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How To Get Rid Of Panic Attacks… Forever (26 Lessons From An Ex-Heroin Addict)

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Sunshine-y mom-preneur reveals how she swapped anxiety for happiness through this no-cost panic attack treatment. (Disclaimer: This is not a quick-fix, and I’m NOT a doctor, I’m simply sharing my personal journey — a 26-step plan that cures anxiety .)

You’re here to discover how I used a “strange but powerful” panic attack treatment to heal my anxiety.

(Hint: It involves a man who was once homeless for 3 years.)

And I’m gonna tell you… but you might not like the truth.

The truth is there is no “easy” button or “magic pill” to cure your anxiety.

(I wish there were.)

Still, it can be fairly simple and affordable, but most anxious people make it way harder than it needs to be. This includes me, and probably you.

Because you likely already have some crappy beliefs about your anxiety.

Bad beliefs make everything tens (or hundreds) of times harder.

You might believe that “it’s impossible” to cure anxiety. Or that anxiety is something you “have to learn to live with.” Or that life takes “hard work.” Or that healing takes “a long time.” You might wonder why no one is else talking about CURING anxiety, and rather focus on DEALING with it?

Well the reason is that you and the people around you have shite beliefs about anxiety.

And that’s ok, I did too.

So if you’re where I was, besieged by panic disorder, follow along with my story to discover what I found out about curing anxiety.

(I’ll touch on my depression too, but we’re mostly going to focus on the anxiety/panic attacks).

Later on I’ll tell you the EXACT steps I took to cure myself.

But be warned, you HAVE to do difficult things to feel better. Why?

Because your anxiety has you living in your comfort zone.

And comfort zones are dream killers.

I know, I know… “being anxious isn’t comfortable at all,” you say.

I said the same thing.

But I was lying to myself. The truth is, any emotional or mental state can become comfortable…for anyone.

Your body and mind quickly get used to any state, making it “comfortable” for your nervous system to be anxious.

But, I’m jumping ahead…first, my anxiety story.

I’m Cyn and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with Generalized Anxiety Disorder AND Social Anxiety Disorder.

This means I was depressed sometimes, then manic other times, with severe anxiety and multiple daily panic attacks.

Oh, and as soon as I had to be in a new social situation, anxiety would rear its head, causing panic attacks immediately.

Fun stuff right?

I had my first panic attack at 13 years old.

My mother thought I was having a heart attack. The ER docs said “nope, just a panic attack,” as if it was… nothing, lol.

The panic attacks led to depression, resulting in my first stay in a mental hospital (children’s ward) at 13. My poor mother thought she was bringing me in for therapy only to be told that I would be admitted… indefinitely.

I was thankfully only there for six weeks… the first time.

I went on to have six more hospital stays. The last one was in 2005 when I turned 30.

Over the years I had been on a whole host of medications ranging from Prozac to Lithium, to Valium and Xanax. Plus a slew of others in between.

I was doped up and going through years of therapy, y’all.

One day, a few years after my last hospital visit, I asked my therapist…

”When am I going to get better? I’m sick of this therapy crap. I’m sick of feeling bad all the time!”

And he said, ”Never. You will always struggle with your mental health.”

I left his office and never returned. I decided then and there that I would heal myself.

I would get rid of my panic attacks forever.

And somewhere deep down, I knew I wouldn’t be able to cure my anxiety, while still living in depression.

I actually had to cure my depression first.

And deep down, I also knew I wasn’t going to cure my depression while using meds as a constant crutch.

So I went off all of my medication, cold turkey.


Don’t just go off your meds cold turkey because I did. I had unique circumstances. I was a drug addict, at the time, and I was using cocaine, painkillers, and heroin which helped ease my body off of the psychiatric meds.

Technically, there are people who pull such a bold move off just fine, but they’re rare. I happened to be one of them…

…but it was dangerous and I could have died.

If you want to stop taking your meds it’s much wiser to taper down off of them slowly.

Anyway, all this happened before I got clean from drugs.

I decided I was done with therapy and that I would figure life out on my own. I had spent years trying to heal the “traditional way.”

Now it was time for me to heal myself…

…but I didn’t know how yet.

It would take another 13 years of suffering before I managed to “figure it out.” I got clean from street drugs in 2007 and decided to be the best version of me I could be.

But I still didn’t know how.

I still suffered from depression and severe anxiety until 2018.

So what changed then?

I met J-Ryze.

"Everyday with J-Ryze, I walked away a happier person. When I was diagnosed with chronic depression and panic & anxiety disorder, it was a constant battle... Anytime I found happiness, my fears of loss and my low self-worth would always take away any moment of joy. J-Ryze made it a point to tell me how valuable I was and to explain why the world needed my ideas and insight. Always inquisitive, together we'd find the root of the things that caused all those fears and with his help, I released these things that kept me from being happy. Now I live my life, one free of self-doubt, working towards my goals. I feel like a free man all because one person tried that extra bit harder to help someone who everyone thought was unreachable. Bravest man I know is J-Ryze, being around him is being around happiness, goodness, and everyone would do well to be where he's going."
Kheiran Khan
Anxiety Sufferer

In 2018 I met Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca.

At that point he’d already pulled himself out of homelessness, fixed his mental health, and become brand advisor to Evan Carmichael.

And the first thing we discussed was… addiction.

Because although I wasn’t using street drugs any more, I was still using Xanax for my panic attacks, smoking tons of weed, and taking doctor-prescribed Tramadol.

I wasn’t getting high on it but my body was dependent on it so that I could move around and be active.

(I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, which I also cured but that’s another article.)

Jay showed me a banned-on-youtube, two hour long healing documentary that he made to help his dad heal from several strokes and brain surgeries.

(His dad didn’t watch it… but I did.)

This was the first time I heard someone else say I could “heal myself.”

I thought about all the times my body had healed without intervention.

Countless cuts & bruises. Countless heartbreaks. Countless surgeries.

I watched every minute of that long-ass movie, and it was worth every second.

The minute it was over I stood up, grabbed my Tramadol from the medicine cabinet and flushed it. (Again, please taper off your meds gently and safely, like most doctors recommend.)

I’m only telling you this because I want to be 100% forthright and honest with you about MY journey. Yours might be different (and hopefully less reckless.)

I then spent 3 days detoxing on my living room floor.

My children were teenagers and knew that I had been taking painkillers for my arthritis, they didn’t understand why I’d want to willingly do something so painful.

So they walked around me while I writhed in pain. They fed me candy, too. (Candy can help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings). They brought me pillows, ‘real’ food, and water.

They kept asking “why?” And I kept saying… because I will feel better when this is over.

I knew in my heart and soul that all those people in Jay’s video were speaking the truth. My heart felt the truth.

(As a little side note… I’m a Libra and I can feel when people lie to me. I can “smell” the lie. I’ve always been able to do this. And if I miss a lie it’s usually because I’m distracted and focused on something else.)

Anyway, the experts in that video were telling the truth.

I CAN heal myself. I CAN make myself better. (And they weren’t just randos off the street saying I could heal… These were doctors, scientists, and respected professionals who excelled in their fields. It was eye-opening and life-changing.)

So after 3 days of detox-hell (seriously detox is not fun), my body was clean from all chemicals.

I felt amazing.

I knew I could do anything.

Now we’re getting to the part I hinted at earlier.

The part where I tell you what I did to get rid of my panic attacks forever!

To even get to the point of believing I could heal, I had to make major changes to my body and mind, otherwise I’d still be stuck, dependent on external substances, rather than my own internal tools and resources.

And as you can read, none of this was easy up until this point and, well…

…it’s about to get harder.

Anyway, I finally felt like I did when I first got clean from heroin.

I felt free again.

You see, for the many years I took fibro, rheumatoid, and anxiety meds… I secretly felt chained to my sickness.

I felt chained to the meds. I felt chained to the anxiety.

Then all of a sudden, it was like J-Ryze had unlocked those chains and set me free.

So did I stop and celebrate, like any normal person would do? Nope, I did something way crazier.

I figured if making bold changes got me this far, why not go further?

I decided to pull the trigger and blow up my life.

“Ooohh Cyn, how did you blow up your life?”

Well, I was with the wrong man for 15 years.

I wanted to divorce him for years but stayed “for the children” (more accurately, out of fear. I was afraid to be alone. Afraid I couldn’t pay the bills. Afraid that no one would want me again.)

I was pretending to be OK with being the “masculine role” in my marriage.

I was pretending to be OK with my husband acting like my 4th child.

I was pretending to be OK with a man who wouldn’t “man up” and do the things I needed in our marriage.

And OK… it’s my fault for not being clear and spelling out for him what I truly needed… but at the time, I didn’t know what it was that I needed. I just knew it wasn’t him.

So I sat him down and told him I wanted a divorce. Did I leave him for Jay?


But I did leave because of Jay’s inspiration and belief in me.

Jay taught me that to have any fulfilling relationships at all, I had to love myself first.

He taught me that I could heal myself.

He taught me that I was valuable and could do anything I wanted.

And I believed him. (Spoiler alert: he was RIGHT!)

And my “life blow-up” didn’t end there. I didn’t just stop at my bold decision to divorce.

Next, I decided to move to Canada.

But Cyn, what about your home? What about the children? What about your business and material possessions?

I just made the move and figured things out.

Some things even sorted themselves out the way they often do when we commit to something.

My daughter moved in with her boyfriend in NYC. My son was originally going to go with me but decided at the last minute to go to Florida to live with my ex (who had recently moved there.)

What the hell does this have to do with curing anxiety, Cyn?

This has everything to do with curing anxiety, dear reader.

Because this is the part that no one wants to hear.

It’s the part no one wants to tell you because they’ll lose clicks.

It’s the part no one wants to do.

I had to leave the toxic relationship to jumpstart my healing.

I had to stop prioritizing family over myself. I had to start doing what I wanted to do. I spent my entire life people-pleasing, trying to “do right” by others, while putting my own well-being on the back-burner. I spent my entire adulthood doing whatever the eff everyone else around me thought I should do.

So I decided to put a stop to all of it.

And my depression went away.

The moment I decided to start taking care of me and doing what my heart said….my depression lifted. And I don’t mean “it’s just the cycle on the upswing” kind of lifting… I mean real lifting.

My depression was completely gone.

Not a trace was left.

And since anxiety is a ‘higher’ emotion than ‘depression,’ I felt that that would come next.

So… on to the anxiety cure.

I repeat, you’re not going to like this bit but here’s my step-by-step to heal my anxiety.

  1. I admitted that I was valuable and worthy of living my dream life. (I wouldn’t skip this step, no matter who you are.)
  2. I learned how to meditate PROPERLY. (Like a fast can cleanse a body, stilling the mind cleanses our mental.)
  3. I found the Law of Attraction.
  4. I changed my shitty beliefs about mental health, healing, and changing.
  5. I started to love myself. LOVE ALL OF ME completely without shame, without judgment, and with complete and total forgiveness of all my mistakes & faults.
  6. I made more and more choices that supported my dreams.
  7. I stopped watching and discussing the news.
  8. I stopped watching and discussing politics.
  9. I stopped watching any and all “dramatic” shows and movies.
  10. I swapped depressing music for upbeat, dance music.
  11. I started dancing and singing.
  12. I started eating meat again (my 2 years vegan didn’t help me at all.)
  13. I started eating healthier (and gave up my Reese Cups addiction.)
  14. I started making smoothies and taking supplements and vitamins.
  15. I started doing Yoga and going to the gym.
  16. I looked myself in the eye and said “I love you” every time I was in front of a mirror, every time I went to the washroom. (For someone who hated herself for years this was a huge transformation.)
  17. I started being cheerful and positive, I refused to think or speak negatively… especially when triggered.
  18. I swapped mostly negative language to mostly positive language.
  19. I stopped cursing and started paying people compliments.
  20. I started loving the world and not just myself.
  21. I started to see that everyone had good inside them.
  22. I started to SHOW love to other people when I had been mean, hateful, and angry to most in the past. Now I was being kind, holding doors, and just generally spreading love & positivity to everyone I met.
  23. I swapped overthinking for following my first impulse.
  24. I started saying “what if it goes right?” and “what if my dreams actually come true”? And I believed that they would!
  25. I started practicing the Law Of Attraction.
  26. I listened and applied everything J-Ryze taught me. This…is truly the key to all of the above. His positivity, love, light, and teachings all healed me.

Sound like too much work to get rid of panic attacks… forever?

That’s your call.

Personally, living in anxiety, at the mercy of panic attacks, is a much worse pain than making some bold changes in my life.

I wasn’t born in anxiety, it took me years to develop my anxiety into 6 daily panic attacks… so it makes sense that it’d take a bit of time and effort to undo that.

And just to be clear…

…I had a crush on Jay, but he was NOT interested in me at all.

He only wanted to help me heal, like he does for anyone.

He wasn’t ready or interested in a relationship at the time. (That took years to cultivate and the love grew from there.) So please don’t think that it’s ‘cause I’m his wife. I was only his friend and client when I healed my anxiety.


Like I said at the beginning of this article, I wish I had a magic pill to help you heal your panic attacks.

(Note: I don’t draw a distinction between an anxiety attack and a panic attack, to me they’re the same thing, the same message from our bodies.)

But it took me a healthy chunk of work. It took me a decent chunk of time. It took me actually loving myself, not once, but consistently.

And even in the beginning of those steps… my panic attack cycle dropped from six a day down to three.

After a few months, my panic cycle went from three panic attacks daily…

…to barely one panic attack a day.

Another three months passed, and now I had none. As of writing this, I’ve not had any more panic attacks in the last four years.

So there you have it…

That’s how I cured my panic attacks forever, naturally.

And although Jay gave me constant support and guidance and wisdom and help…

…he also made it clear that I acquired my panic attacks alone, and I’d have to cure them alone.

So is this doable for everyone? Yes.

Will they do it? Probably not.


Because most aren’t willing to “blow up” their life to heal.

They’re not open to bold changes that plot a new course.

Most folks want to stay on the same track they’re on, they want to live in their comfort zones.

They want comfortable tips like…

  • Seek counseling
  • Use deep breathing
  • Take medication
  • Use muscle relaxation
  • Talk to a therapist
  • Picture your ‘happy place’
  • The BRAVE method
  • etc.

And hey, I get it.

Everyone’s journey is different.

Maybe those things work for you. Maybe they work even better than my massive life overhaul. If so, great! I’m happy for you.

But to me, those things are just minor band-aid solutions that stop or repress the symptoms of anxiety attacks.

They are not cures.

And for people like me, with extreme amounts of panic attacks, since a young age, who are stuck in comfort zones…

…I believe real, sincere, bold changes are the real cure.

The real cure is changing your freakin’ life the way your body is begging you to.

I believe panic attacks are messages from our body begging us to change how we’re living, even if it’s scary.

And I know most people will put up with almost anything to avoid changing their life and stepping into the unknown.

They don’t know who they’ll be or what life will be like without anxiety, so they cling to the familiar.

I’m not saying you have to get divorced or ditch drugs instantly, or move away from family like I did…

…but I am saying that your environment and the people you surround yourself with 100% affect your feelings, moods, and choices.

You are the 5 people you hang out with.

You are your habits.

And your habits are created by each single choice you make in each single moment life offers you.

You can either make new choices, outside your comfort zones, and start creating new habits and a new you…

…or you can keep making the same choices, in your same comfort zones, and get more of your same life.

You choose whether you’re “comfortable” with your anxiety, or passionate enough to “heal” it.

Just like I did.

The choice is yours.

It took me longer than I’d like to get off my ass, get out of my comfort zones, and start changing what I believe about anxiety, people-pleasing, and life…

…but once I did, things happened quickly.

You can make it happen even quicker for you.

Personally, my first choice for speed-healing anxiety would be binging all of Jay’s podcasts, blogs, books, interviews and any other materials you can find… because there’s no real-er, more authentic, more life-changing “guru” out there.

He puts all the other experts and gurus to shame, and I’m almost embarrassed I ever listened to them.

And if you really want to know why I’m so obsessed with J-Ryze, check out this epic Kijiji ad I wrote for him.


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