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Get Your Dream Body With The 3 Levels Of Law Of Attraction

There’s actually infinite levels, but this will help you.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full guide to manifesting, it is simply a helper article to clarify one of the most misunderstood parts of law of attraction.

If you want to be fit, you have to exercise, right?

Not exactly.

There are monks in China who can make their hands grow heavy and full of blood during martial arts sparring. Wim Hof trains his students to be injected with viruses and use breathwork to cure themselves in a matter of minutes. Jessica Simpson has some of the most beautiful teeth in the world and never brushes them.

The same goes for diet.

There are people able to be quite fit and attractive while on ‘crazy’ diets. There are super-fit body-builders who are vegan. There are super-fit body-builders on the carnivore diet. Even more eye-opening, there are Guinness-record holders who eat mainly metal, and do just fine in life.

There are people who seem to defy the laws of biology, the laws of physics, in various ways, and so, there are people who are able to be fit with minimal, or no, exercise, as well as those on non-ideal nutrition-plans.

At the same time, there are plenty of people for whom diet and exercise matters a lot, and who obsessively plan their lives around both.

Can Law Of Attraction explain beauty without diet or exercise?

Yes, if you understand the three levels of law of attraction mastery. Note: It’s very important you understand there are infinite levels, because any skill lies on a spectrum. For any skill there is ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’, and ‘expert’, but there’s no actual ‘line’ dividing them up, right? So what I’m about to explain are 3 ‘arbitrary’ levels I’ve created to explain the law of attraction mastery to you. They’re just a ‘rough’ approximation, not something to argue over.

The first level is a LOA ‘Doubter’, ‘Skeptic’, or ‘Average Human.’

This is someone who doesn’t really believe in Law Of Attraction, has barely practiced LOA, and even so, their practice has been incorrect. Most of their life is subject mainly to the laws of physics. If they want money, they have to work hard for it. If they want fitness, they have to diet and exercise well. Period. And even when they do these things diligently, they still often fail to get desired results. “I eat right and exercise but I’m still so fat!” Their minds are so untrained, and fluctuate negatively so often, that they’re basically at the mercy of physics, society, and random chance. These people are extremely common on our planet (at time of writing.)

The second level is a LOA ‘Dabbler’, ‘Amateur’, or ‘Initiate.’

This is someone who believes in the Law Of Attraction, because they’ve been able to manifest many ‘small’ things, or a ‘few’ big things, or some blend of that. They’ve studied LOA a bit and practiced it a bit. Mostly their lives are determined by the laws of physics, they can’t manifest ‘money out of thin air,’ and it still takes plenty of time and work to get their dream body, etc. BUT they can occasionally bend the laws of physics to get ‘surprising coincidences’ that would impress and delight themselves and others. These people are noticeably less common, but there’s still a good amount of them.

The third level is a LOA ‘Master’, ‘Expert’, or ‘Artiste.’

This is someone who lives and breathes the law of attraction, practicing and applying it to the vast majority of their life. They’ve undeniably manifested a ton of wonderful things for themselves, and ‘big’ or ‘small’ doesn’t really matter to them, since they’re so good at it. They can manifest money ‘practically’ out of thin air, and get their dream body almost effortlessly, regardless of diet or exercise. These are modern-day miracle-workers, and extremely uncommon on our planet (at time of writing.)

Hopefully these law of attraction ‘levels of mastery’ make sense to you. Hopefully you can tell which group you fall into, or lean towards most. Hopefully you realize that practice is the biggest factor that can elevate your level. But even if you get all that… there’s something important all three have in common that often goes overlooked.

They’re all humans, playing a ‘human game,’ in a ‘human world.’

This means all three types of manifestors, from doubter to master, are subject to the laws of physics. ‘Physics’ and ‘Free Will’ are key agreements we made when our souls came to earth to play this ‘human game.’ So although the law of attraction can give us the essence of our desire (often through paths we could scarcely imagine), still all three have to navigate the laws of physics. (Economy, biology, chemistry, sexuality, thermodynamics, etc.) If you drop a doubter, dabbler, or master from the top of the CN Tower, they’ll very likely all go ‘splat’ and die. But for the doubter and dabbler it’s practically guaranteed, but for the ‘master’ death is less certain. This is because the master is the one with the highest chance of getting caught by a nearby plane, or catching a ledge with their hands, or landing in a circus net nearby, or some other one-in-a-million miracle. And if someone has ‘Jesus-Level’ law of attraction mastery, they may even be able to levitate or soften their bones like a baby, or override the laws of physics, but cases of that kind are fairly rare (on our planet at time of writing.)

The point is…

For ‘miracles’ to happen, your ‘law of attraction beliefs’ have to be ‘higher’ than humanity’s ‘physics beliefs.’

Creating miraculous things means navigating around or past the laws of physics we all agreed to play by during our ‘unaware’ years. To do so consciously, you’d need to understand quantum physics, parallel universes, and infinite probabilities so clearly, strongly, and innately that your belief in them trumps your belief in standard, traditional, Newtonian physics-versions of what’s possible. Or at least have such a firm conviction in your desired result that you are willing to ‘ignore’ such physics-based or probability-based limitations.

For example, to get a beautiful body with minimal diet or exercise, you would have to trump your understanding of calories, metabolism, meal-times, nutrition, exercise, musculature, fat-behavior with a deep conviction in the law of attraction’s ability to transform reality in myriad ways for you. You’d need to believe so strongly in your ability to direct the law of attraction. You’d need to know it like you know your own breathing. You’d need to know that you’re an individualized extension of divinity, of source. That you’re god-incarnate directing every quantum particle of reality by your attention to it. If you have that kind of ‘knowing,’ then you have ‘miraculous’, ‘physics-breaking’, ‘jaw-dropping’ law of attraction mastery, and you can create the body you want in a stunning fashion.

The people who get big results, do it exactly like this.

They may not have conscious knowledge of how the law of attraction manipulates quantum realities, but they have deep, core, knowledge of the reality they want, and know that nothing on heaven or earth will stop it from being realized.

One chat with Jessica Simpson about her white, never-brushed teeth makes it abundantly clear that Jessica simply ‘knows’ her reality. She’s not intense about it, she doesn’t argue about it, she doesn’t defend it. It’s simply a fact of life for her, barely worth discussing unless someone brings it up. Same goes for Demi Rose Mawby regarding her graceful beauty. It’s simply a fact of life for her, and has been for a long time.

It’s tempting to say “oh, easy for them to say, look at them!” but the truth is they started thinking, feeling, and believing this way long before they got such blessings. They attracted it, often without even realizing they’re doing it, with their focused, repeated, intense, disciplined positive thoughts and feelings as youngsters, and they’ve continued those thoughts (at least on certain topics) to this day.

Same thing applies to money, relationships, whatever.

So to reach your body goals effortlessly, you must move towards level 3.

I’m not saying you have to be a Jesus-level manifestor. Just like to win a basketball tournament you need not be Michael Jordan. But it’s important to aim for it, to move towards it. You win a basketball tournament by at least being inspired by Michael Jordan, and setting your sights on performing as similarly as possible. Same goes for the law of attraction. You don’t have to instantly be level three, and in fact, it’s not even possible to ‘instantly’ be so, but you can approach it quite quickly by setting your sights on it and aiming for as similar a performance as you can.

And these levels can vary by topic.

You could be a master money-manifestor, and a skeptic body-manifestor, or vice-versa. Or somewhere in between. Same goes for relationships. You could be weak in your LOA skills on that topic, or excellent at them. Whatever the case, if you don’t have the results you want, it’s time to improve your LOA abilities.

Improving your results with LOA means not biting off more than you can chew, but also not aiming too low. You must stretch yourself satisfyingly. You must improve your thoughts and feelings by finding methods that work for you, and once you find them, practice them and refine them. And that can only happen if you know whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert, and then stretch yourself accordingly. Hardly anyone is an expert. Hardly anyone is even close to ‘Jesus-Level,’ but to create better results in your life, you must inch your way closer to such expertise. So…

Admit where your LOA skills are at.

Admit where you’re aiming for.

After that, the only way forward is to practice LOA often and well.

What does it mean to ‘practice often and well?’

I cover that in further depth here: Why You Suck At Law Of Attraction.

Note: Law Of Attraction, while simple at its core, like many skills, has a very nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time and effort to ‘get right,’ so there’s much more to learn than mentioned here. I wrote this simply because most people don’t even recognize what level of manifestor they are, or how far they have to go, or what’s wise to aim for.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, and even skimming, and I wish you huge joy and success in creating the life you want.