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How To Succeed On OnlyFans (8 Easy No-Fail Steps)

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I have an embarrassing confession to make.

I’ve lost count of my failed businesses.

(But it total’s more than twenty.)

A few of those businesses I ran while homeless.

And I used to feel ashamed of this… but now I’m proud.

Why? Because those failures made me wiser, stronger, and better able to teach you eight easy, no-fail steps to succeed on OnlyFans.

These steps were learned the hard way, battle-tested in trials-by-fire, not just by myself, but by my clients.

"I can't tell you both how much you are driving change and growth in my life. I am learning new things every day and every conversation we have gives me so much insight I don't have words for the gratitude. Thank you with my whole heart."
Zina Doll - OnlyFans Testimonial
Zina Doll
Bimbo Bootcamp Alum

The steps I teach below 100% work for any business that wants to grow…

…OnlyFans careers included.

What this guide is, who it’s for, and what you’ll get:

This guide is a short summary of another article I wrote called “How To Make Money On OnlyFans (8 Easy Steps For 2022!)” and it helps beginners, intermediates, and even veteran OnlyFans models who want to grow their audience, brand, or wealth.

Beautiful pink-hued box sitting on a wooden table with 8 icons of how to succeed on onlyfans etched onto it.

What this guide is not:

  • This guide won’t do the work for you.
  • This guide won’t give you excuses.
  • This guide won’t coddle your mental health.

That last one is important, because OnlyFans wealth-creation is a skill, just like cycling or swimming.

And just like swimming…

If you’re traumatized by the water, no guide will help you swim.

You either get over your fear of the water and perform the guide’s steps, or you avoid the pool until you heal your trauma.

This is a concise guide for those serious about success, and ready to change or heal themselves so they can perform its steps.

You’re about to get clear, practical, actionable steps on how to grow a successful OF business from scratch… into something truly magical.

(And you’ll be permanently armed with foundations to bloom any business into riches, forever.)

The steps below are simple, affordable, and guaranteed to work…

…as long as you eagerly apply yourself.

As long as you’re eager to practice each step like it f*cking matters, the same way you’d learn to cycle or swim.

If all that sounds good…

Here’s a brief look the 8 OnlyFans success steps:

STEP (To Succeed On OnlyFans) Avg. Time (To Complete)
1. Commit to a tribe you believe in. 5 - 15 minutes. (Once)
2. Commit to a niche you believe in. 5 - 15 minutes. (Once)
3. Rank your tribe’s desires. 30 - 45 minutes. (Once)
4. Refine your ‘attention-grabber.’ 30 - 60 minutes. (Once)
5. Post a ‘chunk’ of engaging content. 24 hours. (Once)
6. Outreach to tribe in ‘fishing spots.’ 2 - 4 hours. (Daily)
7. Follow-up w/ anyone who engages. 45 - 60 minutes. (Daily)
8. Finally, make juicy offers. 30 - 45 minutes. (Daily)

When we accomplish these 8 steps well, customers and money flow well through our pipeline.

(Every business has a “pipeline,” and each of us controls the “tap” of our pipeline, via practice.)

We also control any “blocks” in our pipeline (via problem-solving).

If your pipeline isn’t flowing money to you, you must either practice one of the steps more, or problem-solve certain steps such as “reaching leads”, “engaging follow-ups”, or “juicy offers.”

(It also helps to fully understand money.)

But practicing money-making can only be done with decent mental health.

Below I’ll explain each step further, but keep in mind, this article is just a quick overview of each step.

If you want to know more, click the button after any lesson.

How To Be Successful On OnlyFans: Your First Week

You may think you’ve already done these steps, but if your biz ain’t satisfying you…

You haven’t done them.

Or you’ve done them incorrectly, out of order, or poorly.

I know this, because I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s done them intentionally well, and still struggles to grow their brand.

So here are the steps, in proper order.

One — Commit to a tribe you'll serve.

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink sperm icon on it and the word 'tribe.'

In my early businesses, I first wanted to help “anyone and everyone.” Then I switched to “art-lovers.” Then targeted “models.” Then I pivoted to “entrepreneurs.”

My failure to commit to a tribe, meant that the market wouldn’t commit dollars to me.

“Your lazy ass don’t commit to labor / You pick something up, try it out, and put it down two minutes later / Then you complain about your life ’cause it ain’t getting catered / Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshit’s a hater?” – Hopsin

If you want your business to grow, you must target an easy-to-reach audience, who’s size should match your business skill.

  • If you’re not great at business, target a very small niche audience like “horny Canadian Elden-Ring fans.”
  • As your biz grows decently, you can expand to a medium-sized audience like “English-speaking Doms.”
  • If your biz is truly thriving, you can broaden further to “All blonde-lovers” or something, but that’s for when you have an empire.

Just like swimming, commit to mastering the ‘shallow end’ of OnlyFans first.

How? By serving a (usually small) audience that suits you, and grow from there.

It has to be a tribe you believe in, or you’ll end up ‘switching’ tribes when the going gets tough.

The result of pivots like that means you lose all your progress and have to start this whole guide all over.

So google ‘ideal customer avatars’ and read carefully about this foundational step.

I’ve written up a tutorial on how to truly understand your One Person and get a horde of traffic through them in my post “Make Getting Customers A Breeze (Attract Millions With Ease!)

Really find who you’re passionate about serving.

Get to know them. Know what buzzwords resonate with them. Know exactly what keeps them up at night. Know what topics and trends they care about.

Get insanely clear on your “individuals” or tribe.

Then make sure everything you put out  serves them, compels your “one person” (and their tribe), and actively repels others.

Sketch of a phone branching out to 5 different cartoon faces.

Two — Commit to a niche you're passionate about.

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink handcuff icon on it and the word 'niche.'

I had so many passions.

I wanted to be an artist, but I loved writing too. I wanted to be a coach, but I edited pretty nice videos.

Many of my clients start out doing the same.

  • They want to be a submissive, but sometimes they dom.
  • They want to make softcore stuff, but sometimes they do a hardcore scene.
  • They want to focus on videos, but they keep posting photos.

Then they do all six of these things because “it’s my profile, so aren’t I free to do what I want?”

Yes, you are free to do what you want.


The public is free to do what they want too.

And if you make your offering unfocused or unclear, they’ll ignore you in the first seven seconds, and likely never return.

Whether your niche is lewd-cosplays, faceless insertions, or bdsm-couple-stuff…

Sketch of girl thinking about 3 different niches with a findom icon, lesbian icon, and hentai icon.

…You must commit to a niche if you want your business to truly grow.

And your niche must overlap or “resonate” with your tribe.

It either has to be something they’ll enjoy, or you have to get creative and inject it into something else they enjoy.

(Even if your niche is ‘variety streamer’, choose it consciously, stick to it clearly, and study other ‘variety’ content creators so you can follow in their footsteps. Let your ‘style’ be the consistent ingredient that your audience can rely on, since the content is so all over the place.)

Until you commit to a niche, your market won’t commit dollars to you.


It has to be a niche you believe in, or you’ll just ‘pivot’ niches when the going gets tough.

The result of that is you losing all your progress and starting this whole guide all over.


P.S. My “getting customers” traffic generation post is a good one for walking you through how to choose a niche, if you need a jumpstart.

Three — Rank your tribe’s problems & desires.

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink male+female gender icon on it and the word 'desires.'

For years I was so cocky, so entitled, so arrogant.

I believed that I ‘already knew’ my audience.

I surely didn’t need to waste time writing down people’s desires, challenges, or priorities.

I mean, I had ‘taste.’ People liked what I liked, right?

Wrong. I was so wrong.

People are ‘weird.’

People are irrational.

And most importantly, people don’t care what you ‘think’ they care about.

So even if you have a natural instinct for what people want, like, and engage with…

…take the time to do the work and find out for sure.

In business, certainty is precious; certainty’s a game-changer.

So get certain about your tribe’s top priorities. Rank them all, and you’ll almost certainly be surprised.

  • Maybe you think they prioritize ‘discounts’… but what they really like is DM interaction.
  • You think they hate your content… but actually they’d buy if you delivered better captions as foreplay.
  • You think they care about seeing your p*ssy… but they actually prioritize teases & things left to the imagination.
  • You think they want to hear about your gaming adventures… but they spend their whole day looking for content about #blacklivesmatter or covid.

I see OnlyFans creators waste time & energy creating low-priority content.

And I get it, because like me in my early days, they’ve done little research. They’re clueless about their tribe’s priorities.

They find some excuse to avoid studying their tribe’s language.

Be smarter.

Study your audience’s language, notice words and patterns that they use.

A short cut to this is by asking “away from pain” questions and “towards pleasure” questions as explained in my post “Make Getting Customers A Breeze (Attract Millions With Ease!)

Sketch of a person marking priorities on a giant floating sheet of paper, with clouds scattered about.

Survey what’s on their mind, ask questions and sincerely note down the response.

Rank your tribe’s problems & desires or you’ll fail to serve them, and they’ll fail to pay you.

Four — Refine your attention-grabbing ‘hook.’

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink double-ended dildo icon on it and the word 'attention.'

I had studied marketing and I was proud of my products…

…So I was pissed when no one paid attention to my posts.

But I deserved the silence, because I didn’t have an attention-grabber.

I had made zero effort to create a ‘hook.’

Sketch of a chibi-girl with a hook hand reaching with it for an even bigger hook.

Each of your content pieces will fail without an attention-grabber leading the way.

Your attention-grabber can be:

  • A headline, image, or video.
  • A concept.
  • An impressive number.
  • A testimonial or shout-out.
  • A compelling story.
  • A controversial opinion.
  • A resonant profile photo, username, and avatar.

Or anything else you can think of.

“I wanted the fame but not the cover of Newsweek / Oh well, guess beggars can’t be choosey / Wanted to receive attention for my music / Wanted to be left alone in public, excuse me.” – Eminem

And creating a ‘hook’ is a skill that takes study and practice, just as the rest of these steps.

So you may have anywhere from ten to a hundred failed attention-grabbers in the beginning, just like getting ten to a hundred mouthfuls of water during swim practices.

Each failure, if you learn from it, should help you polish and refine your hook, until it works well.

Refine your attention-grabber and expand your wealth.

I talk about these concepts fairly in-depth in my post “Want More Money? Master Attention First” and more practically in my post “Make Getting Customers A Breeze.

Five — Post a ‘chunk’ of purposeful content.

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink strawberry icon on it and the word 'content.'

In my early businesses, my content was all over the place because I posted “whatever I felt like.”

Surely, my feelings couldn’t be wrong, could they?

Hint: They were.

The leading ten (or so) pieces of content on your grid (or feed, channel, history, wall, or archive) are going to be glanced at by every new fan or follower who discovers you.

So whatever chunk of content you’re displaying must be effective.

The initial content people see is their ‘first impression’, and it has to do a lot of ‘work’ for you.

Which means you must swap posting ‘whatever you feel like’ with ‘purposeful content that gets results.’

Your content needs to be a blend of things that make viewers know, like, and trust you (and unless you’re Kim K, a bunch of selfies aren’t going to cut it.)

  • My audience didn’t feel comfortable enough to buy, because they needed to see testimonials on my grid.
  • My audience didn’t feel connected with me, because they needed memes that humanized me.
  • My audience didn’t know what I offered, because they needed promotional pieces.
  • My audience didn’t share me, because they needed resonant shareables expressing their inner thoughts.
  • My audience consumed and left me, because they needed cliffhangers that kept them coming back.

Make sure your content is well-crafted and posted with purpose.

I explain how to create powerful first impressions content in the ‘revealing demo’ section of my post: “8 Fiery Steps To Profitably Grow Your Podcast (Ultimate Marketing Guide)

Sketch of dinosaur taking a selfie, then posting it on his grid.

So post a chunk of purposeful content…

And make sure it does the following for your fans:

  • Impresses them.
  • Engages them.
  • Entices them.

Content-creation is a skill you level up to once you’ve got the other steps handled, just like leveling up to diving once you’ve got a handle on swimming.

And they both take study and practice.

Six — Outreach to tribe-members in ‘fishing spots.’

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink lips icon on it and the word 'outreach.'

Anyway, I finally made a hoard of beautiful, valuable content.

I mean, hey, I was a ‘talented genius,’ creating works that put others to shame. I even had an attention-getting hook.

So why wasn’t anyone buying my stuff… this time?

Because I was creating in a vacuum.

Yes, I existed online, but I might as well have been in a dark, musty closet.

Because I kept to myself.

  • I didn’t engage with the public with concerted effort.
  • I didn’t ‘shake hands’ or ‘kiss babies.’ I refused to actively make friends.
  • I didn’t comment on others’ profiles.
  • I didn’t give a kind word to any of my tribe members.

I figured “if I build it, they will come.”

That quote is bullsh*t.

It’s fictional fluff.

It’s from a feel-good Hollywood movie, not a real-life guide on how to succeed on OnlyFans.

The outreach rule is this:

For (approximately) every hundred kind words or valuable outreaches you give to others, the market will give you one subscriber.

Every successful creator you look up to, from Kim Kardashian to Belle Delphine to Tiny Texie obeyed this rule at the start.

They all reached out to hundreds of candidates, providing sincere value, and grew their audience with their own blood, sweat, and tears in the beginning.

  • They persevered through rejection, judgment, and accusation.
  • They knew they’d have to persevere despite haters, rejections, and silence.
  • They treated it like a job, one hundred outreach Monday-to-Friday, because being an entrepreneur of any kind is a job, and when you’ve done it well enough, you earn the right to create jobs for others too.

And where did they do all this active outreach, networking, and friend-making?

Sketch of a corgi fishing in various spots.

Where-ever the ‘fishing’ was good.

  • Kim Kardashian did her outreach in clubs.
  • Belle Delphine did her outreach on gamer forums and anime channels.
  • OnlyFans models often use reddit, tiktok, twitter, pornhub, even Instagram (despite it’s anti-nudity stance.)

You must outreach wherever your tribe hangs out.

(It could even be offline, like in a gentleman’s club or a circus parking lot.)

It’s up to you to create a list of ‘fishing spots’ and to reach out to them regularly.

This step is simple, easy, but essential:

Say sincere, attentive, nice things to 100 strangers daily, persevering through haters, and your subscriber-count grows.

Failing to do this consistently, is like failing to kick your legs or move your arms during a swim.

If you have objections to reaching out to other humans, my post “6 Questions To Ask If You Hate Cold Approaching” will help.

If you don’t like ‘asking’ or ‘being direct’ or ‘hard-selling’, you can take a more subtle approach by studying inception.

If you want to grow your OnlyFans, you must find a way to reach at least 100 new ears with your hook, demo, or content… daily.

And who are the “best 100 people” you can reach?

Russell Brunson calls them your Dream 100, and I breakdown how to get your Dream 100 to shoutout your podcast in my post “Make Getting Customers A Breeze (Attract Millions With Ease!)

I got stuck at this point, for eons.

After I got the hang of connecting with others, securing guest spots, collaborations, etc…

Well, I thought I finally had ‘business success’ sorted.

I’d committed to a tribe & niche, made my hook, had impressive content, and even though it was my least favorite part… I was outreaching with valuable gifts and serving them up to 100 folks daily.

My audience was growing from this, so I assumed that was ‘enough.’

But I quickly became furious.

I was doing the six initial steps with such passion, and my followers on social media were indeed growing…

…but I was still earning almost nothing.

I felt like “these steps don’t work, this is a giant waste of energy” so I gave up on yet another business, feeling like a suicidal failure.

But my giving up was like doing ‘most’ steps of swimming, getting halfway across the lake, and then giving up in frustration.

It was silly.

  • Maybe I could’ve looked at how far I’d come.
  • Maybe I could’ve celebrated all the skills I’d learned.
  • Maybe I could avoid beating myself up for not quite reaching shore yet.
  • Maybe there was a step or two I was missing.
  • Maybe I needed to learn treading water.
  • Maybe I needed to practice my breath-holds.

Doing the first six steps properly means you’re almost done.

You’re almost in control of your wealth.

You’re almost a truly successful spicy accountant.

Honestly, if you’re building your follower-base through daily outreach, you’re already making good progress.

You can definitely ‘get to shore’ (make sales), if you just do the remaining two steps correctly.

Seven — Follow-up w/ any interested tribe-members.

Crumpled paper with a hand-drawn pink nude-woman icon on it and the word 'follow-up.'

I was put into the ‘gifted program’ back in grade six.

This prompted me to identify as a ‘smart man.’

I knew I was ‘talented,’ and I was even ‘putting in the work’ for daily outreach.

I ‘felt like’ a good entrepreneur who should be getting rich by now.

But I wasn’t.

Because I avoided following up with my tribe-members who clicked, liked, hearted, commented, or shared.

And there were plenty!

I finally had people doing all those things on my profile.

I had people’s attention, interest, and they were even starting to engage with me.

But I was so obsessed with ‘more content’, and so proud of ‘all my outreach’, that I neglected follow-up.

Follow-up just means contacting someone again and again (under nearly any pretense.)

And of course I had excuses to avoid doing it.

  • It felt yucky to ‘keep reminding’ people, so I didn’t follow-up.
  • It felt disrespectful when ‘people didn’t reply’ to me, so I didn’t follow-up.
  • It felt overwhelming because I was ‘already busy’, so I didn’t follow-up.

But just like cycling or swimming…

The activity of “making money” doesn’t give a f*ck about my feelings.

I simply had to find a way to get it done. Period.

Just like every biz before me.

Because sales don’t come from cold leads who’ve only had one or two interactions with you.

(No one ‘likes’ Belle Delphine’s post once and then jumps to paying for her bathwater.)

Cold leads must become hot leads, only then do they turn into sales.

Reliable sales come ONLY from fans who’ve had approximately eight to fifteen interactions with you.

Sketched line-graph or connect-the-dots where each dot is a customer 'touchpoint'.

So, if you reach out to prospects and have one or two interactions, then they’re on their way to being a sale.

But if you stop there, they’ll never make it to the finish line…

…and you won’t get a sale at all.

If you fail to follow-up, your tribe-members won’t get enough touchpoints to ever feel comfortable buying from you.

Just a fact.

If you study & practice follow-up well, you’ll move fans along their customer-journey with you, and a healthy amount of them *will* convert into a sale.

I cover this more in the ‘Occupy’ section of my post “8 Fiery Steps To Profitably Grow Your Podcast (Ultimate Marketing Guide)

Eight — Make juicy offers to tribe-members who are ready.

In most of my businesses, I hated self-promotion, and I hated making offers to people.

“What if they reject me? What if they call me a scammer or spammer? What if they trash talk me and hurt my reputation?”

None of that matters.

There is no acceptable excuse for failing to make offers, if financial success is your goal.

Making money and succeeding with your OnlyFans business requires making offers regularly.

And those offers must appear juicy and valuable to your tribe.

Cartoon hand, open-palmed holding the 'value equation' for successful offers to succeed on onlyfans.

(Remember step three, ranking their desires? It applies in these last two steps quite significantly.)

  • You can technically make offers to cold leads, this is what ‘spammers’ do, and it has always worked, but also generates many rejections.
  • You can make offers to warm leads, this is what ‘amateurs’ do, and it delivers moderate amounts of rejection, but takes longer to close a sale, and generates ‘less’ direct sales than cold-pitching.
  • You can make offers to hot leads, this is what ‘influencers’ do, and it tends to work with the least amount of rejection, and most loyal buyers, but takes the longest.

Personally, I only make offers to hot leads if I can help it.

As for you, I don’t care what you do, but cold, warm, or hot… you must be making offers regularly, and you should expect everyone, even hot leads, to say ‘no’ first.

I repeat, expect people to say ‘no’, not ‘yes’ to your initial offer.

Because human beings default to saying ‘no’ to everything.

They do this even if they’re desperate for what you offer.

They’ll still hesitate.

Especially with things that require them to change their habitual behavior.

I hope my point is clear.

If your fans aren’t habitually sending you money already, then they’ll make any excuse they can to avoid starting to.

So even if you have the juiciest offer in the world, something like:

“90% off today, plus new subscribers get a free sexy wall-calendar, and I’ll personally f*ck one fan…”

Fans will still come up with excuses not to buy.

This is why you must learn to:

Persuade and dissolve buyer objections

This is a sister-skill of making juicy offers, one that needs study and practice too.

People will object because of natural fears such as:

  • Loss Of Control
  • Unsettling Surprises
  • Extra Work
  • And more

And you have two options when this happens:

  • One, let them get over their irrational fears and insecurities on their own, knowing it may take them years, letting another sale slip through your fingers, or…
  • Two, you can persuade them over the hump and help them get the awesome content they’re obviously eager for, since they’re a hot lead.

If you want to succeed, you’ll choose option two, and actively learn persuasion skills.

Either way…

Making juicy offers (& dissolving objections) is a skill that takes study and practice.

But it’s one that millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs have mastered.

And you can too.

Note: You can learn to make truly compelling offers from Alex Hormozi’s incredibly affordable book $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No…

…but I summarize most of it in the ‘juicy offer’ section of my post: “Make Getting Customers A Breeze (Attract Millions With Ease!)

How To Succeed On OnlyFans: Postscript

If you follow the above steps well, studying and practicing each until you ‘get it’…

…you will be a stably profitable OnlyFans wealth-creator.

If you follow these steps well you’ll consistently turn strangers into subscribers.

“Apply yourself to supply your wealth / Only limitations you’ll ever have are those that you place upon yourself.” – Kendrick Lamar

You’ll take each stranger on a journey from ‘getting their eyes on your content’ to them ‘opening their wallet and sending you cash’:

  1. Views (Attention)
  2. Likes (Interest)
  3. Comments (Engagement)
  4. DMs (Trust)
  5. Offers (Desire)
  6. Wallet (Sale / Action)

I’ve looked high and low for a practical, fool-proof guide on how to succeed on OnlyFans, and found nothing even remotely useful.

This guide is different, and it will take you from beginner to skilled OnlyFans seller, if you apply its wisdom well.

I’ve made the steps simpler, clearer, and easier than any other guide.

Even a kid with a lemonade-stand can perform these steps.

But the steps do take work.

They do require no ego in the way. They do require you to persevere and serve the public.

Like any freelance or entrepreneurial endeavor, they… take… work.

“Avoiding ‘work’ while building a business is like avoiding ‘pedaling’ while riding a bike or avoiding ‘strokes’ while swimming.” – J-Ryze

It makes no sense.

But I know that people are always looking for shortcuts, silver-bullets, and ways to lower the work involved, so I’ve decided to give you some ‘bonus hacks.’

Bonus Hacks To Make The Steps Even Easier:

Any one of these steps can be accelerated.

If they’re taking too long, here’s how to approach the situation:

  • Don’t whine.
  • Don’t complain.
  • Don’t fret.
  • Don’t worry.
  • Don’t distract.
  • Don’t avoid.

Instead, be a resourceful human and apply yourself to solutions.

You’ve solved hundreds of problems in your life. If some of these steps are proving difficult… don’t use it as an excuse to give up, don’t say ‘making money is impossible.’

Just apply yourself and solve whatever is stopping you.

None of this stuff is rocket-science or neuro-surgery.

Making money is basic.

And if you’re having trouble coming up with solutions, here’s a few examples to get you started.

Solve blocks by aying for ads & shoutouts.

This is the fastest, easiest way to shortcut some of the steps, but it still takes work and skill.

Bad ads just burn money.

Shout-outs that speak to the wrong tribe or audience are a waste.

So even if you want to do this, you’ll still have to study and practice the skill of advertising, do the research to find a truly good promotion company, and invest significant money/time to make it happen.

Still, if you’ve got the basics of your brand and outreach down, buying ads can be a great time-saver.

Want Consistency? Chunk Your Schedule

If you want to put out a post every day this week, what is more effective?

Waking up everyday, hoping no distractions or emergencies come up, getting all the files ready, then hustling to get your post done before lunch, or…

Turning off your phone on Sunday for a few hours, making all the content ahead of time, and then organizing it into ready-to-post chunks, or even scheduling them with an automation tool to post automatically?

If you want to outreach to people, what is more effective?

Hopping from app to app, getting distracted by Whatsapp, forgetting your place, etc., or…

Secluding yourself somewhere with your list of leads to reach out to, staying in one app, and outreaching with no distractions for one, impactful, ‘power hour?’

Chunking important tasks into your schedule into one ‘batch’, rather than spread out here and there, is effective, efficient, and brings much peace of mind.

Retain Your Subscribers Through Progress-Tracking

Hopefully you can see it’s a fairly long journey and substantial work to convert a stranger into a subscriber.

But it’s much easier, more lucrative, and less steps to retain current subscribers.

Try methods like these:

  • Offer your fans deals for making it to the 3-month renewal mark, 6-month renewal mark, etc.
  • Keep fans aware that something special will be happening on
  • Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.
    Hold contests and don’t release the results for a few weeks.

Tactics like this encourage people to hang around, renew their subscription, and stick with you.

You can also keep track of who unsubscribes and follow-up with them offering touchpoints, interactions, and value periodically. This often prompts people to re-subscribe.

Use Well-Timed Call-To-Actions

A call-to-action is a fancy-word for an ‘instruction.’

Call to actions work because most fans want to engage further with you, but are usually ‘out of the present moment.’

They’re thinking about ‘what they have to do next’ in their day, and so without a reminder of ways to engage further with you… they default to moving on.

This is why every YouTuber or Twitch streamer reminds people to ‘like & subscribe,’ because it works.

It works for all of them, on the majority of their fans.

And it’ll do the same for an OnlyFans performer too.

Calls-To-Action usually work best at the beginning or end of a piece of content.

  • At the end of a caption tell people what to do next.
  • At the start of a scene give fans a reason to stay ‘til the end.
  • At the end of the week, tell subscribers why to return Monday.

Take it to the next level by studying how to create engaging, emotive sentences that fire up your fans to act.

Play Video about A youthful dirty-blonde British woman smiling with 'Call To Actions Made Simple' text.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

Want each step to be more effective… faster?

Then do more experiments faster, fail faster, and tweak faster.

“Twisted mind of a lyricist, listen while I experiment / Visualize, it’s imperative, big surprises and scary tricks.” – NF

Instead of putting out 1 piece of content each week and seeing if people like it, put out a piece once a day, or even multiple times a day, and track the response.

The former means it takes months to learn what works, the latter means you can find out what works in a couple weeks.

Instead of writing one attention-grabbing headline and posting it, instead write ten or twenty attention-grabbing headlines and give them to an editor or test audience, then discard the losers.

Get feedback fast, fail fast, and find what works.

The more solutions you can test (one at a time), the more feedback you get, and the more you discover the ‘right’ thing for you and your audience.

Collaborations And Alliances

All the guide’s steps work solo, but the power of collaborating with others in your niche, or with a related audience is huge.

There’s hundreds of articles on how to set up collaborations just a Google away.

It’s a big shortcut.

You’ve got this.

Other common questions:

There may still be some questions on your mind. Many of them can be answered in my longer-form guide How To Make Money On OnlyFans, but I’ll address a few below.

Is it hard to succeed on OnlyFans.

No, succeeding on OnlyFans (or any platform), is as easy as riding a bike, or learning to swim. People everywhere do it.

  • To master cycling, you just have to embrace skinning your knees hundreds of times.
  • To master swimming, you just have to embrace swallowing water hundreds times.
  • To master OnlyFans, you just have to be willing to do the work while embracing failure hundreds of times.

The faster you get through those hundreds of failures, the faster you succeed.

It’s that simple.

Can you really make money on OnlyFans?

Of course you can make money on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is loaded with monetization options, making money is practically the purpose of the platform, and it’s also the main activity of it’s users.

The steps I’ve outlined above help you make money easily.

How do you get fans on OnlyFans fast?

The fastest way to get followers on OnlyFans is to get ‘shoutouts’ and tags from other OnlyFans creators with sizable audiences. These are often a paid service, but can be achieved organically at a slower rate.

If you don’t want to pay, you have to invest your time in the steps in the guide above.

How hard is it to make money on OnlyFans?

Being profitable on OnlyFans is as hard as you make it. I’ve taught young adults how to be profitable on social platforms, and they get the hang of it fast because they have no hang-ups, make no excuses, and pursue it with a passion. I’ve taught clients how to do the same, and they can easily take four years of therapy to get over their traumas and actually start doing the work.

Profiting on OnlyFans can happen in just two weeks, if you apply yourself well.

What kind of content sells best on OnlyFans?

Anime-themed content sells the best on OnlyFans at time of writing (2022), but it really depends on your specific niche, tribe, and passions.

I offer 69 free OnlyFans niche ideas in this article, and it also explores content popularity further.

Final Thoughts On OnlyFans Success

We’re done!

You now have clear, undeniable, guaranteed steps to create a successful OnlyFans business from scratch.

Performing them may require personal change and moving past comfort zones…

…but they’re totally doable.

They’re extremely doable steps that people have done successfully since caveman times.

All that’s left is for you to step up and do them.

So will you?


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