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Will OnlyFans Ruin My Career? (The Striking Answer No One Tells You)

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Boss OnlyFans Ruin Career

Your boss finds out you have an OnlyFans.

What happens next?

  • Does your boss fire you?
  • Does your boss sue you?
  • Does your boss blacklist you?
  • Does your boss blackmail you?
  • Does your boss have you arrested for indecent exposure?

We’ll answer this later in the post, but first, let’s explore the question:

"Will OnlyFans ruin my career?"

OnlyFans will only ruin your career if you let it. Many people have succeeded in various careers after retiring from adult entertainment, and although it may require some adjustments, you can too.

In fact, most things people blame for ruining their careers have been (or will be) overcome by others.

People blamed gravity, saying that the Wright Bros. were wasting their money to build the first plane, but they didn’t let ‘what might happen’, stop them.

People blamed the racial landscape, saying for years that an African American could never become President, but Obama didn’t let ‘what might happen’ stop him from achieving his dream.

People at his school said that limbless Nick Vujicic would never amount to anything, but he became a famous motivational speaker.

Things that look like they ‘should’ ruin a career or stop someone’s success rarely ever do.

The truth is, no one can predict the future.

The future of a human being is not predictable.

Not even a little bit.

For example…

  • You might make so much on OnlyFans you’ll never go back to a ‘traditional career’ again.
  • You might get a taste of OnlyFans life, hate it, and move to St. George, Utah, where porn’s not legal.
  • You might meet a wealthy partner, and never need another job ever.
  • You might try OnlyFans anonymously and faceless, then simply go back to a normal 9-to-5 with no one the wiser.

Remember, no one can predict the future, and —according to researchers at Penn State University— only about 8% of worries ever come true.

Basically, less than one in ten things you stress about is actually worth the anxiety.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” – Steve Jobs

Anyone who’s achieved any level of success will usually say they had to trust something and make a leap, in order to succeed.

You’ll have to do the same, if you want similar results.

Here's 3 girls who didn't worry what the future held.

Each of them got into porn, and transitioned to a fulfilling life and career after.

They just dove in and trusted that they had the smarts to handle whatever happened.

Maybe you’ll recognize some of them.

  • Sasha Grey did porn, then went on to become a DJ, author, investor, streamer, and more.
  • Stoya went from porn starlet to columnist, actress, and podcaster.
  • Sunny Leone is a well-established Bollywood actress, and runs a successful makeup company called StarStruck.

All three are doing just fine at time of writing, and you’ll do fine too.

Plus, OnlyFans has had a massive boom in the last few years, especially because of covid.

Why is that important?

Because it means that millions of ‘normal’ girls have ‘dabbled’ with OnlyFans, and like any new platform or money-making opportunity

…tens of thousands of them eventually gave up on OnlyFans and guess what?

They went back to a 'normal' job without so much as a peep.

Thousands of them.

Tens of thousands of dead (or half-dead) OnlyFans accounts from girls you haven’t heard of, and you probably never will.


They all gave up and went back to work.

And in most cases, nobody cared.

This is because there’s always entrepreneurs (& companies) who are hungry for staff. So whenever one happens to avoid ex-sex-workers, there’s always another employer who doesn’t.

And I mean, sure…

Some ex-spicy accountants may need to find different jobs, or switch industries.

But so what?

Why do people act like that’s some great torture, or the end of the world?

I’ve had countless jobs, failed an obscene amount of businesses, and lived homeless for years.

Changing jobs was scary when I’d never tried it, but once you do it, you realize it’s easy as pie.

And it’s not just me.

Average blue-collar folks have navigated job changes for years, for countless reasons.

Changing jobs is a normal part of life.

So worrying that you might have to switch jobs or industries sometime in the future, possibly

…is a terrible reason to avoid making money in online sex-work now.

Especially if your gut, instinct, heart, or conscience is nudging you towards it.

Our society is full of people who refuse to try or experiment with anything in their life.

Auburn-haired woman huddled with her knees to her chest, and face in her arms.

Society's full of those who refuse to experiment.

It’s full of people who refuse to try anything new in their lives.

I find a lot of them when I’m browsing reddit, and not just people asking whether making an OnlyFans will ruin their career or not.

I come across many who are worried about all sorts of life decisions.

Everything from people worried about starting a YouTube channel, to those worried about asking for a raise.

These are often wonderful people. People who deserve to achieve their dreams.  But…

They refuse to take a leap or give things a shot.

All because of fear.

They’re afraid people will judge them.

They’re afraid it might make life more challenging.

In fact, I could’ve titled this post “Will OnlyFans ruin my life?” because that’s what many people seem to believe will happen.

Like I said though, it all comes down to fear.

These people often want to try OnlyFans, but won’t admit to themselves that they hesitate because they’re afraid.

They’re afraid to get out of their comfort zones and face the unfamiliar.

But the comfort zone is stagnation.

The comfort zone is failure.

But they imagine all sorts of terrible things will happen if they experiment with sex-work.

They imagine they’ll never earn again.

They imagine they’ll die.

“What is terrible is not death but the lives people live or don’t live up until their death.“

But you didn’t come to earth to live in a bubble of comfort.

You came to step up, shine bright, and follow your heart.

So I’m going to help you.


How to tell if OnlyFans will ruin your career...

Just ask yourself.

Your ‘self’, knows.

Your ‘self’ can connect the dots you can’t see.

And I’m willing to bet you haven’t given it a shot, at least not properly.

So here’s a quick example of how to do it:

  • Take a break from the constant scrolling, Netflix, and screens.
  • Get in tune with yourself. Meditate, relax in nature, dance, or do whatever gets you most ‘in the zone.’
  • Ask yourself if OnlyFans feels like a fun, exciting, or even interesting experiment to you.
  • Then listen carefully to whatever answer bubbles up inside you, and act on it.

And by ‘act on it’, I don’t mean jump instantly into hardcore scenes on camera, though.

Act, yes.

But like walking out onto a new, unfamiliar rope bridge…

Take one small step at a time.

And make sure there’s steps that you feel proud of.

For example:

  • You can start by just signing up for an OnlyFans account.
  • Or if you have someone who really trusts you, you could even ask them if you can use their account and see what it’s like.
  • You could even start smaller, by researching or writing out a few steps that would be necessary to be an OnlyFans model.

The point is that…

Having an OnlyFans career isn’t an instant, be-all & end-all decision.

It’s not like you’re instantly unfit for hire just by visiting OnlyFans.com either.

Getting into OnlyFans is actually a process.

And it’s one that you can pick up and put down anywhere along the way.

No one ruins their career just by researching OnlyFans, signing up without posting, or by playing around with a friend’s account.

Some people even keep a job and an OnlyFans, simply by carefully keeping it secret.

(Personally, that sounds like a hassle, and I’d rather just ‘own’ my decisions, loud and proud, but I felt it’d be good to point out the anonymous OnlyFans option.)

Hopefully I’ve made it abundantly clear:

The answer to the question “Will OnlyFans ruin my career?” is simple.

OnlyFans will only ruin your career if you let it.

Even if (gasp!) you get labeled as a ‘sex-worker’ by someone.

Labels are like insects, just as annoying and just as plentiful.

They’re basically unavoidable unless you isolate yourself as a hermit in Alaska or something.

Public scrutiny and judgment is coming for you no matter what.

  • You’re a successful (or failed) inventor? People are scrutinizing and judging.
  • You’re a successful (or failed) artist? People are scrutinizing and judging.
  • You’re a successful (or failed) OnlyFans model? People are scrutinizing and judging.

Get used to it.

Make peace with it.

Embrace it.

Some people like to point out that “once the porn line is crossed, you can never go back” or that it’s “forever out there for the world to see.”

And while ‘technically’ that may be true, it’s mostly fear-mongering.

Because there are people who’ve committed far worse ‘atrocities’ than shaking their booty on camera, and still managed to make amends, repair their reputation, and find fulfilling work after.

A fulfilling career is *always* on the table, and OnlyFans isn’t some all-powerful corporation that can magically ruin yours.

Play Video about Sasha Grey's face close-up in Holly Randall's interview studio.

So now let's return to how this post began:

Your boss finds out you have an OnlyFans.

What happens next?

  • Does he fire you?
  • Does he sue you?
  • Does he blacklist you?
  • Does he blackmail you?
  • Does he have you arrested for indecent exposure?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what happens next.

Because ‘normal’ people from all walks of life, have dealt with all these things and more at some point or another.

And you can deal with them too.

Much easier than you think.

Plus, your worst fears are massively unlikely to happen anyway.

It's like worrying you'll get hit by lighting the next time it rains.

The (harsh) truth is…

Your worries and fears hardly matter.

I know they *feel* like they matter, but for the most part, they don’t.

And they definitely shouldn’t matter to you as much as your passion, your interests, your calling.

Remember, less than 1 in 10 worries are actually realized.

What matters isn’t your (likely irrational) fear of what some judgy, anti-sex-work boss says, does, or thinks.

Those types are a dime a dozen, and have little impact in the grand scheme of things.

A dark concrete wall with a bright white heart icon painted on it.

What matters is whether or not you're willing to listen to your heart.

If your heart says to explore OnlyFans…

…be bold enough to do it.

Love yourself enough to explore your passions.

If your heart says OnlyFans isn’t the right decision for you, make peace with that.

Just don’t hang out in limbo, paralyzed or dithering in busy-work.

Don’t spend precious moments reading more articles like this, while you avoid committing to a decision.

Focus on what matters.

What matters is that you avoid living a timid, empty life, simply because you’re afraid to pursue your passions.

What matters is whether you’re focused, determined, and brave enough to make any leap your heart is guiding you towards.

What matters is how much you love yourself, and how willing you are to move beyond your comfort zone.

If your interests and passions matter to you…

…decide, commit, and give them a shot.

And have faith you can handle whatever the future brings.

I believe in you.

Do you?


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