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Drown Or Starve:
What's Your Choice?

Everyone has needs.

And when those needs go unmet, it can often feel like death.

I rarely speak about my needs, because I consider them obvious. But I’m clearly wrong. Since most people see me as the most self-sufficient, need-less person they know. So I guess I’ll just come right out and say it. I have needs.

And one crucial need for me is… I need to make things better.

I need to help things ryze.

I want to make the world better.
I want to make them better.
I want to make you better.

But… I can’t.

I’ve been trying to for over 30 years.

But I can’t make anyone better unless they invite it and co-operate.

I helped Evan Carmichael improve his brand for years. Why? Because he was the only one who invited me to correct his shit. He was the only one who co-operated.

My destiny is to be a genius-level coach, advisor, and corrector. But it feels like I can’t get someone to let me help them.

Not even if I fucking beg.

Because even though I can see every tiny thing that could be improved, it doesn’t matter. It’s useless unless others admit that I see and know more than them. And almost nobody wants to admit someone else knows more than them!

I’d need them to admit that I see more than them.

And who’s going to admit that?

Everyone’s in denial. Everyone thinks they see clearly. Everyone thinks they’re ‘fine’. Because nearly nobody in our society can handle being told they’re wrong or need improvement. And even less people care about actually making changes. No one cares to be corrected.

And so the world gets worse, governments get worse, businesses get worse, you get worse.

And I have to sit by, tragically unfulfilled, watching my genius go unwanted.

Oh, sure, I have 100 testimonials or so. Plus I have my decade with Evan, but there’s 8 billion more people I could help. What I’ve accomplished is a joke. A drop in the bucket.

I have people in my exclusive OnlyFans mastermind group that I’ve helped with so many things. They 100% know I’m good. They know I uplift them on any topic they’ve asked about.

And they go silent, get ‘busy with life’, and refuse to invite my genius. Like… what? Hello? I’m literally a magic pill. Just fucking invite me.

God, it’s unreal.

I’m so full of love. I’m blessed with so much to offer. Immense talent and value. I just want to help.

I’m a life-guard begging drowners to cooperate, while they flail & drag me under.

If they’d let me help them, they’d be grateful and reward me. We’d all benefit together. My needs would be met, and so would theirs. I’d thrive. But they make it impossible. They just fight and struggle.

So my choices are: 1. Try to help them and drown with them, or 2. Sit on the banks observing, feeling useless and unrecognized. And in our society, ‘useless’ people starve.

It’s a devil’s choice of how I’d like to die.

My gift is wisdom, advice, correction. My gift is making people better, instantly, as long as they invite me to. But since few people let me shine my gift, I can’t be seen. I can’t be recognized. I can’t be rewarded. And because I’m unrewarded. I create no wealth. And because I create no wealth. I’m gradually starving. And it’s not even fast.

In fact, my starvation is agonizingly slow.

Every day that goes by where I’m not helping someone rise up… is a day I starve. It’s another day I waste away. My soul becomes more emaciated. My heart continues darkening. My talents go more under-used.

But I smile and put on a brave face. I wave from the banks at everyone, and tell them they’re “doing a great job”. Because the only thing people hate more than a corrective advisor… is a whiny, needy, sad-sack.

I’m already ignored, dismissed, and marginalized enough. I don’t need to make it worse.

So I suffer in silence. Needs unmet. Knowing I could transform everyone into talented swimmers.

I could even help them fly.

If they were open to it. If I was invited. If they cooperated. But the funny thing about invitation, is it’s totally out of my control. There’s not a thing I can do to make others invite me, cooperate with me, and be ready for correction.

I want to make the world better.
I want to make them better.
I want to make you better.

But I can only do it if invited.

It’s up to the world.
It’s up to them.
It’s up to you.