ATTN: Rebelpreneurs! Mental health & wealth... that you can 100% afford.

I spent three years homeless, & have failed 30 businesses.

And all the mistakes I made, taught me a recipe for profitable growth, guaranteed to work for you, or anyone who applies it.

I spent three years homeless, & have failed 30 businesses.

Eventually I pulled myself off the streets by helping a celeb grow his empire from 1000 subscribers to 3 million. This journey taught me true success mindsets, plus the ingredients needed to make any biz profitable.

So now I teach purpose-driven, critically-thinking rebelpreneurs the recipe for uplifting their minds…

…and their sales.

There’s a recipe for profitable growth.

There's a recipe for profitable growth.

There’s a recipe for profitable growth.

Don’t believe me?

Then why have people been succeeding in biz since caveman times? Why have people born with no limbs, or from destitute countries, or in their twilight years all learned to grow profitably?

And just like cooking, selling profitably is a simple, understandable, repeatable process.

You either follow the recipe, and end up with a profitable business, or you f–k it up and end up with an unprofitable mess.


But if a profitable business is so simple, why is the failure rate insanely high?


– Most people are never taught the ingredients & steps.
– Most gurus you watch skip or gloss-over key steps.
– Most founders’ mental health sabotages the steps.

Would you expect any recipe to succeed if every chef who tries it has had their head messed up by society? Would you expect any recipe to succeed if people are fumbling the steps?

Of course not.

So now I’m giving you the chance to break free of the cycle of lack, mediocrity, and failure that so many rebelpreneurs experience. (Me included, remember, 30 of my businesses have failed, and I spent 3 years homeless.)

As long as you’re sincere, committed, and coachable…

…I’ll give you the profitable growth recipe, teach you how to do it, and repair any mindset blocks that are stopping you along the way.

Here’s how it works:


You earn by giving value to your clients…

…and my guidance increases your value.

How much does your value increase?

A boatload.


Truth is…

You’re insanely valuable, but you’re either resisting that value, or not even aware of it, and that’s OK, we all experience that.

(Plus, otherwise I wouldn’t have a purpose!)

This means that currently, your brand (& mindset) are keeping your true value further from your clients than it could be. It means your impact and growth are being limited.


After a few sessions with me, that changes.

Actually it changes in the very first session, and you don’t have to take my word for it:

“A very short conversation needed, and from less than half the words [Jay] understands exactly what you need.” – Ani Chibukhchyan

“After a couple of short conversations he went off on his own and delivered… exactly what we talked about.” – Corey Swiergoszs

“A 5-minute conversation with J-Ryze can change your life.” – Elie Kirreh

“Your conversations and posts are completely amazing.” – Sonia Winland

“The conversation I had with him helped in curing me of a neurotic OCD behavior which was devastating but I spoke with him just once and I’ve changed that behavior. He guided me to healing my own mind… ” – Monika Gonzalez

There’s many more testimonials down below.

So, what’s the magic mechanism at work here?

Why are conversations with me so eye-opening?

Because I deliver a-ha moments. I give perspective shifts.

And where do those perspective shifts come from?


Specifically “Ryzing Questions.”

How you handle life now is…

You ask ‘normal’ questions such as “why isn’t this working?” or “how can I make more money?” These are the same questions average people are asking, and this generates average answers, leading to average results.


With me, you’ll be asking ryzing questions, getting ryzing answers, all of which lead you to huge growth.

The process is simple:

We meet weekly, I ask you questions, offer insights, and walk you through the profit recipe.

You pay close attention, make courageous decisions to change your life, and put the wisdom into practice.



Your current clients are happier, more loyal, and hungrier for your offerings, and new clients find you easier.

You become a better version of you, your brand elevates, and your clients get more value.

You are enriched in every way.

Plus, I get to fulfill my life purpose of elevating the consciousness & abundance of 8 billion humans, I get testimonials from happy rebelpreneurs, and receive some financial appreciation to offset all my investment in you.


Everybody wins.

Here’s an example where I helped Lisa tap into deeper gratitude and abundance.

An example ryzesesh:

A session with me isn’t a bunch of ‘boring’ listening, it’s you getting active, practicing together with me, and making permanent, effective improvements to different areas of your life.

Lisa want practice with gratitude and abundance, so here’s a clip of her session.

And this is just a taste, I have thousands of other sessions like this that haven’t been recorded.

I can guide people on any aspect of life, because they’re all related.

  • Your relationship can drastically affect your business and wealth.
  • Your physical health can too.
  • Your direction and focus in your biz can effect your intimate partner.
  • Your gratitude can affect your living conditions.

And on and on.

I understand all these connections, and I can guide you through them.

By now you’re probably feeling that this sounds amazing, but it likely costs an arm and a leg though.

Well, let’s explore the jaw-dropping pricing I’m using with this:

Pay what you can.

“Did he just say: ‘pay what you can?'”


The same value celebs have paid me 10% of their topline revenue for, totaling about a quarter million overall, I’m letting you “Pay What You Can.”

Why? I can’t say for sure. My heart just told me to go for it and see what happens.

I hear you thinking…

“Wise, life-changing, abundance mentoring… for… whatever amount I feel like? There’s gotta be a catch, right?”


Key business principles are innovation, experimentation, and bold risks. Not to mention providing value in service to others, free of agenda.

So this is my experiment.

I considered offering it free, but whenever I’ve done that, people haven’t valued the wisdom.

“Those who pay, pay attention.”

So you have to have at least some skin in the game. Even if it’s only a dollar.

Will this experiment work?

I don’t know, but f*ck it, let’s go.

I’ve knocked down any affordability barriers.

I even provide a guarantee further down.

So I’m here.

I’m committed to helping.

The question is, will you commit too?

Do you want wealth and mental health bad enough to make a change? To work with a badass guide who’ll show you the way?

Because prosperity is easy, and I’ll be helping you, but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Fast growth towards abundance requires fast personal changes. You may have to change your habits. Your social circles. Your beliefs. Your emotions. Your environment.

You may have to change everything.

In sessions, I’m open-minded, and ready to hear you fully, but….

…I am where limiting beliefs go to die.

So if you’re not ready to “be wrong” a lot, or imagine that I won’t interrupt you when you’re arguing for your limitations or weakness, think again.

I don’t pull any punches.

We’re aiming for fast abundance here, so I’ll challenge you.

I’ll ask hard questions, call you out, and give you a disciplined form of love that your parents and teachers almost certainly didn’t give you.


My teachings are clearer, deeper, and more practical than literally any other guru you can name…

…but I’ve lost plenty of clients in the past because they were too p*ssy to stomach it, or they didn’t like my language, or I refuse to let them sit in their comfort zones.

And I’m fine with that.

I’m not for everyone.


If anything I’ve said here scares you, or doesn’t resonate, I get it.

That’s fine.

Off-the-charts fast growth in biz or life, isn’t for everyone.

That said, I’m not Goggins-level harsh, I do have tact and care, but I am focused on your growth, and I won’t be compromising on that.

So… you’re now at a crossroads.

Because you can either stay your current self, a match to whatever current bullshit you’re dealing with, or connect with me, ryze up and become a match to your most successful self.

Whether you want to help millions of people, or just enjoy a private jet, I don’t judge. The world’s an abundant place, and you deserve to realize any dream you have.

I’ll help you.

But only if you have the courage to commit and help yourself.

Email my partner Cyn with the subject “Ryze” if you want to book your first RyzeSesh.

Note: Because this mentoring is intense, and I’m moving houses shortly, I only have room for 3 candidates.

Also, I have no idea how long I can keep this up on minimal funding, so I’ll give you as many sessions as I can before I have to stop.

Look at how much these people love me, too!

(Note: There’s a hundred more where these came from, but I don’t wanna clutter up the page.)

"J-Ryze... You are the steak of coaching."

"I just want to thank you for all the mentoring and guidance you've given me in those amazing emails. I transformed myself from that one, single post, both in character and writing ability. You are the steak of coaching."
Alden Tan
CEO OneDudeListening

"He beat my poor limiting beliefs to a pulp."

"J-Ryze came into our talk with his passionate, motivational gloves off and beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. Do whatever it takes to talk to this special wise man. Most personal development advice doesn't really hit me in the heart. I've done a lot of crazy interesting stuff and been pushing myself beyond belief for my whole life...usually I'm not impressed. He explained how I needed to love money and how to know myself in ways that gave me two epiphanies I'd been waiting for for years. "
Benjamin O. Jenks

"He understands exactly what you need."

"J-Ryze an exceptional person, with whom it's a pleasure to work. He inspires you and you get his positive energy in the process. A very short conversation needed, and from less than half the words he understands exactly what you need."
Ani Chibukhchyan

I even gets props from folks like this:

"J-Ryze gave me real solutions."

"J-Ryze made it so simple and easy to understand. He definitely helped me change my own views. I went from 'I'm always nervous' to 'I am way more confident' in a short period of time. He gave me real solutions to real problems, not some fake BS that I've heard from so many people. He is really supportive even when I was the tiniest bit unsure. My thoughts began to actually change! So before I was shy and I kept to myself and I didn't speak up a lot. I kinda flew under the radar and now I know I'm gonna be more out there, more out-spoken, and!"
Rachel Herskowiz

"This coach will get you there."

"J-Ryze's very positive without being sentimental or flattering. His sessions are focused - there's no wasted time - and his questions get to the heart of the problem, you come away with concrete solutions. He has great exercises to get you going in the direction you want to be in, and the sessions have been very fun. I would recommend J-Ryze's coaching sessions to anyone who is working towards success. This is the coach that will get you there."
Patty Loofbourrow

"J-Ryze backs up every word."

"Mentorship is something rare, and finding someone who not only talks the talk so convincingly but without fail backs up every word is even rarer. I was super bummed out because it seemed like my friends and I had nothing in common anymore... J-Ryze showed me I wasn't alone and has been nothing but helpful since. Never underestimate the value of the warmth of another human helping you along your way. I'm training to become a Navy SEAL, and knowing that I'm backed by the same principles J-Ryze believes in keeps me going."
Nidhish Shivashankar
Navy Seal

One of my best testimonials is from popular motivational influencer Evan Carmichael.

I was Evan’s right-hand advisor for about a decade, and together they grew his YouTube channel from 1000 subscribers to almost 3 million.

Even early in the process, Evan was thrilled with  my insights and made the following video testimonial:

It's risk-free 'cause it comes with the Ryze Guarantee.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk." - Mark Zuckerberg

If sixty minutes of chatting with me doesn’t help you improve your mental health, just shoot Cyn a message, and she’ll return every penny to you.


You keep any insights or value you did get.

Where else you gonna get a guarantee like that?

Plus, you’re not even paying right now, all you’re doing is booking a a quick preparation chat to see how well we fit.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

To wrap up…

Wouldn’t it feel great to love yourself and others more than ever before?

Wouldn’t it be empowering to control your depression, anxiety, and fears?

Wouldn’t it soothe to have control over your mind and emotions?

Imagine navigating relationships in healthier ways…

Imagine turning up the momentum on your dreams.

Imagine getting all that…

And doing it without some awkward therapist who provides no practical steps for change.

Picture doing it in a comfortable location… not some stuffy office or clinic.

Most therapists get it wrong.

Tired of them tip-toeing around and not saying truths you really need to hear?

Tired of them following some textbook, treating you like a number?

Tired of them trying to keep you hooked to collect their paycheck?

Well, now you have a better choice.

See yourself getting real talk from an open-hearted guy who cares…

…and never venturing into the dark pit of despair alone again.

You’re about to take the first step on that journey.

But, like I said beore, you’re at a crossroads.

You either make this decision that will uplift your life, permanently…

…or you can keep doing the same ol’ crap and getting the same results

There’s no pressure from me.

I mean, c’mon, my mental health is pretty great, and I’ve achieved so much of what I want in life. (shrug)

And if you’re not ready, I get it.

It took me decades to figure out how important this stuff is, and I know everyone’s ready in their own time.

I’m actually just grateful you read this far and that you care about your mental health at all.


If you tune into that voice in your gut, in your soul, I’d bet almost anything it’s saying…

“Book the call.”


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