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How To Get Epic Mental Health (Without Therapy!)

Ex-homeless mental health expert reveals how to get your “stuff” together through his unique ‘mind blasts.’

Want to transform your mindset, mood, and mental health… just like I did?

(Plus, book today, and get 3 Bonuses valued at $500!)

Did you know that most things you've been taught about being a happy, healthy human are wrong?

Well, it’s true.

You’ve been lied to…

Meanwhile, you’re still struggling with people-pleasing, self-love, and finances… all with minimal results.

The thing is, it’s not your fault.

I was in the same boat and after 23 years with my therapist…

I found out that therapy doesn’t work. I asked my therapist “how long till I’d finally get better.”

His reply? “Never.”

But I refused to believe that.

So one day, I typed “how to be happy” into YouTube, and it changed my approach forever.

It led me to my mental health secret weapon…


But before I tell you about him, it’s important you know a bit more about me.

Hi, my name’s Cynthia “Cynshine” Moreno, and I spent 5 years having my beliefs bitch-slapped, my feelings flipped, and my comfort zones collapsed.

And that’s a very good thing for you.

Because through that process I learned how to transform myself.

The day I discovered J-Ryze, I started a journey that took me from a depressed, bipolar, anxiety-ridden pain in the ass who was angry, obese, and stuck in a toxic marriage…

…to a mostly* happy, trauma-free delight who lost 120lbs. and swapped a toxic ex for my divine masculine partner.

I also beat my addiction to painkillers.

(“Bye-bye codeine, oxy, and vicodin!”)

Not to mention I got a much healthier relationship with my kids, my mom became gentler and more supportive of my dreams, and I learned how to stay calm when co-parenting with my ex.

Real talk with Jay taught me that…

Mindset is where everything starts.

It’s the first step to every single dream we want, whether that’s love, riches, travel, or anything else.

*I say “mostly” because mental health is a continual practice, not some magic holy grail we find once and never have to care about ever again, and although I’ve come a long way, I still turn to J-Ryze regularly to help any time life throws me a curveball. Your mental health is about to skyrocket… but only if you and I can be real about the journey, right?

Anyway, J-Ryze uses a unique method of shifting perspectives.

He calls these “mind blasts.”

(Though I affectionately refer to them as “fresh views on taboos.”)

They’re basically hand-tailored, unusual, mind-blowing questions.

And if you’ve heard the phrase “the better the question, the better the answer,” you can already see some of the power behind this.

Jay is a born genius question-asker, and his curiosity and penchant for digging deep blazes a trail right to the root of any issue. This skill made him popular as a child, and he quickly became –in his words– an “arrogant a$$hole” to everyone, including the people he loved.

That arrogance led to him being homeless for almost three years, where he had to keep his mental positive while getting robbed of all his possessions, abandoned and betrayed by the few people he had left.

He struggled to eat, manage basic hygiene, or even find basic shelter from harsh Toronto winters.

Homelessness did free up his time and obligations though, and he used the opportunity to hang out in bookstores and libraries, studying mental health.

He had nothing but time to read everything he could on it, and apply himself to disciplined practice.

This mental health trial-by-fire humbled Jay, and after much practice, he tapped into positivity to become right-hand advisor to well-known influencer Evan Carmichael (Jay helped him collab with Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, and more.)


The point is, Jay’s been asking baller questions, shifting people’s perspectives, and elevating people’s mental health for most of his life.

His deep insights into successful living is why Evan partnered with him (even while homeless!), because they were so valuable.

And I agree.

Which is why I call him my “mental health miracle.”

And it’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this man and his work with the world, and why I want you to experience it for yourself.

Jay delivers results you can feel instantly, deep in your soul. There really is nothing like it.

(He’s probably cringing that I wrote this, ‘cause he’s constantly telling me it’s “not mentally healthy” to “put others on pedestals.”)

So I used my ‘feminine wiles’ (heh) and inspired him to make his mental health coaching available to the public here, for the first time in many years.’

Which means…

You can now experience Jay’s mind blasts for yourself.

The first step is to book a chat with me, Cynshine, so we can see if we’re all a fit.

(Use the button further down this page.)

But what’s involved?

Well, every mental health call is customized for you, that’s why you have a free 15min. chat with me first.

It’d be much easier (and more profitable) for Jay to automate things, or follow some “script,” “system,” or “recipe.”

But he knows you’re unique, with your individual feelings, sensitivities, and dreams, so he makes sure to be as respectful as possible of that.

That said, there are some common things that pop up with most people, and I’ll list a few of them to give you a taste of what questions might be given to you on your ryze session.

Example Questions:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how harmonious & fulfilling are your current relationships?
  • Can you tell the difference between healthy fear and unhealthy fear?
  • What is money a side-effect of, and how does knowing this allow you to create it?
  • Can you tell when you’ve made a committed decision & changed yourself? How?
  • Are you ‘running out of time,’ or are our lifespans flexible and extendable?
  • You can either be someone at the mercy of their thoughts & moods, or someone who controls their thoughts and moods. Which do you choose to be?

And those questions lead to more, which lead to more, until suddenly you have an “aha” moment about what matters, and why, and how to fix it going forward.

It’s a mind blowing experience.

And hey, your questions might be totally different, because like I said, everyone’s unique.

With me, I felt comfortable, so I started talking to him about my marriage, instagram-b00bs, and my s*x life on, like, the first or second call.

Others ask for help remaining mentally stable during dance performances, or in their craft business.

Whatever’s important to you, Jay’s happy to engage with. He’s worked with entrepreneurs, homeless folks, OnlyFans girls, suicide candidates, depressed moms like me, and more.

He’s uniquely able to guide
people who need help from the ground up, all the way to those who are
generally successful, but feel something’s missing.

And he never judges anyone.

Instead he loves everyone, and that comes through in his questions.

Here’s a few cool things he’s taught me, and can teach you too:

  • How to see the good in the worst parts of life (and turn them into wins.)
  • The sneaky trick to free up time for your dreams (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to be happy (even in a shitty world.)
  • 3 ways to heal trauma (even if you’ve tried everything.)
  • How to be confident (even when you’re terrified.)
  • Methods to self-soothe (when angry or triggered.)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’d like to see an example of how a session might go, check out this amazing transformation Lisa had in just a short chat:

I should warn you though, Jay doesn’t pull punches, he’s not gonna tip-toe around your triggers, he’s going to be the wake-up call you need for real change.

If you want more coddling from parents, therapists, and society who keep you stuck in your misbeliefs for decades –just like I was– a Ryze Session full of mind blast questions aren’t for you.

For example, I once asked Jay what kind of students he accepts.

He sent me the following meme in response:

This got me thinking…

What kind of students, indeed.

I took this to mean he accepts students who step up and show impressive effort and results through their actions.

Students who are eager to let go of any person, place, thing, or behavior that isn’t serving their larger goals.

Students who hold themselves and others accountable, and who keep their word, practicing what they say they’ll practice.

Those who know real self love takes real courage.

It takes going beyond comfort zones. It takes opening our minds to new perspectives, rather than clinging to old identities.

And I believe that’s you.



I’ve been gushing on and on about how much I love this man, and how much I want you to benefit from him.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it.

Look at how much these people love Jay too!

(Note: There’s a hundred more where these came from, but I don’t wanna clutter up the page.)

"J-Ryze... You are the steak of coaching."

"I just want to thank you for all the mentoring and guidance you've given me in those amazing emails. I transformed myself from that one, single post, both in character and writing ability. You are the steak of coaching."
Alden Tan
CEO OneDudeListening

"He beat my poor limiting beliefs to a pulp."

"J-Ryze came into our talk with his passionate, motivational gloves off and beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. Do whatever it takes to talk to this special wise man. Most personal development advice doesn't really hit me in the heart. I've done a lot of crazy interesting stuff and been pushing myself beyond belief for my whole life...usually I'm not impressed. He explained how I needed to love money and how to know myself in ways that gave me two epiphanies I'd been waiting for for years. "
Benjamin O. Jenks

"He understands exactly what you need."

"J-Ryze an exceptional person, with whom it's a pleasure to work. He inspires you and you get his positive energy in the process. A very short conversation needed, and from less than half the words he understands exactly what you need."
Ani Chibukhchyan

Jay even gets props from folks like this:

"J-Ryze gave me real solutions."

"J-Ryze made it so simple and easy to understand. He definitely helped me change my own views. I went from 'I'm always nervous' to 'I am way more confident' in a short period of time. He gave me real solutions to real problems, not some fake BS that I've heard from so many people. He is really supportive even when I was the tiniest bit unsure. My thoughts began to actually change! So before I was shy and I kept to myself and I didn't speak up a lot. I kinda flew under the radar and now I know I'm gonna be more out there, more out-spoken, and!"
Rachel Herskowiz

"This coach will get you there."

"J-Ryze's very positive without being sentimental or flattering. His sessions are focused - there's no wasted time - and his questions get to the heart of the problem, you come away with concrete solutions. He has great exercises to get you going in the direction you want to be in, and the sessions have been very fun. I would recommend J-Ryze's coaching sessions to anyone who is working towards success. This is the coach that will get you there."
Patty Loofbourrow

"J-Ryze backs up every word."

"Mentorship is something rare, and finding someone who not only talks the talk so convincingly but without fail backs up every word is even rarer. I was super bummed out because it seemed like my friends and I had nothing in common anymore... J-Ryze showed me I wasn't alone and has been nothing but helpful since. Never underestimate the value of the warmth of another human helping you along your way. I'm training to become a Navy SEAL, and knowing that I'm backed by the same principles J-Ryze believes in keeps me going."
Nidhish Shivashankar
Navy Seal

One of Jay’s best testimonials is from popular motivational influencer Evan Carmichael.

Jay was Evan’s right-hand advisor for about a decade, and together they grew his YouTube channel from 1000 subscribers to almost 3 million.

Even early in the process, Evan was thrilled with  Jay’s insights and made the following video testimonial:

And there’s something extra beautiful I’d like you to know.

Jay originally stopped doing coaching calls to give me one-on-one attention.

He used to charge $1000 for calls with him when he was working with Evan. But now I’ve nudged him into coaching others because I’ve healed my mental health so much, that I don’t feel like I need the one-on-one as much anymore.

And honestly, I feel super-guilty keeping him to myself.

I’d rather Jay spread the love to more of the world. He agreed but only if he did it for a huge discount.

So instead of the premium price everyone else is used to paying, you get your life-changing, mental health magic “Ryze Session” for just $197.

And the first step is just a free 15min. chat with me, Cynshine! 🙂

It's risk-free 'cause it comes with the Ryze Guarantee.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk." - Mark Zuckerberg

If sixty minutes of chatting with Jay doesn’t help you improve your mental health, just shoot me a message, and I’ll return every penny to you.


What makes it the “Ryze Guarantee” is that I’ll give you ten bucks as a gesture to show extra respect for your time.


You keep any insights or value you did get.

Where else you gonna get a guarantee like that?

Plus, you’re not even paying right now, all you’re doing is booking a chat to see if we’re a fit.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Plus, I’ll hook you up with three extra-special bonuses!

These bonus PDFs are usually priced at [$X], but are yours free if you book today.

And you get to keep them whether we’re a fit for each other or not!

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably already getting my fun, delightful emails about my mental health journey and my day to day stories, but just in case you’re not, I’ll hook you up with that too.

So let’s break it down…

And assuming we both feel like a great fit on our initial chat, you’ll also be on your way to getting…

So all together you’re getting…

The guide to practicing anything (even mental health stuff) effectively, the people-pleaser story, the (hidden) secret step to change, a fun, free, 15min. chat with me, Cynshine…

…and assuming all that goes well, a mental health Ryze Session with J-Ryze.

A Total Value Of: $1500.00

But... (after your free chat), if you're a fit,
you'll only pay $197 USD.

And remember, the first step is to book your FREE, 15min. chat with me, Cynshine, now.

YOU'LL GET The "Mental Health Ryze Sesh" FOR...

$197.00 USD


To wrap up…

Wouldn’t it feel great to love yourself and others more than ever before?

Wouldn’t it be empowering to control your depression, anxiety, and fears?

Wouldn’t it soothe to have control over your mind and emotions?

Imagine navigating relationships in healthier ways…

Imagine turning up the momentum on your dreams.

Imagine getting all that…

And doing it without some awkward therapist who provides no practical steps for change.

Picture doing it in a comfortable location… not some stuffy office or clinic.

Most therapists get it wrong.

Tired of them tip-toeing around and not saying truths you really need to hear?

Tired of them following some textbook, treating you like a number?

Tired of them trying to keep you hooked to collect their paycheck?

Well, now you have a better choice.

See yourself getting real talk from an open-hearted guy who cares…

…and never venturing into the dark pit of despair alone again.

You’re about to take the first step on that journey.

But you’re at a crossroads.

You either make this decision that will uplift your life, permanently…

…or you can keep doing the same ol’ crap and getting the same results

There’s no pressure from me.

I mean, c’mon, my mental health is pretty great, lol.

And if you’re not ready, I get it.

It took me decades to figure out how important this stuff is, and I know everyone’s ready in their own time.

I’m actually just grateful you read this far and that you care about your mental health at all.


If you tune into that voice in your gut, in your soul, I’d bet almost anything it’s saying…

“Book the call.”

Cynshine 🙂

P.S. Jay pours insane energy into every session, and he often needs what I call his “hermit breaks,” he’s also quite picky about who he accepts as students, which means I honestly can’t guarantee how long this offer will be available, so act now!


Cynthia Moreno
Cynthia Moreno

Cyn was the ‘nerdy girl’ in school, always hungry for more info. But she was also fat- shamed & bullied, using heroin to soothe her loneliness. She lost her job, home, kids, and possessions, lashing out at everyone… until she met J-Ryze. He wasn't scared by her self-hate, and helped her get clean, take control of her mind and emotions, and love herself without judgment. Now she shares her 'magic cure' (Jay) with everyone she can as co-host of Eyes Wide Open and her mission is to meet 8 billion people & connect with the right ones... like you!


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