Money manifestation demystified!

Isn't it time you had wealth explained to you properly?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it is simply a helper article to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of the law of attraction.

Money is probably the most ‘loaded’ topic on earth.

The amount of chaos, clutter, and confusion around understanding money is staggering. All the conflicting opinions around money is like a fog to most people, and leaves them unable to see the truth, even if it’s right in front of them.

So today, here and now, you and I will cut through this fog and give you such a clear understanding of money that you can do anything involving it.

Keep reading and you’ll learn to manifest money using the law of attraction to live the life you want.

Ready? Here we go.


Let’s take an average person, we’ll call her Chloe.

At the moment, Chloe feels like she’s in a deep hole of school loans, car payments, and unaffordable rent.

Chloe currently struggles to increase her wealth in any reasonable way.

In fact, she struggles so much that even if a brilliant prosperity-teacher is helping her she makes practically zero progress.


Mostly because that’s how she’s been trained.

Think about it. If Chloe was a ‘blank slate’, like an infant, it would be easy for a teacher like me to teach her money-manifestation mastery. Because she would soak up all my positive lessons, teachings, and examples about money easily, try them for herself, and see amazing results. This is the same way any child (‘blank slate’) learns anything.

But Chloe –like most people– is not a blank slate. She has been trained by society to fear, misunderstand, blame, and worry about money.

She has been trained to have a negative ‘vibe’ towards money, often without even realizing she’s doing so.

Even if Chloe says she wants or loves or has money in one moment, five, ten, or fifteen minutes later, she’ll think an even stronger thought of lack. Or she’ll regularly have a ‘background worry’ about her security and supply. Or she’ll envy or judge some other human’s success.

Then, being the kind helpful teacher I am, I’ll attempt to help Chloe.

I’ll start by asking her if she is ‘more positive’ about money or ‘more negative’ about it. In answer, she’ll conveniently forget her thoughts of lack, and instead “swear” to me that she’s “feeling good about money.”

In fact, much of the time, Chloe will swear up and down that ‘things are fine’ financially, when the truth is that Chloe is desperately hungry for (and could use) significantly more money, resources, and abundance. She doesn’t realize that abundance, wealth, and riches are her birthright. She was placed on earth, a massively abundant planet, and just like all of nature’s creatures, it’s normal and healthy for her to have her desires, growth, and evolution provided for. Truth is, it’s your birthright to be rich. You’re on earth to lead an abundant life. Most people feel this in their heart. They know their soul always intended to be happy, radiant, and free. Which means, you’re meant to have all the money needed to do that. You have the untouchable right to grow and express yourself in all areas, including beauty & luxury. There is no virtue in poverty. If we apply all this to Chloe we can clearly see that she is…

…Living in less-than-abundant conditions.

And living in less-than-abundant conditions is a dis-ease.

Poverty is not ‘natural’, and not how her life was ever meant to be. Chloe was born to thrive, grow, and prosper and so were you. Your desire to be rich is a desire for a more free, more fulfilled, more happy life. It’s a primal urge deep in your DNA and it is a good one. Actually, it’s a great one. Most of humanity’s greatest evolutions have this desire for a fuller, free-er, more empowered life at their core. Your desire for wealth is not only good, but fucking amazing. Fantastic. The best urge ever. Love it, respect it, cherish it, celebrate it. And deep down Chloe knows these things. And she needs to admit these truths consciously and change her perspective and attitude towards money as rapidly as possible (it only takes an instant), because if she doesn’t, her dis-ease will persist.

Compare it to a physical illness or an abusive relationship and anyone can see the mental ‘dis-ease’ of poverty.

  • If Chloe were physically ill, she’d admit there was something off-kilter (or ‘wrong’) with her body.
  • If she were in an abusive relationship, she’d admit there was something off-kilter (or ‘wrong’) with her love-life.
  • Similarly, if she were financially under-performing, she *should* admit that there’s something off-kilter (or ‘wrong’) with her prosperity.

Just like how when your blood is circulating freely, you are physically healthy, when money is circulating freely, you are economically healthy.

The point I’m making with all this is:

Chloe is our example of the average person. She’s probably just like you reading this. She has had a terrible attitude towards money ingrained so deeply into her by society, that she doesn’t even realize it, and when a teacher tries to teach her how to improve it, Chloe tends to stonewall, deny, or be dishonest about things. This means that no matter how great the teacher is, minimal results will occur for her, as they would for any student with so many hardcore prosperity-biases.

So if Chloe –or you– truly wants to improve your ability to manifest money…

You’ll need to master three foundations first:

A) Admitting the truth of your thoughts, moods, and choices moment-to-moment and…
B) Understanding that poverty is a dis-ease, and…
C) Embracing ‘rapid change’, resolution, and application of the prosperity lessons being taught.

Anyone who fails these three basic things might as well stop reading now, because they’ll just be wasting their time.

Does that make sense?


And one more thing worth understanding before we proceed is:

Money is just a symbol.

It’s an arbitrary, made-up symbol.

It has been since caveman times. It started as seashells, animal pelts, and trinkets. Then it became livestock. Then it became gold. Then promissory notes. Then bills. Next, perhaps cryptocurrency. And so on.

Back in Neanderthal times, if you found a seashell on the ground, would you call it evil? No. Or if you found gold, silver, or copper on the ground. Would you call it ‘evil’ or ‘bad?’ No. Same goes if you found a stray ox or sheep. You’d know they were all just a natural part of the earth. Well, the same goes for paper money, because those root symbols are how all money got its start.

It’s all just atoms and electrons, created by the universe, god, source, the infinite, mother nature, or whatever you happen to believe in.

Money is just a symbol, and symbols are free for anyone to create.

So, how do we manifest it?

Well, manifesting wealth is the same as manifesting anything else. It hinges on three key factors.

  1. The strength (and consistency) of your desire.
  2. The strength (and consistency) of your belief.
  3. The (consistent) soothing of your resistance.

And if you’re like most people these three things have already been trained into an ‘unhelpful’ spot.

Because of this, it’s almost guaranteed that you have sky-high resistance on the topic of your wealth & prosperity. It’s also practically guaranteed that you have pitiful beliefs on the topic of wealth & prosperity. The only thing you might have a decent foundation of is ‘desire’ for wealth & prosperity, but even here… most people don’t ‘want’ it as bad as they think they do.

Because there’s a huge difference between “I want wealth because all my friends have it and I see it on TV” and “I want wealth because I know what it’s like to be homeless and I never want that ever again and I believe I’m on earth to build empires and touch hearts and start charities…and wealth is a convenient, fitting path towards realizing those soulful dreams of mine.”

The former sounds like strong desire, but the latter is strong desire.

Anyway, most people start out like this on the topic of wealth:


With these 3 factors so out of whack, there’s literally no way to manifest wealth. As long as these remain like this for Chloe, she will literally go to her grave poverty-stricken. These 3 factors must be changed, and since they’re her desire, her belief, and her resistance… only SHE can change them.

I’ve talked about the 4 levels of belief and 4 levels of desire before, so I won’t get into them here, suffice to say that for massive wealth, Chloe must raise her belief and desire significantly. Both ideally as high as possible, while simultaneously soothing her resistance until it’s quite low, or practically insignificant.

So let’s say Chloe starts by increasing her desire for money.

She starts out with a very low, very basic desire “I just want more money, dammit!”

And after some lessons on money manifestation, Chloe has changed her desire to:

“I want my birthright. I want to experience my true freedom. I want to express my true abundance and prosperity. I want to be and live as a clear, shining example of human abundance because that’s what I came to earth for. I know my prosperity will inspire prosperity for many others, and is a kind, generous, public service that I embody. I want to flow generous wealth to me and through me because it’s what my soul meant to do upon arriving here. I desire to touch hearts and invest in people and transform the world and resources and wealth definitely play a role in that, so I embrace this desire as good and healthy and sublime, now. This is my desire for true wealth.”


Now Chloe’s financial mindset looks like this:


But just having a high desire for wealth probably isn’t enough to tip the ‘manifestation scales’ in Chloe’s favor. (Law Of Attraction can respond to someone with a super-high desire and nothing else going for them, but this is like relying on a thin thread to hold a heavy weight… it will probably just fail.) It would be much better if Chloe consciously worked on strengthening her belief in wealth to a high-level to go along with her desire.

Chloe knows she needs to master the law of attraction properly.

And she knows a big part of that is replacing probability-focus with an “it’s already done” focus. So Chloe decides to do her best to believe and ‘know’ with certainty that despite economic conditions, market swings, lost clients, wars, pandemics, or anything else, she’ll forever be well-supplied by the universe, regardless of what form her funds and resources may take. She looks around at the abundant earth and adopts a consciousness of wealth. She’s determined to teach her mind that wealth is forever flowing freely in her life.

She knows that wealth is a set of beliefs first, a manifestation second.

So she takes her currently low, basic belief of “Uhh… yeeaah…I believe, uh, that more money is coming to me (but it’s probably only 10 bucks or whatever,)” and does her best to strengthen it.

She starts by listening to subliminals on wealth, but gets bored and feels like they’re not working for her. She then moves on to ‘Abraham-Hicks Focus Wheels’, and they work for a bit but Chloe has trouble focusing. Eventually she finds some other belief-elevation methods that do feel impactful and work for her, so she affirms, visualizes, and sings the following like lullabies:

  • “Wealth is flowing to me now.”
  • “Infinite intelligence assists all my financial transactions, so I always prosper.”
  • “I like money, I love it, I use it wisely, constructively, and judiciously.”
  • “Money flows to me, I am a money magnet.”
  • “Abundance is coming, I deserve and accept it.”
  • “I accept and receive unexpected money.”
  • “I’m always discovering new sources of income.”
  • “I am allowing money more and more daily.”
  • “I deserve and expect financial abundance.”
  • “Money is very good.”
  • “Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.”
  • I use money for good only, and I am grateful for it and the riches of my mind.”
  • “Wealth, wealth, wealth.”
  • “I rejoice in other’s prosperity. I wish for them more and more wealth.”
  • “By day and by night I am being prospered in all areas.”
  • “I thank source for my ever-growing wealth.”
  • “Thank source for my continually improving investments.”
  • “Thank source for my constant supply of wealth, prosperity, and abundance in all forms, monetary or not.”
  • “I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind.”
  • “It is my right to be rich, happy, and successful.”
  • “Money flows to me freely, copiously, and endlessly. I am forever conscious of my true worth. I give of my talents freely, and I am wonderfully blessed financially. It is wonderful!”

(Note: The above are mostly taken from Joseph Murphy, but you can use money-beliefs from Abraham-Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Sanaya Roman, or any kind of positive beliefs about money and wealth that work for you.)

She doesn’t do this lazily or distractedly or emptily. She does it enthusiastically, focusedly, and heartfully.

And because her desire is high and her belief is high, Chloe starts getting some nice results.


Now things are starting to happen. She won a free TV set, her aunt treated her to a hair salon appt., and her blog post earned her a nice chunk of cryptocurrency ‘randomly.’ But it’s not what she considers ‘real wealth’, and it hasn’t gotten her out of the hole of school loans and car payments. She’s starting to get frustrated. “I desire wealth so bad, and I did the work of raising my belief in it, so why aren’t huge sums of money in my account?” she wonders.

And the answer is, because her resistance is so high on most wealth-related topics, that it cancels-out most of the awesome manifestations the universe has lined up for her.

Chloe desperately wants to blame the market, the government, or even her law of attraction teacher, but she knows it’s important to admit the truth.

She knows that just like illness in her body, poverty is a dis-ease of her mind and finances, one that is her responsibility and nobody else’s. She knows that she should really focus on soothing her high level of resistance towards wealth. She knows society has conditioned her, and the whole ‘game of life’ is to replace that conditioning with healthier conditioning of her own choosing.

So Chloe starts facing her demons.

She begins soothing her resistance as much as possible.

The first one she tackles is:

“Money corrupts everything and I’m scared of being ‘evil!’”

This sounds like something her own poor parents, teachers, or peers have taught her. Or Something TV brainwashed into her.

Is it really true that money is bad? Well, let’s examine that together.

Chloe may think that people steal or even kill for money. She may believe money is connected to countless atrocities, but that does not make it evil.

I’ll paraphrase Joseph Murphy from ‘How To Attract Money’

Anyone can offer $50 to rob a store. But that’s simply them misusing money for ill. Similarly, you can use a hammer to bludgeon someone or use it to build a house. You can use water to quench a child’s thirst, or use it to drown the infant. You can use fire to warm a guest, or burn it to death. These are all examples of resources used either positively or negatively; creatively or destructively.

Sure obsessing over money may cause you to live an unbalanced, greedy, or miserly life… but that’s not money’s fault, it’s the fault of your own character and choices. (“Man
does not live by bread alone.’)

Human beings don’t have an evil nature. Each child is born pure, good, and innocent, as source, the universe, god, nature, or life seeking expression through it. Adding money (which is just a symbol anyway) into the mix changes nothing and does not magically make you ‘a bad person.’

And this kind of truth-seeking can be applied to many of Chloe’s remaining resistances. Below are some of the perspectives, outlooks, and limiting beliefs she had to change.

  1. If I gain lots of money, friends will be jealous. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  2. If I gain lots of money, friends will want to leech off me. (LOA says: OK, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  3. If I gain lots of money, I’ll have to pay taxes. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  4. If I gain lots of money, people will judge me. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  5. If I gain lots of money, I’ll be a target for robbers. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  6. If I gain lots of money, I’ll have to deal with numbers which I hate. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  7. If I gain lots of money, I won’t be ‘spiritual’ anymore. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  8. If I gain lots of money, I’ll seem greedy or scammy. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  9. If I gain lots of money, I’ll have to work hard for it. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  10. If I gain lots of money, I’ll have to pay for everyone. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  11. If I gain lots of money, life will be boring. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)
  12. If I gain lots of money, it will take lots of time. (LOA says: Ok, I’ll avoid wealth.)

And those are just the resistances she has if she gains lots of money. Chloe also has many resistances buried inside her about money in general.

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  3. Money is filthy.
  4. Ambition is bad.
  5. Money’s not spiritual, it’s materialistic.
  6. Most people make money ‘dishonestly.’

Not to mention her resistances to security, safety, and supply.

  1. Time, money, food, and space often run out.
  2. I have to struggle to be secure.
  3. I have to defend and protect in order to be safe.
  4. I’m worried life won’t supply me with what I need to grow like it did when I was a child.
  5. I’m not secure in my ability to manifest wealth.

And the list of possible resistances goes on and on. Even subtle ones such as resenting others who are well-off, or her being jealous of another’s success or relationships. These are examples of Chloe stealing from herself. Wealth has difficulty showing up in your life if you let resentment, jealousy, and blame live in your mind or be aimed at others, because those others are examples of your dream. Life is showing them to you as a manifestation of you getting closer to wealth, not further from it. Condemning the wealth of others is condemning your own wealth.

But the biggest resistance of all is one that 99.9% of people on the planet have, and it is absolutely brutal. Like, no matter how high your belief-level or desire-level is, this particular resistance crushes nearly everyone’s manifestations into dust.

What is it?


Probability-focus is an insidious plague that has infected almost everyone.

Believing in probability limits you majorly, and prevents most of your desired manifestations from being realized in any reasonable time.


Because believing in probability means you believe some things are ‘likely’ and some things are ‘unlikely.’ And things in the ‘likely’ camp have a secondary belief attached to them which is ‘happens reasonably often; possible for me to experience.’ While things in the ‘unlikely’ camp have a secondary belief attached that says ‘happens rarely; nearly impossible for me to experience any time soon.’

These are the two sides to probability-focus, and here’s how they play out.

Example One: Let’s say you want an extra dollar this week. Because that falls into the ‘likely’ camp, the universe can and does deliver that to you.

Example Two: Let’s say you want an extra $1,000,000 a year, instead. Because an earnings-increase like that falls into the ‘unlikely’ camp for you, the universe won’t deliver that to you, possibly ever, because it’s an ‘unlikely, rare event’ in your mind.

Can you show me an example of someone free of probability-belief?

Unfortunately, it’s uncommon in modern times. The celebs and influencers you look up to have partially freed themselves from it. You’ll often catch them saying ‘anything is possible.’ This usually just means ‘anything is possible (but I still secretly think many things are unlikely.)’ So this belief doesn’t fully free celebs & influencers from probability-reliance, but it does help take some of the edge off. Instead of believing the ‘unlikely thing happens rarely’, they believe that the unlikely thing is ‘possible.’ It’s a subtle change, but it does help your heroes achieve some significant things.

Then is there anyone who’s free from probability-belief?

The best example that comes to mind is Jesus. Whether you believe he was real or not, how he’s described makes him a shining example of what someone free of probability-focus can do.

Jesus clearly did not believe some things were likely and some things were unlikely. He also didn’t say ‘anything is possible’ just to take the edge off probability, while secretly still believing in probability.

No, Jesus freed himself entirely from the realm of probability by embracing the divine empowerment of quantum reality, parallel realities, or multiple universes.

Jesus believed that everything anyone could imagine had been done already. It was a certain, guaranteed, foregone conclusion… probabilities be damned. To Jesus, whatever he desired was already ‘a reality’ in an energy dimension somewhere, and his ‘Father’ (source/infinite intelligence/god) had created it for him, and was waiting for him to ‘realize’ it by elevating his beliefs and minimizing his resistance.

Probability had absolutely nothing to do with anything, and had zero place in Jesus’s world. Everything was a reality he chose (out of trillions of possible realities), just like choosing options on a menu.

And each of the amazing realities Jesus chose to experience were prepared and served up to him by God, like a michelin-star chef. And so, Jesus knew simply to focus his heart and mind purely on the reality he wanted, with minimal resistance, and God, the master chef, would prepare and serve it in a fulfilling way.

So after I was done teaching Chloe all this, she realized that the many resistances she had about money were nothing compared to her overwhelming probability-belief. And so… she started soothing it.

And two of the best ways to soothe resistances are…

…Meditation and perspective-shifts.

Meditation is the most commonly recommended path, because it requires little effort and it gets results. Most teachers swear by it (or are even fanatical about it), and understandably so. If meditation was a drug, it’d be hugely popular.

But in my experience, perspective-shifts are far more powerful, impactful, and fast-acting to soothe resistance.

The only thing is, they take more effort, more critical thought, more intense focus.

For example, meditation can help you stop obsessing over probability for 20 minutes, but resistance will likely return if you don’t meditate more consistently, longer, or more often.

On the other hand, if you exert the effort to shift perspective on probability-belief, replacing it with an “it’s already done” (parallel reality) model, that perspective shift will free you from probability-focus and kick your manifestations into high gear… permanently.

Chloe, wisely, did both. She practiced meditation (properly) for 20 minutes every morning before her mind started thinking about bills and jobs and so on. But she also read all she could about the law of attraction, quantum theory, and multiple universe theory. She did her best to grasp “it’s already done”, similar to how Jesus approached manifestation.

And something wonderful happened.

As Chloe soothed her resistances, the strong desire for (and belief in) wealth she’d developed earlier finally had a chance to shine.

Suddenly, things she’d wanted for years began flowing into her experience.

She sold 10 paintings that had been sitting in a gallery for years. She got a raise at work, and an award for company spirit. She won $30,000 on a lottery ticket. She received a substantial inheritance from her grandparents upon their passing. Plus she sold a rare comic book for ten times its market value because the buyer needed it to complete his collection and couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Chloe had jaw-dropping amounts of wealth and abundance flowing into her life all at once.

Some of them just landed in her lap, others she had to take action (or steps) towards, but either way, her reality was much more abundant than it ever had been before.

“Now this,” Chloe thought, “is manifesting serious money.”

And she was right, because high levels of desire and belief, now combined with low levels of resistance, is all it takes to manifest impressive results.

This was Chloe’s journey from terrible money-earner to skilled money-manifestor.

She wasn’t a master yet, but the foundations are there, she had a basic level of skill, and she was well on her way to mastery. Because once you get the hang of raising your energy or vibration through desire, beliefs, and resistance-management…

…you can manifest whatever money you want.


Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core, but like many skills, has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time and effort to ‘get right,’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more refinements than I mentioned here. I wrote this simply because most people are pretty passionate about LOA and money, so I wanted to address it specifically.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, and even skimming, and I wish you huge joy and success in creating the life you want.