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Date Launched: July 2021

Founders: Jason ‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca & Cynthia ‘Cynshine’ Moreno

Location: 299 Roehampton Ave., Suite 635, Toronto, ON, Canada | M4P1S2

Press Contact: cynshineonline@gmail.com

105-word BIO

Jason ‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca began as a child genius. Then life humbled him as he went from ace-ing gifted classes to being a homeless, depressed, suicidal failure. He lost his girlfriend, best friend, & family, but eventually pulled himself out of homelessness by helping Evan Carmichael build a huge empire. He followed that up by writing the world’s first personal development coffee-table book with his partner Cynthia ‘Cynshine’ Moreno, and now they run an exclusive Facebook group to help women transform their beauty, love, and have better sex through Law Of Attraction. There are no other men  teaching women how to transform like this. He helped Cynthia transform every way possible. His clients call him the ‘Spiritual Badass’. He lives in Toronto, has read thousands of books, and freely admits to loving (gasp!) porn.


J-Ryze Cares.

When J-Ryze teaches, people actually transform, unlike most of the ’empty calorie’ fast-food-style advice other gurus serve up.
Fair warning though, he doesn’t mince words or pull punches.

J-Ryze Personal Advisory
J-Ryze_Wide - Quote



Clear, instant wisdom.

Most Gurus waste your time, J-Ryze saves you time.

True Caring.

J-Ryze cares more than anyone ever. Period.

Rapid, distilled growth.

Helped Cynthia transform her body in less than a year.

Actionable Steps.

Other gurus won't give you actionable advice. Only what works for them.

Zero judgment.

J-Ryze will help you achieve your dreams no matter what they are.

Ryze Offers Practical Law Of Attraction

And we do it with heart.

Press Mentions

MARCH 12, 2021

FEBRUARY 13, 2021

"Jason ‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca: “Care About Your Beliefs" — ThriveGlobal & Authority Magazine

MAY 5, 2020

JULY 27, 2019

"The Breakup Diaries: Meet J-Ryze" — The Breakup Diaries

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

"MEGA Entrepreneur Q&A - 95 Questions Answered!" — Evan Carmichael's YouTube

AUGUST 4, 2013

"RAW - Evan and Jason Fonceca" — Evan Carmichael's YouTube


MARCH 26, 2012

"Is Kim Kardashian Better Than You?" — LKR Social Media [Site Down]

JANUARY 20, 2012

OCTOBER 6, 2011

"Rap as the New Shakespeare?" — The Katie Curtin Blog

Talking Points & Story Angles


From Ex-Homeless Failure To Modern-Day Socrates

J went from ace-ing gifted classes, to homelessness & failure for years, to manifesting a celebrity client and helping people transform their lives.


The World's Best Teacher (You've Never Heard Of)

Even though he helped Evan Carmichael for years, you haven't heard of J-Ryze because he doesn't teach for money or fame; he teaches to help people achieve their dreams.


Rare Secrets Behind The Law Of Attraction... Revealed

Your dreams matter. And chances are no one has given you the real way to manifest and transform your beauty, love, and sex life. Until now.


Can This Guy Teach You To Transform In One Week?

Nearly all transformation people believe take a long time, can actually be achieved faster than we imagine, if only we'd drop our limiting beliefs.

But Jay Can Talk About Anything. Literally.

• Why People Have Weak Transformation Muscles

• How Jay Ran His Biz For 2+ Years On The Cold Streets Of Toronto

• Why Girls Run The World (Except For One Key Thing)

• Most People Are Terrible At Conversations (& How To Fix It)

• The Real Secrets To Rapid Body Transformation No One Tells You

• Why Soothing Trauma Around Sex Leads To Success

• Law Of Attraction: Getting Some Motherf--king Results

• And More!

Photos, Videos, & Resources

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Black And White Headshot of J-Ryze Fonceca taken by photographer Matt Barnes.
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“If anyone out there thinks persuasion isn’t the number one, most important factor of business, then I don’t know what to tell you.”

- J-Ryze

LOA Master

J-Ryze Teaches LOA Clearer Than ANYONE - ANYONE.

“All these gurus all want to tell you how to manifest… but they’re not super-wise oracles or world-class teachers.”

- J-Ryze


Girls Are Superheroes
Play Video about Girls Are Superheroes

Changing beliefs - LIVE Demo


The World's First Personal Development Coffee-Table Book...

…and it makes improving your beliefs luxurious, fast, and fun.
Energizing your beliefs on wealth, health, & relationships is the key to realizing your dreams, and you can get a jumpstart on that in just 26 gorgeous pages. Free yourself from the boring walls of text & filler-content in other personal development books with this time-saving read.


Quotes From J-Ryze


J-Ryze does the teaching. Cynshine does the promoting.

Jason 'J-Ryze' Fonceca


Cynthia 'Cynshine' Moreno




These are NOT your average blog posts. These are beautiful landing pages, chock full of free, valuable insight on topics most people won’t tackle. Enjoy!


Do you need a webinar to learn to ride a bicycle? No? Same goes for being a girl. I’ll prove it to you. Not even Beyonce could explain this so easily. 


Am I even meant to have an hourglass bod? Don’t we live in a body-positive society? Isn’t hourglass just slutty? All these answered and more.


Your biz is your livelihood. It matters. And chances are no one has given you the real, bloody, heartfelt answers you really need to succeed. Until now.


Thank you so much for your interest. We deeply appreciate you, and hopefully the love we poured into this page comes across & helps you feel it.

Looking forward to collaborating on a story together.

CONTACT: cynshineonline@gmail.com

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