with it can create an even bigger one.

The bigger a pendulum gets, the more magnetic it becomes, until it pulls countless adherents into it like an energy vortex.

Both ‘lovers’ and ‘haters’ push the pendulum, giving it more momentum, and for many pendulums, this includes you.

You’ve been hooked by pendulums like money, time, status, and more since birth.

Eventually a pendulum becomes strong enough to have its “own rules” or laws, like you see in bureaucracies, cults, and mafias.

Pendulum examples are everything from vinyl records, to marriage, to A.I.

Because we’re born ‘hooked’ into society’s pendulums, most of our manifestation energy gets sucked away, leaving us as puppets of pendulums.

The first step in reality transurfing well is to disengage from pendulums.


Since we allow our precious attention energy to be claimed by pendulums…

…We end up believing false beliefs, being overly attached, and not truly free to ‘choose’ our own reality from the alternatives space.

And pendulums just use our energy to further their own agenda of cancerous growth and dominance.

(Regardless of whether you see a particular pendulum as ‘positive’ or ‘negative.’)


Here’s the cycle most people go through with pendulums.

  • A pendulum provokes them.
  • They react as they’ve been trained, with guilt, worry, tension, etc.
  • This causes them to resonate with the pendulum.
  • Which causes them to shift to a lifeline where they’re provoked even more often by the pendulum.

We can see this when someone has a bad date, browses r/incels or r/femcels, and ends up in an echo-chamber, unhealthily blaming the opposite gender for most of their problems.

Fighting the pendulum with any sort of tension just feeds it your energy.


So how do you defeat a pendulum?

Zeland offers two methods:

1. Decline the pendulum.

You can only decline something that you accept has a right to exist.

So the first step in declining a pendulum, is to make peace with it.

For example, if you’ve been sucked into the ‘poverty’ pendulum, you can free yourself from it, but only if you can release any animosity towards it.

Accept that poverty is a totally fine experience to exist, and a healthy part of the universes infinite variety.

You’re then in a position to choose a new reality by placing your attention on more desirable slides.


2. Upset the pendulum’s script.

Sometimes ignoring, escaping, or diverting your attention from a pendulum is too difficult for you.

Here’s an example from Reality Transurfing.

A skinny man was about to get beat up by a gang. The gang was used to people cowering in fear. The man knew he couldn’t put his attention elsewhere, so he decided to upset the script somehow.


He blurted out “What would you like me to break first: your jaw or your nose?”

The gang hesitated, thrown off script, so instantly the man cried: “Or maybe I’ll just tear your ear off,” then grabbed the gang leader by the ear. No one was now thinking about beating anybody up, they were focused on escaping the crazy psych patient.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 3

Wave Of Fortune

One of the most fulfilling uses of reality transurfing is to choose a “wave of luck” lifeline.

Not just that, but to choose such a lifeline continually, no matter what life (or pendulums) throw your way.

The wave of luck is lifelines that you can experience by directing your intention well.

You can start it off by paying close attention to the smallest of positive aspects in life, and remaining free of pendulums.

On the flipside…

You can create a “wave of bad luck” or your very own hell on earth by doing the opposite.

Whatever you end up choosing…

Both of these things takes a lot of practice.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 4


When most people experience something, they assess it, and assign it some importance.

The problem is when we make something over-important, or under-important.

This creates excess potential.

Excess potential automatically prompts the universe to marshal balancing forces.

Those balancing forces are likely to suck for you.


So practice accepting any situations life serves up to you with grace.

Practice seeing the silver lining and the positives in anything you see or experience.

Practice conscientious slides.

Practice dropping any ego, releasing importance, being unattached, and going with the flow of life.

Later in this chapter, Vadim explores topics like guilt, blame, money, perfectionism, and more in light of minimizing importance, excess potential, and balancing forces.

Check it out if that interests you.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 5

The Induced Transition

We shift into new lifelines whenever we focus our attention consistently, intensely, or long enough.

(About 16 seconds at minimum, according to Abraham-Hicks.)

We can attend to more pleasant things, or less pleasant things, which induces a transition to a matching lifeline.

So it’s wise to avoid negative information as much as possible, or even better, learn to find the positive aspects even of things that appear to be negative at first glance.

For example, the recent covid pandemic seemed awful, but with a bit of creativity, people began finding quite a few ‘positives’ in it.

They found that it motivated them to leave a job that was crushing them, or to start a business they’ve been avoiding, or gave them much needed time with family.

Vadim also talks about each person’s “layer of reality,” which is just a fancy phrase for their worldview.

Each person’s reality layer can interact with and compromise one another, if we let them.

Examples of this are when we watch bad news, give it our attention, and get sucked into their layer of reality, inducing a transition to a worse lifeline.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 6

The Alternatives Flow

Your mind can’t access the alternatives space alone.

It can’t flow from sector to sector alone.

It can point in a direction, but to change lifelines, it needs your heart.

You successfully switch lifelines when your mind gets agreement & alignment from your heart.


This is because your heart can access intuitive knowledge or ‘soul’ knowledge.

Zeland shows how our heart can inspire ideas, or find inspired paths, seemingly out of nowhere.

He insists we learn how to unify our heart with our mind.

He says to accept the flow of life.


Most people don’t though.

Most people fail to let go, go with the flow, and properly surf the waves of life.

Most people are undisciplined mentally and emotionally, so instead of releasing importance, they become attached.

This makes them approach life in one of three ways.


They become The Needy, The Indignant, or The Fighter.

Each of these approaches prevents navigation of “the alternatives flow.”

The alternatives flow is the flow of sectors and lifelines that the universe is constantly serving up to you.

Half the population are swept along by life’s current like a paper boat.

The other half row stubbornly against the tide.

Only an exceptional few transurf life with masterful intention.


The alternatives flow is full of choices and events that can “bridge” us from one reality to another…

…but it’s up to us to practice transurfing and surf them well.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 7


This chapter opens explaining the details of dreams and lucid dreaming.

Whether we’re dreaming or awake, our imaginations are powerful and unlimited.

The main difference is that we refuse to use our unlimited imaginations very well during waking hours.


Another difference is that in dreams, as soon as our minds intend something, we experience it in the dream world with no delay.

Because matter is denser, and “lower frequency” than dreams, when we imagine something while awake, there is a delay before it can manifest.

Plus, it takes more imagination energy to materialize it, and we often gum up the works with importance.


In dreams, a thought or desire alone is enough energy for us to experience something in the dream world.

But in our waking life we must align our thoughts, moods, and choices.

We must release importance, focus our slides, and practice well.

We must direct outer intention. 


Remember, most people only use inner intention to navigate life, and so, they only affect their current reality in a mediocre way.

They see everything in life as something they personally have to create with their own determination.

They see life in terms of asking, wishing, hoping, and getting.

But a reality transurfer sees life in terms of intending, choosing, realizing, and appreciating.


Inner intention is the resolve to act. Outer intention is the resolve to have.

Most folks accomplish a goal or two here and there, but it takes them far too much time, effort, and energy.

Transurfing ‘masters’ though, direct “outer intention,” so they easily manifest many goals.

It takes them barely any effort besides managing their thoughts & moods, and taking occasional intuitive action for a given goal.

Outer intention is the power that makes Reality Transurfing possible, and it always delivers results.

And it does this in subtle yet efficient ways.

This is why you need to get the hang of ‘pure, balanced intention’.


Pure, balanced intention is key if you want to create a desirable life.

To do this, you must observe without labeling, desire without yearning, care without worrying, and so on.

Most people aren’t pure in their choices.

Usually we throw a wrench into the gears with less-than-helpful behaviors.

This is because we assign too much importance to undesirable outcomes.

We put our attention on less than pleasant possibilities.

It’s better to hold a pure focus on your desire.

So, whenever you intend to create anything…

…first make peace with the possibility of it’s opposite.


Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 8


Everyone perceives reality in their own unique way.

Even two people who “agree” on something are perceiving it through their own slide.

Slides can be biased negative, or biased positive…

…but they never contain 100% objective truth.

To transurf well focus on intentional, positive slides.


Start with slides that broaden your “comfort zone” on certain topics.

For example, if you want wealth, imagine slides where you’re comfortable living in a wealthy way.

Engage your imagination and your emotions. Get your heart and mind more familiar with whatever reality you’d like to experience.


Then move on to slides about your “next steps” towards those comfortable goals.

Imagine each step unfolding in a smooth process.

For example if you’ve already become comfortable with slides where you have a new job…

…next, imagine some slides where you shine in the job interview.

Also imagine discovering the job opportunity through the paper, or a friend’s referral, or however you prefer it.

Your slides can be as unlimited as your imagination.

Just be sure to make your slides vivid and visceral.


Ensure your slides are focused on visuals, audio, and texture, from a first person perspective.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 9

The Heart & The Mind

Everyone is born pure.

We’re each a unique subconscious soul, who only develops a conscious personality as the years go by.

Zeland treats all conscious thought as the “mind,” and all unconscious feeling as the “heart.”

Mind and heart both play a role in transurfing reality.

Our thoughts are for direction.

Thoughts can direct our attention towards a goal…

…but nothing much will materialize without gas or fuel from the heart.


Our feelings, on the other hand, can energize any reality…

…but it will be a goal-less energy that produces minimal results.

That’s why it’s vital to unite heart and mind.

The mind’s (positive) thoughts and the heart’s (positive) emotion, when united, can switch you to better lifelines.

This union must be done consistently and prolonged enough, but when you get the hang of, you’ll create whatever realities you want.

Just make sure your heart is at the root of it all, because it’s the only thing that knows the way to happiness.


Or listen to your soul.

Or to your guardian angel.

Or your inner-being.

Vadim calls it the voice of an ‘inner guardian.’


This last half of this chapter gives examples of how society and ruling authorities often break the connection between people’s heart and mind.

It goes deep into how society disempowers nearly everyone, and explores practices to re-establish that connection for ourselves, reclaiming our power…

…but they mostly boil down to practice releasing importance, following your inner-guardian, and making positive slides a habit.

Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 10

Goals And Doors

The first thing to do about your goals is figure out whether they’re true goals or false goals.

Vadim uses the example of your experience when you shop for clothes.

You see and feel the material, purchase it, and wear it.


Some clothing purchases feel effortless and joyful, fitting beautifully, and others are excruciating, often failing to fit, or end up ignored in our closets.


People often think decisions are complicated, but they’re not.

They weren’t complicated when you were a child, and they’re not complicated now.

And although our minds may overthink things, it’s mostly empty thought.

Barely any of that thought truly matters at the moment of decision.


Besides, many of our decisions have false goals behind them.

Things we’re convinced we want such as money, fame, status, comfort, substances, etc. may just be “fake goals” instilled in us by society’s pendulums.


Once you’ve tuned into your true goals, it’s time to give them some attention.

If your goal is ‘too vague’ or ‘too specific,’ you’ll have trouble realizing it.

There’s a window or ‘sweet spot’ for your goal where it feels real enough to you, and you find it by giving your goal the attention it deserves.

You can also tell if you’re aiming for a false goal by how it unfolds.

If you struggle with many obstacles and feel depleted by steps towards your goal…

…chances are you’ve aimed for a false goal. (Or have at least chosen a wrong door to a true goal.)

If, on the other hand, each step towards your goal feels inspired, and fully energizes you even when it’s challenging…

…you’re likely pursuing a true goal (through a right door.)


So you’ve gotta pay attention to your inner sense, your feelings.

They’re your compass to figure out which goals are really “yours,” and which doors will fulfill you.


Most people don’t figure out what they truly want…

…so all the other steps of transurfing become pointless.

What’s the point of learning to surf to different lifelines if you can’t even tell which one will be fulfilling?


Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 11


If you don’t have many, or any, goals, Zeland says…

…you’ve let your energy reserves become low.


By giving too much excess potential away to pendulums.

“You may think that your health is quite good as it is, but not really know what true health feels like.” – Reality Transurfing, PDF Ver., pg. 350


In Reality Transurfing there are two kinds of energy available to humans.

The first energy is “physiological energy.”

The second energy is “free energy.”

Physiological energy is gained through our digestive system.

Free energy comes from the infinite cosmos, and is continually passing through everyone


All this energy flows through our “meridians.”

These are energy channels in every human body that have been studied for centuries in most cultures.

Those familiar with chakras, auras, or bioelectric fields will be at home with this.

The two biggest meridians the ones in front of, and behind, our spine.


In most people, these meridians have narrowed, shrunk, and atrophied due to under-use.

Goals disappearing, or not having goals, is a clear symptom of energy-depletion and neglected meridians.

So how do we fix them?

Mainly by controlling our stress and activity levels.


This means releasing importance.

It means accepting life’s situations.

It means staying unattached to outcomes.

And none of these things happen without practice.

So practice controlling your thoughts, feelings, and choices to release any stress.


And if you’ve truly given thought and emotion control a try…

If you’ve released importance…

And stress still remains…

Then you can start with some body-oriented practices.

Vadim suggests things like body-scanning, muscle relaxation, releasing importance, sensing your skin, and so on.


The rest of chapter eleven discusses how consciously managing our energy can reverse aging, cure illness, attract others, and more.

If these things interest you, it may be worth a read.

Regardless, the better you manage your energy, the faster and easier you’re able to switch lifelines.


Reality Transurfing Summary - Chapter 12


It’s wise to match your frequency to the frequency of those you’re dealing with.

Start interactions with others off with agreement.

Be aware of your soul’s fraile, but also align your intentions with the intentions of others as much as possible.

The last thing you want to do is try changing other people’s frequencies, because they’re a unique soul, with their own “soul fraile”.

So how to best interact with others?

Give people whatever they’re ready for, even if it’s something you wouldn’t choose for yourself.

If you help people align with their soul’s fraile, the universe will help you align with yours.


This always works.

Take a business that aims to truly serve its customers whole-heartedly for example.

They do exactly this.

Or imagine a marriage where instead of trying to change the other person, we simply give them what they want and are ready for, without trampling our own soul’s fraile.

What do you think happens in such a case?

The marriage strengthens.


“Abandon the intention of receiving; replace it with the intention of giving, and you will receive the very thing you gave up.” – Reality Transurfing, PDF Ver., pg. 373

This isn’t just taught by Reality Transurfing.

There’s similar principles in Buddhism, Christianity, “the golden rule,” and more.


We always get whatever we give to others.

But the giving has to be pure, whole-hearted giving, without agenda.

If you’re giving to truly serve others and help them switch to better lifelines, it will come back to you.

But if there’s even a hint of personal agenda in the giving, or if you even remotely attached to the outcome…

…it won’t work out well for you.


And if you’re truly set on getting others to serve you or co-operate with your intentions…

…there’s a Reality Transurfing approach to that.

I call it the piggyback.

You ‘piggyback’ your wants on the intentions of others, and they’ll help you out of self interest.

Let’s say you want someone to clean their room.

Asking, threatening, and cajoling won’t create a satisfying outcome.

But if you take the time to show them how a clean room will lead to a dream or desire of theirs…

…they’ll clean the room regularly.

Whatever you do… don’t criticize or disagree.

Criticism or disagreement is practically guaranteed not to match with another’s “soul frail.”

Engaging in it will instantly create discord that prevents you from resonating with another.

Start with agreement, or you crush any hope of sustainable communication or effective collaboration.

I stopped reading Reality Transurfing half-way through chapter thirteen.


For three reasons:

  1. I rarely finish any book these days, since I absorb most books’ essential message and points far sooner than their ending.
  2. A quick scan of the remaining third of Reality Transurfing tells me it’s just Vadim rehashing more of the above points in different contexts. If you understand the above terminology and summary, you understand Reality Transurfing, as far as I’m concerned.
  3. I have other projects that are calling me, and it doesn’t benefit the world for me to dither with this one, and if I’ve missed anything important or vital, I’m confident a fellow Reality Transurfer will write to me and correct me, so I can update this post.

And actually, in a way, I did it for you.

Because though Reality Transurfing is a brilliant and practical model of reality-creation, chock full of value…

It’s also unnecessarily wordy and unnecessarily long.

And it wouldn’t serve you if my summary suffered from the same issues.

It’s long enough as it is.

Speaking of that, earlier I said that any summary that was “too short” also wouldn’t do Zeland’s work justice, but I figured I’d try my hand at that anyway as well.

So here’s a short, one-paragraph summary of Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland:

With practice uniting heart and mind, you can direct outer intention and choose new lifelines from the alternatives space (ideally the “wave of luck”), but only when you release importance and minimize excess potential, freeing yourself from most pendulums. Key ways to practice are: discerning true goals, unifying heart and mind on slides that match those, and sensing which doors resonate with your soul’s fraile.

Unfortunately, it’s heavy on the jargon, Vadim-speak, and Zelandese.

So here’s a second summary, in layman's terms:

With practice, you can nudge life to give you great experiences, but only when you’re super-chill about everything. You do this by consistently imagining your goals in detail, then following your intuitive impulses towards your unique path to realizing them.

And there you have it.

The article above summarizes what all 766 pages of Reality Transurfing: Steps I-V teaches, in a nutshell.

Mind you, there’s considerable nuances, details, examples, and repetition in the full version of the book, and if you really want to get the hang of Vadim’s method of manifesting, it’s probably worth reading the whole thing.

Just keep in mind I transurfed to a lifeline where I… uh… didn’t.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions About Reality Transurfing

Does Reality Transurfing really work?

Yes, reality transurfing works for many.

But like most worthwhile things, it only works for people committed to learning it, applying it, and practicing until they get the hang of it.

(Tire-kickers and half-assers will get little to no value from reality transurfing.)

Is Reality Transurfing real?

Reality transurfing is ‘real’ in that it’s one model of the world.

Is it 100% accurate? Who knows, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is does it work?

And it does. It’s a ‘real,’ practical framework many people use to create the life they want, and you can use it too.

What is Reality Transurfing?

Reality transurfing is a model of life that says:

With practice, you can nudge life to give you great experiences, but only when you’re very chill about everything. You control life by consistently imagining your goals in detail, then following your intuitive impulses towards your unique path to realizing them.

When you do this well, you switch to a better lifeline with more desirable experiences.

Who Wrote Reality Transurfing?

Reality Transurfing was written by Vadim Zeland, who is a former quantum physicist & computer tech, turned mystic & author.

Is Reality Transurfing a good book?

The quality of Reality Transurfing depends largely on what makes a book good to you. It’s full of brilliantly life-changing ideas and perspectives, but it’s also repetitive, meandering, and jargon-filled.

Why do you disagree with Vadim about “changing the self?”

Because Vadim acts as if “changing self” is really just pendulums influencing people to abandon their soul fraile.

But then, all throughout the book he hammers the point that transurfing properly requires changing our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors towards any topic that’s troubling us.

Which is the literal definition of changing one’s self, imho.

In fact, I see “changing self” as exactly what people need…

…because most folks have long-abandoned their soul fraile, and the path back to it is to change their thoughts, moods, perspectives, and behaviors from what they currently are.

Change is the work, the game, of life.

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