7 'Secret' Ways For Models To Make More Money

Tracy’s body got her lots of attention. She could’ve monetized it, big-time. So what did she do? Nothing.

"It took me six years to be comfortable modeling a swimsuit."

Elizabeth Hurley

Tracy The Model is throwing valuable attention away.

Sure, she sells some prints & gets some likes… but it’s not the supermodel’s salary she dreamed of. And it’s certainly not the massive legacy she’d love to leave. Tracy still has to work a job & squeeze modeling in on the side. In her dreams, life was meant to be glamorous, but Tracy spends more time hiding the dark circles under her eyes than she does basking in the Maldives.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because she already has a decent-sized fanbase. People are watching her.

But how much can thirsty guys clicking the ‘heart’ button really help? Tracy serves them up a few pretty pics and fans like it, but society at large doesn’t seem that interested in her views on politics, the economy, or even on ‘creepers’ in her DMs. People usually just ‘like,’ then bounce.

One big issue here is that Trace doesn’t have a website, a ‘clickfunnel,’ or another way to capture leads. She doesn’t get fans to subscribe, and she rarely works with anyone noteworthy.

Tracy squanders most of the attention her modeling gets her, and it breaks my heart.

Because attention fuels everything.

Attention doesn’t just lead to more money, attention is a valuable currency by itself, and models often get tons of it, Tracy included.

And it makes sense. Because attention flows toward beauty, and always has. And beauty’s not some shallow thing in it’s own right, either, beauty is a primal force of nature.




These are all examples of beauty compelling our attention. And for someone who’s selective with their attention –like me– may adore connecting with an attention-getting model.

In fact, there was a time in my past when I’d have jumped at the chance to work with Tracy despite her unabundant mindset, but today’s me knows she doesn’t have the ambition to truly ryze up as a model. (At least for now.)

So when she recently joked with me asking “How come J-Ryze isn’t my social media manager?”

I just smiled and added her to the list of models I’ve had to turn down.

Why? Because I prefer to be around people who realize their value, are aware of their potential, and are focused on fulfilling it. Basically, models who monetize well at a bare minimum.

It may sound crazy but…

…gimme models who wanna change the world.

Most models miss the value right under their nose.

For example, many models post on Instagram, right? They build a ‘grid,’ a portfolio. They practice makeup and fashion. And these are all great things to do, but it’s the bare minimum. It’s common. It’s what average models do.

And average is as average does. There’s many average models out there, just like Tracy. But average beauties get average results.

In my opinion beauty is meant to be backed up by generosity, open-mindedness, and purpose.

And Tracy disqualified herself from that ages ago by not showing love to fans.

Yes, that’s right, Tracy didn’t treat her fans well.

Specifically one fan… me.

For years I’d posted many kind things on Tracy’s page. I’m talking real, deep, engaging insight. Stuff far beyond the standard “uhh, you’re hot.” — I took the time to ask heartfelt and interesting questions, but received no response. I’d purchased one of her Etsy sets, and went on to leave glowing praise in the purchase notes — Still no response. I’d created beautiful artwork inspired by one of her photos. She said “I’d love to see it!” I said “What’s your email?” and then, again — No response.

Tracy didn’t value me properly, so I moved on.

Then a funny thing happened.

About a year later, she found an advice-piece for models I’d written over on SuicideGirls. She was impressed by it, and suddenly she was asking to hire me.

Yep, after ignoring all my contributions for years, she suddenly wanted me as her ‘social media manager.’

But even that was disrespect. Because I’m so much more valuable than a social media manager, and Tracy would’ve known that if she’d paid more attention. She would’ve had a loyal fan who engaged with her for years, volunteering his services for free, if she’d just thrown me a bit of ‘common courtesy.’ But I eventually gave up, discouraged, and now Tracy was too late.

What’s the point of this story?

It’s that Tracy’s beauty attracted thirsty guys, sure, but her beauty also attracted tons of valuable people making heartfelt contributions. She had much value basically thrown at her feet.

But she either didn’t see or didn’t know how to handle all the attention and contribution. And if she was more focused on leveraging her beauty into something truly life-changing, she’d definitely benefit from it.

So where are all the models with real ambition?

Where are the models who aim higher, create wiser, and (gasp!) make plenty of money?

I went back to ModelMayhem, swung by SuicideGirls, and explored Instagram, and most of the model’s there, despite having decent followings, were so, well… low-impact.

So few models I found were truly changing the world. Few gave society something really special. Few asked ‘What am I not doing well? What can I do better to raise my impact?’ Most of them were more concerned with questions like:

  • ‘How much is too much skin?’
  • ‘Am I really model material?’
  • ‘How do I find better photographers?’

Which are important questions, sure, but I want peeps who are digging deeper and making a bigger splash, because the modeling world is ready for change.

I believe models can make boatloads of money, and I’m writing this to reach the ones who are intentional about it.

This post is for models who really wanna #ryze their bank accounts.

So let’s get into the tips on how to make more bank.

1. Money-making models make their brand inviting.

Picture this:

Tracy pours her heart into a bangin’ wardrobe, creative concept, and fire poses for her latest shoot. Her photog goes the extra-mile with lighting, make-up, and editing. They invest so much into the shoot, eager to share Tracy’s beauty with the world.

She posts the set and it gets almost zero traction. Ouch. I feel her pain. Why? ‘Cause posting photos is just the beginning. Tracy’s shots need to be presented right. The real trick isn’t in making great art. The real trick is in persuading people to give that art a chance.

A model is like a chef in the kitchen. You can spend all your time cooking up a gourmet meal, but that won’t magically bring diners over to pay for it.

The real trick is in persuasive invitations, compelling appetizers, and fantastic presentation of the main course.

You’ve got to be willing to pitch your art to people who otherwise wouldn’t see it. You’ve got to tweak your IG bio and handle to send a compelling message.

You’ve got to get out there in the market, and connect with people who matter, be a guest on podcasts, etc.

Level up beyond the ‘average’ model.

On top of that, you’ll want a signature look, a style people can instantly recognize as ‘you’ when it pops into their feed. How? Maybe you’ve gotta amp up your caption game. Or hold contests or giveaways. Find some way to make things easy, fun, & memorable for your fans.

Serve up gorgeous photos, yes, but make sure they stand out in my feed. Compel me to get updates on your events, or interact with you. If you don’t, they become cold, disconnected photos, and an uninviting experience. And uninviting experiences get ignored and passed over.

So here’s three ideas to make your brand more inviting:

Give 'em a place to party.

Create a hub. Whether you run a websites, FB groups, Twitter, Instagram, or even an OnlyFans...

Do something to convert scattered updates into a hub fans can rely on. What fan wouldn’t love a monthly email from a gorgeous model? Or a monthly Zoom. Or special perks? Wouldn’t those be great reminders of your upcoming events, sales, or posts? Invest! Build a place where your fans can connect & give feedback.

Share your real story.

Practice the power of words. Collab with a copywriter, or get a photog who 'gets' storytelling, or just evolve your 'caption game.' Inject some meaning into your posts, or dedicate images to a charity.

People want emotional stories, not just photos— this applies to photo posts, kickstarters, videos, and more. Just like photogs need models, models need writers. At the very least, apply some easy caption writing basics when you post images.

Engage and interact.

Take requests! Let fans vote on shoots, hold contests, etc. This kind of interaction with a model can truly make a fan’s day, week, or even life!

People love to feel included. Even a 'smiley' in response to a fan can make them feel valued. They know you don’t have time to respond to everything, but the smallest gestures can speak volumes. It can even be worth hiring an intern to make sure people feel recognized.

This stuff matters. It affects the fan experience. So go beyond the photos, and… go beyond yourself.

2. Team-up more to grow your empire.

Ask yourself: am I a talent-magnet?

Your looks may attract fans, but are you attractive to talented collaborators?

I hope so, because collaborations are insanely valuable. Collaborations are basically money on the table. As soon as you lend your modeling skills to a company, person, or cause, you’re increasing your value/resume/impact, as well as gaining leads from their networks & audiences.

A good collaboration is win/win.

They’ll often brag about your involvement and their ‘people’ are gonna have eyes on you. Usually, the bigger the player you collaborate with, the bigger results you’ll have, but you may have to work your way up to the big leagues.

Consider partnering up with:

  • Photographers
  • Web Designers
  • Magazine Publishers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Video Directors
  • PR Agencies
  • Bands, etc.

Or get more creative and partner with:

  • Tech companies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Or even life-coaches

Whatever you’re aiming for, the trick to attracting talent is to offer persuasive value. It’s a universal law — bring value to your relationships & they blossom.

A beautiful model can easily get volunteers & helpers on her team if she approaches it properly.

In Tracy’s story, I was approached like this:

  • Tracy ignores me for years
  • Then suddenly…
  • “Hey, work with me? #giggle”


I appreciate the thought, but “hey, work with me?” is a throwaway line with no effort put into it. It’s the same thing as a guy hitting up your DMs and writing “Will you marry me?”

Compare it to this approach:

“Hi J-Ryze! I found you through your How To Get An Hourglass Body article, which I loved! I’m offering an opportunity I feel would help us both. It’s part of my upcoming #BeautysNotASize campaign. I have 9,000 followers to expose your work to… and although proceeds are going to charity, I’ve set aside a small budget, in the hopes we can work something out. Please let me know, and here’s a high-res photo from my portfolio to use for whatever you want. Looking forward to talking with you.”

That’s a respectful, sincere, appealing offer loaded with value. It has a lot of persuasive elements to it. You get people on board by writing from the heart and packing in the value. Put love into it. Aim to really help the potential collaborator you’re writing to. The above example shows that the writer:

A.  Stands for something. (“#BeautysNotASize”)
B. Offers something. (“I have 9,000 followers to expose your work to.”)
C. Shows respect. (“I have a small budget for you.”)
D. Includes a gift. (“Here’s a high-res photo from my portfolio to use.”)

Pitching is a skill worth practicing. Learn how to setup collabs. Practice reaching out to people. Make friends. Help people with no expectations. Grow your modeling empire.

But knowing how to approach and reach out isn’t enough…

Successful models get on people's radar.

Be a light for influencers. Let’s say you wanna work with a big name photographer, get into a prominent magazine, or collab with another successful model. It’s way easier to connect with them, once they’re aware of you.

But how do you make them aware?

Simple, make a difference. Put in the sweat. It’s not actually about how you can get them to notice you, it’s about how noticeable you are as a model.

You can be a noticeable benefit to their lives. You can be be highly visible, open, or ‘exposed.’ (And I don’t mean do porn.) People notice visible, beneficial things, especially if they happen more than once.

So you go to their channels, you engage well with their community, you make an impact. Most people avoid this because it’s not an instant-fix, it takes significant energy, commitment, and love. You have to care.

Let’s take working with Mike Prado as an example. Mike’s a huge glamour photog, he gets tons of comments.

So… he likely won’t notice you if you contribute a single, solitary comment.

But he will notice if your name and avatar keeps coming up over and over. He will notice if other Prado-community-members he respects are thanking you for your contributions. He will notice if you give an epic answer to a question he asks his audience.

Don’t be a timid or lazy model who says “Hey Mike, let’s work together” and that’s it. Get involved and make an impact. Challenge yourself to leave 50-100 truly helpful comments for your targeted influencer. Light up their channels.

And to do this, you really gotta bring your A-game, which means…

3. Money-making models turn up.

Be a brighter light.

Experiment until you find things that make you stand out.

Once you find them, don’t abandon them, emphasize them.

Practice highlighting them and showing them off.

It may take courage to be the model who swears. Or the contortionist model. Or the urban-explorer model.

But whatever the case, you have to be bold and be willing to say and do things the average person won’t.

In a noisy world filled with so many models, a clear difference is powerful. Not fitting in is powerful. It’s how you stand out from the crowd & create your own audience. Polarize people, shock them, wake them up, stand for something.

Being unique is easy, but can seem scary.

 Yes, discovering ourselves is a ‘big’, life-long journey, but showing off your uniqueness —even a little bit— brings clear results.

Think about the bands, movies, and clothes you enjoy— chances are they have some very unique traits. They don’t blend in with the boring noise. They are clear and focused in their content, their offerings, their style.

It just makes sense. People like unique stuff. They connect with brands bold enough to own their shit. When we embrace our uniqueness and turn up the volume on it, we become more magnetic, easier to love.

Here’s 8 models who made their uniqueness work for them.

Madeline Stuart

‘Down Syndrome’ Model

Kanya Sesser

Legless Model

Ashley Alexiss

‘Short’ Model

Jacqueline Depaul

’40+’ Model

Ashley Graham

‘Plus-Size’ Model

Laverne Cox

‘Trans’ Model

Seventy Jane

‘Tattooed’ Model

Raffaella Fico

‘Pregnant’ Model

Find your hook.

What hook can you ‘own’? What about you raises you up above the ‘average’ model and can give you a hook? What makes you a bit more unique? (Hint: It’s often something you tend to downplay or consider ‘too easy’ or ‘natural.’)

To the right is one more bonus model I was sparked to include. Mariah is the first hijab model to be featured in an H&M ad, and got ‘discovered’ in part through her active, high-quality instagram account. Most people would avoid modeling with a hijab, but Mariah owned it.

Mariah Idrissi

‘Hijab’ Model

Turn your 'flaws' into fame.

Ashley, Kanya, Maddy and the others above all owned their so-called ‘flaws’ and turned them into features that propelled them to fame.

Now, you don’t have to be as extreme as all that, but you are unique. You are. Maybe you’re a model who loves mullets & ghillie suits. Fine… show it off. Maybe you love Aztec culture, ok then, use that. Maybe you’re well-traveled, leverage it. Maybe you love all three, so be…

TecMullet, The Jet-setting Supermodel.

It’ll get attention and attract an audience who appreciates those things as well. It gives people an easy hook to share you. And once your buzz really starts, it’ll spread outside your core group of loyal fans.

So don’t blend in as yet another fashionably-dressed (or undressed) body in a sea of beauty. Stand out. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s also easy. It’s easy to share what you love and who you are. You just have to own it. Show off your quirks, flaws, and loves. Embrace the life you’ve been given, no matter how weird.

And hey, even if you’re already doing all this, there’s still ways to turn up the volume. So go for it.

4. Great models get cash flowing to them, then grow it.

Models can make mad cash, monetize better.

Really they can. There’s many ways to do it, but they all come down to one thing… consistently, passionately, providing value.

Let’s look at Boston-native, Ashley Alexiss. I don’t know her actual earnings (but she recently bought her Mom a car), and it’s easy to spot her revenue streams. Ashley…

And she has more revenue streams than that, with even more planned. Maybe she’ll experiment with content-subscription platforms like Patreon or Izea, or hookup with The Black Tape Project.

And the best part? She’s indie, her own boss, an entrepreneur. She’s not even signed to an agency, but she still makes a mark and helps people enjoy life more.

As far as I know, here’s some revenue options Ash does not do:

  • live camming
  • phone calls
  • acting/extra work
  • stock photo sites
  • rent-a-crowd events (Femme Fatale)
  • feature dancing

As time goes on she may expand into music videos, live performance, or merch, like figurines.

Surprisingly, Ms. Alexiss doesn’t have a website, newsletter, or fan club, which runs against my earlier suggestions… but she does have her own Alexiss Swimwear Line, reps her #BeautyIsNotASize message, funnels her audience onto her Facebook/Instagram, and got a lot of traffic for #CleavageForTheCure.

Most of her stuff speaks clearly to a certain group, has a message, or helps a cause. Compare that to models who sporadically pop onto facebook and share an empty, meaningless “pls buy my prints” post.

You may argue that Ashley gets results even with a simple “pls like my FB xoxo” line, and it’s true now, but only because she’s already given tons of value over the years and her fans are already feeling it, loving what she stands for, and are honored to be involved with her.

Such a fluff one-liner won’t help models who are just starting to build their brand.

The timing and phrasing of your ask matters. Even subtle things like clear links in your calls-to-action can impact results. Anyway, Ashley’s already kicked up enough noise to get successful Toronto-Playmate, Khloe Terae‘s attention.


Ash is on Khloe’s radar, and she suggested they share audiences and reach goals together!


Ash can connect with major players like Khloe because she has a long history of offering tons of value, and not surprisingly, cash, attention, and opportunities are flowing to match, and it all began with her focusing on creating one successful revenue stream at a time.

You can do this too.

Grow revenue streams that work for you.

4b. Now make every bit of revenue... count.

Got your monetization going? Now polish & refine.

The section above shows how models can offer so much and make so much money. You probably already have some of these streams started. The next step is to polish and refine them.

Experiment with revenue streams, and improve the ones that feel right to you…

Make those better and better. Build campaigns and teams around them. Turn them into opportunities to show off your best work. Build systems around anything that’s working for you. I want more models doing well and #ryzing up.

If you clearly stand out in the modeling world, you team up with quality people, and deliver clear value to a specific fanbase, all while standing for something you believe is right… it’s hard not to grow your cashflow.

Affirm for yourself, “I now show mad love through my modeling & I’m rewarded well for it.” Make whatever you put out really count.

They didn’t teach this stuff when I was in school. They taught ‘balance sheets.’ I had to learn it through hard knocks, studying legends, and learning from mentors like my friend, Evan Carmichael.

He helped me realize that all successful people provide huge value. Non-stop, all day, ‘erry day. And they go way beyond “I sell my photos.” Entertaining people is value. Compelling their attention is value. Strong personal branding is value. Even ‘distraction’ can be value if done intentionally.

Hell, being worth gossiping about is value.

Once you have cashflow that’s working, make it bigger and better. Make it easier to buy. Experiment with different captions to sell. Test & experiment. Partner up with someone who’s audience appreciates your offering. Build something you’re proud of. Offer value to fans.

Grow your ‘model empire.’

5. money-making models connect with a cause.

"People think modeling's mindless, that you just stand there and pose, but it doesn't have to be that way."

Linda Evangelista

Many models help charities.

Many models blew up by helping a charity. Or standing up for a cause. And I’m suggesting you get involved in a cause with ulterior motives or seeking self-promotion or benefit. Instead, contributing your value as a model, agenda-free, is just an awesome thing to do. Tyra Banks, Audrey Hepburn, Linda Taylor and more have all gone this route. And there’s magic in it.

The magic is simple: Support something you believe in, and watch people love you for it.

Though that’s definitely not why you should be doing it. This tip, like many above, only works when coming from a pure heart. It’s got to be done looking to truly help society, not out of desperation, manipulation, or wealth-seeking.

You can’t just wake up and start helping a charity. It has to be organic. And hey, if there’s no causes you’re passionate about, it’s all good. Don’t force it. But if you or your family has been involved in something that speaks to you, then by all means get involved.

6. Leverage all the modeling resources out there.

Models have so much at their fingertips.

Actually, people have so much. We really do. Our society blesses us with more resources than ever. There’s an avalanche of freely offered modeling resources out there now, that generations before didn’t have access to. They had to do it with cold calling, knocking on doors, or getting scouted.

But today, so many resources are just sitting there waiting for you to leverage them. Plus, it’s not even about how many resources you have available, but how resource-full you are. It’s about your passion, creativity, and what you do with what you have.

Still, here’s a quick look at some resources that may get you started.

Modeling Resources

Industry Leader

Alt. Competitor

More Modern

Artistry Focused

*And of course Instagram, OnlyFans, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.

What about agencies?

Ah yes, there’s always the constant hunt for a modeling agency. I start typing ‘modeling agency’ into google and the autocomplete form was filled with ‘modeling agencies in new york’, ‘modeling agencies in los angeles’, etc. — even though I live in Toronto! The hunger for an agency is real.

Anyway, personally, I’d focus on kicking up noise, making an impact, and in doing that you’ll attract an agency to you. You will.

But if you really wanna search, these links may help:

And there's tons more.

I found some amazing resources shared models giving back in Model Mayhem Forums. I discovered Dekilah’s Model Advice site, and I found Mike Sunderland’s “A Big Brother For Your First 3 Months In The Modelling World” post. Both offer quite a bit of value, check ’em out. Or you know… hook up with an brilliant teacher, like me.



And try reading The Frugal Model, by Ashley Stetts. Personally I’m not big on thrift and watching every financial detail, but she might be just what you’re looking for.


See what Models With Minds has to offer which is an organization that supports and develops models’ professional interests and passions outside the world of modeling.


Check out Model Liberation, founded by Nikia Phoenix, part model, part freedom-fighter, all awesome.


Or if you’re looking for advice and mentoring, try The Modeling Mentor, founded by former model Jill Johnson.


Perhaps even set your sites on brand management and PR from a major Idea House like The Door Online, who helps models like Sara Sampaio, Ali Larter, and Gigi Hadid.



A community of women sharing all kinds of powerful, natural, body-shaping and breast-enhancing resources.


Resources for the nearly naked.

Let’s say you enjoy being a little more daring, glam, or… well… naked than most models. In that case you have even more options.

Arousing people can be lucrative, and you may do well for yourself by showing off on sites that aren’t so PG-13.

They’re not for everyone, but Supe and TopDolls are relatively tame. /r/GoneWild, Chaturbate, ManyVids, & OnlyFans are quite adult.

Be resourceful, be creative.

If none of the above options are for you, you’ll have to get more creative: explore new areas that may need some modeling. Maybe start your own agency like Emily Lyons did with Femme Fatale Media. Or try different resources out and see which excite you and where you can make an impact. Get out there and do what feels good.

And that brings to the final, but most important tip.

7. Successful models appreciate it all. every last thing.

Last but not least... Gratitude.

Be thankful. Be grateful. Be appreciative. For a lot of my life, I didn’t really know what this meant. I had to learn appreciation the hard way. A tear-jerkingly hard way, which I won’t get into here, and I’d still love to be better at appreciating all I have.

Hopefully you can learn to appreciate modeling (& life!) through my words & wisdom, instead of through major pain and loneliness. So here goes:

Appreciate your gifts.

Realize that every inch of modeling life, that you may take for granted, are other people’s dreams. The thirsty DMs. The flaky photographers. The image theft. All of these things have value in them, believe it or not.

Maybe you’re not appreciating your body enough, but many people dream of being as thin & fit as you, as fashionable, as beautiful, as sexy, as riveting, as enchanting, as confident, as free. You’re an inspiration to people out there, and you may not even know it.

Maybe they’re lurking and watching you from the wings, maybe it’s not obvious how much you inspire people, but they’re out there. They look up to you.

Appreciate your fans.

Anyone who likes, shares, or comments is helping you.  Straight up, they are. Even if they’re doing it as haters, or in a way you don’t like. They’re still helping you build the buzz and numbers that impress. They get you noticed, discovered, and hooked up.


You could argue that ‘anyone would feel blessed to have 1.5M fans’, but if you study Ash’s early years, you’ll see she felt blessed to have 100, 10, or even a single fan. Appreciation is an attitude you cultivate early, then life delivers more and more to you. Just try it.

Figure out ways to encourage, thank, and reward as many fans as you can. Figure out how to reply or like all their comments. Get an intern to handle your comments. Set aside a chunk of time in your day or week to sit down, focus, and interact with your fans. It’s an hour or two out of your life, and every smiley or like you give sends a huge message.

Appreciate your team.

If you work with a photog you enjoy, give them a shoutout on insta. Refer another model to them. If you have a web designer or media manager you love, give them some time in the spotlight. Take a selfie with them.

Anything to show love. Try making a post or a page dedicated to fam or friends who encourage you, share a personal story and tag them. Many people never get mentioned anywhere for anything, and when you do stuff like this, they brag about you, show you off, and it all comes back to you somehow.

Collect any positive comments or testimonials on their behalf, and share them with your team. Life’s an intense ride, and no one does it completely alone, so thank your team for being there. It’s easy, start small, but take action. Actions speak louder than words. Karma wins. Always.

Too hard? Fine, go even smaller.

Appreciate earth.

Appreciate the blessings of air, water, sun, and ground, which give you a tools & resources & energy, and that you didn’t have to lift a finger to earn. It’s all beautiful nature, just given to us.

Same with gardens growing all over the place. Same with animals roaming our lives. Same with furniture and shelter from the elements. It’s a huge blessing to have ANY of these things, and there are many who don’t have them.

Please understand there’s a lot in life to appreciate, and it may not be exactly what we want, but it’s a start. Money doesn’t flow to people who can’t appreciate what they have.  This may sound like hippie-bullshit, but I highly, highly recommend you TRY it. Commit to it for a while. Be consistent, and adjust yourself to an attitude of appreciation.

At the very least you’ll be a better person.

Plus, modeling keeps evolving.

Modeling keeps moving forward.

Modeling keeps evolving. I wrote this because there were so many models like Tracy who could be way better, and wherever I looked, no one was giving advice that matters.

Forums were filled with the same repetitive questions. My feeds were filled with the same beautiful-but-boring posts. It was all weak sauce. I wanted to help. Hopefully this post remains relevant in our ever-changing world. And modeling, like everything, continues to evolve.

(And I don’t mean it ages. Though on that note, it’s worth checking out Yasmina Rossi, 61-year old model for Marks & Spencer, Macy’s, and Hermes.)


Anyway, the industry moves forward. Apps like Instagram & TikTok may change the game, but the truth is, if you focus on bigger things —like the ones I’ve covered here— most details sort themselves out. So, to wrap up…

  • Make It Inviting
  • Team Up With Talent
  • Turn Up Uniqueness
  • Build Cashflow
  • Leverage Resources
  • Connect With A Cause
  • Appreciate It All

Everyone knows posing, fashion, nudes, lighting, how to deal with creeps, model release forms, etc. are important. And yes, of course creating great photos is important. But you can find tips on those everywhere.

The 7 tips I shared here will help you be a high-value, money-making model. They’ll help you grow as a person, who happens to model. They’ll gain you followers & fanbase. And when you get 10—, 20—, even 30,000 followers on social for all the lives you’ve touched, it almost doesn’t matter what you look like, people will be hungry to work with you.

Whew, Ok. It took me days to put this together, but I really want you to succeed. I appreciate every beautiful image models deliver to my feeds, and this post is one way I can pay it forward and give back.

Thanks so much for reading.


Note: Most of the images here are ‘found’, and they make this piece more readable and enjoyable. My whole intention is to help models, but if for some reason you want an image removed, contact me and I’ll take care of it. Much love!

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Hi, I’m J-Ryze. I wrote this for you. Here’s a bit more about me. I ask great questions. I’m a firestarter, igniting any person, project, or idea. I’m consiglieri to empire-builders. I love deep conversations & new things. Wanna know more? Read my story, or check out more happy clients.

Coming from a model, thank you! Very well written and informative — I think this thread should totally be pinned in this group.
Harmony Korine
Ryze! I'm totally blown away by your incredible insight & passion. Full of value. Hats off to you my friend. I felt your honesty, passion, your heart… moved me beyond words.
June Marie
June Marie
That was amazing! Well done man! Your blog is DOPE! Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it.
Mikey Sunderland

"Modeling gave me so many experiences, like traveling and being exposed to global cultures, but the most valuable lesson has been working with designers who truly are visionaries in their field."


P.S. I know it sounds cliche, but sustainable wealth is created through passion, self-honesty, and love.

A CEO serving customers…
A band hyping audiences…
A model enticing viewers…

It’s all love.

It’s all passionate peeps giving a great experience to their fans. It’s people serving people.

Models serve up beauty, attract attention, and spread messages. They can arouse or soothe, or anything in between. The more love a model puts into her art & her community, the better she’ll do.