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How To Make Money On OnlyFans

(8 Easy Steps For 2023!)

Most don’t believe it, but making money on OnlyFans is shockingly simple. And on this page you’re going to learn the 8 steps to earn on OnlyFans, explained by an ex-homeless ‘bimbo whisperer’ named J-Ryze. Free.

(It’s gonna be crazy, or it’s gonna be epic, right?)

An attractive woman in a plaid blouse holds a fan of cash in one hand and opens her mouth to speak to her megaphone in the other.

I’m not kidding: Making money on OnlyFans is easy as pie.

A perspective view of a whole pumpkin pie in a clear bowl with a slice cut out of it.

And by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll realize that learning how to make money on OnlyFans really is easy.

And hopefully, you’ll get out there and get rich. Make your paper, get the bag.

The reason I know it’s easy, is because earning on every social media platform is easy.

I’ve made money on every digital platform you can name — from web forums, blogs, & skype back in the day, to Facebook, Instagram, and even web 3.0 platforms like Hive.

And I’ve helped my clients, bimbos and spicy accountants, do the same.

"I can't tell you both how much you are driving change and growth in my life. I am learning new things every day and every conversation we have gives me so much insight I don't have words for the gratitude. Thank you with my whole heart."
Zina Doll - OnlyFans Testimonial
Zina Doll
OnlyFans Creator

Anyway, the first thing to understand on your wealth journey is that…

People have made money —in all fields— for centuries.

Making money is like cooking or riding a bike.

It’s a series of fairly simple steps.

But when I outline the steps for people, (like I’m about to do here,) many still fail at them.

Why do people fail to make money even after being given the steps?


  • They don’t understand the steps fully & correctly (and they refuse to study them deeper.)
  • They neglect to put enough practice into each step (until they master it.)
  • They don’t commit fully and deeply enough (to make the hard biz decisions.)
  • They try to shortcut the steps because they ‘feel boring’ or ‘unpleasant.’ (Shortcuts fail.)
  • They’re full of excuses and look to blame others for issues rather than solve them.

Basically, they don’t have the discipline, focus, or mental health to beat their money anxieties.

I hope you don’t fall prey to these traps, because I want you to win.

I’m writing this because I want you to make money on OnlyFans.

I’m writing it because ‘real’ info deserves to be out there.

I’m writing because my jaw tenses every time I hear a capable, beautiful person whining that they can’t make money, or acting like profit is impossible.

But I get it, because I’ve been the failure.

I was the whiniest, complaining-est, most entitled know-it-all ever.

I made countless excuses as to why ‘society was against me’ and why ‘making money was hard.’

And because of that, I failed over fifteen businesses in my lifetime.

It took me over fifteen failed startups (and hundreds of business books) before I actually understood the basics of earning.

In my ‘stubborn a$$hole’ era, I spent two and a half years homeless, scraping by, running my business on the cold streets of Toronto before I pulled myself out of it by helping Evan Carmichael grow his brand to 3 million followers.

And now I’m going to share the game-changing (but easy) money-making takeaways that worked for me and my clients.

I’m about to give you priceless things I learned from my dark nights of the soul.

But before I do, please know that you’ll learn all you need to make money on OnlyFans, in clear, simple words.

“Can I really make money on OnlyFans...”

…I hear you ask.

Yes, you can.

I’ve read countless ‘how to make money on OnlyFans’ posts on Google, and though they’re likely well-intentioned, and took time to write, not a single one of them will actually help you make money.

They fail to cover key concepts like ‘getting attention in a noisy world’ or ‘enticing an audience.’ (Both of which are essential to earning.)

Plus they don’t explain how to do any of the steps they talk about.

But this post (or the ones it links to) does.

So when you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly what to do, and you’ll be fully able to do each of these steps, because they’re easy, and people all over the world manage them, and you can too.

But I can’t take away your excuses for you if you want to cling to them. I can’t make you have the courage to follow-through.

Only you can do that.

To start making money on OnlyFans —or in any business— it takes self-awareness, personal growth, and courage, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

So if you truly have the heart, then let’s make you rich.

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8 Steps To Make Money On OnlyFans

Each of these steps uses extremely precise language, so even though they’re short, they contain a very clear message.

And though you may think you know what every word means, I encourage you to focus on each word of each step, and dig deeper into what they might mean…

…because failing to fully understand any word can derail an entire business.

At least, it did for mine.

Most of these steps deal with either ‘setting up a clear brand’ or ‘daily outreach to build an audience.’

This is because people only connect when your brand’s value is clear, especially in our noisy world.

And because you can’t sell anything without an audience.

An ‘audience’ is just a group of people with similar interests who are engaged, interested, and listening to you.

If you build an audience, you can offer them things, and nudge some portion of them to pay for it.

If you don’t have an audience, then you have no one to sell to, period.

Also, I’ll include links to resources where I’ve explained a step deeper where I can, but if you do need further clarification or more coverage, please either Google that concept yourself, or email my partner Cyn with your questions and we’ll help as best as we can.

What you’ll need:

  • An internet-connected device (OF creators already have this.)
  • A couple days to get started (OF creators already have this too.)

Quick summary of the steps:

  1. Commit to a tribe you believe in.
  2. Commit to a niche you believe in.
  3. Rank your tribe’s desires.
  4. Refine your ‘attention-getter.’
  5. Post a ‘chunk’ of engaging content.
  6. Find ‘fishing spots.’
  7. Follow-up w/ anyone who clicks.
  8. Finally, make juicy offers.
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1. Commit to a tribe you believe in.

Avg Time To Complete: 5 - 15 minutes.

‘Tribe’ is my word for your target market.

Your tribe is your people. Your audience. The group you know you can serve well.

If you have a nice booty, focus on #bootylovers . If you’re great at Japanese costumes, make your tribe ‘weebs.’

And do your best to be specific and narrow, because your brand’s money-making muscles aren’t strong enough to target ‘everyone’, or ‘all men’, right now.

Make more profit easier by niching down.

A ringed bullseye with each ring labelled as a more specific niche, with the most specific niche in the center of the bullseye.

It’s way easier to get money by providing “full scenes to booty-loving weebs” than it is to be an OnlyFans account with ‘a variety of content for all anime-watchers everywhere.’

Also note that the word ‘commit’ is important here.

You’ll want to avoid pivoting and jumping from group to group, because every time you switch target markets, you kill all your momentum and have to start from scratch.

Plus, the word believe is vital too.

Don’t target ‘foot-lovers’ because it ‘seems lucrative,’ instead target a tribe that means something to you personally.

Do this because the more connection and commitment you have with a tribe, the more likely they’ll commit their dollars to you.

(And the less likely it is that you’ll give up).

Lastly, make sure whichever tribe you choose has:

  1. Clear desire
  2. Is easy to reach
  3. Is a growing audience
  4. Has enough money
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2. Commit to a niche you believe in.

Avg Time To Complete: 5 - 15 minutes.

There’s riches in the niches.

If you really want to learn how to make money on OnlyFans, you must commit to a niche.

What might that be, you ask?

If you’re passionate about short-form video, that can be your niche.

If you get jazzed about hardcore-footage, that can be your niche.

If you love religious-themed goth-stuff, that can be your niche.

But those are fairly simple, moderately effective niches.

Your niche can be a more complex combination of noteworthy physical attributes, s*xual styles, ethnicities, careers, hobbies, and almost anything else you can think of.

Just make sure that…

Whatever niche you choose, make it one that will resonate with your chosen tribe.

Three models, each with their own hobby or niche highlighted. The first is naked with a guitar, the second is playing twister in lingerie, the third squats with a golf club.

If your tribe hates boudoir photography, and it’s your favorite thing to do, choose a different tribe.

If your tribe loves anime, but your passion is goth stuff, either focus your account on gothic anime, so that it resonates with your tribe… or choose a different tribe.

Making sure that our niche resonates with our tribe, is why we commit to our tribe first. It let’s us pick those we’re most passionate to help, and then creatively find ways to mesh niches we’re passionate about with them.

We end up with a niche that actually resonates with our target audience, one that serves them.

Which is key, because making money is about serving society.

Others first, us second.

Tribe first, niche second.

And just like above, if you want to make money, you can’t be pivoting and switching tribes or niches often, or you’ll kill all your momentum and have to start the whole money-making process from scratch.

You must commit to a niche you believe in.

A more than screen-length, vertical, hand drawn, dotted 'down arrow.'

3. Rank your tribe’s desires (in their own words).

Avg Time To Complete: 30 - 45 minutes.

“Why do I have to rank their desires?”

Because if their highest priority right now is more variety of content, and you don’t know that that’s their highest desire, you may spend all your time & money providing ‘more of the same.’

Or if their highest desire right now is hiding from their wives, and you set up an Amazon Wishlist instead of a private ‘Throne’ Wishlist, then no one’s gonna buy you gifts.

You must know your tribe’s main priorities.

“Dude… Seriously? Do others really do this to make money?”

Yes, but they can’t tell you about it because they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

They do it naturally.

They have an instinctual understanding of what their tribe’s highest priorities & desires are, and they serve up content that speaks to those things.

But if you’re having trouble making money, you almost certainly aren’t a natural at this.

Which means you have to study it, learn it, and practice it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do, just by reading what your tribe says, paying attention to their phrasing, how they use their own words, and so on.

(If you don’t have any followers to pay attention to, check out reddit reviews of other OnlyFans creators, or checkout what your idol’s followers are saying to start.)

A list of a tribe-member's desires, ranked and ordered by priority.

For example, say your niche is ‘gothic booty’ content, which you provide for your tribe of ‘alpha doms’, and you’re not 100% sure you know what their highest ranked desires are.

You assume it’s just giving them that gothic booty, right? But is it possible they value something beyond that? And do you know for sure? 

With this in mind —wisely— you hunt through some hashtags like #btggf, #gothmodel, and #needadaddydom. The posts themselves are mostly women, but each one has ‘thirsty guys’ commenting.

So you read all their comments.

After a while, you notice a pattern, because humans are pattern-noticing superstars.

  • “why these goth girls never reply?”
  • “every goth chick i follow has comments turned off”
  • “sigh. why does dom life feel so lonely”

It looks like your goth-loving alpha-dom tribe’s highest priority desire, at least lately, is human connection, interaction, and a subby goth who’s available.

Since that’s the case, do you think it’s wise to spend your time and money on extravagant photoshoots all week?

Or is it better to do a few selfies and spend most of your time in the DMs?

Is it wise to advertise yourself as the “best gothic booty around?”

Or is it smarter to promote yourself as “the goth-booty gal that actually talks to you?”

And whatever you do has to be in their own words too.

If you advertise yourself as “the most illustrious gluteus maximus owner in Angola”, but your tribe speaks in American slang, this will turn them off, and they won’t connect, resonate, or buy from you.

If you advertise yourself as “Most epic booty in Africa”, they will.

Ranking your tribe’s desires, (and catering to their highest priority) makes them likely to open their wallets to you.

Assuming, ignoring, or misunderstanding your tribe’s highest desire means you get ignored in return.

A more than screen-length, vertical, hand drawn, dotted 'down arrow.'

4. Refine your 'attention-getter.'

Avg Time To Complete: 30 - 60 minutes.

Don’t have an ‘attention-getter’? You’d best make one.

Because we live in an attention economy, and attention is a customer’s first step on their journey towards paying you.

If you can’t figure out how to get enough attention from enough people, then no one can become your customer, even if deep down they’d love to be one.

When you market, promote, outreach, or get any kind of exposure to others…

…you absolutely need an ‘attention-getter’ of some kind leading the way.

And you may not like it, but your attention-getter has to get both positive and negative attention.

If you’re not creating haters with your attention-getter, you’re not creating fans either.

People hated MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus.

Even the nicest, most loving humans start getting hate once they start getting attention.

Embrace the hate, or earn little.

And your attention-getter needs to be tested.

You need to test if it gets attention from your tribe, or if it gets a ‘meh’ from your tribe, or if it gets ignored completely.

And your testing won’t be done on OnlyFans.

In fact…

3 examples of traditional 'boring' marketing vs. attention-getting 'enthralling' marketing

Most of your promo will be on external social media.

This is because OnlyFans is terrible for reach & visibility.

So most creators use:

  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Discord
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram

Or whatever other social media platform suits you.

And on those platforms…

You’ll need a name, profile photo, and bio.

This trio of elements might even count as an attention-getter if you make them awesome enough.

For example, my handle, @thebimbowhisperer often gets a lot of buzz, comments, and attention.

It pisses some people off, and it delights others.

It’s bold enough to get attention.

(If you want help, here’s 369+ OnlyFans Username Ideas.)

But it’s still not my main attention-getter, and it’s not really ‘enough’ on it’s own.

You’ll have to take an honest look at whatever you use as an attention-getter and decide whether it’s getting you results or not.

Anyway, your attention-getter can be:

  • an exciting bio
  • a controversial ‘look’ or fashion
  • a celebrity vouching for you
  • a comical approach
  • a unique delivery method
  • a masterfully crafted video
  • a viral story
  • or countless other things.

But along with that, online at least, people are judging you on your profile photo, @handle, and bio.

That’s what you’re competing on at first, because it’s the first thing every potential buyer is paying attention to.

A diagram of an Instagram profile with the key parts (bio, avatar, and handle) highlighted.

So what are the best OnlyFans bio ideas?

The best OnlyFans bio ideas are ones that are:

A. Authentic, and
B. Interesting

This usually means getting honest with yourself and sharing some bold secrets.

It’s not interesting for someone to read “I’m a big-tiddy goth gf with a booty to match,” because, while it does tick the box of your niche/tribe…

…it doesn’t tick the boxes of surprise, humor, empathy, intrigue, awe, or other high-action emotions.

It’s pretty easy to inject some interest into it though, you just need to be creative and change a few more interesting words (that hopefully speak to your tribe’s highest desire).

Compare the original bio to these:

  • “Big-booty goth who f*cks her fans.”
  • “Chatty goth with the biggest booty in Europe.”
  • “The only curvy goth who defends all simps.”

All three of these bios are more attention-getting, more enticing, more intriguing.

I’ve also done some profile and bio audits here, here, and here if you want to explore this concept.

Getting attention is a deep topic and this post is long already, but if you wanna learn how to make money on onlyfans, make sure you’re able to:

  1. Admit whether your content & marketing are actually attention-getting or not and…
  2. Take steps to study, practice, and learn how to get attention in any way necessary.
  3. Find successful OnlyFans creators and see what they did to get attention when they were starting.

If you need help with this step I cover it more in my post “Want Money? Fame? Friends? Attention Comes First!”

How To Make Money On OnlyFans - Step 1

5. Make (& post) a ‘chunk’ of engaging content.

Avg Time To Complete: 24 hours.

If you’ve committed to a niche & tribe, know their priority desires, and have created an attention-getter that intrigues them…

…you should now have the attention of your tribe.

So what are you going to do with that attention?

(Hint: It’s not, make them buy immediately.)

As I said, getting people’s attention is the first step in turning someone into a buyer.

The next step is engaging them further. People rarely, if ever, ‘buy cold.’

Cold leads don’t become customers, hot leads do.

So once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got to warm your tribe up and make them like you more, feel more comfortable with you, and see you as a truly reliable source of value.

Which means your ‘chunk’ of content (grid, feed, archive, etc.) must have at least 10 pieces of high-value engaging content in it.

That means content that makes your audience:

  • smile
  • click
  • engage
  • share.

Your content should be on-theme for your niche and it should resonate with what your tribe values & desires.

If you can’t make your ‘sports fans’ or ‘alpha-doms’ or ‘weebs’ (or whoever your tribe is) smile, engage, and share your content, your money-making journey is over.

Because on OnlyFans you’re in the content-game, and you’re competing with other creators who are making their tribe smile, engage, and share.

An attractive women sitting by a wall-sign which reads "Is it hot? Does it look good? Are you proud to serve it?"

So what will accomplish all that?

It’s different for every tribe and niche.

No one can serve you up the answer, it’s something you have to discover on your own for yourself, your tribe, and your niche.

For example, if your content isn’t making people smile (and click), your content may need compelling captions.

Or better lighting.

It may need to assure anonymity.

It may need to focus on your curves.

It may need to focus on more collaborations.

Your content may need many improvements.

And it’s up to you as an artist, as a creator, to figure out what (if anything) is missing in your content, or what clutter needs to be removed.

And each piece of content you make should be chosen consciously and intentionally, because those ~10 pieces are going to do a lot of work for you.

Many of the 100s of people you promote to daily should choose to check out your content…

…so that content should be aimed at helping them feel closer to buying.

Each piece of your content should serve a specific purpose.

Memes and humor, for example, are great for creating shares, but questions & polls are great for creating engagement.

Getting people to click usually requires content with a hint of mystery, curiosity, or extra-value promised within.

Aim for content that balances the familiar & relatable to your tribe, with something novel, interesting, or noteworthy.

Make a chunk of content that’s enough to impress people, but that doesn’t take too much time away from your important, audience-building, outreach steps.

Just like getting good at a sport, or driving a vehicle, all these steps take failure, practice, and heart. (Otherwise everyone would be doing them.)

But they’re totally doable.

You can learn a more about content here and here.

A more than screen-length, vertical, hand drawn, dotted 'down arrow.'

6. Find 'fishing spots.'

Avg Time To Complete: 30 - 45 minutes.

If you’re trying to sell in ‘dead zones’, that have very few of your tribe hanging out there, you’re wasting time and not earning.

If you’re offering a spicy new ASMR as an attention-getter, it’ll fail hard on a hashtag full deaf people.

So you’ve gotta find fishing spots before you promote and grow your audience.

You may find your tribe gathered at certain hashtags, in certain subreddits, on certain platforms, or even IRL.

And be aware that ‘find’ doesn’t mean ‘wish,’ or ‘hope’… it means to actively look, write down whatever you find, and keep at it until you locate your tribe.

Hunt like it f*cking matters.

‘Find’ doesn’t mean check wherever your friends or neighbors are, and it doesn’t mean ‘perform one google search and give up’, and it doesn’t mean look wherever it’s convenient.

It means you search as far and wide as necessary.

And once you have a few fishing spots you can promote to regularly…

Outreach to them.

(Outreach is just ‘reaching out’ to people. Some people do it with ‘cold calls’ or ’email pitches.’

Others do it by commenting on thirsty guy’s profiles. Others do it by paying for Instagram ads. Others do it by creating viral Tiktoks.

One of the best methods is simply asking questions of strangers, because that invites them to engage.

Whatever method of outreach you commit to, do it well.)

A treasure-map with various market 'fishing-spots' labeled.

Outreach to them daily, like it’s a job.

Avg Time To Complete: 2 - 4 hours, daily.

Because that’s what being an influencer is.

That’s what being an entrepreneur is.

That’s what business is.

It’s a job.

And if you do it well, you start getting busy with clients, and your success creates more jobs, and you end up needing to hire someone.

So test each ‘fishing spot’ you find by promoting in it, and noting down the results.

Promote, promote, promote.

(And you’ll want to track anyone you reach, so you can move them closer to becoming a buyer. It’s tough to do that if you can’t even recall who they were.)

Send your attention-getter (you made an awesome one in step four right?) by hand, to stranger after stranger.

Mention or link to it whenever you can, and create more opportunities to mention it.

Do it until it feels a bit uncomfortable, then do it a bit more. Push your own limits.

Wealth isn’t gained inside your comfort zone.

If you don’t already have journalists, influencers, and industry-insiders hating on you for what you’re doing…

…you’re nowhere near crossing societal lines, so you don’t have to worry about going too far.

Anyway, if you’re promoting to a healthy amount of people daily, your attention-getter should be getting at least 1 ‘bite’ (interested person) for every 100 people who see it.

This is the 'hundred-for-one rule.'

One engagement per one-hundred views is what new small creators average, and it’s what giants like Belle Delphine or Kim Kardashian also average.

The 100-For-1 Rule applies to all, including you.

So make peace with it, and start promoting.

Once you’re actually getting attention on the daily, and people are liking or commenting, the next step is to follow up with everyone who pays you even an ounce of attention.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans – The 100-For-1 Rule In Acttion

A screen-length, vertical, hand drawn, dotted 'down arrow.'

7. Follow-up w/ anyone who clicks, likes, comments, or shares.

Avg Time To Complete: 45 - 60 minutes, daily.

Cold leads become warm leads as they consume more of your content.

Warm leads transform into ‘hot’ leads when they receive enough follow-ups.

‘Thirsty guys’ rarely click ‘subscribe’ just because you got their attention.

They don’t click ‘subscribe’ just because they’ve seen some of your content.

They don’t rush off and ‘subscribe’ because you messaged them a single time.

They subscribe because they’ve had multiple interactions and brief conversations with you.

Interactions that help them feel as if they “know, like, and trust” you.

They subscribe when they’ve had enough interactions with you to feel like you’re a high-value friend who’s worth subscribing to.

There’s lots of ways to follow-up, just make sure they’re valuable.

A woman popping out of a phone screen to hand her follower a gift.

Send little gifts or ‘exclusive content’ to people who’ve engaged with your content.

Give them a ‘hello’ or a ‘how was your day, babe.’

Send them a song that ‘made you think of them.’

And one of the best methods of following up is asking questions.

Remember, asking questions generates engagement, and you can ask lame questions, or great ones, but that’s outside the scope of this guide.

Anyway, if people reject your interactions, hate on you, or treat you like a punk… be the bigger person.

Learn how to reply firmly and keep your boundaries, while being tactful.

  • Realize that people can be in a bad mood, or misjudge you, and still become a fan later.
  • Realize that even if you have to block them and move on, their hater-ade may actually spread the word about you and grow your brand.
  • Realize that words can’t harm you, and if you’re still scared of words, then being bada$$ OnlyFans money-maker isn’t for you.

The point is to follow up with people who’ve shown any interest in you at all.

Follow up by being a nice, friendly, decent human being to anyone you haven’t blocked.

Then do it again a few days later.

Then once more the following week.

Do as many follow-ups as you feel comfortable with to turn your warm leads into hot ones, who are very ready to buy.

If you’re really serious about earning cash, happily track each follower’s status: when they followed you, whether they’re ‘cold’, ‘warm’, or ‘hot’, and so on.

If you happily track your ‘steps’ with fitbit, you’ll improve.

If you happily track your ‘reps’ in the gym, you’ll improve.

If you happily track your followers, you’ll improve.

A more than screen-length, vertical, hand drawn, dotted 'down arrow.'

8. Now make juicy offers.

Avg Time To Complete: 30 - 45 minutes, daily.

If you’ve performed the other steps well (I repeat, well), you’ll have many cold leads, some warm leads, and a few hot leads who you’ve been having conversations with.

And those few hot leads are very likely to buy or subscribe.

So now is when you make juicy offers to your hot leads.

Alex Hormozi's 'Value Equation.'

Now, presumably, they like you and value your content.

Presumably you’ve priced your offerings in a way that feels fair to you, and generous to them already.

(If you haven’t you may have to study your competition, research pricing psychology, or learn how to ‘increase the value of your offering’ so that the price feels justified.)

But whatever your price…

The leads you make offers to should enjoy (& be used to) hearing from you by now, because your follow-ups are always kind & valuable, right?

So when you say to them:

“Hey babe, just wanted to let you know that today only I’m giving everyone who subscribes to my 0nlyF4ns a free sizzling hot wall calendar”…

…they think

“wow, this person I feel so close to and who’s been nice to me all week, is making me an offer I can’t refuse.”

Then they buy.

Or if that’s too juicy, too ambitious for you, you can say something like:

“Hey daddy, I’m offering a special ‘awesome guy’ discount today to a select few of my favorite fans. Sooo… you have the chance to get all the spicy goodness in my 0nlyF4ns for half the regular price. No pressure, but I’d love to have you onboard.”

Then they buy.

You get the picture.

You can make any kind of offer you want, but if you want to learn more about this I explain it a bit further here.

“But, J-Ryze, what if they don’t buy?” I imagine you’re thinking.

Then you do your best to soothe their objections.

Here’s the thing:

If you have a decent product, and you know your prospect truly does want it, and you know it will make their life better…

Then the right thing to do is persuade them past their objections.

Imagine your friend is moaning that there’s nothing good on TV. And imagine you know an ‘epic’ show they’ll love.

Should you just let them whine their day away on gripes about the state of Netflix?

Or should you convince them to watch your show, selling them on it as hard as possible (without being an a$$hole?)

Hopefully the answer is obvious.

Take the time to soothe people’s objections so they can enjoy what they truly want and better their life.

And if they still object after all your convincing, either:

A. Admit your persuasion skills need work or
B. Accept that they’re just not ready to buy right now and keep in touch with them until they are.

And those are the 8 steps of how to make money on OnlyFans.

(Even if you had no following to begin with!)

Steps 1-5 only really need done once, they’re setup steps.

Steps 6-8 must be repeated over and over, they’re ‘daily business’ steps.


If there’s any step you don’t know how to do, they’re easy to learn if you apply yourself, I cover them a bit more in my Twelve Steps Of Profitable Selling and they’re each just a google away too.


If there’s any step you don’t like doing, they’re easy to delegate and just a hire away.


If you still have excuses as to why you can’t do these steps that so many other OnlyFans creators are already doing, no one can help you until you drop those excuses.


And once you have a handle on these steps, you’ll find…


…you can apply them to all sorts of businesses, projects, and income streams.

What are the most common
OnlyFans income streams?

OnlyFans is loaded with many monetization features to help you earn.

We’ll explore these different income streams together and you can see which ones interest you most.

Just keep in mind that each of these income streams rely on the steps above, whether you realize it or not, and to use them effectively… you absolutely must apply the 8 steps.

Sound good? Here we go.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans - Step 1

Make Money On OnlyFans Through Paid Subscriptions

OnlyFans Subscribe ButtonYou likely know what paid subscriptions are, as they’re the most popular way OnlyFans creators earn.

It means ‘locking’ your content behind OnlyFans’ ‘paywall’, so only users who subscribe and pay your monthly fee will be able to access it.

This is similar to how Patreon works, and is a viable way to make money on OnlyFans, but can only be done on a ‘paid’ OnlyFans page.

Most creators rely on ‘discounts’ and ‘subscription bundles’ to make subscribing more enticing, but I’m more a fan of simply increasing the value of what’s being offered to outweigh whatever I’m charging.

How To Make OnlyFans Money Via Pay Per View Posts

OnlyFans PPV PostMany OnlyFans creator’s get wealthy off PPV (pay per view) content, or ‘paid posts.’

Even creators with a ‘free page’ can do well through locked PPV content and charging certain fees to unlock or view them.

Earning On OnlyFans Using Paid Messages (DMs)

OnlyFans Paid DMsPaid messages can be used on either a free page or subscribe page, and they let you reach your fans via DM (direct message) and invite them to pay for certain content.

Paid DM offers a highly engaging form of monetization, and ‘free’ OnlyFans pages can even set it up so that fans pay if they want to be allowed to message at all.

Use Mass Messages to Offer Exclusive Content

OnlyFans Mass MessagingOnlyFans has a ‘mass messaging’ option that lets you send a piece of content to all your current fans.

It’ll be ‘exclusive’ to whatever fans you have at the time, and it’ll be waiting for them whenever they login to their account.

Profiting On OnlyFans Through Live Streaming

OnlyFans Livestream‘Free’ OnlyFans accounts have the option to charge fans to see your ‘live stream.’ This is kind of like selling tickets to a live show, and may suit certain types of creators who enjoy performing, interacting, and engaging live.

Getting Rich On OnlyFans With Tipping

OnlyFans TippingMost people know that OnlyFans lets fans tip you.

If you have at least five posts on your page, fans can literally just send money directly to your profile. They can also tip on your posts, messages, streams, and stories!

Tip menus are very common on many OnlyFans creators profiles because of this, and creating a good one can be quite lucrative.

Making Bank On OnlyFans By Collaborating

Onlyfans CostreamExchanging tags for shoutouts with other OnlyFans creators can help you gain more subs or buyers.

On top of that, you can also “co-stream” with other OnlyFans users, meaning you go live together and both earn from it.

OnlyFans Referral Links

OnlyFans ReferralOnlyFans provides its users with a referral link.

If you get others to sign up to OnlyFans using your referral link, they become your ‘refer-ee.’

The beauty of this is that you get 5% of whatever your refer-ee earns (and that’s paid out by OnlyFans, so your refer-ee doesn’t lose anything).

This means it’s in your best interest to mentor them or help them earn, because you’ll earn more too.

You can read more about the referral program on OnlyFans site.

Redirect to Other Platforms

OnlyFans RedirectMany top OnlyFans earners send their fans to ‘other platforms’ like Snapchat or Spotify, or even your own website.

(Note: This takes finesse as OnlyFans punishes most mentions of other platforms.)

Sponsored Content

OnlyFans SponsoredGetting sponsored is to give exposure to brands you care about, while earning at the same time.

Getting sponsorships is just like getting subscribers as outlined above. Find sponsors, engage them, follow-up until they’re comfortable with you, then make them a juicy offer.

It takes a blend of knowledge, effort, and practice, just like most forms of earning on earth, outside of lotteries, casinos, and inheritance.

Affiliate Marketing

OnlyFans AffiliatesOnce you have an audience, you become a good target for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers selling products will be eager to give you a commission, if you become their affiliate and sell, promote, or recommend their product.

You can google ‘affiliate marketing opporunities’ and find affiliate programs to sell courses, vacations, books, sex toys, or whatever suits your audience.

You Can Even Fundraise On OnlyFans

When people think of fundraising, they often think ‘Kickstarter’, but if you have a cause that will resonate with your tribe, you can actually fundraise for it on OnlyFans itself.

Just post an explanation for your fundraiser, set a donation-goal, set up ‘donation levels’, and click ‘post’!

How To Make Money On OnlyFans According To Creators

One particular article you may have seen on this topic claims it teaches you how to make money on OnlyFans “according to creators.”

It doesn’t.

It’s total fluff. And it shouldn’t be showing up on Google’s front page.

If you want real talk on ‘how to make money on OnlyFans according to creators,’ here’s the real trick:

Your best bet is to head over to youtube and do a deep dive into the OnlyFans creators sharing their wisdom there.

For example:

Play Video about Alanah Cole OnlyFans YouTube
Play Video about Maddie Springs OnlyFans YouTube
Play Video about Lena The Plug OnlyFans YouTube2
Play Video about Racks To Riches OnlyFans_YouTube

Some are more thorough than others, but watching videos from a variety of creators will give you insight into their own journeys in their own words.

Ultimately, OnlyFans creators make money mainly through the income streams I’ve outlined above.

(Though Amouranth earns through crypto stocks and investing in her own adult content platform.) But there really are countless ways to monetize. For example:

Some OnlyFans creators offer coaching:

In fact, I’ve seen some ‘big names’ like Danii Banks and Amanda Nicole offering OnlyFans coaching recently, but I can’t tell you how solid these offerings are.

Marie Dee is a much smaller OnlyFans creator, but her stuff seemed more appealing to me, and she talks about her OnlyFans coaching and classes often.

(Check out my post 9 Questions To Ask About Your Coach.)

All that said, I’d love to see more people learning from truly great, ‘natural-born’ teachers rather than just ‘big names’ but still, if name recognition is what really matters to you, we can explore a related question:

Who are the highest earning OnlyFans accounts & how much do they make?

Names that keep popping up in the top earners are people like Cardi B, Tyga, and Pia Mia, but any article that mentions these accounts is out of date.

All three of those celebs deleted their accounts quite some time ago.

Here’s a more up-to-date list, ranked by earnings per month.

Blac Chyna – $20,-00,000

Bella Thorne – $11,000,000

Mia Khalifa – $6,420,000

Erica Mena – $4,490,000

Bhad Babie – $4,300,000

Corinna Kopf – $4,200,000

Gemma McCourt – $3,400,000

Safaree Samuels – $1,910,000

Chloe Khan – $1,500,000

Belle Delphine – $1,200,000

Hopefully that points you in the right direction or you’re able to find some inspiration or tactics to model from these creators.

Tips to earn the most money on Only Fans.

Although I’ve already covered the basics of earning money above, here’s a few extra tips that may help.

Some may seem obvious, but they still go overlooked fairly often so make sure you’re using them, if possible.

A. Welcome everyone.

There’s lots of ways you can welcome new leads who’ve just discovered you.

For example, you could send a welcome video.

Caption it for people who leave sound off.

And make a welcome post in case some people don’t like videos or can’t see them.

And if you want to go the extra mile, maybe even a welcome photo.

Or a welcome discount.

Or something.

Welcome people like they’re special, like they matter.

Because they do matter.

Or at least, their wallets matter, and you’d best embrace that if you want to earn from them.

Aim for your ‘welcome’ to be so good that it leaves a memorable impression.

Give it some character. Make it speak to your tribe’s top priorities and deepest desires.

B. Post & promote consistently.

I don’t care if it’s twice a day, three times a week, or once a week, but make your content ahead of time and have it ready to go, captions and all.

Do this because society is used to getting things regularly and on time.

Same goes for your promotion, marketing, and outreach.

Do the work.

Promote daily, consistently.

It’s the core activity of any early stage business. And society is used to only buying from brands who are ‘top of mind.’ They’re used to buying from brands that are consistently seen and mentioned in their feeds.

Consumers know that McDonald’s (or their fave vegan joint) will have consistent hours & food experiences for them.

They know their favorite show is gonna air at a consistent time.

They’ve been spoiled with consistency from all their favorite brands since they were old enough to handle money.

So you either play the game and be consistent too… or you don’t earn.

Even bands like Tool or directors like Christopher Nolan reliably put out a masterpiece every few years, like clockwork.

Consistency = trust and reliability in a buyer’s mind.

So if you want buyers to trust you enough to spend on you, you’d best show some consistency.

If you’re inconsistent with your content or promotion, the market will be inconsistent in paying you.

C. Engage & interact.

I’ll tell you a secret.

For most of my life I avoided engaging and interacting with most people.

I’ve lived life on my own terms for a long time, and for a while there, I’d have rather been homeless for years than initiate engagement with most folks.

So I didn’t.

I survived by only helping people who found or came to me, on their own.

Does that impress you?

It shouldn’t.

Most of my businesses failed because I refused to promote to strangers or engage in small talk.

I lived a poor, destitute life because of how hard I avoided engagement.

And I deserved to fail for not engaging.

Because every business has to engage and interact with a passion.

Nike did it at the start. Kim K did it at the start.

Hell, even cola brands & bubble gum companies –when they were first getting started– had to interact and engage with people to build up interest and momentum in their product.

Once you’ve put in your time engaging and interacting, and your business has some momentum…

…you earn the right to step back a bit and engage less, but you’ll never reach that point without executing this tip well for the first 6 months to a year, at least.

Engage like it’s your job, because it is.

D. Improve your bio.

I covered this reasonably well above, but I wanted to repeat since I see so many creators flub such an easy win.

E. Make an OnlyFans tip menu.

There’s lots of ways to put together a tip menu, but most creators use Canva.

Your tip menu can be specific with breakdowns for each sex-act and level of undress you’re willing to do, giving different prices for each.

It can even specify rules for requests and customs.

Your tip menu can be a more general guide, simply giving price ranges, or no price at all, leaving it up to your fans to decide.

Your tip menu can be cluttered or clean. It can be fancy or minimalist.

Whatever you choose, hopefully it matches your brand/niche, and resonates with your tribe.

So ask yourself, what does my tribe value? What kind of tip menu makes them happiest? What are ways I can deliver that to them and still do what I like?

(There’s plenty of tip menu templates out there if you search around.)

F. Make an OnlyFans FAQ.

Similar to the tip menu point above, you can also make an ‘FAQ’ graphic and pin it to your OnlyFans page.

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) like this can ease your audience’s confusion and hesitance, help them know how to interact & behave, and give you something to fallback on if someone breaks the rules.

It’s also just like the tip menu above, it’s something you can link people to in your DMs if they’re unclear on something.

(Speaking of FAQs, our post 64+ OnlyFans Questions Answered Clearly [Easy To Read!] is pretty great if you have more OF questions.)

G. Learn basic copywriting.

This is a massively underrated tip, and most of my clients neglect this.

And I get it.

I get that they hate writing captions. That they’re often ‘unsure’ of what to say. That they don’t know how to ‘sell’ properly in their messages.

But don’t let that be you, learn some copywriting basics.

Learn how to write a compelling headline that makes people click, because what’s the point of investing hours of time, money, and equipment into creating content no one clicks on.

Learn how to write an action-driving CTA (call-to-action), because what’s the point of making your offers and selling your wares if your words suck people’s buy-motivation away instead of amping it up.

It’s not hard to do.

You’re typing sentences all the time, just learn how to choose your words so that they work for you.

Check out a free article or two on CopyBlogger or HoneyCopy. Watch a couple Jon Benson videos.

Do something to improve your copy, because people are rarely gonna buy your photos and videos simply captioned “new video guys, pls buy!”

That’s not how it works for early-stage creators.

Okay, I think I’ve given an absolute masterclass on raising your OnlyFans earnings here, but before I wrap up, let’s take a quick peek at…


Other questions people ask about
how to make money on OnlyFans:

Here’s some of the common things I hear when I teach people this stuff.

How much do OnlyFans beginners make?

The average OnlyFans user (ie: a ‘beginner’) makes $140 – $180 per month, but this post contains everything you need to succeed much more reliably than a ‘beginner’ if you practice the steps well.

What content sells best on OnlyFans?

Before I answer, let’s cover a couple things:

If you’re deciding what content to provide to your tribe by ‘whatever sells best’, you’ve already lost, and you likely won’t earn well. Or on the rare chance you do, it’ll be heart-breakingly short lived.

Instead, commit to your tribe, and find a way to make your chosen niche resonate with them, and deliver that. Because in this day and age, nearly anything will sell.

There’s an audience for every format & fetish under the sun.

If your chosen adult content genre happens to be findom content, great, you can earn with it. If that happens to be brat content, great, you can earn with that too.

Earning is about performing the steps above well, not about “choosing the ‘best’ genre of content.”

On top of that, it’s difficult to find data on what the ‘best’ performing content is beyond… ‘videos’ or ‘direct messages’… and buyer-moods change all the time anyway.

But all that aside, if you really want an answer, most of the following content-types perform fairly well:

  • Cosplay
  • Findom
  • Gamer / E-Girl / Kawaii
  • BBW
  • 420-Friendly
  • Fetish
  • Girlfriend Experience
  • Feet
  • Small / Big Boobs
  • Small / Big Booty
  • ASMR
  • College Slut / Amateur
  • Brat / Sub
  • Pornstar
  • MILF
  • Fitness Babe
  • Yogi
  • Squirter
  • Dominatrix
  • Nurse, Cop, Student, Goth, etc.

Also, more effortful or polished content makes you stand out in a sea of amateurs and usually performs better.

Anything ‘celeb-focused’ tends to earn extremely well, so you can partner with them if you know how, or just look to them, and model what they do.

Is it their talent? Their glam look? Their fan engagement? Explore and experiment.

How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman?

I outlined these steps above.

Commit to a tribe who likes the type (or niche) of woman you are, get their attention wherever they hang out, follow-up with everyone who’s attention you get (multiple times) until they’re friendly with you, make a juicy, irrefusable offer, and soothe any of their objections.

Simple, but it takes focus, discipline, and committed practice in the face of failures and rejections.

How to make money on OnlyFans as a guy?

See above.

Can I do this without showing my face?

Sure, many creators do so, you just have to make your facelessness clear in your name, pic, or bio (or all three), so that your tribe knows faceless content is your chosen niche and isn’t baited into something they weren’t expecting.

I write more about running an anonymous onlyfans account here.

Will this make me money fast?

Depends how much you hustle.

The steps must be done.

The steps can’t be shortcut.

And every earner you know has done them in some form or another.

They had to put in the work when they got started, and you must do the same if you want to profit well.

I’ve seen some people cancel their whole social life for a month, eat ramen, cut down on sleep and promote, outreach, and engage strangers like crazy for a month straight, and they earn fast and well.

If they hit any roadblocks they never make excuses, they just find creative ways to solve it and keep every step running smoothly.

I’ve also taught this to people who drag out every step, put every other part of their life first, and make excuses all along the way, and they earn slowly, or not at all.

Are you in either of these camps? Which one? Maybe somewhere in between? Whatever the case, you, and you alone, decide how quickly the steps are done, and how quickly you make money.

Anyway, when I was researching this article, one of the first things I typed in was…

"How to make money on OnlyFans reddit?"

The reason for this is that google’s been filled with ads & low-effort content, and people (myself included) often prefer to get ‘real answers’ from ‘real people’ talking on reddit.

So subreddits like r/onlyfansadvice or r/CreatorsAdvice can be a trove of helpful tips and tricks, but so far, nothing I’ve seen in those subreddits really cover the steps of making money from start to finish…

…which is another reason I decided to write this.

"Oh my gosh babe 😨 Helping bimbo pages really is your calling! The amount you can pull out of a single photo that I hadn’t even considered !!!! Thank you, thank you ! I'm thinking about things on a whole new level !"
Belle Cassidy OnlyFans Testimonial
Belle Cassidy
The Outback Barbie

Final Thoughts - Wrapping Up


This was a beast to create.

I planned to just write a thousand word quick-summary, but with every point I wrote, my brain said “yeah, but they need to know [this]” or “ok, but they’ll struggle if you don’t explain [that].”

So here we are, almost 7,000 words later, and I believe this post gives you the clearest, most comprehensive “how to” make money on OnlyFans out there.

At least for early-stage creators.

As you grow bigger, things change and other tips come into play, like ‘how to build a team’, and so on, but for now, these are the foundations needed to earn.

If I missed anything, please forgive me, and be so kind as to just ask, and if it’s a sincere question, I’ll happily explain.

Wishing you tons of success, joy, and wealth.

Prosperously yours,

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