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Vuli can turn a profit easier, faster, & with less resources than you think. And you can be happy and have fun doing it. Maybe without even pitching another investor. Any struggle you may have felt isn’t your fault. It’s just that you’ve not been taught the subtle, hidden nuances of business. Please have a nice big sigh of relief & keep reading and see if what we say makes sense to you.


“At the start, your product is an ‘infant,’ it does not speak for itself. Your job is to speak persuasively for it.”

- J-Ryze, Teacher Of Rebels


Succeeding in business is far simpler than the world has led you to believe.

Lots of not-exactly-smart people have created profitable businesses, and what you’ve already done so far, they couldn’t pull off even if they tried. So what gives?

Well the truth is that, just like cooking, swimming, or riding a bike… anyone can be profitable at a basic level in business. You already have 90% of the right ingredients for Vuli to succeed. It’s just that society makes turning a profit way more complicated than it has to be. But don’t worry, we’ll clear away the fog, and all will become clear.

And the main thing to understand is…

Business is just high-value beliefs + persuasive pitches.

Take the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. He had a ‘killer product’, there’s no doubt he was an epic artist. Most people think him ending up as crazy, broke, and earless was just bad luck. Or because he was “ahead of his time”. Or some other tragic excuse. But the real reason Van Gogh was neglected was likely…

He just had beliefs that didn’t serve him. If we were able to speak with him, chances are his self-talk wasn’t exactly brimming with joy & abundance.

Instead he believed that few consumers ‘got’ his vision. He believed society is blind to talent. He believed no one would bother giving him a chance. He believed it was the ‘wrong time’ for art like his.

A person simply can’t have shitty beliefs like this and create success.

Let’s look at how a Vuli-founder could have better beliefs than Van Gogh: “Vuli is so good, everyone on the planet wants it. Everyone loves sex and they all want better porn. They want it bad, in fact, they just don’t realize it yet. And it’s my job to help them realize it.”

“Consumers are smart, and they recognize quality as long as it’s put in front of them well enough, clearly enough, and long enough. And it’s my job to get Vuli in front of them properly, and it’s totally doable if I put my mind to it.”

Every human is a potential client, because all 8 billion individuals on the planet are connected. One tells another tells another, and I’m likely to connect with the right people sooner than I imagine. I value and cherish every ounce of interest in Vuli, whether financial interest or otherwise.”

Whatever I seek is seeking me. If I’m seeking Vuli-supporters, then this very instant, more & more Vuli -supporters are seeking me, and I aim to approach them better.”

50 Shades sold 125 million copies, the tv show ‘Bonding’ just launched, and sex is becoming more mainstream, fast. I’m right on trend.”

And I don’t mean just it’s good to think these things, I mean you’ve gotta feel them. And ideally that positive emotion oozes out of every brand touchpoint and interaction Vuli makes with people.

Unenergized positive beliefs are powerless positive beliefs.

We have an exercise that helps elevate people’s beliefs, even if they’re feeling down, it’s free to use, just click the button.


Of course, even the best product goes nowhere without proper pitching.

To be a successful cyclist, we pedal. To be a successful cook, we heat food. To be a successful CEO, we pitch!

(Or ‘sell‘, ‘serve’, ‘offer’, ‘invite’, or ‘persuade’, etc.)

It doesn’t matter what you call it, its the foundation of the economy, and has been since caveman times. And once you have a product you believe in, all any startup needs is practice at pitching. (And I don’t mean just pitching more investors. It’s much deeper than that.)

Society acts like pitching’s a dirty word. Or like it’s hard. Or like we should avoid it. And it’s not as if school teaches pitching (offering / selling) properly. So most people are lost in a giant gaping lack of knowledge on the subject.

But whether you’re a kid piloting a lemonade stand, or a giant mega-brand like Apple… the core activity of business never changes, no matter how many people turn up their noses at it. And the core of business is pitching.

— Cold-Approaches

— Content-Marketing

— Ad-Buys

— Media Coverage

It's all pitching.

When I teach this stuff, people often think they should be pitching their product, or pitching to investors, and so on.

But that’s usually not what founders need to be pitching.

Instead they need to be pitching uniqueness & novelty. Or solutions & cures. Or shock & awe. Or a sense of personal significance. They need to pitch well enough to overcome people’s apathy. We’ll get to more of this in the persuasion section, suffice to say this:

It’s an attention economy, and what you think is attention-getting about your creations, usually isn’t. And what you write off as “not worth talking about,” is usually the real key to attention, momentum, and success.

“You’re competing with every single headline in your tribe’s experience.”

- J-Ryze, Teacher Of Rebels

So swap curses for gifts.

So swap curses for gifts.

Nearly every founder has gifts that they downplay, because at first, they appear to be a curse. Things like ‘Veronica Vain’, your BangBox adventures, Wallstreet life, etc. can all help Vuli’s perceived value, but only if they’re turned up and leveraged. 


Own Your Story.

The media loves stories. They don’t just love them, they fiend for stories like addicts. If you have a juicy story, the media will rabidly hunt you down and promote your projects. You just have to own your story and serve it up to them in a juicy way.

Ex-Pornstar Launches ‘Netflix’ Of Porn.

This headline would get covered by so many outlets. Get you so many eyeballs. Get you so much support, traction, and momentum.

“But our business model isn’t like Netflix at all!” you may protest. And that’s true, and you clarify that in the interviews or soundbites you give to the journalists, with something like “We’re not exactly like Netflix yet, and we’re just starting out, but eventually we’d love to change the industry so much that a Netflix model is actually doable. First we have to pioneer and lead the way.”

Or if this approach feels too ‘clickbait-y’, then use other story angles:

Former Pornstar Launches World’s First No-Bullsh*t Porn Site.

And so on.



Own Your Name(s).

“Veronica Vain” isn’t something to avoid, it’s something to leverage. You don’t have to go back to that period of your life, but in your video you said you built-up attention and name-recognition in order to use it for Bangbox. Throwing it away now is shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Vuli, founded by Paige ‘Veronica Vain’ Jennings.
  • Get your porn delivered by Veronica-Freaking-Vain, not frat-boys pretending to be CEOs.
  • Pornstar-turned-CEO: Am I Paige, Veronica, or Both?

When you write emails to podcasts like Joe Rogan (his assistant or whoever), your number one job is persuade them. And to persuade them, you need to know them well. You need to know the kind of things that gets them fired up when they open their inbox.

Here’s something to know about them. Usually they open their inbox and think “Ugh, yet another startup/wannabe that wants attention.”

But subject-lines and story-angles like the ones I’ve suggested have a high chance of getting the booking-agent excited. And then the opening line of the message has to continue the fire.

This is all persuasion. It’s all pitching. It’s the foundation of business communication. And it takes deep empathy and a good amount of practice.


Own Your 'Failures.'

Failure doesn’t really exist, but for the sake of society, narrative, and perception, you might as well pretend it does. You ‘failed’ to make Vuli profitable before your runway ran out. So own it. I don’t mean own it by asking for help on your channel, I mean own it internally, in your soul. Take real responsibility.

For example, if I set out to make a meal & I burn it, it helps no one to deny my part in that. But it does help to admit that I, and only I, burned my dish to my chef friend, Roxy. Because then she’ll give me tips like: “Did you oil the pan? Did you watch it like a hawk or get distracted? Did you clean your burners first?” etc. This way I’m not blaming the makers of the stove, I’m not believing that I’ve ‘done everything’ and it still didn’t work. I’m not blaming society or the universe. Instead, I realize that I have total power and control over how my dish turns out. Same goes for business.

You set out to make Vuli profitable. It didn’t happen on the desired timeline. It may sting to admit, but the only reason is you. It’s not that the porn industry is bad. It’s not that people write off ex-pornstars. It’s not that people are only interested in you ’cause you’re cute. It’s that you did something ‘not quite correct’ in the business process, just like I did in my cooking process.

And this is great, because it means together we can elevate your understanding of business, your mastery of persuasion, your practicing pitching & selling… and voila, a beautiful gourmet result. 


Vuli is beautiful. I haven't even tried it and I can already tell it's epic. The thing is, it's just not being served up to people in ways that resonate with them. It's not persuasively offered.

And that's ok, because why would it be? It's unlikely you've been taught persuasion & I assume you've no talented copywriters on your team.

But it's easier to solve than you might think, because...

Persuasion is easy and fun.

And you’ve been doing it unconsciously since you were a child. Your instinctual persuasion has brought you far in life, because it helped get Vuli launched! So pat yourself on the back. And now it’s time to persuade intentionally and effectively, to help bring your big-profit Vuli-dreams to life.

Now I’ll be straight with you, a copywriter would really benefit Vuli, and you do have enough prestige to attract one.

But even if you aren’t currently ready to connect with a copywriter… please, at least learn the basics of persuasion for your self. Every CEO should know some persuasion-basics, and resonant-language tips and tricks.

Without them, even the best product falls flat.

Some persuasive 'copy-chunks' that may help.

Now, I’m not the world’s best copywriter, but I’m decent. (I wrote all the copy on this page in a few hours, after all :D) So if you’d like some samples of what compelling copy can do for Vuli, maybe these 4 mini-drafts will whet your appetite:

Streaming porn, tailored to your kinks.

Pornhub is NOT tailored to your tastes. Type in "big boobs" and it gives you hardcore when you wanted soft. Type in "lesbian" and it gives you pages of incest porn instead. Choose Vuli.

No ads. No popups. No rough edges.*

Stop lame subscriptions with our 1-scene, 1-price policy, no contracts. All kinks on site are ethically sourced. A smoother porn experience with no rough edges (*unless you're into that.) Vuli for you-li.

Stop seeking 'fast-food' porn.

Fast-food means bad ingredients, under-paid staff, and more time spent on the crapper than you do at the table. Imagine what this means for your usual 'fast-food' porn.

Algorithms that treat you right.

YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon all do personal recommendations. Isn't it time your porn portal did the same? That's why we offer you Vuli.

EXTRA COPY:  “No more browsing for hours a day just to enjoy a 10-min. ‘session.’ No more form-field chaos. No more jumping through hoops just to orgasm. Vuli: Pornhub, but better.

J-Ryze Coach

“It doesn’t take money to start a business. It doesn’t even take a great product. All it takes is an offer energized by high-value beliefs, & consistently persuasive offers to strangers.”

- J-Ryze, Teacher Of Rebels

To wrap up...

You’re closer to true success than you realize.

You have the power to turn this around, fast.

But it will take significant personal growth.

It will take (hopefully fun!) work and effort.

But we believe in you, and will help however we can.

Paige, we care about you. Let's talk.

We're not selling anything. Everything on this page was created specifically to help you. It's given freely and made with love. With enough initiative and ambition, you could apply what's outlined here and really start winning in biz. But it might be better to at least have a chat, in case we can help you further, right? If you're interested, please click the button below to email Cynthia 'Cynshine' Moreno.

P.S. Wanna see what praise Evan Carmichael and others have showered on us? https://jryze.me/praise


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