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Why Is J-Ryze So Loved?

I made this page as a way to thank J-Ryze. J has been there for me for the last few years, answering my questions without judgment, even when they were “dumb ones.”

He always speaks with authority and wisdom. His replies truly blew my mind (and he still does every time I ask something!)

J is reassuring, motivating, inspiring, positive, understanding, and supportive. He’s also kind, funny, and generous. Even when my business failed –hard– he showed me why it was a GOOD thing. How ALL failure is useful and and how to turn the negative into a positive for my next business.

Some people think that I speak so highly of J because we’re close, but the truth is I’m NOT the only one who feels this way.

Even Evan Carmichael appreciates him so much that he made a video testimonial to thank J for all he’s done to help him!

J-Ryze - Empire Design. Business Accelerator. Sexy AF.


When you scroll down you’ll see the video Evan made, and below that, is tons more praise from MANY of the people that J has helped. You can see for yourself how life-changing his advice truly is.

Beware…J’s not for everyone. He’s so honest and up-front that it can take some people aback. But he can and will change your life, IF you’re open to it.

Thank You, J-Ryze, for everything.
Love, Cyn

I've been collab'ing with Evan Carmichael for over a decade. He shared these kind words about me in a personal Thank-You video.

"I just want to thank you for all the mentoring and guidance you've given me in those amazing emails. I transformed myself from that one, single post, both in character and writing ability. You are the steak of coaching."
"You're amazing. I have officially fallen in love with your posts and inspiration. Thank you so much"

J-Ryze Is So Good, Even Haters Keep Following & Can't Deny The Value.

Even Haters Love J-Ryze
"J-Ryze an exceptional person, with whom it's a pleasure to work. He inspires you and you get his positive energy in the process. A very short conversation needed, and from less than half the words he understands exactly what you need.
Besides doing what's required and doing it on time, J exceeded my expectations by doing more than expected, providing his expertise and making my initial ideas much better and stronger than the original project. The ebook we created together is liked by everyone and it seems like Jason visualized my ideas even better than I did.
I strongly recommend him to everyone who wants to have good quality, inspirational, creative and different products."
"J-Ryze came into our talk with his passionate, motivational gloves off and beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. Read his stuff...if it speaks to you, save up your nickels, tap dance on the street corners, sell your dusty CD collection...do whatever it takes to talk to this special wise man. Most personal development advice doesn't really hit me in the heart. I've done a lot of crazy interesting stuff and been pushing myself beyond belief for my whole life...usually I'm not impressed. He explained how I needed to love money and how to know myself in ways that gave me two epiphanies I'd been waiting for for years. "

J-Ryze is an idea-pioneer & a true leader.

Famous People Giving J Props 1
"J-Ryze not only moves through space and time at speeds that would hurt your brain, but he can channel all his wisdom, experience and heart in a way where people can't help but feel connected, moved and deeply inspired. He's an idea pioneer and a true leader. A real multi-passionate and multi-talented creator.
There are few I know who can deliver like this guy. If I were to list all his skill sets, your head would explode. How can one man know so much? This testimonial could easily be over 3 pages long, probably even more. If you're ready for insight and to have old paradigms shattered in order to make way for the new, this is your guy!"
"J-Ryze, I am beyond moved. I am riddled with goosebumps, I haven't resonated so much with anything in a long time. I continue to be amazed with how your stuff helps me to consciously align my thoughts to exactly where I want them to be. Thanks for igniting even more of a spark inside me. What I really enjoy is how you have such a widespread knowledge of so many teachers out there and are able to put it into your own words for a better understanding. I really appreciate having someone in my life who can see my varied aspects, and tighten and polish them. Thank you."
"Everyday with J-Ryze, I walked away a happier person. When I was diagnosed with chronic depression and panic & anxiety disorder. it was a constant battle to be continually happy. Anytime I found happiness, my fears of loss and my low self-worth would always take away any moment of joy. J-Ryze made it a poin whenever we had contact to tell me how valuable I was and to explain why the world needed my ideas and insight. Always inquisitive, together we'd find the root of the things that caused all those fears and with his help, I released these things that kept me from being happy. Now I live my life, one free of self-doubt, working towards my goals. I feel like a free man all because one person tried that extra bit harder to help someone who everyone thought was unreachable. Bravest man I know is J-Ryze, being around him is being around happiness, goodness and everyone would do well to be where he's going."
Kheiran Khan
Offline star
"J-Ryze, another one that I REALLY needed to read...seriously dude! Have you ever had an eager feeling in your gut when you're reading or watching something because you're so excited and know that something good is coming next??? That's what I feel when I read your posts. I hang on to every word, re-read where I need to, take a break so I can digest... Thank you for your perspective, analogy, and wisdom you brought on this one, man!!! Since we've talked, I've been getting so many referrals for web consulting, to where I'm getting help to fulfill it all! I'm ELATED!"
"I love that you clearly show how comfortable you are in your own skin and being. No 'need to please others' going on there with you.
I'm feeling a lot better about having let go of certain types of people in my own life now that I read about you! Before that I felt vaguely guilty, but no more. Thanks J-Ryze!"
"Thank you so much for the talk! Just five minutes talking with you has erased all the doubts and confusion that was eating at me for several years as a university student planning his future. I hope that every student could have had the opportunity to speak with you like I have before embarking on their journey towards their career to clear them of all distractions and to focus on finding their 'water'. Thanks again for all the insights and advice!"
Kevin Chan
University Ryzing Star

J has mastered the art of communication.

"I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with J-Ryze and I have to say that, after only half an hour, my confidence in my project was already changing. In fact J showed me that my ideas were valuable and that I could even make a living off of them. It's definitely the best advice. I wasn't really sure what I was doing before passing this door, and I left with a total new aspect for my career. This guy is good!"
"Thanks for your insightful words. When I was going through it, I just thought it was interesting that picking up your book was one of the the first things I sought to do.

J-Ryze is the truth.

Check out his site and read his book, it's awesome and I know you'll love it!"
"Ok J-Ryze, I'm completely speechless, you ARE good. I need a little time to integrate the beauty of your response. It kind of blew my love and mind circuits. I will never be the same, thank you, soul friend. You are pure beauty. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and telling me about your 'lonely at the top' moments, that blew me away. You have that much more of my respect, because you're willing to make yourself accessible. As a fellow traveller, and not merely as a guru. Very cool."
"Roadblocks come into personal lives as well as business. J-Ryze has shown me a different angle to look at the roadblocks in my life, turning negative energy into positive results.
J has mastered the art of communication. He knows the right questions to ask to unleash a person's creativity and explore new possibilities. If you desire to re-design your life or business, start going above and beyond being mediocre. J will get you there with class. Start searching for the stars by putting J on your team. It's time to #Ryzeup".
"Jason IS J-Ryze. He lives and breathes his amazing words. He's the most honest man I've ever met and speaks his mind even if it's going to crush someone--but he has this way of making everything feel good, even the worst news. His ideas are new and different, they're perfect for everyone because he makes them easy to twist to suit your own personality. He always follows his feelings, and in the end it's always the best for all parties involved. He expresses himself and hides nothing. He's a very sexual man, and he shows that side to everyone. After getting to know J and learning what he's been through, I'm realizing what a strong, brilliant, unique individual he is and how amazing to have gone through all that and still be so positive and giving. After talking to him for even five minutes, I can't help but feel inspired to be a better person, to revamp my life and to be as badass as J-Ryze is"
Brett Leadley
Offline Superstar
"J-Ryze, that was insane...You got me excited about bringing my quirks and unique experiences into blogging. That almost feels dangerous 'cause it's raw and deep and it's putting your gut out there, but you showed me that's what's engaging and what makes folks connect! Its the solution to anti-boring and has brought me the confidence to write beyond my blog. It's cool how you came out with the use-right-now solutions that got me buzzing how to improve my articles. How to kick start them with great headlines, all unique to my Gemma-quirk-isms. I was almost doing the Soulja Boy Crank in my chair after we finished. I'm full of ideas for the near future!

J-Ryze is the 'pimp-ass mack-daddy' of coaching.

"I do love J-Ryze's comments about fame being 'reach'- and he obviously has studied this topic and is passionate about it. Just glad he stopped by and shared."
"J-Ryze, you should write a book called, 'How to Ask Better Questions', and let me know when it's done, so I can buy it. You give a unique perspective and an intelligent, well-thought-out message. Always. Period."
Denise Urena
Program Manager
""DUDE!!! This is soooooo cool! I just wanted to say...you are seriously like the pimp-ass mack Daddy of coaching, doing your thing and blown' shiz up and I admire you for it!!! Reading your emails is like hearing a poetic rapper free-flow...I always enjoy them a lot. Get outta town, you badass! Please receive oodles of sparkles and glitter and dazzle-dazzle to sprinkle all over your endeavor. You are on to something BIG and I'm giddy to see the results!"
"J-Ryze, I LOVE this, yes, yes, yes, OMG YES! I just decided to be vulnerable and do it. You were open and I responded back with the same. And even though I've never met you, I now feel this connection with you because I shared. I so wish I could HUG you right now for helping me see. That's why I find your blog posts so compelling.
And this is the #1 thing out of your course that's going to make a big impact for me. The fact that I FEEL so much is something I think maybe I thought was a weakness and instead I already see how feeling and sharing more freely is going to be a game changer in my relationships, my writing, my job, all of it. I've heard the phrase: 'when you're ready the Universe will give you exactly what you need.' for me, that described me finding Ryze and signing up."
"Working with J-Ryze was like working with a super-charged monkey on steroids. After a couple of short conversations he went off on his own and delivered a brilliantly designed image that matched exactly what we talked about. Not only did his work surpass my expectations, but he delivered it to me five days before the deadline. His vibrant enthusiasm and sick passion for design is clearly demonstrated in his work. I would certainly use his services again on other projects and recommend him to my fellow business partners."
Corey Swiergoszs
UFE Pro Model
"J-Ryze! I just love you! YOU are EXCEPTIONAL and have completely brought me out of my comfort zone! With your larger than life positive energy and personality. I am going above and beyond anything I ever thought I would do! The incredible ideas you bring to the table make me continue to questions myself as to what I can 'SHOCK' people with??? That statement to me during an online Twitter chat really took by surprise!
I am now working to let others see who I am and my message! All thanks to YOU! You have an incredible thought process that many are in search of. There are no words to describe my gratitude for all you continue to do daily that inspires me to 'shock', create and bring to life, the world in which I have known. #TogetherWeRyze
Maria Varella

A 5-minute conversation with J-Ryze can change your life.

"A five minute conversation with J-Ryze can change the way you look at life."
Elie Kirreh
Owner - Red Bench Cafe
"Palpable passion in your work, great for shaking the psyche."
"J-Ryze took my ideas and turned them into gold. He takes little seed ideas and turns them into beautiful, thriving gardens. You feel fantastic after working with him and you'll see all the possibilities the world has to offer. Work turns into play, and time flies by as ideas snowball into projects. It's an absolute pleasure to collaborate with him at any level. He brings a powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm, passion, ideas and massive value. J-Ryze is a walking gold mine."
"J-Ryze's very positive without being sentimental or flattering. His sessions are focused - there's no wasted time - and his questions get to the heart of the problem, you come away with concrete solutions. He has great exercises to get you going in the direction you want to be in, and the sessions have been very fun. I would recommend J-Ryze's coaching sessions to anyone who is working towards success. This is the coach that will get you there."
"Very few people appreciate the value of positive energy. From my first experience with J-Ryze's blog every. single. post has had substance I could relate to, and leverage to make myself a better person. Mentorship is something rare, and finding someone who not only talks the talk so convincingly but without fail backs up every word is even rarer. I was super bummed out because it seemed like my friends and I had nothing in common anymore, and from my parents to other success gurus, everyone stressed money as a force with it's own will and desires as if that's all that mattered. I've always believed that it's what you do and your conviction in doing so that matters. J-Ryze showed me I wasn't alone and has been nothing but helpful since. Never underestimate the value of the warmth of another human helping you along your way. I'm on my way from having gone to architecture and art schools in Boston to leaving the city for a fresh start. The sense of dedication I learned in school is going to propel me even further as I'm training to become a Navy SEAL. Nothing's going to stand in my way. Knowing that I'm backed by the same principles J-Ryze believes in keeps me going."
Nidhish Shivashankar
Owning It
"J-Ryze made it so simple and easy to understand. He worked with me through the awkward silences, where most other people get annoyed at me.

He definitely helped me change my own views. I went from "I'm always nervous" to "I am way more confident" in a short period of time. It was real. He gave me real solutions to real problems, not some fake BS that I've heard from so many people. He is really supportive even when I was the tiniest bit unsure he was always reinforcing the fact that I had become more confident. My thoughts began to actually change!

It took a few minutes but by the end I was sure I had definitely become more confident. So before I was shy and I kept to myself and I didn't speak up a lot. I kinda flew under the radar and now I know I'm gonna be more out there, more out-spoken, and more...me"
Rachel Herskowiz

J-Ryze gave me clarity & balance.

"J-Ryze isn't for everyone. If you want something easy to read that you can forget before your lunch break is over, go elsewhere, find something bland. On the other hand, if you want surprising, and sometimes even brutal-honesty, real stories that most people would hide forever, and ideas that make you stop and think about yourself and your life, then stick around and read more. J-Ryze's life isn't the typical story, and he makes darn sure you learn what it can teach you."
"Providing a testimonial puts my credibility on the line, so I am VERY particular for whom I will write one. Most often I politely decline. Five minutes after meeting J-Ryze, I knew my search was over. Over the past year, J has become not only a person with whom I am pleased to do business, but a friend as well. He also drinks my coffee, that's got to say something. I have no hesitation signing my name to this, my credibility is in good hands."
Paul Spiar
Crawford Boys Clothing
"J-Ryze knows exactly what it takes to be a badass, and the hustle and grind that's needed to #ryzeup. Pay attention, this man knows what he's talking about."
Tommy Walker
"J-Ryze...you really take engaging with people to a whole new level. I've never seen someone so passionate about he does and it shows. Your conversations and posts are completely amazing."
"J-Ryze gave me clarity and balance on issues that had me all fuzzed up. After spending half an hour with him, I immediately -- and I mean immediately, as in, within a few minutes of our chat--got results that made me incredibly happy.

And it was easy.

All I had to do was listen, absorb his fresh ideas, and follow up on his suggestions. I'm grateful to J for the happiness I feel right now and ongoing mental refreshment he offers the world."
"Through listening, questioning, love and support, J-Ryze helped me to open my own door and walk into the dream life I have always wanted.

Abundance now comes in my life where it used to be dark and for the first time I can honestly say I'm truly living. Thank you J for empowering me to live the life I have imagined. I love you. "

J-Ryze is f***ing 'human NZT.'

"J's focused mentoring helps you to find the issues that are holding you back from whatever it is you want to accomplish or change in your life!! In one short hour he can give you solid and concrete revelations that you can actually put into action, and you will never be the same! He has the dedication, wisdom and understanding needed to target your very deepest needs, and then helps you realize just how to move forward and fulfill them! For anyone who wants help to identify and achieve their goals, Ryzing Star Sessions are just what you need. Of course, your part is to be willing to make the changes that are identified. This is not just another buddy or friend telling what you should be doing...this is deep truth that will require you to make the changes needed to fulfill your goals and live your dreams, whatever they are!"
"J-Ryze, the value I bring to the world I want to attribute to you. The benefits I gained were clarity, as well as insight into where my actions were going, and how to apply integrity. I knew if I had integrity, all else would follow. By understanding this, passion, and desire are an inevitable consequence. The doors are open, I broke down in the shower feeling these deep emotions. I don't know a person in the world that can plant and nurture ideas, thoughts and desires like you. The difference feels incredible!
At first I was so frazzled, and you guided me through with ease. Your epic insight got me clearer than a stripper's heels...on everything! Believe it!"
"Thanks to your lessons I've become pretty confident in my skills, and honey, it gave me the confidence to pitch for a really great gig and I got it that same day! Plus I completely changed my homepage to include a picture of me and the real deal about my skills. I've made sure to work out everyday and I read an actual non-marketing book before bed. And the teens and I watched an actual movie yesterday! All in all I'm doing pretty damn well. I can't wait to see where and how far the other lessons will take me. Thank you, J-Ryze."
"What can I say about J-Ryze? He's an exceptional cat and by exceptional, I mean inspirational...and by inspirational I mean motivational...what I'm trying to say is that J-Ryze rubs your nose in what's holding you back from your dreams, then brushes your nose off and cleans you up, and then he catapults you down the path to sexy amazing success. Every word gets you amped up to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. I look ward to every new project he puts together and always finish with a smile. So yeah, I'm a big fan."
"J-Ryze is a cold dude. He's like f***ing human NZT. All the stuff you read in Napoleon Hill, or The Secret or any self help books and spend hours trying to implement via meditation, group therapy , raw discipline or whatever is nothing compared to a coaching session with J-Ryze.
All the claims he makes about being the coldest dude on the planet at changing perspective quickly and permanently is 100% backed up by the results he got for me.
Don't be too proud to ask for his help. If you are striving for something but can't quite make it work and don't know why, this is for you. Invest in this."
"I first crossed paths with J-Ryze on a live chat on a Tom Bilyeu show. Later on, I found him on Instagram and I began to follow his page. As I began commenting with spontaneous comments, J would literally goggle some of my stuff to see if I was the true source of some comments. To my amazement his simple high fives and words of wisdom literally gave me confidence in speaking my own truth. I am forever grateful to have met this beautiful spirit 🙏 You helped me live a better life Señor J-Ryze!!"

J gives you practical advice that you can use and apply.

"J-ryze is an amazing super human! Your goals are his goals too and he’ll help you ryze to the top and help you become the master of your trade. He shows up to every session more excited than you are, which becomes infectious and it makes you even more excited and together we ryze. When he says he’s going to do something it’s done yesterday. Which means he keeps you on your toes to be ready for anything. If your goal is to ryze to the top of your game, J-Ryze is your man!"
"J-Ryze is a unique and wonderful human being. I was fortunate enough to work with him several times, and it was fantastic. He is a big picture thinker, and guides you to grow your brand even bigger. He gives you practical advice that you can use and apply to your social media and your life, right away!"
"Whenever I think about J-Ryze I can't help but get emotional. We were scheduled for a chat and I had no idea what to say or expect. I was expecting this tyrannical army type who would yell at me to get my act together. Instead a warm voice came on the other end of the line and he spoke to me not like a child but a best friend who hasn't been spoken to in ages. I began crying because I felt so lost and I wanted to help people so badly but I didn't know where to start. He told me the secret to doing exactly that and I'll never forget the passion in his tone...."provide value". Value? What's that? He broke it down for me so that I was able to understand. After our talk everything seemed brighter. I was finally able to connect the dots of my life and he did that for me. I'll never forget his patience and his kindness towards me."
"It's been a pleasure to meet you and find out as much as I could from your unbelievable amount of knowledge you possess. I respect every second of your passion that you have to answer my questions. It was so genuine just like you! The way you express yourself before you give an answer to the question to make it as unique as possible was giving me shivers so please receive a massive THANK YOU from me. Thanks for supporting me, making me believe in myself and building up my confidence. I'm definitely gonna check out your book, 'Soaring Beliefs' and the business accelerator you did with Evan. P.s When I see the name J-Ryze in my eyes it is J-(LEGEND)Ryze ;)"
"Here’s to J-Ryze, one of the best thought leaders I’ve ever met. If you can handle the truth 🔥 then he’s your man, if not then you need him even more, but are probably too emotional."
"J-ryze has been a big influence in my life. He has the ability to see talent and potential in you that no one else can. He helps you to think big. He is full of ideas as well as strategies for you to implement. The most important thing I love about him is his heart. Someone who you can trust to be your friend and your business associate."

Meet J.  Have a brief convo.  BAM!  Life changes!

"This is how you SOAR! You meet J. Have a brief convo. And BAM! Life changes! When I met J I had a side hustle I was trying to grow into a full-time gig. I was doing that for 7 years. I signed up to be a part of SOAR and Oh What A Blessing! In the first 2 months of working with J, I was able to sell the side hustle for 2x annual sales. Launch a new coaching biz. All while still having a separate full-time job and family. After another 3 months I was able to quit my day job and go all in on my new biz! How’d did this all happen?
First J Ryze's beliefs.
A poor belief system is BS that will slow anyone down. As beliefs are ryzing, so is the grind. Hustle. And whatever else it takes to build a blazing inferno. He’s the Yoda of Mindset for a reason. Dude can ryze anything!"
"J-Ryze, I loved all your views and you helped me too brother. You brought your A-game, and I really do appreciate that!
You have a unique and understanding way of expressing your thoughts that it’s very intriguing to me. And I loved listening to you. Thank you so much! And I can feel you spoke from the heart. You have a great way of DJing it up to get your points across. So it was easy to listen and absorb all the value you were giving to me. "
"J-Ryze has the rare quality of having a different perspective than most everyone out there. He is blunt and fresh with his views and suggestions. They are usually spot on even if they sound weird. He has business "street cred" and isn't afraid to tell you like he sees it. Better put your ego aside though because he can smell "Little Man Syndrome" from a mile away...and will usually just walk away from it. But his heart is in the right place and he truly DOES want you to succeed." Straight Up!
"I started following J but I used to judge him. I judged him by the pictures he posted and I didn't read the descriptions. I was so wrong. I started reading the captions of the posts on his Instagram.... I knew I had to interview him. I started to dig into his old videos, interviews, and his website. I watched all of his old content that I could find. It was amazing! I had to send him an interview request and also ask him for a consultation call. I think about J-Ryze every day since I spoke to him. Him teaching me about value, this message resonates with me always. Especially when I feel like procrastinating or when I feel like I'm judging myself. His clarity of thoughts and the value he provides, his grounding nature just blows my mind. The most important thing I learned form his story is to be humble, grateful and to #ryzeup every single day, in whatever you do."
"You are, and always have been, and most likely always will be, the biggest inspiration in my life. ‘Sum up Jason Fonceca in one word.’ If I had to? Genius. Or maybe Saint. I mean no flattery here. I love you man, you are the most intelligent, caring, compassionate, witty, and fun guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing."
David Benarroch
Student, Sports-Lover
"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all you’ve done for me… I’ve had nothing but positive feedback, just about everyone commented."
Barry Choi
Barry Choi
Personal Finance Expert

J has a really good energy & is worth his weight in gold.

"Jason Fonceca is selfless, helpful, intelligent, friendly etc. and I’m extremely thankful for his friendship. His presence…it’s a comfortable welcoming understanding in a random, chaotic tumultuous world. I’m glad our friendship is genuine…If that’s not marketed, it should be. ‘Genu Wine."
Adam Potts
Adam Potts, Bd CAF
"I’m very impressed. You have excellent taste in color, texture and composition, and I’m interested in knowing your views on constantly evolving creativity."
John Reid
"You are my go-to-guy for anything art-related. Always have been, always will be."
Jay Lushington
Jay Lushington
VP of Tech, Fintainium
"How do you do it? Everything you make is amazing. I’m so lucky to know and be inspired by you."
Tracy Baker
Tracy Baker
"Considering you had very little to work with, you painted an extraordinary picture…I am very impressed you did all that so quickly. You have great talents, you’re artistic, you’re passionate and you work fast… you have really good energy dude [and] you are worth your weight in gold."
Sonnie Trotter
Sonnie Trotter
Professional Climber
"I found Jason to be very knowledgeable, fair and extremely capable of handling a very difficult problem. I would recommend his services with the utmost confidence… When I need someone to go beyond the call of duty, I would call on Jason."
Arnie Deltoff
Arnie Deltoff

J-Ryze is the most honest & amazing human-being.

Famous People Giving J Props 3
"The conversation I had with him helped in curing me of a neurotic OCD behavior which was devastating but I spoke with him just once and I’ve changed that behavior. I’ve healed. He guided me to healing my own mind... 🤩"
Monika Gonzalez
Helps Coaches & Creatives
"Your support has been awesome. Like being re-parented the right way almost!"
Amy Mehta Parmar
Dating Coach
"If ever in your life time you come across a person who makes such an impact in your life and inspires you to be a better person, and truly cares about what matters in your personal space in the world, then consider yourself lucky'.

J Ryze is that person.

I will never forget the day we met a few years ago. J walked into a coffee shop with the biggest smile on his face. I said a few words and right away he pointed out to me that what I said was negative and it started the greeting with the wrong energy.

To say I was shocked to hear that was an understatement.

Right away I knew he was the real deal.

Since our meeting that day, J has always encouraged me to do and be better. He checks in on me from time to time, whether through a text, an email, a post on facebook or Instagram.

J has helped me step outside the box and learn to trust my instincts and act upon them. I am where I am today because of him.

He is one of the best and most genuine people I have had the privilege and pleasure of meeting.

So thank you, for simply being you J-Ryze. I love you.
"I first found J-Ryze by watching an interview he did with my friend RJ (@revathijannavarapu) on YouTube. I was washing dishes, but stopped & gave the video 100% of my attention. At that point in my life I had only taken tiny baby steps to change and find my purpose. When I met J, I was hooked on prescription painkillers, muscle relaxers, & Xanax. I had massive anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and bi-polar disorder. Plus I was fat. Angry. I hated everyone & everything in this world and I blamed everyone but myself.

Meeting J changed my entire life. Within two weeks of our first conversation, I had quit all of the medication and went cold-turkey because I knew I would be ok. And I was right. I got better so quickly and it was all from one phone call with J. I hadn't even told him about the drugs when we spoke.

But his words resonated with me so much that it inspired me to make massive changes right away.

I threw the drugs out and I haven't looked back. I've improved my body, my face, my health, my looks, my attitude, my art and I found my purpose. I found my muse.I'm forever grateful to J for all the help that he's given me to help me change.

I've transformed into the person I always wanted to be. I'm so happy because of him. He's the most honest and amazing human being I've ever met.. I love Him."