You don't believe anyone because we all...

Live in denial.

Your triggered ego may have you denying this already. But if you want your beliefs to help you live a happier life, you must understand this.

Everyone has lies they believe strongly.

From Marilyn Monroe to Belle Delphine, everyone believes some lies.

As do you and I, even now.

We live in comfort zones, subtly avoiding anything that questions our misbeliefs.

And whenever life sends us people who shake our beliefs, we pull away.

Don't believe me? Think about it.

What happens when you ask one of life's advisors for advice?

They question misbeliefs, pushing us out of our comfort zone towards more beliefs, but...

We get defensive, stubborn, hostile, or even hateful in response.

Or we keep it civil but become an excuse-factory. Instead of doing our own self-work...

We spew countless excuses that even the most patient teacher couldn’t wade through.


Because when our hard-won beliefs are questioned by new experiences, feelings, and views...

We feel exposed. We feel shaken. We feel afraid.

Our solution?

We desperately, manically cling to our old beliefs.

So when faced with truth and reality that could empower us, we don't thank the teacher.

We don't think "Huh, I guess my old belief was wrong after all, I'll gladly change!"

Instead, we struggle to come to grips with the truth.

Just like the protagonist in a movie, we run from our fate, making up any justification we can to avoid the truth. Things like:

  • “Well, he never loved me anyway”
  • “I was just following orders, I had no choice.”
  • “People are just too apathetic to buy my stuff.”

But in movies, this justification lasts part of an hour, until revelation dawns on the hero.

Then they finally admit the truth, and become the hero they’re meant to be.

In real life we do the same thing, but for longer.

We avoid the truth-teller who confronted our misbeliefs, often for decades.

And it’s a tragedy, really.


This clinging to comfortable lies while avoiding challenging truths hurts us.

This choosing ‘yes-men’ and sycophants over life’s truth-telling teachers hurts us.

It prevents us from getting blessings, help, and empowerment, often from the only people courageous enough to tell us the truth.

You didn’t come to earth to believe lies that don’t help, serve, or uplift you.

Clinging to misbeliefs keeps you poor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you encounter a ‘hard truth’, instead of making excuses to keep you comfortable…

…you can just be open to it.

You can embrace it, dive into it, and experiment with it to see if it gets you better results than what you’ve believed in the past.

You don’t have to cling to misbeliefs.

You don’t have to be triggered whenever they’re confronted.

You don’t have to stay in a mental comfort zone.

You can bravely give new beliefs a chance.

You can choose to seek out truth-telling teachers.

You can courageously give their advice a committed try.

The only question is, what do you choose?