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OnlyFans Support Resources - Belle Cassidy 1068

86+ OnlyFans Support Resources:
Complete List (2022 Update)

If you want to see the best OnlyFans support resources in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

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J-Ryze | @thebimbowhisperer

If you want to see the best OnlyFans support resources in one place, then you’ll love this (updated) guide.

I personally found and explored all the resources for OnlyFans creators here. They include OnlyFans search tools, to OnlyFans agencies, and everything in-between.

And you can use the sticky-nav to jump from section to section to find the best OnlyFans support resources for you.

Explore the resources below:

What OnlyFans Support Resources Will Help Me Promote?

OnlyFans is a platform that has provided a lot of value to adult content creators, but it offers very little in the way of promotion for them, so here’s a few resources that may give you a boost in that area.



Fans may be searching for your OnlyFans account on the third-party OnlyFans Search Tool, OnlyFinder. They may search by your name, location, niche, etc. This means you may want to make sure your profile has easily searchable names and words on it. (Be careful with the emojis, for example.)

OnlyFans Tool - OnlyFinder

OnlyFans' Official Blog


This post is mainly a list of standard approaches to digital marketing and promotion , such as use social media, blogs, collaborations, etc. but it may help you.

Update: OnlyFans redid their entire blog, this post is no longer available.


OnlyFans Support Resource - Official Blog



They promote your account on various article and display your profile picture with all the OnlyFans stats, depending on how highly you rank. They also let you purchase exposure to ‘60,000 people’ who will see your ad daily.

OnlyFans Tool - FansMetrics



OnlyFans.Guide is a fairly new site, but it does have quite a few tips & tricks for promoting on OnlyFans. Some of the popups and typos put me off, but you may find something useful.

OnlyFans Support Resource - OnlyFans Guide

Zero Park - Adult Advertising Guide


A quick and dirty overview of advertising in the adult entertainment world. It’s big business, many of your favorite adult creators use it effectively, and it’s definitely worth a look.

OnlyFans Advertising - ZeroPark

Meta Ads


Instagram, Facebook, or ‘Meta’ advertising still remains a serviceable form of promotion, assuming you understand human buying psychology, can sidestep their censorship ban-hammer, and use ads that truly resonate with your target audience. (And assuming you even know what your target audience is.) 

OnlyFans Tool - Meta Ads

Canva Coupon Maker


Canva’s pitch for their coupon maker is “Design custom coupons for your [OnlyFans] business for free with Canva.” And that pretty much sums it up. Although I don’t recommend people ‘discount’ their own value and worth too often, there’s no arguing with the fact that discounts work on OnlyFans, at least for now, so this tool may help.

OnlyFans Tool - Canva Coupon Maker



Swiped.co is a site full of compelling, enticing, headlines and copy. They have a very small ‘sex’ section with some examples of world-class selling ‘sex-focused’ headlines and copy. Swipe them for yourself or use them as inspiration, to make whatever you write more alluring.

OnlyFans Resource - SwipedCo



Similar to swiped.co, two of Cole’s articles over at HoneyCopy (Powerful Marketing Words and Buy Words) are a great quick-reference for anytime you’re writing a caption to make people engage, or a DM to invite someone to buy.

OnlyFans Support Resource - HoneyCopy

What OnlyFans Support Resources Can Guide Me?

There’s a number of guides to succeed on OnlyFans out there, with, uh, ‘varying’ levels of quality and areas of coverage. Reading some and skimming others may give you some much needed insights.

Guide - How To Make Money On OnlyFans

How To Succeed On Only Fans (8 Easy Steps For 2022!)


Learning how to make money on OnlyFans can be shockingly easy. Our ultimate guide teaches you how to get attention and turn strangers into buyers in one beautiful post.

OnlyFans Support Resources - RacksToRiches

Racks To Riches


Carmen’s blog, channels, and brand started as stripper focused, but her amazing advice helps all adult entertainers, and last year she started making more OnlyFans-focused content. She’s got a great vibe, great teachings, great guidance, and is really a light in the industry. She’s my favorite adult-work teacher… besides myself. 😛

Etsy OnlyFans Support Marketplace

OF Guides Marketplace - Etsy


Etsy’s Marketplace is brimming with guides, tips, bundles, and templates for OnlyFans creators.

OnlyFans Official Guide

Ultimate Guide To OnlyFans Features: 2022 Edition


From simple tricks like bookmarking your pages, to deeper approaches like ‘co-streaming’, this official guide from OnlyFans features brief overviews of OF features and is peppered with official OF YouTube videos.

Hubite Guides

Hubite: OnlyFans Content Creator Guides


Similar to OnlyFans.Guide, Hubite has quite a bit of OnlyFans-focused content. I’ve not explored everything but it could be worth a look.

GetPink Guides

GetPink Guides & Templates


This site heavily front-loads their paid resources, but if you scroll down to the blog section, there are some useful tips.

Metro OF Guide

Realistic Guide To OnlyFans - Metro


If you can get past the ads, and the wordy intro, you’ll get to some basic,  beginner quotes from OnlyFans users. I don’t know why this post is called ‘realistic’ and I’m guessing it won’t be a fit for most readers.

What OnlyFans Resources Can I Watch?

These videos are a form of OnlyFans support for creators who are looking for ‘real talk’ from people who’ve been there. Well worth a watch.

How I Make Money On OnlyFans (Tips And Tricks)


Lena The Plug is one of the most personable and transparent personalities in the sex-worker world, and she covers a lot in this video. It’s a bit scattered, but chocked full of value.

Lena The Plug OnlyFans

Making $10M on OnlyFans at 20 (Katie Sigmond)


Katie Sigmond talks with Ernesto & Anthony for an hour about going from being broke, working two jobs, to making millions on OnlyFans without being a ‘hardcore pornstar.’ She talks ‘weird requests’, threats, luxury real estate, and more.

Katie Sigmond OnlyFans

I Started an OF w/ 0 Followers in 2022 - is it Worth it?


That ER Nurse talks about her first month on  OnlyFans with zero followers. She gets into how much she made, what worked for her and what didn’t, and some tips she’s picked up along the way. One of the most recent videos on this page.

That ER Nurse OnlyFans

My Biggest Mistakes Starting OnlyFans!


Makayla shares her biggest OnlyFans mistakes, tells how much she’s made so far, stage names vs. real names, referral links, and more.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting OnlyFans


Alanah Cole talks about the toll an intense content schedule takes, how friends and family will be nosey, what dating’s like, and so on. Eye-opening for beginner OF creators.

Alanah Cole OnlyFans

Mom Started An OnlyFans Career - So I Joined Her


Amber watched her mom (Ginger) retire from her day job and start making a killing on OnlyFans, so she joined her.

Ginger Amber Mom Daughter_OnlyFans

$100K In 3 Mths. on OF: What They Don't Tell You + My Advice


Marie Dee talks about treating OF like ‘work’, getting support from a partner, and guaranteed haters. She also talks about ‘owning’ your journey, her OF course, marketing, and earning $100k in three months.

Marie Dee OnlyFans

Day In The Life Of An Onlyfans Creator!


A second video from Alanah Cole showing you a day in the life of an OnlyFans creator, from her morning routine, face filters, meal times, engaging fans, and more.

Alanah Cole - Day In Life

The Truth About OF / The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


She talks the struggles of balancing OF as a side hustle, shares how much  she made in her year on the platform, handling rude fans, body types & niches, etc.

yassolovely OnlyFans Video

What Is Life Like As A Pornstar? | Sienna Day


Sienna Day talks for over an hour about her life as a pornstar. Learn how you get started in the porn industry, what it’s like on set, how you prep for anal, the optimal career strategy, how monetizing features on Brazzers or FakeTaxi works, what 30 days of back-to-back DP feels like, and much more.

Sienna Day Pornstar Video

What OnlyFans Resources Can I Hear?

There’s a surprising amount of adult-industry podcasts out there, so here’s just a selection of them. My favorite is Inside OnlyFans but they all have something to offer.

Inside OnlyFans Podcast

Inside OnlyFans


Inside OnlyFans is my favorite OnlyFans show / podcast. CJ, Kayla, and Max are great, open-minded hosts. There’s a lovely blend of comedy and sex. They research the guests well, pull some epic stories out of them, and share it all generously. Highly recommended.

2 Girls 1 Blunt Podcast

2 Girls, 1 Blunt


Not specifically an OnlyFans podcast, but Jaime Lee Simmons & Emily are good vibes and they cover many adult topics. Check it out.

Camgirl Interrupted Podcast

Camgirl Interrupted


Brandy Rose is a CamGirl, Content Creator, Producer, and Model taking you on a tour of the busy and creative life of a Sex Worker. (Spoiler alert, it’s a lot more varied than you’d think!) She tells tales from ‘beyond the webcam.’

OnlyFans Secrets Podcast

OnlyFans Secrets


The Only Fans Secrets Podcast is where you’ll learn about Marketing, Branding, Promotion and Best Practices for Only Fans success. It’s hosted by Richard A. Lewis, owner of the Only Fans Marketing Company SEO Bounty linked elsewhere on this page.

Stripper LifeCoach Podcast

Stripper Life Coach Podcast


Coaching advice for strippers and women in the industry from life-coach and ex-stripper, Meghan Layne. Her life-coaching helps people develop emotional mastery by understanding how the mind influences all we do, and her podcast takes a spiritual approach to stripping, but it’s been on hiatus recently. Regardless you can still get value from the previous episodes. 

Pillow Talk Podcast

Pillow Talk Podcast


At time of writing the latest three episodes are an*l tips, d*ck pic tips, and how to get rich on OnlyFans, all handled with a comedic touch. (The #1 Podcast in Canada.)

Pillow Talk Podcast

Holly Randal: Unfiltered


Holly’s one of the biggest names in the adult industry, and a world renowned erotic photographer and director. She interviews the biggest names in the adult industry with a sincere and fun approaching, stripping away misconceptions in the sex industry.

The Pornhub Podcast - Asa Akira

The Pornhub Podcast w/ Asa Akira


Join author, poet, and receiver of 2 penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira. She hosts this podcast featuring porno and non-porno guests as they discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings. (It may be on hiatus, but has gone live steadily for quite some time previously.)

Plug Talk - Lena The Plug

Plug Talk


Watch Adam22 and Lena The Plug interview your favorite pornstars like Nikki Benz, Joanna Angel, Riley Reid, and more before they, uh, do the deed together.

( Official Link: https://onlyfans.com/plugtalkshow )

Private Talk Alexis Texas

Private Talk With Alexis Texas


This is a talk show hosted by former Adult star, Alexis Texas. It covers topics like relationships, health, money, and of course, sex. The “safest place to be yourself.” Guests include fairly big names: celebrities, athletes, media personalities, entertainers, influencers and more. Their intimate conversations stream to her audience of over 13 million fans.

What OnlyFans Influencers May Inspire Me?

These are some of the most successful creators on OnlyFans, and a lot can be learned if we study their commonalities and differences closely. See what you can copy, and see how you can set yourself apart.

Cup Of Carli

OF Girl

Known to be quite a daring and sexy OnlyFans model, and quite successful, often topping ‘best of’ lists.

Cup Of Carli - OF Model

Mia Khalifa

OF Girl

Mia Khalifa is an ex-pornstar who got a lot of controversy for coming out as heavily against the porn industry. That said, she still has a non-nude OnlyFans that earns millions.

Mia Khalifa - OF Model

Blac Chyna

OF Girl

The mother-of-two, aged 35 earned $20 million per month in 2021. Incredible success, making her the top-earning creator on the platform.

Blac Chyna - OF Model

Dainty Wilder

OF Girl

Dainty is a young, Australian star who makes a staggering amount of money and gets very unusual requests from her fans. She made $1m in her first year on the platform.

Dainty Wilder

Faith Lianne

OF Girl

“My parents kicked me out for doing OnlyFans — but now I pay their bills.” 20-year-old Faith Lianne has a pretty impressive story and has been doing exceptionally well on OnlyFans.

Faith Lianne - OF Model


OF Girl

Amouranth is an amazing business women who’s blown up on Twitch, Instagram, OnlyFans, you name it. She has substantial investments and is now starting her own NFT-based Adult platform to compete with OnlyFans.

Amouranth - OF Model

Bhad Babie

OF Girl

Bhad Bhabie posted a screencap of a receipt (and a screen recording of her pulling up the receipt) proving that she’s made over $50 million from OnlyFans. If you’re interested in earning, there’s probably something to learn here.

Bhad Babie - OF Model

What OnlyFans Support Resources Can I Use As Landing Pages?

There’s too many ‘landing page’ link-collections out there, so I’ve selected the top 4 I’ve come across. They’re each slightly different but all get the job done.

LandingPage - Linktree


Landing Pages

Create and customize your bio link in minutes​​ Connect your socials, website, store, videos, music, podcast, events and more. LinkTree is the O.G. pioneer of link-tree style landing pages or collections of links you can send fans to.

LandingPage - BeaconsAI


Landing Pages

Beacons.ai is a mobile landing page builder for creators. It contains a Link-in-Bio tool, a Media Kit tool, and an Invoicing tool, and is second most popular next to Linktree.

LandingPage - Tap.Bio


Landing Pages

Tap.Bio lets you create a landing page that includes all of your important links, just like the others above, but it also lets you add more landing pages (‘cards’) to make your bio link even more engaging. (I believe this is a ‘paid’ service though.)

LandingPage - Milkshake.App


Landing Pages

Milkshake is a fourth option for mobile landing pages & link collections, and it appears to offer the most aesthetic design options and style-ability.

What OnlyFans Support Resources Help Me Look Good On Camera?

One of the best things you can do to support your OnlyFans growth is to level up your content so that you stand above-and-beyond most others in the game. This means studying aesthetic principles, or at least applying a few camera tips and tricks.

Onlyfans Photography Tips [Quality Means More Money]

Photography & Videography

Do full shoots, setup lighting, and fill up your memory cards, are just some of the image-taking tips in this post.

InfluencerMade - Take Good Photos

How To Shoot Crazy Good OnlyFans Content

Photography & Videography

This post offers coverage on smart phones, tripods, ring lights, and more. And how to use your wishlist to get the equipment you need to level up.

FollowerCo - How To Shoot Great Content

Best Lighting Setups and Equipment for OnlyFans

Photography & Videography

This post focuses on lighting setups and equipment, and goes a bit deeper into making a choice regarding lighting than some of the other posts.

OnlyFans Support - Lighting Setups

How To Look Good In Pictures Every Time

Photography & Videography

This TrendSpotter article discusses studying your *own* photos to learn what works and doesn’t, encourages you to practice, and which phone apps may help most.

TrendSpotter - Look Good

7 Ways To Instantly Look Hot! (Real Tricks)

Photography & Videography

Shea Whitney gives tips like accessorizing for ‘Added Value’, ‘elongate’, and ‘flaring’ your lashes. I don’t really agree with her dislike of glossy lipstick, but there may be stuff to learn here.

Shea Whitney - Instantly Look Hot

How to Look Sexy & Elegant : Allure, Sensuality, Looking Sultry and Attractive

Photography & Videography

Lisa Glamour doesn’t focus so much on the slutty porn look a lot of OnlyFans models are aiming for, but she does know a thing or two about aesthetics and femininity, so take a look.

Lisa Glamour - Look Alluring

Making Your OnlyFans Shoots Look More Professional

Photography & Videography

Lenna Lux talks adding personality to your backdrops and scenes, not being lazy w/ your makeup, content-length, why ‘white’ blankets help with lighting, and more.

Lenna Lux - LED Light Wands

Poses That Will Make You Money On OnlyFans

Photography & Videography

YasSoLovely demonstrates full-body poses, close-up poses, and so on. She suggests you emphasize your best asset, pop your hips/booty, using your arms to hide or reveal what suits most, etc.

OnlyFans Support - Poses And Posing For OnlyFans

11 Vital Tips To Take A Stunning Sexy Selfie

Photography & Videography

Bad Girls Bible provides quite a decent-sized post here featuring tips on dressing up, facial care, sexy angles & postures, and lots more. Take a look and see what you think.

BadGirlsBible - How To Sexy Selfie

How to Take Hotter Nudes 101: A Manifesto

Photography & Videography

The alternate title is: “I Can’t Take a Cute Nude to Save My Life, so I Asked Boudoir Photographers for Help”, which is a pretty unique take on looking good.

Self.Com - Hotter Nudes

What Makeup Resources Can Help Me With My OnlyFans?

Whether you’re a ‘light touch’ of makeup kinda person, or a ‘full-face’ kinda person, it’s worth exploring the world of makeup. I’ve only listed 4 of the bolder looks here, because there’s more makeup links on our 214+ Bimbo Links page.

Slutty Eye Makeup - Samantha Opp

Slutty Eye Makeup Look


Samantha Opp’s youtube channel is fairly new, but this video of hers is doing quite well for a reason. In it she teaches a ‘very slutty look’ to wear to a party if you’re trying to ‘get laid’, which could be quite helpful for OnlyFans creators.

Marilyn Monroe Makeup

Classic/Sexy Vintage Makeup Tutorial (Monroe Look)


Anxhela Pere recreates a classic Marilyn Monroe-style make-up look with modern products. She explains her foundation, concealer, lipstick, shadow fairly in-depth compared to the above videos.

How To Do Pornstar Makeup - Nikki Benz

How to look like a pornstar (Nikki Benz)


There’s almost no commentary and narration in this video, and this approach may only work for a certain skin type, but I figured I’d include it anyway.

Jax B Briana Banks Look

How to look like a Porn Star (Briana Banks Inspired look)


Jax B gives a lot more commentary in this video on creating makeup similar to Briana Banks, even touching on the impact of fake tans.

Plus many more makeup tutorials on our 214+ Bimbo Links page.

What OnlyFans Support Resources Can I Use For Payments & Gifting?

Our current society has pretty odd attitudes towards sex-workers, especially in the financial realm, so finding a reliable payment gateway can be tricky. I’ve listed a few of the most popular here, but your mileage with each may vary. Either way, receiving payment effectively is clearly a key form of OnlyFans support, and one it’s good to invest time in exploring.


Payment & Gifting

CashApp is likely the best choice for payment gateway for adult entertainers, as they’re less draconian about things, friendlier to sex-workers, and chargebacks are less of an issue. (U.S. and U.K. only for now.)



Payment & Gifting

This platform is probably the most famous payment platform, but it is *not* recommended for OnlyFans. They frown on sex-workers and you’ll likely get punished through chargebacks or even a loss of your account and funds. Still, it’s a decent platform if ‘anonymous’ payment is important to you.



Payment & Gifting

This payment gateway is preferable to PayPal but it’s probably still not the best for adult content creators.



Payment & Gifting

Venmo is owned by PayPal and doesn’t seem as strict as them regarding sex-workers, but be wary. (U.S. only for now)



Payment & Gifting

The Emily Willis-backed new player in online crypto payments for the adult industry.


What Are Some Communities For OnlyFans Models?

Finding a good community is one of the best forms of OnlyFans support around. Think about it. What could be more supportive than a team of like-minded individuals who have gone through or are going through similar experiences to you? Most groups I could find are on reddit, so hopefully that’s of use.

Reddit Community - OnlyFansAdvice



This is one of my favorite OnlyFans communities because it’s generally creators helping creators. It’s not perfect, and I don’t agree with all advice there, but I’d say it’s worth joining.

Community - OnlyFansReviews



Reviews of OnlyFans creators and requests for specific niches or types of OnlyFans content.

CreatorsAdvice Subreddit



Similar to the other advice  subreddit above, but smaller, and one I’m much less familiar with.

Community - FetLife



One of the largest and oldest online communities for adult entertainers, sex-workers, and kinksters.

What Platforms Support OnlyFans Creators?

There are other platforms that many spicy accountants use either in place of OnlyFans, or alongside it. Feel free to check them out and see if they work for you. (Note: We highly recommend you *focus* on a single platform until you’ve nearly mastered it, before branching out. Focus is power.)



The most popular alternative to OnlyFans at time of writing. Unlike OnlyFans, Fansly covers chargebacks, and allows people to ‘follow’ each other, increasing reach and promotion. 




ManyVids isn’t as popular as OnlyFans or Fansly, and their cut can sometimes reach a substantial 40%, but they do have a decent search function and promote their creators somewhat more. It can be good to repurpose OF content over on ManyVids.



Some OnlyFans models get success by cross-posting or promoting their content on established porn platforms like XVideos.




Pornhub has a massive audience of adult content fans, and you may want to tap into it.

What Are Some Sex Toys & Tips For OnlyFans Models?

So you’re getting spicy on set, and either you or your fans think it’d be fun to involve certain… playful props. Here’s a quick look at some of the popular players, but there’s higher end ones too such as Lelo, Kiki De Montparnasse, and Dame.

Sex Toys For OnlyFans - Lovense


Sex Toys

Lovense’s remote controlled ‘smart’ toys and wearables have some of the best connectivity around.

Sex Toys For OnlyFans - WeVibe


Sex Toys

We Vibe is probably the leader in mutual-pleasure, ‘couple’ toys, though different folks have quite different experiences with them it seems.

Bad Dragon

Sex Toys

There’s been a huge boost of purchases of these unique looking dildos recently, in particular with the OnlyFans crowd. Worth looking into if you haven’t yet.


Sex Toys

The gold standard in sex-furniture, whether something as simple as a sex-blanket, to a bondage-chaise.

Stella Williams - Blowjob Tips

How to Give a Great Blowjob - Pro Tips to Make Him Cry

Sex Toys

If you get past the long intro & sponsor spot, Stella does get to some decent tips. “Understand the d*ck.”

Wood Rocket - Ask A Pornstar

Ask A Porn Star: "Anal Sex Tips"

Sex Toys

Amarna Miller, Piper Perri, Mick Blue, Leya Falcon, Charlotte Sartre, Lily Lane, Kiki Daire, Jasmine Webb, Aubrey Sinclair, Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Jessie Lynne, Bella Doll, Harmony Cage, Brooklyn Chase each give some tips. Common theme, ‘train your booty first.’

What Are Some OnlyFans Agencies?

A good agency is true OnlyFans support, right? They’ll help and guide you through much of you career, some even handle huge chunks of your tasks themselves. That said, some agencies can be pretty shady, and some fly-by-night ones do mistreat creators, so put in the legwork & investment to find one that feels right to you, and don’t settle for less.

(Or join our Bimbo Wealth Bootcamp and learn how simple growing your spicy content business really is.)

Scoop Agency Partners

OnlyFans Agency

Famously praised by Bhad Babie for her $50,000,000 OnlyFans payday.

Scoop Partners Agency


OnlyFans Agency

Founded by Tara Electra And Nicky Gathrite, this agency seems to be one of the most wholesome, caring, and authentic OnlyFans agencies I’ve seen. Check out their interview on Inside OnlyFans if you wanna vibe ’em out.

OnlyFans Support Unruly Agency

Seiren Agency

OnlyFans Agency

I don’t know much about them, other than they use Unsplash stock photos on their home page, so I’m not sure how confident I am here, but figured I’d give them a link and let you explore for yourself.

Seiren Agency

Fearless Talent Agency

OnlyFans Agency

From their website: “Our priority is guiding our talent to grow their personal brands through significant exposure, increasing their current income, and developing their digital presence into successful, long-term careers.”

Fearless Agency

The Bunny Agency

OnlyFans Agency

This agency claims to be one of the best known OnlyFans Agencies on the world, as well as to be run by women.

Bunny Agency

E Management Agency

OnlyFans Agency

From their website: “There are a lot of agencies that will just do what you ask them to do. “Just manage my onlyfans” or “I need promotion” doesn’t fly at here – the EMA team digs deeper and provides Creators with a thorough process from onboarding to account success.”

Whew, that wraps up our list for now.

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