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Manifestation For Money: 19 Elements Of Business Success (Abraham-Hicks Style!)

How to control your vibe on sales, marketing, content, and more.

Whether you’re a divine femme-preneur, X creator, or a startup founder, you deserve fast, easy business success. Manifestation for money can be tricky to understand, and often LOA gurus tips aren’t often applied to key areas of business. We’ll fix that together below.

A heart on a stick next to a packet of money.

For best results, in each section ask yourself: ‘How can I apply this?’ then do your own vibrational work & practice.

I tried manifesting business success, improving my business manifestation skills, & using law of attraction for business growth for years… but ended up homeless, robbed, & broke. I eventually fixed it by admitting my overall vibe was super-low, then “raising my vibration.”

I used to wake up worried about time & money.

My thoughts about my business ranged from anxious tension, to despairing depression.

I had bad beliefs about money, sales, business, wealth, bills, deadlines, and more.

I had bad beliefs about clients, staff, partners, and the masses.

I thought I had good beliefs about my products, but even those weren’t great.

And my mood & attitude about all this stuff was even worse.

These bad beliefs & moods seem like something I should’ve fixed, right?

So, what do you think I did? Do you think I made some major changes?


I stayed in my comfort zone, and avoided changing anything.

Because change takes focus and effort.

Change takes courage and discipline.


‘Hell no,’ I decided, that stuff is for the birds.

“Maybe life will rescue me if I just paint a happy face on it all,” I hoped.

So I convinced myself that my thoughts were ‘fine’ and that I was ‘mostly positive.’

I tuned out of my feelings, dreams, and desires… because tuning into them would mean admitting I wasn’t high-vibing and happy.

And my partners had even worse vibes than I did, but they too masked the truth in very creative ways.

‘Toxic positivity’ kept me stuck, small, and penniless.

I ended up evicted, betrayed, jailed, homeless, and struggling to run my biz from the cold streets of Toronto.

Business manifestation wasn’t working for me.

It was a hell I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And it was entirely self-created.

I could’ve avoided it easily, if I did the mental and emotional self-work.

I could’ve gotten out of it anytime, if only I practiced controlling my “vibe.”

"J-Ryze had his passionate, motivational gloves off & beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. Read his stuff. Do whatever it takes to talk to this special wise man. Most personal development advice doesn't really hit me in the heart. I've done a lot of crazy interesting stuff, pushed myself beyond belief for my whole life, so usually I'm unimpressed. But Jay taught me to love money & how to know myself in ways that gave me two epiphanies I'd been waiting for, for years."
Benjamin O. Jenks
Adventure Sauce CEO

What does it mean to ‘control your vibe?’

Controlling your vibration means:

  • Controlling your reaction to everything in life intentionally.
  • Consciously choosing thoughts and feelings that serve you.
  • When any unpleasant moment appears, you find positive aspects of it.

Abraham-Hicks teaches that doing these things helps you get into your ‘vortex’ (or summons aspects of your vortex into your reality.)

Again, this isn’t woo-woo hippie shit, it’s practical AF, you just have to get past their cringe-worthy names for things.

‘The vortex’ is just their fancy word for your imagination.

It’s a label for ‘quantum realities’, or Plato’s realm of ideal forms.

It’s basically a universe of possibilities that holds all your dreams, big or small.

The basics of controlling your vibe go like this:

  • You’re a two-part being, one part physical, connected to reality, and the other part spiritual, connected to a higher power. (“Source”).
  • Source sees all the events unfolding in your life one way (a positive way).
  • You have free will to see the events unfolding in your life as source does (‘positively’) or like most people (‘negatively’).

Controlling your vibe is when you…

Intentionally see things positively, the same way the ‘Source’ of you does.

Seeing things positively is simple, but it takes practice, and can feel like ‘effort’ at first.

It’s straight-forward, but may feel strange or challenging at first, just like any new skill you learn.

You’ve experienced this uncomfortable feeling any time you learn a new skill.

  • Riding a bike feels challenging at first, but is actually quite easy.
  • Swimming in deep water feels challenging at first, but it too, is actually quite easy.
  • Hell, even walking feels challenging as a toddler, but as with the rest, it’s actually quite easy.

Same goes for controlling your vibe.

Your ‘vibe’ about a certain topic is just the overall balance of your beliefs, moods, & choices regarding a certain topic.

And controlling your vibe is an easy, natural thing to do.

The crazy thing is that controlling your vibe is an easy, natural thing to do.

But easy or not…

I needed f-ck-tons of practice with it, especially around business

A crunchy black scribble, next to a cute hand-drawn pink heart.

And I did everything but practice controlling my vibration.

  • I read business books. I attended business seminars. I talked with business mentors.
  • I pivoted my products. I pivoted my genres. I pivoted my websites.
  • I practiced copywriting. I practiced storytelling. I practiced graphic design.
  • I tried placing ads. I tried posting flyers.
  • I studied marketing. I studied sales. I tried new partners, new staff, new clients.
  • I got credibility badges, testimonials, social proof. I even partnered up with a celebrity.
  • I read every money & law of attraction book I could find. I listened to thousands of Abraham Hicks videos.

I even made an Abraham-Hicks quotes site.

On top of all that, I was in the ‘gifted’ program in my school years, tested with an extremely high IQ, and could speed read and get the hang of new skills quickly.

I had every f*cking advantage. I did every- f*cking-thing.

Surely some of that should’ve moved the sales needle, right?


My advantages efforts manifested nothing but pain.

It was all useless because I refused to control my vibe, attitude, and beliefs first.

I couldn’t manifest business profit, even though it was supposed to be easy.

Think about it…

Even a kid with a lemonade stand can be profitable if their vibe about business is high…

But all the help, tips, and advantages in the world will keep you poor if your vibe about business is low. (See: Van Gogh, Nikola Tesla, etc.)

And pretending your vibe is high just makes success even harder, because you won’t bother to fix something you’ve decided is ‘fine.’

And that’s what happened to me.

I convinced myself that I was a great manifestor and a positive person, so surely my vibe didn’t need work, right?

There had to be something external I could ‘work on’ to fix my business, right?

Well, for years I struggled working on ‘all the things.’

And for years, my businesses failed.

I stopped counting how many failures I had when I hit sixteen.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Then I recently counted again and the total was nearly double that.

30 business failures in a single lifetime.

I deeply appreciate them.

They taught me so much.

So here’s manifestation secrets learned from thirty failed businesses.

Each one contains a quick personal story, at least one example of how to raise your vibe on the topic (though you’ll need to come up with your own if you want significant results), an image, video, or meme, and most importantly…

…some key quotes from Abraham-Hicks, and links to relevant Abe-Hicks videos on the topic.

Also, a quick note on what this guide is and is not.

What this guide is:

  • A jumpstart to manifesting your successful business.
  • A clear example of positive vibration in many aspects of business.
  • A reference sheet you can turn to when any part of your biz struggles.

What this guide is not:

  • A guide to convince skeptics that the law of attraction ‘works.’
  • A magic-wand that will do all the manifestation work for you.
  • An A-to-Z explanation of every LOA nuance. (There will be things you “don’t get” about manifestation, but they’re covered in other articles.)

With that said, there’s one more thing to note.

To use these tips, you must know which aspects of business require your ‘vibrational attention.’

So I’ve broken all businesses down into 19 elements of business that I had low vibes about, and chances are you could benefit from raising your vibration on some or all of them.

If you’re not sure which parts of your biz need the most love, head over to my free BizMedic biz-diagnosis app or read “How To Save Your Failing (Or Struggling) Business: 22 Easy Possibilities.

Manifestation for money: 19 elements of business to vibe on.

In the following sections we’ll cover:

  • two phases of all business activities
  • eight steps of business
  • six parts of business
  • three secret business skills.

As we go over each one, make a note of your ‘vibe’ on each element.

  • Is your vibe as high as Kim Kardashian or Jeff Bezos on each element? (~95%, positive)
  • Is your vibe as low as an angry, depressed redditor? (~5%, negative)
  • Is your vibe average, similar to others in your neighborhood? (~50%, neutral)

If you’re willing to honestly assess and note where your energy (beliefs, moods, choices) is at for each element, then you’re ready to improve it.

Ready to explore the 19 elements?

Great, let’s go.

There’s 2 money-manifesting phases that all biz activities have.

You have ideas for your business, right?

And once those occur to you, they’ll remain “just ideas” until executed or put into practice, right?

The same goes for any business-owner.

They all had an “idea phase”, and they all had an “put the idea into practice” phase.

So what’s the difference between a thriving business’s ideas & practice, and the ideas & practice of a struggling one?

Simple, it’s their vibe about these two phases.

The difference is their beliefs, moods, and choices about both ideas, and putting them into practice.

Your vibe about your ideas decides the success of your business, and your vibe about your execution decides the success of your business.

Every business activity that has, is, or will occur in your life has an ‘idea’ aspect and a ‘practice’ aspect.

Your product/service? Started with a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea, which got put into practice ‘well’ or ‘poorly.’

Your marketing? Started with a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea, which got put into practice ‘well’ or ‘poorly.’

Your content? Started with a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ idea, which got put into practice ‘well’ or ‘poorly.’

So making sure your vibe about each idea & practice you use in your business is a game-changer.

2 Phases For Each Biz Activity:

  • Ideas
  • Practice

And for true biz success, your vibe about each one of these phases must be high.

Once you’re absolutely sure you’ve got a great mood, positive beliefs, and proud choices about each idea & each practice in your biz, the next step is to control your vibe regarding…

The 8 key steps that all businesses use to manifest money.

Any business you can name, whether it’s Kim Kardashian, Nike, or a neighborhood lemonade stand

…performs the steps below.

(Even if you –or they– don’t realize they did.)

If they’re performed with a good mood and positive beliefs, wealth is manifested, and the business thrives.

If they’re performed poorly, wealth isn’t manifested, and the business struggles.

Even a law of attraction business follows these eight steps.

Let’s go over them briefly.

8 Biz Steps:

  1. Commit to a tribe you’ll serve.
  2. Commit to a niche you’re passionate about.
  3. Rank your tribe’s problems & desires.
  4. Refine your attention-grabbing ‘hook.’
  5. Post a ‘chunk’ of purposeful content.
  6. Outreach to tribe-members.
  7. Follow-up w/ any interested tribe-members.
  8. Make juicy offers to tribe-members.

I’ve covered these steps many times such as in this OnlyFans Success post, this Biz Recipe podcast, and this Entrepreneur 101 tweet if you want details…

…but the steps won’t help you unless your vibe about each one is high, first.

(Also, if you want help with this, my partner Cyn is happy to hop on a call with you, learn more about your situation, and provide some help.)

These eight steps of selling touch all parts of your business, so it’s essential that your vibe is high on each ‘moving part.’

Don’t know what the ‘moving parts’ of your biz are?

Here’s 6 moving 'parts’ to money-manifestation that all businesses have.

These six ‘parts’ of business are commonly discussed, and most entrepreneurs have bad vibes about one or more of them.

They either don’t truly believe in their product or service, or they’ve a bad attitude towards reaching customers, or they get annoyed by their team, and so on.

Here’s a quick list of the parts.

6 Biz Parts:

  1. Product / Service
  2. Marketing / Promotion
  3. Customers / Sales
  4. Economy / Growth
  5. Schedule / Self
  6. Team / Suppliers

It’s vital you have a high vibe about these ‘parts’ of your business, or satisfying wealth is unlikely to manifest.

So ask yourself, do you really, truly, have great beliefs, moods, and choices regarding these areas?

Once you’ve got that down, you’re really cruising.

This brings us to the final three elements.

We’re talking about three money-manifestation skills all successful business owners use.

And although they’re jaw-droppingly important, I’ve never seen them taught in any business course, book, or blog I’ve come across.

Let’s discuss the 3 money-manifestation skills all biz owners use.

Many folks think if they have a great vibe in their ideas & practice, the eight steps of selling, and all parts of their biz, they’re set.

But three things often trip them up, preventing satisfying manifestation.

They’re three ‘secret’, rarely-taught business skills.

Curious as to what these untaught business skills are?

3 Biz Skills:

  • Feeling Assessment
  • Decision-Making
  • Spin (Reality)

Feeling assessment just means identifying your feelings. It’s a skill, and well, most people are so under-practiced at it, they think their vibe is high when it really is not. (At least, that was the case for me and many of my clients.)

Decision-making involves prioritizing wisely, trusting your intuition, and making choices that elevate you in every moment. Ask yourself, how good are you at these things?

Spin is something everyone does naturally. It’s our bias towards events. It’s our perception of reality. It’s our justifications and expectations. It’s seen best in this story of a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields:

One day, the horse fled to the hills. The farmer’s neighbors sympathized with him over his bad luck, but the farmer replied, “Maybe.” A week later, the horse returned bringing a herd with him. This time neighbors cheered the farmer on his good luck. “Maybe,” he replied. Next, the farmer’s son was taming one of the wild horses, but fell off it and broke his leg. Everyone said this was terrible bad luck. The farmer’s reaction: “Maybe.” Weeks later, an army marched up and drafted every able-bodied villager they found. Upon seeing the farmer’s son’s broken leg, they let him off. Was that bad luck, or good luck?

You get to spin your perception of events to lean more positive, negative, or neutral, and the way you use spin decides how well you manifest.

Be careful how you spin things, be careful what narrative you believe.

Most people spin things negative.

Anyway, your vibe about each one of these three skills must be high.

“So,” you may be wondering, “how can I raise my vibration on all these things? Isn’t this a lot of work? How long will this take?”

Well, some of those questions will be answered towards the end of the page in the FAQ section, but we’ll tackle the most important of them next:

How can I raise my vibe on all these things?

This is a great question.

Because this question is what manifesting a thriving biz really boils down to.

I mean…

Sure, your vibe about time, health, government, traffic, relationships, your home (especially) etc. affect your vibration, (and are worth keeping on top of), but the core elements of business, money, and the economy outlined above are the ones that impact your wealth the most.

When I was struggling, I had decent vibes about many areas of life, but having bad vibes about the nineteen elements of business kept me in a cycle of poverty.

It’s just not reasonable to have negative vibes about these topics and also thrive in business.

A spider-web labeled with various topics such as money, time, resources, environment, partner...

Which is why I’ve dedicated this page to helping you raise your vibe on each of these elements.

And like any guide or recipe, I highly recommend you take each point carefully, apply yourself, and make sure you nail it, rather than trying to rush through them all at once, or half-a$$ing one, then jumping to another.

If you’re truly 100% certain that you’ve got an element handled, by all means skip it, but know that most people need practice at all of them, so, skip at your own risk.

Ultimately, do a good job with each element (only you know if you are) and your manifestation for money will work.

How to raise your vibration on all 19 elements of business.

Raising your vibe is something everyone can do.

Raising your vibration is just the practice of thinking more thoughts that serve you, adjusting more moods to elevate you, and making more choices that fulfill you.

It’s quite simple to do since you were:

  • born with control of your thoughts,
  • born in tune with your feelings, and
  • born with free will to make choices.

And no one can take these tools away from you.

They’re accessible to you under all conditions.

They are unconditional super-powers for improving your vibration.

But most people are out of practice with them.

Manifestation for money (for rebelpreneurs) is about practicing vibe-raising in key areas of business.

It may feel awkward or unfamiliar at first, just like practicing any new skill, but if you commit to it and stick with it, it’ll become easy, fast, and habitual to you.

You’ll become a vibrational master, able to manifest business success or whatever else you want.

Here we go.

1. Nurturing your ideas in business to manifest money.

When you have an idea for anything in your biz, whether it be new content, a thought to call a client, an experiment with a new social platform, or anything else… there’s a few things you should know.

  • Every idea you have has a ‘root’ that it springs from. Your impulses come from one of two places.
  • Your impulse may have come from a ‘crunchy place’, a place of fear, anxiety, worry, etc.
  • Or your impulse may have come from an ‘inspired place’, namely, source.
  • It’s up to you to practice telling the difference between inspired ideas and fear-based ideas.

Once you’ve figured out whether you’ve had an inspired idea or a fear-based one…

…you get the chance to a) nurture the idea to fruition, or b) stop it from blossoming into more.

Ideas are like plants you grow into realities.

  • You nurture your idea by feeding it more attention, belief, and focus.
  • You kill your idea by removing your attention from it, or believing more in its opposite.

Unfortunately, most people kill their ‘positive’ ideas before they’re realized, and continue nurturing their ‘negative’ ones.

Here’s how it usually goes:

  • Most people get inspired ideas,
  • perform two steps of that idea,
  • then let worry, doubt, lethargy, timidity, or some other bad attitude or belief stop them from taking the idea further and bringing it to life.

Most people simply refuse to nurture their ideas passionately, deeply, or consistently enough.

So, their ideas never manifest.

Embarrassingly, I’ve done this more than anyone I know.

I’m blessed with a creative, inspired mind and a high IQ, and I’ve had millions of brilliant ideas.

And I killed most of them with doubt, negativity, and discouragement.

I wasted so many great ideas (and so many years of my life) because I refused to elevate my vibe and nurture my ideas.

Illustrated cross section of a tree, with branches marked as 'vibration', 'moods', and 'thoughts, and fruits marked as 'impulses' and 'realities.'

Abraham-Hicks Says:

Make yourself so comfortable with the idea that anything else is out of the question, and when you reach that point of clarity, the universe will deliver the means to accommodate you,” and “There’s a big difference between what are the ‘appropriate business steps’ and ‘what would feel the best for me to do right now’.” and “It’s not like your inner-being is saying ‘Here’s a brilliant idea, now work hard and make it happen.’ Your inner-being is saying ‘Here’s an idea, and more ideas will follow that will make it unfold with ease.’

Example thoughts to raise your vibration on

  • “I’ve had good ideas in the past.”
  • “I recently got a great idea for a new piece of content.”
  • “I can feel that this is a brilliant idea.”
  • “I know that because the universe gave me this inspired idea, there’s also a fun path to realizing it.”
  • “Although I don’t know all the steps, I’m eager to see how the path to fully realizing this idea unfolds.”
  • “Although some steps may seem hard or scary, I aim to get in my vortex & make each step feel fun or find alternatives that do.”
  • “I’ve already gotten momentum on this idea by writing it down, and I look forward to the next inspired step.”
  • “I’m in no rush for this idea. I know all great ideas have their time, and successful folks often let great ideas remain half finished for years, while still having faith in them.”
  • “My job is to keep feeling happy, eager, & passionate about this idea, especially at times I happen to doubt or get discouraged about it.”
  • “I’m empowered to know when my ideas came to life it’s ’cause I stayed positive about them, and when they’ve fizzled, it’s ’cause I let my emotions about them drop.”
  • “I intend to keep my emotions feeling as fresh and eager as they did when I first had the idea.”
  • “I can already feel that my positive, unshakeable focus on the goodness of my idea ensures that it becomes real.”
  • “I feel my idea’s already done because I’ve chosen to maintain a high vibe about it no matter how bad things may look or how long it may take.”

Remember, copying this exactly won’t help you much, raising your vibe is an individual, original thing, so you’ll get best results by writing down your own feel-good vibrational thought-journey on each topic.

2. Use the power of 'practice' to manifest wealth.

My Dad raised me with a deep respect for practice.

He taught me that anyone can improve substantially at anything, with practice.

Sadly, I practiced ‘hustle’ and ‘action’ way too much, and practiced ‘mood’, ‘beliefs’, and ‘elevating my vibration’ not nearly enough.

We practice what we value, what we see as important.

We practice in alignment with our beliefs and habits about practice.

Some people care deeply about being good at stuff, and so they study and practice often.

Others are used to quitting, not trying, or are spoiled by others doing things for them, and they avoid practice like the plague.

Your vibe about practice determines how passionately and often you practice.

If you have an inspired idea, and you’re nurturing it to life with lots of positive focus & belief… eventually you’ll reach a point where it’s time to put that idea into practice.

For example, if you get the idea ‘hey, I should start a YouTube channel’, you can think about it as much as you want, but eventually there’ll come a time where that idea needs to be put into practice.

And like anyone bringing their dreams to life, you’ll be called on to take certain actions.

Actions that may be called for from you could include:

  • Setting up YouTube channel art
  • Filming and uploading your first video
  • Finding a cameraman or editor
  • Etc.

And just like you had to keep a positive vibe about your ideas to nurture them to life…

…you also need to keep a positive vibe about executing those ideas, or putting them into practice.

Many people get an inspired idea to start a YouTube channel, and instead of thinking “I bet filming will be easy, I can borrow my friend’s phone”, they think “My phone camera sucks, why bother?”

Boom. Idea stopped in its tracks due to fearing action is too hard.

Many people think “I’ll never be good on camera, forget this”, rather than “anyone can become good on camera, I just need to practice more.”

Boom. Idea stopped in its tracks due to a bad vibe about practice.

There are always many inspired, fulfilling paths to put your ideas into practice, but you have to believe in them and align your vibe with them.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“I remember there always is a path, all I have to do is chill out and it’ll light up more.” and “Am I to be a deliberate creator and intend, and script… or am I to get into a state of allowing, and just wait for the inspiration?

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I understand that ‘walking’ was hard once, but I practiced it joyfully, and got the hang of it.”
  • “I understand that ‘talking’ was hard once, but I practiced it joyfully, and got the hang of it.”
  • “I understand that Michael Jordan once sucked at basketball, but he practiced joyfully and became great at it.”
  • “I get that practice is a simple approach anyone can use to make hard things easy, and I’m eager to use it.”
  • “If I want ‘making engaging content’ to feel easy, I simply have to practice it joyfully over and over.”
  • “If I want ‘finding clients’ to feel easy, I simply have to practice it joyfully over and over.”
  • “If I want ‘raising my vibration’ to feel easy, I simply have to practice it joyfully over and over.”
  • “In early practice, there can be missteps, falls, and failures. I love that because I know it’s part of the process.”
  • “I see every misstep as practice teaching me and guiding me towards improved performance & results.”
  • “Rather than avoid practice, I seek it out often, making time for it in my schedule. I set my environment up to support my practice.”
  • “I love practice. I love it for itself, for the journey, for the chance to improve myself. I love it for the amazing results it brings.”
  • “I love that practice is making me better at all things: business, relationships, time-management, health, and anything else.”

3. Commit to a tribe & attract cash.

If you won’t commit to a tribe, the market won’t commit dollars to you.

Most of my businesses targeted ‘everyone’, ‘anyone’, ‘whoever was nearby’, or ‘whoever seemed interested.’

This is not clear, focused, committed targeting.

It’s vague, lazy, apathetic targeting.

It sucks, it gets terrible results, and it can easily lead to a dead business.

Make your biz target better than most of mine.

Commit to a tribe, and then raise your vibration on why your chosen tribe or market is awesome and going to work out.

There are eight billion people on earth, and not even giants like Google or Starbucks serve everyone.

Especially when they were starting out.

All successful businesses start by committing to a niche tribe.

They know they can’t serve everyone, and they know that their vibe will be higher if they focus on serving people they enjoy.

  • If you enjoy helping OnlyFans girls, gear your content towards them, show them love clearly.
  • If you enjoy helping stock-brokers, gear your offerings towards them, show them love clearly.

This adds clarity, impact, value, reach, focus, and more to your business.

And you must have a consistent positive vibe about whichever tribe you choose.

If you’re thinking things like:

  • “these guys don’t get me”
  • “group X can’t afford my services”
  • “it’s hard to find these qualified buyers”

Then your vibe about who you’ve chosen to serve with your business is low.

  • Ideally you celebrate and appreciate your tribe, in private and in public.
  • Ideally you’re thrilled that you chose them and confident you’ll reach them, whether sooner or later.
  • Ideally, you have a high, positive vibe about whichever section of humanity you’ve chosen to serve with your business.
Bullseye diagram with each ring niching down on a tribe.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“You must believe in the value of it and the benefit to others… and when you’re there, those who are looking for the benefit it offers, will flock to it.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I relax knowing that I don’t need to serve ‘everyone’, no business has ever been meant to do that.”
  • “Whether my tribe is large or small, I know that committing to one (at least for a while) helps the universe commit abundance to me.”
  • “I understand that the more clear and focused I am on who I serve best, the more the universe will serve me.”
  • “I know that focusing on serving a particular person or group makes it easier for them to see & focus on me and my products.”
  • “I know that resonating & relating more to a particular person or group makes it easier for them to resonate & relate to my business.”
  • “I love [TRIBE X]. I love this about them, and that about them, and I love that they’re so eager for what I offer.”
  • “I love that [TRIBE X] can recognize good products and valuable services, and they eagerly flow dollars to anyone who offers those things.”
  • “I love that I serve [TRIBE X] incredible value more & more, and [TRIBE X] serves dollars up to me more & more.”

Remember, copying this exactly won’t help you much, raising your vibe is an individual, original thing, so you’ll get best results by writing down your own feel-good vibrational thought-journey on each topic.

4. Commit to a niche & grow your business.

When I had an art business, I just made ‘art I liked’. I didn’t really have a clear niche.

At exhibitions, I’d sell little while other artists who also made ‘art they liked’ –but with a clear niche– sold much better.

Those who focused only on Barbie Dolls did well. Artists who painted with their bodies did well. But artists who just had a random mish-mash of themes on display sold poorly.

Committing to a clear, focused niche lets others resonate with you in a clear, focused way.


Say you’re in the cookie business.

You can do business in a broad, hard-to-compete niche like I sell ‘cookies’, or you can have a narrow, easy-to-compete niche like I sell ‘soft, chewy, vegan, almond butter cookies.’

Ask yourself: Which do you think is going to bring you more traction, momentum, and success?

Whatever niche you choose for your business, you’ll want to do a vibe check on it.

  • Are you proud of your niche?
  • Are you passionate about your niche?
  • Are you ‘the best’ in your niche?
  • Are people eager to buy in your niche?
  • Etc.

(A good example vibe about your niche is outlined in the section below.)

Do you believe you’re in the right niche for you, and that you’re gonna sell like a boss?

Do you believe your tribe is ready, willing, and eager to buy your clearly niche offerings?

Sketch of girl thinking about 3 different niches with a findom icon, lesbian icon, and hentai icon.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“The house had sold! … He said ‘come and buy this house that’s just right for you. A house that your small family can grow into.’”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “Whether my niche is popular or uncommon, I know committing to one (at least briefly) helps the universe commit abundance to me.”
  • “I know that avoiding a clear niche makes my offering unclear and confuses my clients.”
  • “I know that the more I can proclaim my niche proudly, the more others can proudly buy into it.”
  • “Even if my niche wasn’t clear to me before, I’ve decided to make it so clear that others can’t help but recognize it going forward.”
  • “Even if my niche doesn’t seem ‘normal’, I know that my passion, eagerness, & clarity for it will attract the right buyers for it.”
  • “I know that there’s 8 billion people, and that buyers already exist for every niche under the sun, from Pet Rocks to bottled Canadian Air.”
  • “I’m eager to see the fans of my niche benefit from my offerings, and I know they’re already in my vortex.”
  • “I know buyers in my niche exist, eagerly seeking my offerings, and source will match them up with me the more I raise my vibration.”
  • “My vibe about the buyers in my niche is so high right now, and I practice maintaining it that way.”
  • “Maintaining my high vibration in this area guarantees positive results in this area, and I’m so happy I’m practicing this.”

5. Rank your tribe's desires (to open their wallets.)

Most entrepreneurs don’t even realize that they’re doing this step, but they are.

Even recently, I screwed this part up myself.

I spent weeks making a “brand-audit” video, and to make it more fun than most talking head videos, I added a story at the beginning.

My target audience didn’t like the story though.

They’re busy entrepreneurs, and they just wanted to get straight to the audit.

I thought an entertaining narrative was an important desire for them, but they ranked ‘skipping story and getting straight to the audit’ much higher in their minds, so my video didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for.

Because I didn’t raise my vibe regarding my tribe’s desires before I started filming.

Every time we create or share something, we’re proclaiming to the world that we know what others desire, consciously or not.

Just by deciding what content to post, or what product/service to offer, you’re proclaiming that you believe your tribe cares about that thing.

  • If you post vegan cookies, you’re saying you believe your tribe or follower-base has vegan cookies as a reasonably high-priority in their wallet.
  • If you post hourglass figures, you’re saying you believe hourglass body-types are reasonably high-priority to your tribe.

You don’t have to rank every desire in a spreadsheet, but…

You do need a good vibe about what you’re offering.

You’ve got to believe that what you’re offering matters to your tribe.

You’ve got to believe they care enough about it to flow dollars to you for it.

You’ve got to believe whatever you’re offering ranks highly in your tribe’s hearts, and spending habits.

If you want to convince yourself your offering is a fit for your customers, then do the work, do the research. If you want to experiment with different offers to self-convince that your offering is a fit for your customers, then do those experiments.

Find some way to convince yourself that your tribe highly desires what you’re offering, period.

Sketch of a person marking priorities on a giant floating sheet of paper, with clouds scattered about.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“Never before in all of the universe when more people were more in love with more dogs. There’s just never been a better time for that,” and “Everybody has desires. And everybody has desires that could dovetail with yours, you’ve just gotta give them a chance to know it.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I’ve taken the time to get clear on my tribe and niche.”
  • “I know what’s important to them, what they value, what serves them.”
  • “I know that what I’m offering lines up beautifully with some of their highest priorities and desires.”
  • “I know they’re eager to transfer money to me in order to benefit from my offerings.”
  • “I know everyone has desires that aren’t being satisfied, and I know my offerings do satisfy those desires.”
  • “I know my offerings will satisfy my tribe’s desires, and the law of attraction is bringing them both together beautifully.”

6. Manifest an attention-grabbing ‘hook.’

I believed my wisdom was valuable. I believed I explained things better than any ‘guru’, expert, or influencer out there.

It may have been arrogant, and overly ambitious, but it wasn’t too far off.

I had a lifetime of experience, practice, and lessons learned during my homeless years. I’d always been a natural at teaching clearly. I had value to offer.

But my life-coaching business was struggling hard. It got few leads, few website visits, few likes, few shares.

It took me way too long to realize that the reason why:

I was avoiding attention.

I had no hook. I did little outreach. I got in front of  few new eyeballs.

Lack of attention killed my first life-coaching business.

  • What are your thoughts and beliefs on getting attention?
  • What are your thoughts and beliefs on your business’s visibility?
  • What are your thoughts and beliefs on your brand’s reach and exposure?

Many freelancers have attitudes such as:

  • No one cares about my business’s offerings.
  • Algorithms don’t push my content.
  • The market is too saturated to stand out.

Whether you’re using a shocking headline, a cool quiz, an ‘ultimate’ blog post, a hilarious video, or something else to get people’s attention on your biz…

…vibes like those above will kill any marketing or lead-generation attempts.

Your efforts will be wasted unless you elevate your vibration about grabbing people’s attention.

On the other hand, attitudes like the ones outlined in the section below, will help.

Whatever you do, if you want to use manifestation for money or wealth…

…make sure you have a great vibe about getting people’s attention on your business.

Sketch of a chibi-girl with a hook hand reaching with it for an even bigger hook.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

You believe in these things, but you’re not in alignment with it… so you’ve gotta just focus on the part that feels good when you believe it… and then the needle will move… It’s not what others think about your business, it’s what you think they’re thinking about their business.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “Even if I haven’t had an attention-grabbing hook in the past, that’s ok.”
  • “I already have an attention-grabbing hook in my vortex, and customers adore it.”
  • “The ‘hook’ in my vortex is so good even the media, bloggers, and youtubers are buzzing about it.”
  • “My attention-grabbing hook is so [funny / controversial / wise] that people outside my industry even engage with it.”
  • “Even if my attention-grabbing hook hasn’t materialized yet, I’m imagining it well and can feel the reality of it already.”
  • “Whether it’s attention-grabbing words, images, video, free samples, etc., I know there’s a path to bring my ‘hook’ to life in my experience.”
  • “My vibe on my hook is high, I’m keeping my emotions positive about it, even if it takes effort, so I’m excited to see this hook unfold and reach buyers.”

7. Manifesting content can lead to manifesting money.

I’ve made a ridiculous amount of content.

I’ve written millions of words, created tens of thousands of images, rendered thousands of videos.

And, although I was proud of all of them, and poured my best into them, not one of them were a true ‘hit.’

Few of them had any real impact or brought any real business.

Not because the content was ‘bad’ or ‘mismatched’ or anything.

The results all came down to my vibe before, during, and after posting each piece of content.

I trusted my own action, talent, and knowledge so much, that I neglected to do the vibrational work necessary to create high-performing content.

My vibe was generally “it won’t reach enough eyeballs, no one will care, this is gonna be another ‘Van Gogh’ situation, but at least I had fun making it… I guess.”

This is a sh*tty vibe to have about my own creations, my own content.

In the example below, I give an example of a vibe about my content that would’ve gotten better results.

Be better than me.

Take the time to elevate your vibe before, during, and after your content-creation.

Sketch of dinosaur taking a selfie, then posting it on his grid.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“About social media… get your footing first and then! Gain your footing, then have exposure to them… you’re looking for ‘likes’ in all the wrong places!

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I’m not in a rush, I know that staying chill and going about my day will allow high-performing content to manifest for me.”
  • “I practice following my heart and nurturing my inspired ideas and practicing whatever I’m inspired to, knowing it puts me on the path to successful content.”
  • “Whether that path involves me improving my content personally, partnering up with other creators, accidentally being filmed, or something else entirely, I’m open to it, and I’ll do the work to line up with those steps.”
  • “I know that not every single piece of content will succeed, but that doesn’t matter because I make sure I enjoy the process.”
  • “I practice enjoying each step of content-creation and distribution, because I know enjoying the process will always lead to an enjoyable outcome, regardless of an individual piece of content’s performance.”
  • “I can already feel consumers enjoying my content and being moved to interact with it in various ways.”
  • “I know that even ‘haters’ showing displeasure about my content counts as buzz, reach, and growth for my brand.”
  • “I know it’s a blessing to give people something to talk about or become vocal about, because it summons energy and life into their lives.”
  • “I love knowing that my impactful, buzzworthy content is already reaching all the right people in my vortex, and all my job is… is to be happy in as many areas of life as possible and help it manifest.”
  • “I can feel that my content is already liked, commented, shared, adored, praised, buzzed about, sought after, prestigious, collectible, and all manner of wonderful things, and my vibe is helping it manifest quickly.”

8. Manifesting visibility, exposure, and reach.

Earlier I mentioned how my businesses got minimal attention, making them struggle.

Well we can take that point even further.

Because I had terrible beliefs, attitudes, and vibes about visibility, exposure, and reach, too.

And I especially didn’t dare ‘outreach’ to others, despite knowing I had something valuable that may help them.

  • Some people avoid reaching out to others because they’re afraid of rejection.
  • Some people avoid reaching out because they’d rather ‘just create.’
  • Some people avoid reaching out because they believe ‘if you build it, they will come.’

But the truth is, you get out of life, (and the market) what you put into it, vibrationally.

Unless you make a point to do what feels best, moving past your fears, and generously flow value to others the universe won’t flow value to you.

Your wealth is a reflection of your value, so you must think, feel, and do things regularly that cause you to feel more valuable.

Extending a hand to reach out and help others is an extremely reliable way of doing this.

Especially for businesses.

Giving away so much value that you become highly visible, works wonders, and the more you give away with a full heart and good vibes, the more the universe will flow more to you.

So, I highly suggest you improve your vibe regarding visibility, exposure, and reaching people with your offerings.

Sketch of a corgi fishing in various spots.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

You talk about being rich and famous, but we don’t think you can add value in a really powerful way without finding some of all of that,” and “It is pure upliftment for masses they are seeking, and attention to self is not part of the picture– but interest in the subject is.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I know I came to live an expansive life, and that being small, hidden, or invisible was never the goal.”
  • “I know I have the power to do things to be more visible to, or to reach, others more.”
  • “I know the things that make my business more visible to others are already done in my vortex.”
  • “I’m eager to realize the paths to reach and visibility that are in my vortex.”
  • “I know that to be inspired towards actions that reach others & raise visibility, I must maintain a high vibe about related topics.”
  • “I relax about the timing and focus on aligning with the highly visible, far-reaching business already created for me in my vortex.”
  • “I already have great beliefs about my tribe, niche, service, and content, so elevating my vibe about reach and visibility is quite easy.”
  • “I’m proud of how high my vibe is about brand visibility & reach, and I’ll be inspired to steps that realize those things more & more.”
  • “Yay! My far reach and outstanding visibility are as good as done! Woo!”

9. Follow-up, touchpoints, & connection.

In my early businesses…

  • I didn’t see the value of small talk.
  • I didn’t see the value of repeating myself.
  • I didn’t see the value of dismantling others excuses.

It all just felt like a giant waste of time, or hard work.

And you know what that attitude did to my businesses?

It destroyed them.

If you think about every movie you’ve seen, or a recent computer purchase, or even the decision to buy a new piece of clothing…

You know that people rarely, if ever, buy from a single interaction.

People hesitate initially with anything new, unfamiliar, or unknown.

People tend to shop around first. They need to know, like, and trust a brand before flowing dollars to them. Often they’ll think “I should buy that”, but put it off until a sign or coupon or referral nudges them towards it in the future.

  • They respond well to multiple touchpoints.
  • They respond well to extra care and follow-ups.
  • They respond well to businesses that create some kind of connection or rapport.

If you want value to flow back and forth between your business and your customers… it needs rapport, a connection, to flow along.

I had to fix my vibe on this topic significantly, and chances are, you’ll benefit from the same.

Sketched line-graph or connect-the-dots where each dot is a customer 'touchpoint'.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

Never call anyone when you’re in a bad mood… never talk to anyone from a place of disappointment,” and “I have something so good for you, that’s gonna enhance your experience so much and when the timing is right for you, I know that we’ll make contact, and meanwhile, I wish you well.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I understand that connecting with people and following-up with them makes them feel cared for, loved, and uplifted.”
  • “I deeply intend to uplift others, and to achieve anything I can that helps with that.”
  • “Even if I’ve downplayed connecting & following-up in the past, I know connection with my customers already exists in my vortex.”
  • “Even if I’m not great at connecting with customers now, I can be great at it through loving practice, source bringing someone to do it for me, or otherwise.”
  • “I’m eager to experience my connected, uplifted, well-followed-up with leads, prospects, and clients.”
  • “I know my paths to connected clients already exist in my vortex, and will occur to me, as long as I keep my vibe high in as many areas of life as possible.”
  • “I know that if I’m slacking a bit in my vibe, results won’t come, but that it’s a great chance to practice raising it.”
  • “I continually raise my vibe, expecting many deeply connected customers & fans to manifest once it’s high enough, and I’m chill about the timing of it.”
  • “Yay! My biz feels like it’s running smoothly with follow-ups, touchpoints, & lots of connection that uplift my customers already!”

10. Manifesting past others' objections.

I’m not sure if I was afraid, lazy, or something else entirely, but despite having valuable products that I believed in, in eight of my failed businesses….

I made very few offers to people.

99 people out of 100 will usually say ‘no’ to your offer, or be unready to buy, or not be a right fit.

Which often discourages beginner entrepreneurs.

But there’s eight billion people in the world, and if even 1 out of every 100 says ‘yes’ to your offer, that’s eighty million followers, subscribers, or buyers for you.

Eighty-million ‘yeses’ would discourage hardly anyone.

So it makes much logical sense to offer your wares to as many people as possible.

But early in my journey, I simply didn’t see the value of ‘making offers’ to people.

I didn’t feel one ‘yes’ for ninety-nine ‘nos’ was worth the rejection or haters.

But people being unready to buy, or making excuses why they can’t, is a reasonable part of business life.

People have free will, and having ninety-nine out of a hundred people reject offers is fine.

I just needed to make peace with that, see the value of making offers (no matter how others respond), and raise my vibe on the whole topic.

(Though that would mean mentally applying myself and doing the work…  which I avoided for years.)

Eventually I did that, thankfully.

And now I teach others how vital it is they ‘offer’ their gifts to the world, and how they can move past objections either vibrationally or through action.

Cartoon hand, open-palmed holding the 'value equation' for successful offers to succeed on onlyfans.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“If you… identify their improved experience and you hold the vision of [the customer] benefiting from that… you are more influential than millions who don’t have that. So… get in the vortex and see the value of what you’re offering,” and “If you maintain your connection with who you are, no matter what they’re saying or what they’re believing… now what you say makes more sense.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I know that part of business is offering things to others.”
  • “I know that part of business is allowing others the free will to object to or refuse my offers.”
  • “I know that some people will not be ready to buy, some will be ready to buy, and some will be on the fence, and I’m at peace with that.”
  • “I relax knowing that the right and perfect buyers for my offerings already exist in my vortex.”
  • “I’ve already done so much vibrational work that most business-owners avoid, which gives my biz a huge advantage.”
  • “I’ve raised my vibe on tribe, niche, hooks, content, reach, etc., so finding the right buyers for my offerings is now a breeze.”
  • “I know juicy, enticing, hard-to-refuse offers are already in my vortex.”
  • “Eager, passionate, ready-to-buy clients are now in my vortex.”
  • “I know that wonderfully soothing and persuasive words to sway on-the-fence buyers exist in my vortex.”
  • “I know that there’s more than enough clients out there for me, so I can let go and move on from anyone who feels like too hard a sell.”
  • “I know that an abundance of ‘accepted offers’ and ‘paid invoices’ exist in my vortex, and I have a very easy path to realizing them. ”
  • “My path to realizing them is simply to be happy. Very happy. As often as possible, regarding as many topics as possible.”
  • “I’ve started that path already with this page.”
  • “I’ve gotten further down that path wii\th each element of business I raise my vibe on.”
  • “I feel I’ve made huge vibrational improvement in my biz already, and it’s bringing my ‘accepted offers’ to life more.”
  • “It’s fine if it doesn’t happen instantly, because I know the universe looks out for me, & I’ll be provided with all I need at the right time.”
  • “I know I control whether it happens ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ by my beliefs, attitudes, and vibe, and I’ve decided to keep my vibe high.”
  • “I’m so psyched to see my accepted offers unfold!”

11. Manifesting a successful product / service.

I’ve shared a lot of flaws and failures on this page so far.

So please don’t think I’m bragging when I say…

The products & services I offered in every single business, right from the beginning, were above average.

Many of my products were excellent, because my parents instilled in me a tendency towards excellence & over-achieving since I was young.

But they still didn’t sell.

Because bad products can sell millions, and good products can go undiscovered for decades.

What’s the key deciding factor?

It’s not marketing, charm, or anything else the business books like to claim it is.

It’s your vibe about your product.

The deciding factor is your beliefs about your product and your business, and whether or not your actions mirror your beliefs.

  • How high is your vibe about your product or service?
  • And how often do you focus on its value?
  • How often do you appreciate and celebrate your product?
  • How often to you sing it’s praises to others?

If you’re like me in my early entrepreneurial years… hardly at all.

I was more concerned about time, money, bills, than I was about celebrating the product I knew would sell.

Venn diagram marked 'good', 'fast', and 'cheap.'

Abraham-Hicks Says:

I have a product. A really good product. I knew it was a good product the moment that I interfaced personally with it. It was so good I thought ‘man, everybody would really like this!’ I would like to make this available to more people. If it’s good as you say –and it is… then what’s not logical?” and “They’ll be able to see themselves in this environment… I don’t care how much it costs, I really, really, really, really want it. We’re gonna find a way of doing this! I think people are really, really, really gonna wants this… you’ve reached to the far corners of your environment, not just the area, people you don’t even know… are being summoned by the energy you’ve put forth.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I love that our economy has an abundance of products and services.”
  • “I love that our economy has continually grown, adding more products & services.”
  • “I love that our population has also grown, allowing more people to enjoy more products & services.”
  • “A product or service is a great way for me to serve and uplift others.”
  • “I’ve lived a lot of life and I know what makes a good [product / service] and what doesn’t.”
  • “I created (in reality, or in my vortex) a valuable [product / service] that I know will fulfill people who desire it.”
  • “My [product / service] is good because of ____ , _____ , and _____ .”
  • “People will want my [product / service] because of ____ , _____ , and _____ .”
  • “There are already satisfied buyers of my [product / service] in my vortex, and my celebration of how great my [product / service] is brings them closer to me.”
  • “I intend to celebrate and appreciate my product in private, in public, in my content, in my offers, in my sales conversations, and more.”
  • “I know that focusing on the positive aspects of my [product / service] creates positive momentum in my business.”
  • “Rather than be discouraged or rushed about people buying my [product / service], I rest easy knowing that many satisfied buyers purchasing from me is already done.”
  • “All I need to do is keep my vibe high about my [product / service], my clients, my marketing, my schedule, my team, and as many other parts of my biz and life as I can.”
  • “I’ve decided to practice raising my vibe in so many areas, because I know that will bring me closer to my dreams, and I’m eager to see how well I can do it.”
  • “I love my [product / service], my business, my customers (past, present, and future), and myself and I can feel my product benefitting tremendous amounts of people already. Thank you, source.”

Remember, copying this exactly won’t help you much, raising your vibe is an individual, original thing, so you’ll get best results by writing down your own feel-good vibrational thought-journey on each topic.

12. Manifesting effective marketing & promotion.

Effective marketing is marketing that resonates with people.

Effective marketing gets people’s attention.

Effective marketing snaps people out of their autopilot lives and normal routines, then inspires them to explore your offerings further.

Painfully, most of my businesses didn’t achieve any of that with their marketing.

But it wasn’t because I didn’t have bold, controversial, or attention-getting content. I did.

And it wasn’t because I didn’t market in the right areas. I did that too.

It was because I didn’t have a very high vibration about my marketing.

And a high vibration about your marketing can compensate for nearly any deficiency.

There are incredibly poor marketing campaigns out there that still succeed.

How? Because whoever led them believed in them and nurtured their ideas to life with good vibes.

They convinced themselves their marketing was working, and they let no sign or feedback convince them otherwise.

They knew that as long as they kept believing in their marketing, tweaking it when they had inspired impulses, that it would eventually succeed.

It sounds delusional, but it really is the vibrational work.

Life, for the most part, is self-delusion.

  • Some folks convince themselves people don’t like us, when the opposite is true.
  • Some folks convince themselves they’re worthless, when the opposite is true.
  • Some folks convince themselves there is no cure, when the opposite is true.

Your job with law of attraction is to create healthy ‘positive delusions,’ and start convincing yourself of things that serve and benefit you.

Things like “my marketing is more & more effective, and the right people are seeking it and resonating with it.”

That’s a belief that will serve you well, but I had the opposite belief for so long, and it killed my business’s momentum.

Food for thought.

Black and white illustration of a man holding a pink megaphone with comments and chat bubbles popping up in response.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

My role in sales & marketing… is moving the customer… into their vortex, [that’s] my job.” and “If you have something that you’re marketing and you’ve been wanting people to find it, and wanting people to buy it, and wanting people to have benefit of it… and wanting people to find benefit of it, and wanting people to find benefit of it… the question is are you co-operative component or not? Because your clients already are… the marketing campaign… is not to attract the millions to your product –they’ve already been attracted, the marketing campaign is to attract you there.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I love that since caveman times, overall, the world has had a thriving economy.”
  • “I love that the economy features various ‘markets.’”
  • “I love that some people enjoy their local farmer’s market, and I love that some prefer the stock market.”
  • “Markets are wonderful things, and all the business-people and entrepreneurs who offer their wares in the market are wonderful too.”
  • “Marketing is displaying your product in attention-grabbing ways in the marketplace, whether online or offline.”
  • “Even if my marketing and promotion hasn’t gotten the results I may have wanted in the past, I’m still proud to be a business-owner and proud to display my product in various markets.”
  • “And even if my marketing or promotion hasn’t gotten desired results in the past, I know those experiences put massively successful marketing campaigns and approaches in my vortex.”
  • “I know that celebrating and appreciating my tribe, niche, product, offer, and other aspects of business brings my amazing, fulfilling, effective marketing campaigns more and more into my reality.”
  • “Even if I’m inspired towards weird, silly, or ‘non-traditional’ forms of marketing, I’m open to that, and eager to nurture those unique ideas to life.”
  • “Even if I can’t see exactly how my source-inspired impulses will lead to successful promotion, I trust the process and keep my vibe high as I do what feels best.”
  • “I relax about the timing of my marketing. I relax past what others think about my marketing. I know that source has jaw-droppingly great marketing waiting in the vortex for me.”
  • “I’m eager and excited to see what marketing I’m inspired to next, and I eagerly stay happy, connected to source, and ready to follow the tiny, good-feeling impulses I get daily.””
  • “I look forward to the day where people are asking me over dinner or interviewing me on how I marketed my product so well.”
  • “I feel so, so, so blessed that my marketing and promotion is now eye-poppingly effective in the vortex and unfolding into my experience piece by piece, whether anyone can see it yet or not.”
  • “Booyah! My great product with great marketing is as good as done!”

13. Manifesting fulfilling customers & sales.

I’ve had a lot of clients over the years, but not as many as I would’ve if I got in the vortex.

And many of the clients I did have just felt draining, stubborn, disrespectful or not worth the effort.

But I deserved to attract that sort of thing, because I’d not done the vibrational work on clients, the public, or the masses.

And bad clients have happened to many entrepreneurs.

They’ll often tell you they overcame it through ‘action.’

They’ll claim they fixed it by ‘targeting better’ or ‘tweaking their copy’ or ‘pivoting their offering.’

But those action steps are misleading.

The truth is that they were inspired to the correct customer-attracting action for them…

…only after elevating their vibe, either intentionally or by accident.

  • Somehow, they began focusing on how great improved clients would feel.
  • They got clear on what they want in clients, then focused on that.
  • If they had 20,000 thoughts a day about clients, they made sure 19,990 of them were positive.

Whatever the case, they didn’t wake up in the morning miserable about their current clients.

They focused positively on how improved clients would feel first, and by adjusting their beliefs, attitude, and vibe… they were inspired to the right action to take.

  • They might appreciate and celebrate positive aspects of their current clients.
  • They might daydream and journal about ideal clients.
  • They might use sex-magic while thinking about dream clients.
  • They might write aspirational rap songs about clients.

If you want any manifestation for money you practice to work…

You’ve got to raise your vibration about satisfied, loyal, well-paying clients.

Black and white illustration of 3 happy customers jumping into the air while holding giant pink 'review stars.'

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“Your audiences are full of people who have been asking for things they have not received and don’t know how to get them,” and “I know who I am, I’m an uplifter, and I know that people want to feel better than they do, most of them. And I am a catalyst and guide to help people feel better and I trust that law of attraction will bring to me the people who are ready… We think your clientele are those… who are on the brink of wanting more, you see.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “A customer is just someone with desires, willing to exchange a sum of money for upliftment.”

  • “Everyone has desires they’re willing to exchange a sum of money to have fulfilled.”

  • “Everyone is a customer waiting to happen.”

  • “And though my business isn’t meant to serve everyone, some portion of the eight billion people on earth are my ideal customer, and more are being born all the time.”

  • “There are plenty of eager, ready-to-buy, ideal clients for me already created in my vortex.”

  • “My ideal clients aren’t arguing, objecting, or refusing. They are already eager to pay for their desire to be fulfilled through my [product / service].”

  • “I imagine my ideal customers are already browsing my hashtags, googling for me, being referred to me by a friend. They’re hungrily and actively seeking me out.”

  • “When the customers in my vortex see other businesses, they simply pass on them, because they’re meant for me, and they resonate much more with my approach, personality, and brand than anyone else.”

  • “There are plenty of customers for all, and law of attraction has already matched the right ones for me, competition isn’t necessary.”

  • “Previously I may have allowed my moods, beliefs, and vibe about customers keep me out of the vortex and away from ideal clients who match me, but that’s a great thing, because it has truly inspired me to keep my vibe high this time.”

  • “I continually practice elevating my vibe on my tribe, niche, product, offer, connection, marketing, customers, and other parts of my business, and the side-effect of practice is improved performance and results.”

  • “I love practicing a high vibe about my clients.”

  • “I practice great beliefs, moods, and choices regarding my clients often.”

  • “Thinking, feeling, and vibing about clients is a big part of my business, and I prioritize doing it well.”

  • “I’m getting so good at vibing high about clients, that I’d even consider entering a competition for it!”

  • “I’m proud of how happy I am about the clients in my vortex. I’m proud of how sure and certain I am they’re coming to me. I’m proud of how thankful and appreciative I am of the clients that are on their way.”

  • “I love that I increase my abundant, prosperous, happy vibe about eagerly-paying clients often, and have fun doing it.”

  • “With all this vibrational practice about fulfilling clients, I’ve actually impressed myself and am smiling at more and more clients flowing into my experience. Thank you, source.”

14. Manifesting money despite slow economies or growth.

I’ve never really been too concerned about ‘the economy.’

It didn’t seem relevant to me because I knew that the economy always grown massively, consistently, and reliably since Neanderthal times.

Plus people have always succeeded in times of economic trouble, so why couldn’t I do the same?

Well, because I had a bad vibe about the growth, expansion, and momentum of my businesses.

I’d look at the day’s numbers, or at the number comments, or at how many sales my partner made, and I’d feel bad about them.

  • I could’ve been looking at how great my product was.
  • I could’ve been looking at how my numbers had improved since my first childhood business.
  • I could’ve been looking at how my own skills, talent, and wisdom had grown.

I had lots of growth to pay attention to, but all I did was obsess over what wasn’t growing, which lowered my vibe on this topic, creating even slower growth.

I desperately wanted more cash flow. I wanted more customers. I wanted more growth.

So with this section, I’m going to give you one example of how to raise your vibe about the economy, and a second example related specifically to growing your cash flow, just because it seems common for struggling businesses to have cash flow problems.

Or at least, it was for me.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“I like the subject of economics. I like the idea of in-and-out. I like dollars flowing to me and through me to someone else. I like the flow of dollars. I like knowing… that I can’t waste money because when I spend it, someone feeds their kids. I like knowing that I don’t waste money because when I spend it, it’s economics someone else benefits from… I like the feeling of prosperity. I like excellence.” and “I might be becoming ‘filthy rich’, but what I’m really doing is becoming ‘filthy happy!’”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “In the great depression, people felt the economy wouldn’t recover, but it did.”
  • “During the subprime housing crash of 2008, people thought the economy wouldn’t recover, but it did.”
  • “Since caveman times, the economy has done nothing but grow, and grow, and grow, along with our population.”
  • “There have always been people who’ve manifested wealth in rough economies.”
  • “There’ve always been people who see economically tough times as great opportunities.”
  • “The vortex delivers more and more wealth in response to more and more population asking for it.”
  • “Our economy flows more dollars as more people align with the wealth in their vortex.”
  • “In my past, I often whined or complained about business, wealth, and the economy, which kept me away from my vortex, and that’s great because it has made me focus.”
  • “My past economic struggles have made me focused, committed, and passionate about aligning with the wealth in my vortex.”
  • “I’m passionately studying and practicing the tips on this page because I’m focused, committed, and passionate about bringing the wealth in my vortex into my reality.”
  • “I’m already doing it just by being here, reading this.”
  • “This is actually the best I’ve felt about growing my business and being part of this economy… ever!”
  • “In my vortex, the economy is forever growing, my business is forever growing, and my wealth is forever growing.”
  • “Even if the reality and the numbers don’t seem great right now, it’s actually a sign that there’s massive economic success in my vortex.”
  • “Most successful businesses and empires started exactly where I am, in a less than ideal economic place. I’m literally following in their footsteps and poised to get similar result to them, if not better.”
  • “I know my business is growing, expanding, blossoming, and reaching more people.”
  • “I know my business is already a pillar in the community and a blessing to the economy, providing plenty of jobs and consumer-goods in my vortex.”
  • “I also know that my continued practice raising my vibe is bringing my expansive ‘vortex’ business into my experience.”
  • “I know that many entrepreneurs don’t do the vibrational work and never line up with their incredible business, but a rare few like me do, and it brings us the rare-but-impressive results many seek.”
  • “Every failed song brings a musician closer to his economic smash hit, and similarly everything I do, whether it actually results in a money-transfer or not, brings me close to my economic smash hit.”
  • “I can feel my business’s growth, wealth, and economic success coming to life every time I’m relaxed, joyful, or exhilarated.”
  • “Rather than worry about the past or future, I prioritize being relaxed, joyful, and exhilarated as much as possible in the present moment.”
  • “I’m getting so good at this, and I’m so eager to see my personal economy grow more and more, it’s so much fun.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “People with great cashflow at one time had little cash flow.”
  • “Low cash flow moments are great signs that I’ve put vast, fulfilling cash flow in my vortex.”
  • “I can chill. Cash flow isn’t a big deal. It’s just a form of value exchange, one that billions of people engage in often.”
  • “Though not as much as I prefer, technically cash has flowed all throughout my life.”
  • “I’ve had cash flow in many ways, from govt. stimulus checks, to invoices, to a found coin.”
  • “I know how good it feels when cash is flowing. I love both spending and receiving cash.”
  • “Spending gives me the thrill of prosperity and good karma from adding to our economy.”
  • “Receiving reminds me of my own value and reflects upliftment I’ve given to others, empowering me to do more.”
  • “Just like air flow or water flow, cash flow is a beautiful thing, one that’s destined to be.”
  • “Air, water, and cash are meant to flow. Nature, the universe, and source ensure that happens.”
  • “The cashflow I desire is guaranteed, I simply have to raise my vibration and line up with it.”
  • “Even if the numbers don’t look great right now, there’s satisfying, fulfilling cash flow in my vortex.”
  • “My brand, business, and products are increasing in value, and people have always loved paying cash for value.”
  • “Life has flowed food, shelter, entertainment, etc. to me for years. I relax knowing it flows money as well.”
  • “If I want more cash to flow to me, it’s as easy as keeping my vibe high throughout the day.”
  • “I’m glad my past vibe was low, preventing cash flow. It means there’s a high cash flow version of me in my vortex.”
  • “I’m becoming the high-vibing version of me, and I’m eager to see how my money-savvy self creates value & cash flow.”
  • “I’ve set my sights on reaching and uplifting more & more people with my [ products / services], and uplifting others always brings reward, abundance, and a rich life.”
  • “I focus on uplifting others daily, and am open to cash flowing in a variety of different ways, regardless of timing.”
  • “A fun form is happy clients paying my invoices, and source wants me to have fun forms of cash flow.”
  • “There are [hundreds / thousands / millions] of happy clients flowing cash to me in my vortex, and my vibrational work is helping them to materialize faster & faster.”
  • “My proud, easy cash flow is already done. I’m lining up with it often by being happy and  following my heart.”
  • “I’m noticing my beliefs & moods, and adjusting them. I’m making more choices that move me closer to my dreams.”
  • “As I keep getting better at raising my vibe, the universe gets better at flowing cash to me.”
  • “I think, feel, and do what makes me happy consistently, allowing more & more cash to flow into my experience.”
  • “I’m so excited that soon people will be asking me how I generated so much cashflow.”
  • “I’m excited that soon I’ll have new desires, like ‘how to deal with everyone who wants a slice of my wealth.’”
  • “I’m so excited that soon I’ll have new challenges, such as ‘what do I do with all this cash?’”
  • “Thank you source for this time, space, and opportunity to raise my vibe about cash flow. And for signs my cash flow has improved in the form of the good feelings I have.”
  • “Even if someone can’t quite see it, my positive feelings let me know that today is such a wonderful, cash-positive day.”

15. Raise your vibe about yourself & how you spend time.

When I was homeless & suicidal, I got to the point where I truly felt worthless.

I felt inept, destined to fail.

I felt like all my decisions were trash, and had zero self-esteem. My vibe about myself and how I spent my years on earth were terrible.

I don’t recommend this kind of self-image.

The fact is…

We all get to choose how we spend our time on earth.

Many of us give into fear and choose to spend our time in ways that don’t fulfill us.

  • We spend it on ‘obligations’ rather than our dreams.
  • We spend it on ‘sacrifice’ rather than thriving.
  • We spend it on ‘shoulds’ rather than ‘love-tos.’

And the more we do that, the further we get from who we really are. The further we get from our dreams. The further we get from source.

And once we’re in the habit of making choices and choosing schedules that don’t serve us, there’s only one truly effective way to break that habit.  

Practice elevating our vibe about ourselves and how we spend our time.

This doesn’t mean beat yourself up for smoking your day away, nor does it mean overwork yourself til you’re burnt out.

But it also doesn’t mean keep making the same choices as usual, with the same attitude as usual.

If you aren’t proud of your schedule, decisions, traits, and behavior, you’ve got to raise your vibe about yourself.

  • If you’re discouraged so much you don’t even feel like continuing, your vibe is low.
  • If you see the path as ‘too hard’, your vibe is low.
  • If you see others as ‘wrenches’ in your ‘gears’, your vibe is low.

“You would rather be busy, than in alignment, because ‘busy’ looks ‘productive.’” – Abraham-Hicks

Practice spending your time on things that fulfill you, elevate you, and raise your vibe if you want to succeed in business, or anything.

Three stick-figures: One by himself, one making a choice with two arrows, one thinking about his schedule with a calendar.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“It’s because you’re not believable. And the reason you’re not believable is because you’re contradicting your own belief with other beliefs. You’ve gotta believe in your own business before you can ask anybody else to.” and “There’s just not enough time to compensate for a lack of alignment… Sometimes you’ll jump into action first because it was your first awareness of how you ‘get things done.’”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I haven’t had the greatest self-confidence, self-talk, or vibe about myself, and that’s ok, because it reminds me that I have a confident version of myself in my vortex, waiting to be realized.”
  • “Even if I haven’t believed in myself before, that’s a wonderful thing because it means there’s a version of me in the vortex who believes in themselves.”
  • “Even if I have many failures in my past, that’s a great thing, because it means there’s a thriving version of me in my vortex who’s already succeeded.”
  • “People with disadvantaged childhoods, below average intelligence, those who are missing limbs and more have all created fulfilling lives for themselves and I know I can as well.”
  • “I know creating success isn’t about a specific set of actions to take, but instead about how well I control my vibration towards various parts of life.”
  • “I know it may take some practice to raise my vibe effectively, but I’ve already raised my vibe on practice, and I’m eager to do it.”
  • “In fact, I’ve already started just by reading this page, and I know I’m already realizing the successful business-owner vortex-version of me.”
  • “And I intend to keep it up, using my own focus and attention to raise my vibe after I’m done with this page.”
  • “I’m feeling better and better about myself, my life path, and my choices.”
  • “I know that every experience I’ve had has made me wiser and stronger vibrationally.”
  • “I appreciate everything that’s happened to me, because it’s made me into an extremely valuable person.”
  • “Customers exist who need someone like me, and I’ve raised my vibe about uplifting them.”
  • “I’m a great person, with a great business, and I’m focused on creating a great vibe in me so that it all can ‘click.’”
  • “I’m the perfect person for this business in this perfect era of society.”
  • “The happier I am, the more I uplift others through my business and life, and I’ve now dedicated myself to being one of the happiest people on the planet.”
  • “I’m so eager to see how this fresh, new, high-vibing me thrives and touches others.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I love satisfying schedules, day-to-day activities, and good timing.”
  • “Good timing is amazingly helpful in all areas of life, from cooking a meal, to helping a client.”
  • “Everyone’s blessed with free will and is able to choose how they spend their time, even less than ideal conditions.”
  • “I have freedom to schedule myself, prioritize, & choose how I spend time, even in less than ideal conditions.”
  • “I believe that great timing & fulfilling schedules exist for me in my vortex.”
  • “I believe the universe knows what I need, when I need it, and where it all is.”
  • “And I know that I can prevent perfect timing from reaching me when my vibe lowers into anxiousness or struggle.”
  • “I also know that I can allow the universe to deliver perfect timing to me when I raise my vibe to one of ease, flow, or joy.”
  • “I commit to raising my vibe to joy on many topics, so that fulfilling timing can reach me as often as possible.”
  • “Even if I failed at this in the past, my current vibrational practice is making most opportunities in my life unfold smoothly and seamlessly.”
  • “I’m looking forward to more and more awesome ‘coincidences’ of good timing, ‘syncs’ of things working out, and things just ‘clicking’ for me, as a side-effect of my vibe regarding time, schedule, and priorities.”
  • “Even if many people give into fear and avoid doing what makes them happy with their time, I boldly do the opposite.”
  • “I raise my vibe about my schedule, I raise my vibe about canceling parts of my schedule, I raise my vibe about how full or empty my schedule is.”
  • “I raise my vibe about my resources, environment, and timing.”
  • “Even my conversations with others can either go smoothly and quickly, or they can drag on and feel hard, and my vibration beforehand decides which.”
  • “I’m so wise about all this, I know things many people don’t, I love knowing my vibration affects my timing and schedule.”
  • “So I do what feels best to me with my time, I do what makes me happiest, even if it seems scary, and that commitment to happiness lets the universe help me in so many ways.”
  • “The universe can help me get so much done, in so little time, with so little effort.”
  • “The universe can give me so much ease and freedom in my schedule.”
  • “The universe can give me so much leverage, effectiveness, and great results in all I do, if I cooperate with it.”
  • “Because I know this, I practice getting into alignment and improving my thoughts and moods, to allow the universe to bless my timing.”
  • “I relax and let all my desires come into my experience in perfect timing.”
  • “I relax and follow whatever impulse or idea that feels easy and fun, knowing it will take me to better and better timing.”
  • “I relax and love the choices I make about my priorities and my schedule.”

16. Manifesting wealth w/ a team (or suppliers)

Wanna hear a crazy story?

Four of my past business partners had nearly identical traits and tendencies.

They had different shapes, different faces, but the all behaved very similarly.

And they all took most of my time, energy, and resources while bringing very little into the business.

This went on for decades.

I ‘wasted’ so much time and energy training people who didn’t really listen, apply, or give back.

This alone killed so many of my businesses.

One ‘bad apple’ can ruin the bunch as they say, because if you keep focusing on your teammate’s deficiencies, you’ll manifest deficiency in all areas of your biz.

I had to fix my vibe about business partners, employees, and suppliers/contractors.

And even when I did, things didn’t change instantly.

Partly because I didn’t do enough vibrational work, and I tried to ‘skate by’ on minimal practice, and partly because it unfolded as a journey, undoing years of resistance.

I could’ve done it faster, easier, and smoother if I just raised my vibe about teams.

Illustration of 4 teammates standing proud.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

You’re never going to have the ‘perfect’ set of employees” and “You’ll be so clear that you’ll be evoking from others that clarity, or they will not come into your experience. And if that which isn’t clarity is coming into your experience, it’s because you’re not offering clarity,” and “A lot of people will help you… but you’ve gotta set the tone of what you want to attract,” and “The influx of people that are interfacing with [my business], both those that help us grow it, and those that are the consumers of it, flow with such ease and abundance and the interchange is so satisfying… [my business] is so supportive of so many!”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “Even though I’ve been burned by teammates, collaborators, partners, and staff before, I celebrate that, because without them I wouldn’t know so clearly what I want.”
  • “Without a bad team, I wouldn’t have put a phenomenal team in my vortex.”
  • “I love the idea of my epic team in my vortex.”
  • “I enjoy imagining their genius talent, their positive vibe, their smiling faces.”
  • “I love imagining their fulfilling contribution and continual improvement.”
  • “I love knowing that they’re so in-demand by the market, but they’re loyal to me because we have such a great connection.”
  • “I love being relaxed about how we find each other, and in what timing, and I’m okay with attracting some not-quite-right fits if necessary.”
  • “I don’t need every member of my team to show up at my door right now, and I love when things click smoothly and organically in the right timing.”
  • “I love that my team and I succeed so well together that I’m able to give generous rewards to them for their help.”
  • “I feel so good now imagining my amazing in-the-vortex team, and I feel even better knowing I have the power to materialize them into my life.”
  • “I know the way to tap into that power is to raise my vibration about people, about wrong-fits, about past burns.”
  • “I know the way to tap into that power is to raise my vibration about people who are coming, people who are already part of my business, and people in general.”
  • “I know the way to tap into that power is to raise my vibration as often as possible on all subjects.”
  • “And I’ve committed to doing that now and going forward, so I know my fulfilling, brilliant, record-setting team is already being realized.”
  • “Thank you, source.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I’ve already created a fulfilling, satisfying, impressive head of sales.”
  • “She’s brilliant and talented.”
  • “She’s charming and persuasive.
  • “She’s devoted and loyal.”
  • “She sells anything she wants to, effortlessly.”
  • “She maintains a high-vibe on as many subjects as possible, and has fun improving her vibe.”
  • “She gets my vision, teachings, and communications easily.”
  • “She anticipates the needs of the business and joyfully fulfills those she’s called to.”
  • “She takes total responsibility for her life, contribution, vibe, and all situations.”
  • “She’s clear-minded, bubbly, expressive, honest, and takes initiative.”
  • “She’s great at prioritizing effectively and manifesting what she wants.”
  • “She’s continually improving herself, her value, her positive impact.”
  • “She’s healthy and abundant and prosperous.”
  • “She has wonderful, blossoming health and vitality and sees discomfort as a chance to raise her vibe.”
  • “She’s social and enthusiastic about reaching more people.”
  • “She thinks and feels positively about herself, her work, the business, our partnership.”
  • “She’s creative and clever, self-reliant, self-inspiring.”
  • “She’s smart and needs little if any coaching.”
  • “She communicates well, articulates well, expresses well.”
  • “She loves selling and is great friends with the media.”
  • “She chooses prospects well and sells to lots of wonderful people.”
  • “She appreciates me as a boss, and ensures our offerings reach the world.”
  • “She easily balances her schedule and navigates her expanding life.”
  • “She’s impressively stable, sure, and confident in biz and life.”
  • “She’s great at asking for or recruiting other help when needed.”
  • “She’s great at training new sales staff.”
  • “She easily makes time to play in life, to interact with her team, her family, and the business.”
  • “She’s great at flowing money to and through our business and into the economy.”
  • “She’s all this and more, and I’m elevating my vibe higher which helps her materialize into my existence quickly.”

17. Identifying your feelings, to manifest well.

Although I was homeless for 2.5 years, no one knew for the first twelve months or so, because I painted a happy face on everything.

  • Someone emailed to ask how I was? I waited ’til I could get to a library and replied that I was fine.
  • Someone wanted to meet me? I suggested we spend a day at the park or go for a walk in a mall.
  • Someone asked how my business was doing? “Fine,” of course.

Because I’d been taught that expressing negative feelings was ‘bad’ and ‘weak.’ I’d been taught that claiming happiness constantly, meant I was spiritual and ‘manifesting well.’

All this did was get me out of tune with my feelings.

All it did was confuse my emotional guidance system.

Even though I was depressed and miserable with my life, and I clearly needed to do some vibrational work, I avoided it because in my mind, I was ‘fine.’

Even though I was broke, isolated, and my back was curling from carrying my home in a backpack everywhere, I kept claiming my emotions, situation, and vibe were ‘fine.’

  • Calling a leaky sink ‘fine’, means you won’t bother to fix it.
  • Calling a failing business ‘fine’, means you won’t bother to improve it.
  • Calling a negative mood ‘fine’, means you won’t bother to elevate it.

Mislabeling, denying, or avoiding our  feelings is a surefire way to prevent manifestation of money.

If you want to manifest money well, become a master at knowing exactly how you feel, moment-to-moment, and do the vibrational work to improve those feelings.

Don’t be like I was, trapped in terrible manifestations, looping through drama and suffering, all because I painted a happy face on my vibe….

…and refused to practice raising my vibration.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

“Realize that your emotions are a gauge about how much alignment… you are allowing. Emotion is a very important key to you having control over your focus. Without it, you’re just floundering.” and “What influence am I under when I feel that impulse?... ” and “Don’t do something and feel bad about it!... It’s not the action we want you to address, it’s the way you feel behind the action… but until you have isolated for yourself what satisfaction is, you won’t know for sure what impulses are coming from… your inner-being…or which are from the influence of something else.”

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “I admit that I’ve let parents, peers, the media, and other ‘authorities’ convince me that things that feel right to me are wrong and vice-versa, but that’s good because it makes me really want to know my true feelings.”

  • “I know that my emotional guidance has been with me since birth, and I can easily tune back into it with practice.”

  • “I also know that the more I practice identifying my feelings and intentionally adjusting them to a more positive state, the better I get at controlling my vibration on anything.”

  • “Even though it’s tempting to label everything as ‘fine’ or to claim I’m ‘positive’ or to swear that I ‘feel great’, I know it’s more empowering to correctly assess my feelings more accurately, moment-to-moment.”

  • “And even if I mis-label or mis-read my emotions here and there, I’m committed to getting more in-tune with my emotional guidance system and being accurate with it.”

  • “I know the only way to navigate life effectively is by using my emotional guidance, which means I eagerly prioritize being accurate with my emotions.”

  • “For each topic that matters to me, I practice accurately assessing my feelings about it.”

  • “For each thought that matters to me, I practice accurately assessing my feelings about it.”

  • “I’m really getting in tune with my emotions.”

  • “And any time my emotions aren’t as happy, fulfilling, or high-vibing as I like, I know that it’s just my emotional guidance telling me to choose a new approach, perspective, or attitude on any given topic.”

  • “My emotions are like my gas gauge, and the ‘E’ for ‘empty’ is just as important, valuable, and beneficial to me as the ‘F’ for ‘Full’.”

  • “I love my emotions, negative or positive, because they help me know where I’m at on any given topic.”

  • “Even though some people use their emotions to abuse, hurt, or manipulate others, I know my emotions exist to help me navigate life, and I intentionally practice using them for that.”

  • “The aware, in-tune, emotionally intelligent version of me may feel like a reach sometimes, but I know that version exists in my vortex and I’m eager to realize it.”

  • “I know that even if I’m not a master of my emotions in this red-hot-minute, I’m getting there, just by raising my vibe about feelings, moods, and emotions.”

  • “I know that since I’ve raised my vibe about ‘practice’, that I’ll eagerly practice reading and navigating my emotions.”

  • “With practice I’ve learned to tell when I feel really bad about something or really good about something, and it’s usually pretty obvious to me.”

  • “With more practice I’ve learned to tell when I feel slightly tense about something or vaguely interested in something, and I’ve made even those distinctions obvious to me.”

  • “Once I spot an emotion that isn’t where I’d like it to be, I then practice elevating it with wise shifts in perspective, self-soothing on the topic, meditation, dance, and other vibrational work.”

  • “I’ve really got the hang of this, I’m great at reading, navigating, and elevating my emotions on any topic now, and I’m looking forward to the next topic or challenge to practice on.”

Remember, copying this exactly won’t help you much, raising your vibe is an individual, original thing, so you’ll get best results by writing down your own feel-good vibrational thought-journey on each topic.

18. Better decision-making to manifest money.

I was an arrogant, entitled, smug asshole when I was younger.

So I basically always believed I made the best decisions for myself.

But most onlookers would probably disagree, since my decisions caused countless failed businesses, kept me living on the streets, and wasted decades of my  effort barely scraping by.

They did not appear to be good decisions.

And many of them weren’t.

(Technically all decisions are helpful, because they help you practice decision-making, but that’s another post. For now we’ll say a ‘good’ decision is one that elevates your vibe, and a ‘bad’ decision is one that doesn’t.)

So, for many years, I made decisions that lowered my vibe on topic after topic.

It took me ages to admit that I needed to ditch fear, obligation, and what I ‘should’ do, to instead make choices that fulfilled me, even if they seemed risky, foolish, or scary.

People who avoid making decisions, or who make decisions out of fear & obligation live small, limited, unfulfilling lives, and they cripple their decision-making muscles.

People who make committed decisions, aligned with what they feel is best, and then own the consequences live expansive, fulfilling lives, and they strengthen their decision-making muscles.

And since life is a game of decisions, filled with thousands of decisions each day…

…whoever has stronger decision-making muscles wins.

Strengthen your decision-making muscles.

Boldly practice making the best-feeling decisions available to you, accept the consequences, and then make new decisions.

Line up your energy with each decision.

Do the vibrational work needed to feel good about anything you decide, ideally before you make the decision, but even afterwards if necessary.

Get good at decision-making and watch your manifestations blossom.

A path of decisions, some good, some bad.

Abraham-Hicks Says:

Make a decision, then make it the right decision for you.” and “When you make a decision, line up with it… If you decide that you’re gonna go, line up with the idea of going before you go… It’s wonderful to follow through with what you say you’re going to do… it’s wonderful to keep your commitments to yourself.” and “Sometimes you say…I’m faced with this decision and I cannot make a decision because it all feels uncomfortable, or it feels equally good, I can’t distinguish a difference… If you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on… the path of least resistance would be more obvious to you.

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “Decisions are part of life, everyone makes decisions.”

  • “Even though I may have doubted or avoided my decisions in the past, I know now that doubt and avoidance aren’t necessary.”

  • “Every decision I make, even if it doesn’t always go smoothly, improves my decision-making ability, so I aim to make as many as possible.”

  • “I’ve learned that doing the mental and emotional work of raising my vibration before making a decision, makes my decisions easier, smoother, and much more fulfilling.”

  • “Because of this, I practice getting my vibe right prior to any decision as often as possible.”

  • “All my practice is really improving my vibrational control.”

  • “All my decision-practice is really improving my decision-making.”

  • “I’m bringing the clear, focused, decisive decision-making version of me in my vortex into my experience more and more.”

  • “I can already feel that my decision-making has improved, just by thinking all these thoughts and feeling positively about them.”

  • “I’m actually looking forward to decisions now, whether big or small.”

  • “I know my vibrational control is always with me under all conditions and circumstances.”

  • “I know my vibrational control can create good decisions and it can also make decisions that don’t seem to have worked out into victories.”

  • “I know that even if the decisions I make are out of my vortex, I can raise my vibe and turn them into an advantage for me.”

  • “I feel so at ease and confident making decisions now, and I know my practice will continue improving those feelings.”

19. Spinning reality to manifest what you want.

I was raised to be realistic, logical, and to navigate whatever life serves up to me efficiently, with productive actions.

I was raised to put my attention on reality, on problems, on challenges, on struggles.

  • I wasn’t raised to do any vibrational work before taking action.
  • I wasn’t raised to use my imagination or creatively look for silver-linings.
  • I wasn’t raised to ‘spin’ things into a benefit, because that would make me seem silly, childish, or even delusional.

And my lacking the skill to spin negatives into positives shattered my life.

Life just kept giving me more and more unpleasant experiences.

Life didn’t do this to be mean, it did it so I had a chance to practice and get good at one of the most important skills for living well:


And tragically, or hilariously, any time life served me these unpleasant things, rather than practice my spin skill, I just took it.

I accepted it as reality and believed it was likely to take a long time to change.

But if I used my ability to spin things more, it could’ve changed quite fast as I manifested a better reality.


This is really what it’s all about.

  1. Life serves you up people, situations, and experiences.
  2. You use your emotional guidance properly to figure out how you feel about them.
  3. If your feelings about them aren’t satisfying, you use your decision-making skill to do the vibrational work.
  4. As your emotions about the people, situations, and experiences improve, your reality changes to reflect that new vibe, improving them all.
  5. This process is summarized by ‘spinning negatives into positives’, or ‘spinning’ your view on things from negative to positive.

Most people refuse to do this.

Most people believe that seeing the good in something that’s frustrating, or accepting something that is upsetting them will magically make it permanent.

That’s not how it works.

The skill of seeing the positive benefits in unpleasant things is what allows them to dissolve or transform into something more satisfying.

  • If your partner annoys you, spin it positive if you want it to change.
  • If your health declines, spin it positive if you want it to change.
  • If your business discourages you, spin it positive if you want it to change.

If you were to study all eight billion people on the planet, the ones thriving the most are those with a strong habit of spinning reality into something positive.

The ones struggling the most are those who simply observe negative situations, ‘buy into’ them, and refuse to spin them more positively.

Practice this skill if you are serious about improving your money, business, and life.

Turn Thoughts Positive

Abraham-Hicks Says:

Look wherever you are looking, for the aspects that are satisfying, while you look. Stand wherever you are, with whomever you’re with, and look for what is harmonic with your inner-being.” and “My experience is showing me that there are valid laws that respond to how I feel, and I am hoping there is some movement in my feeling.

Example thoughts to raise your vibe on

  • “Life is change.”

  • “Everything is constantly changing, shifting, and evolving.”

  • “I’m blessed with tools to surf the ever-changing river of life, such as emotions and thoughts.”

  • “Any reality I see that I don’t prefer, I’m free to spin into something positive for myself.”

  • “I know the universe doesn’t judge realities, to the universe, realities are neutral, like drops of water.”

  • “I know that every reality I’m experiencing has both positive and negative aspects, even if they’re not obvious at first.”

  • “Controlling my vibration is just the practice of focusing my attention on the positive aspects of things.”

  • “Spinning things into positives is a valuable skill that anyone can practice and learn.”

  • “I’m eager to practice spinning things into positives often, and I know that with proper practice, improvement is guaranteed.”

  • “I know that for some situations in life it’s easy to see the positives, like when I win a contest or find extra cash.”

  • “I know some situations will be more challenging to see as positive than others, but I’m at peace with that, and look forward to the challenge.”

  • “Although many people just look at negative realities and feel bad about them, I know they’re just opportunities to raise my vibe and focus on the positive.”

  • “Even though people may say I’m an unrealistic ‘pollyanna’ or optimist, I know that raising my vibration is the only truly effective response to seeing unwanted, undesirable, or ‘negative’ things.”

  • “I know that being frustrated, whiny, or negative about any situation only makes it worse, positive, optimistic spin and vibrational control is the only truly effective approach.”

  • “I love spinning things into positives, wins, and benefits.”

  • “I love seeing the best of every person, place, or thing that I can.”

  • “Rather than observing reality and feeling bad about it, I love practicing my vibrational spin.”
    “I’m getting so good at this.”

Table of Contents


That was how to raise your vibration on all 19 elements of business.

This is the practice. This is the skill. This is the game. This is life.

  • Life serves you up something you don’t prefer.
  • You use your free will, attention, and focus to align yourself with an improvement.
  • You maintain that consistently, no matter what gets thrown at you.
  • (You don’t track ‘how long it takes’ like an obsessive micromanager.)
  • Instead you relax and chill like you would ordering room service.
  • If done well, you’ll be inspired to actions, solutions, or paths to take you to your new, improved life.

You either get good at this shit, or life runs you over.

Depending on what you believe…

…You either reincarnate for round two, three, or sixty-nine, or you’re wormfood and your chance at ‘winning life’ is over.

Now, assuming I used language that speaks to you, and that this post has reached an open-minded, receptive student…

…you’ve been informed.

You’ve been taught.

You’ve had a walkthrough on how to raise your vibe on 19 elements of biz success.

Someone has taken the time to enlighten you, for free.

And you can do this for ANYTHING that’s not as you want it to be in life.

  • Website not behaving as you’d like? Raise your vibe on it similar to the 19 examples I just gave you.
  • Bills not being paid as you’d prefer? Raise your vibe on it similar to the 19 examples I just gave you.
  • Fridge not as full as you’d like? Raise your vibe on it similar to the 19 examples I just gave you.

You can raise your vibe on anything that’s frustrating you, communication, progress, momentum, persuasion, fun, clarity, you name it.

All that’s left is for you to practice and get good at the vibrational work of elevating your thoughts and emotions.

Raise. Your. Vibe. You can do it.

And playfully speaking, it’s really your only viable option. 😉

It’s the only way to realize your dreams, whether big or small.

“You want to skip the emotional part which comes first, and go right to the manifestation, and since you can’t, you don’t go. You cannot circumvent this process, this evolution, of vibration into manifestation. Everything that you see, and the evolution of all species, is about that.” – Abraham-Hicks

You’re a capable, valuable, powerful human with the ability to tune into your feelings and to think new thoughts. You’ve been tuning into your feelings and thinking new thoughts about life ever since you were a baby.

All that’s left is to do it consciously, apply yourself, make an effort to break the loops of shitty thoughts, moods, and vibes society has trained into you.

So will you?


Lazy, whiny, entitled, over-confident people will barely even try, blaming anything they can to excuse their failure – just like they do with any other challenge in life.


Calm, focused, brave, straight-forward people will study what was taught here, and practice it passionately & methodically until they’ve got the hang of it.

It’s on you to choose what kind of person you’re going to be.

To be clear, I’m not saying to embrace ‘hustle culture’ or to hyper-focus on ‘being productive’:

“We would like you to do in terms of action, about twenty percent less than you are accustomed to doing, and increase your meditation-time, or your soothing-of-yourself-time, or of your doing-things-that-feel-good-to-you-time by that twenty percent.” – Abraham-Hicks

I overworked and hyper-practiced until I was burnt-out, and I know it’s not the path to sustainable thriving.

Your journey of success isn’t about the flashy, impressive, ‘productive-looking’ action.

It’s about your vibration.

It’s about your focus.

It’s about your attention.

It’s about these invisible super-powers everyone has, but so few tap into.

“You could work one hour a day and surpass all of them, if it was one hour of pure alignment. It’s not the time that they’re spending, it’s the alignment that you’re finding in the time that you’re spending.” – Abraham-Hicks

Anyone who applies the tips shared above will boost their wealth in major ways. Guaranteed.

Get your vibe about your whole business right:

“I have this wonderful business, and these wonderful products, and all of these wonderful people assisting me. And all of these wonderful clients. And it’s exhilarating as the ideas expand, and the products expand, and the benefits expand. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more fun!” and “If you want to attract different things from them… you can do it by writing their name at the top of a page, and writing down the things you like most about them. You can tune yourself to the best of everyone and everything. It takes some focus, and attention, and desire, but you can do it.” – Abraham-Hicks

Before we wrap-up, I’ll address some common questions:

Manifestation For Money: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions I get about manifestation, law of attraction, and wealth-creation.

What exactly is money manifestation? Define it please.

‘Money manifestation’ is just a way to say “bringing money into your personal experience.” (Usually into your bank account.)

My article “Want Fast Money? Focus On Other Things!” digs deeper into this.

How do you manifest money (as a business owner)?

You raise your vibration (beliefs + mood) on key business skills, phases, parts, and steps, and maintain that high vibration belief and mood as much as possible.

How well you focus and practice maintaining a positive belief and mood in all of the above areas of business decides how well you manifest money or a thriving, successful business.

The only way you can be of service to others is to hold a vibration of thriving.

Your thriving vibe can uplift and serve others to thrive themselves. Sacrifice, ‘hard work’, effort, determination, or any other attitude makes you ineffective at serving others.

You can only serve others, be of value, and manifest money sustainably by holding a vibration of thriving.

“You’ve got to be thriving to really be of service. Because if you’re not tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you don’t have anything to give anyone. Except some ‘hard work’, and ‘action’, and ‘sacrifice’… Which doesn’t amount to very much.” – Abraham-Hicks

How do I let go of any resistance and limiting beliefs?

‘Letting go’ doesn’t mean to forget or abandon your desire. Your desire always exists, so instead “let go” of over-focus, specifics, forced effort, and “trying.”

Accept where you are, and know that there’s a solution already created which will manifest more, the more you let go of your resistance, limiting beliefs, and heavy moods.

How do I keep an eye on my energy, ensuring it’s positive?

Pay more attention to your body, noticing tension in your jaw, neck, shoulders, spine, ribs, hands, feet, etc.

If your energy is negative, it often manifests in your body.

Pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings. If a bill comes in, are your thoughts about it positive? Is your mood about it chill? Or are you anxious, sad, or ‘crunchy’ about this event that happens to everyone?

Pay more attention to positive aspects of reality.

Reality is complex, and you can focus on positive parts of it like the beauty of nature, abundance of water on our planet, smiles you’ve noticed, wealth or beauty in your Instagram feed, etc… or you can focus on negatives. The choice is yours.

How long does it take to manifest?

How long manifestation takes is much simpler than most realize. It’s similar to cooking. How long does it take to cook a turkey?

Ages if you forget to turn on the oven, or leave the temperature too low. Ages if you keep opening it to check on it. Ages if you keep giving up and starting over with a new turkey.

The timing of when your manifestation enters your life depends on how high you keep your mood and how positive you keep your thoughts on topics surrounding it.

If you want to manifest a thousand dollars, but your mood about the economy is low, and your thoughts about your own value are anxious, you are delaying your manifestation a lot.

But if your mood and beliefs about timing, money, abundance, probability, etc. are positive and loving, you’ll speed up your manifestation.

Can I manifest wealth in my business overnight?

Technically, yes, you can manifest wealth in your business overnight, but in practice, it’s unlikely.

To do it, you must raise your vibration powerfully and consistently on the business skills, phases, parts, and steps… which is something only practiced manifestation masters tend to be ready to tackle.

For the majority of people, it’s better to practice manifestation gradually rather than bite off more than they can chew.

Do I need patience to manifest money in my business?

Do you need patience to get good at a sport? Do you need patience to cook a meal from scratch? Some would say yes, others would say no.

The truth is, like any process, it takes as long as it takes. If you practice, increase your skill, or invent new tools, you can speed up the process, but cooking a turkey still takes time. As does manifestation.

I highly suggest making peace with that or you’ll slow your manifestations and wealth down even more.

Have you read Money & The Law Of Attraction?

Yes, I’ve read Money And The Law Of Attraction. And though it’s an amazing book by Jerry & Esther Hicks that paved the way for much of this page.

But I feel it’s only understandable and applicable by a very small amount of people, so this page aims to fill in the gaps and make business success through Law Of Attraction easier.

Does manifestation really work?

Yes, manifestation really works.

Once you had a desire to learn how to walk. You kept a positive attitude about it, kept practicing, had fun with the process, and eventually learned how to walk.

You did the same with learning to speak. You also had a desire for ‘friends’, and you managed to manifest them. You had ‘no job’ then you manifested ‘a job.’ You had no business, then you manifested a ‘startup.’

You’ve been manifesting something from nothing your whole life, and you can do it more consciously and intentionally with practice.

Do I need to forgive myself for past money mistakes?

Every human is on a journey, including you.

Your money journey will include money mistakes, just like everyone else’s. Even Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet made money mistakes.

So relax, give yourself a break, admit you made money mistakes, smile at them because they’re part of the journey, and you’re following in Bezos & Buffet’s footsteps.

Then move forward with a positive vibe on all money topics and watch closely for even tiny improvements in abundance, prosperity, assets, and value.

Which brings us to gratitude.

How grateful do I need to be for things in my life?

Be grateful for literally anything you receive.

Actually, even better, appreciate it.

Do it as much as feels comfortable to you, and aim to expand your comfort zone over time.

  • Received a hateful comment? Appreciate the precious attention in our attention economy.
  • Received a bill in your inbox? Appreciate the opportunity to flow dollars into our economy, whether you’re ready to pay it or not.
  • Received a stubborn employee? Appreciate the clarity it brings you with the type of staff you truly want.

Most people are terrible at the skill of receiving, and the only way to get better at it is to focus on appreciating what you receive, even if those things appear lame at first.

So appreciate, appreciate, appreciate anything you RECEIVE, and you will start receiving better things, more abundantly.

Must I be clear about my goals?

The amount of clarity needed to manifest your goals depends.

Some people manifest better when they’re hyper-clear about things, others manifest better when they’re vague and general about things. Some people succeed with both depending on their mood.

How do you find out what suits you? Experiment. It’s like asking chefs “which is better, a teflon pan, or an iron skillet?”

Some chefs will swear they get the best results through cast iron. Others will swear non-stick pans are best. Some will swap between both. How did they find out?

They experimented with dish after dish after dish. If you’re not willing to experiment with general vs. specific goals, checking in with your feelings and observing which method most fulfills you, you don’t deserve to get good at manifestation.

If you want more clarity though, I wrote an entire guide on when to ‘go general’ vs. when to ‘be specific’ in your manifestation.

What does ‘trust the process’ mean?

Cooking a delicious meal is a process. It’s a system. It’s a series of steps that, when followed correctly, produces a great meal as a side-effect.

Swimming across a lake is a process. It’s a system. It’s a series of steps that, when followed correctly, produces aquatic travel as a side-effect.


Manifestation is a process, system, and a series of steps that, when followed correctly, produces fulfilling realities as a side-effect.

Each of these processes require the performer to be relatively relaxed, chill, and patient.

Each process requires the performer to stick with it, rather than give up halfway or perform the steps poorly.

Each process requires the performer to ‘trust the process’ and get the result.

Any other attitude means the meal, swim, or manifestation will fail.

How come some mean, nasty, negative people can manifest wealth?

This question has a lot of assumptions.

  • It assumes that having money today doesn’t mean you can’t lose it tomorrow. (Many “one-hit wonders” earn money from a hit, have a doubt-vibe afterwards, then lose it all.)
  • It assumes that achieving wealth somehow prevents LOA from ruining your health shortly after. (Steve Jobs had all the wealth in the world, it couldn’t buy him an abundance of time, or health.)
  • It assumes that the only way to manifest is with a high vibe. (Even if someone has a low vibe, they can manifest if their desire/want/need is intense enough, but it’s usually an unpleasant, rough journey, and far better to manifest intentionally with a high vibe.)


Just like an unskilled toddler can create a great meal once in their life by fluke, some people can manifest wealth by fluke.

And just like Hitler’s strong desire helped manifest wealth for him, it was still a rough ride for him that ended with him caged in a bunker, committing suicide.

But are cases like these really what you’re reading this to achieve?

No, manifestations like these are wack.

Learn to control your vibe, be a ‘good person,’ and manifest intentionally. Period.

Do we really need to feel positively to manifest wealth?

Do you really need to get close to a basketball net in order to score?

Technically, no. You might be able to score from across the court, or even way back in the audience.

But it’s dumb af.

You’d be making your chances of scoring nearly impossible.

Instead, it’s much wiser to learn to dribble and get as close to the net as you can, in order to sink a basket.

Same goes for manifestation.

Be wise. Learn to control your beliefs and feelings because they put you much closer to your manifestation and make creating a new reality easy.

Your beliefs and emotions are tools you can use. They’re manifestation resources waiting to be tapped into. They’re blessings for you to leverage.

Stop making manifestations so hard by practicing the use of them well.

Why does Abe say to replace asking ‘how’ with asking ‘what’ and ‘why?’

Asking ‘how’ your ‘money, clients, business, or wealth’ is going to arrive shoots your manifestation in the foot.


Because the spiritual side of you (source) isn’t worried or focused on ‘how’, and if you’re worried or focused on ‘how’, you’ve separated yourself from source, lowered your vibe, and slowed down your manifestation.

Source knows there are 40-50 ‘paths up the mountain’ to bring any manifestation you desire to life’, and source will happily take the path of least resistance for you.

You affect, influence, and help this along by avoiding asking yourself questions you don’t know the answer to (or that feel uncomfortable), and instead focus on the positive aspects of what you desire and why you desire it.

Final Thoughts

You are powerful, valuable, and destined to fulfill your dreams.

You were born with tools that are eternally yours such as your thoughts, feelings, and choices.

You can practice using them to create fulfilling realities.

If you do practice using them, with joyful, passionate committment, the way you’d practice any skill that’s important to you…

…your life is guaranteed to become better and better, until eventually, many others look on at your life in awe.

And I believe in you.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to give clear examples of what it means to raise your vibe on the 19 elements of business.

While writing it, I practiced raising my own vibe and doing the work too.

The world can use more people getting the hang of this.

The world can use more people practicing elevating their thoughts, feelings, and choices.


Now it’s your turn.

You’ve got this.

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