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It's not your fault you don't have an hour-glass figure.

But getting one is easier than you think.

Note: All women are beautiful.

The earth embraces all diverse shapes and sizes, and I judge none of them. Want to be a female sumo-wrestler? Great! Stick-thin non-binary? Do you! Plus-sized model? Love it! Regardless of that, some women know in their heart that they want an hourglass body, which is why this page exists.

If you wanna change, change. If you want to stay your current shape, go for it. Cynthia Moreno (pictured right) inspired this page. She kindly, vulnerably, expressed a deep desire for an hourglass figure to me, and I love helping people transform, so here we are.

Cynthia Before & After

Why hourglass?! Don't we live in a body-positive society?

And don’t beautiful women come in all sizes?

The Twiggy’s are just as desirable as the Anna Nicole’s, right?

Twiggy & Anna Nicole
Twiggy and Anna Nicole Smith

Maybe so, but the thing is, they’re both hour-glass. One is svelte and the other voluptuous, but they both have their own feminine curves.

We can be body-positive all we want. Women are ‘beautiful flowers,’ yes. And all flowers are beautiful miracles of nature.

But talk to a florist and you’ll find roses sell way more than venus flytraps. And that’s fine. No one gets upset about it. It’s reasonable for one flower to be more popular, more desirable.

And so, it’s reasonable that an hourglass shape is more desirable too.

Scientists have actually studied this stuff.

Devendra_SinghDr. Devendra Singh is a Texas University psychologist. He’s spent over five years studying body shape, health, and beauty. He found that Anna Nicole Smith and Twiggy have one attribute in common: both have slim waists and wide hips. Devendra calls this the WHR: waist-hip ratio.

This ratio is what makes men find them attractive. Men’s DNA, for millennia, has been programmed to gravitate toward the curves of an hourglass figure. According to Dr/ Singh, all men, everywhere, regardless of age or culture, are drawn to the hourglass shape in the female figure.

Based on his studies of male volunteers from Africa, the Azores, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands and the United States, Singh claims hourglass is the universal standard of beauty.

His volunteers were shown women of different shapes and sizes and asked to rank them according to physical beauty.

"[All the men] selected the same women. Low waist-to-hip ratio."

Singh noticed that even when showing his youngest volunteers and his oldest the photos of the women… all still chose the same women as ‘most beautiful’.

He compares this instinct with people’s innate liking for sugar:

"You don't have to teach a kid to like chocolate."

He suggests we’re born with these tendencies, inclinations, and desires.

And it’s not just Dr. Singh. John Manning, of Liverpool University’s Dept. of Biology describes Singh’s research as “very valid.”

"Miss America's —over the past 30 to 40 years— body-weight has gone down, but their waist-hip ratio remains the same."

On top of all this, Dr. Peter Renn from Harvard University revealed how British literature from the 16th-18th centuries talked about hourglass women.

They concluded that what men wanted back then is no different than what men want now. Waist, thighs, and boobs were widely praised. In fact, there are 66 descriptions of how narrow waists looked better on women in these writings.

Indian tales like Mahabharata and Ramayana, also reference this shape heavily.

Anyway, if you pay any attention to the way the world works, this stuff probably isn’t surprising.

The same way rich men tend to be more desirable, hourglass women are too.

People like to get up in arms about the ‘inequality’ of it all, but the truth is… if there was a magic-pill to get rich or change body-shape, most of the complainers would shut up and be first in line.

Being top of the evolutionary food-chain is a fine aim to have, and personally, I don’t fault anyone for dreaming of it.

In fact, I made this page to help, because although there’s no magic-pill, there’s definitely ways to make achieving your dream body many, many times easier on you.

Women with narrow waists minimize metabolic disorders. Wide hips signal fertility. Large breasts indicate the ability to feed children. Evolution has burned these traits into humanity to make that figure type attractive. Do you really, truly want to fight evolution? Or would you rather leverage it, benefit from it, win with it?


OK I get it, guys dig hourglass.

They do, but there’s more to it than that. It’s not just guys who are interested. An hourglass figure is perceived as more valuable by both sexes. Many guys want to be with them, and many women want to be them. You can try fighting that truth, or you can embrace it, tap into it, and embody it.

Hourglass women are generally treated better.

Do you want lavish treatment offered to you most places you go?

Hourglass form is linked with high-levels of feminine hormone, estrogen.

Do you want to embrace & amp up your femininity?

An hourglass figure is a work of art.

Do you want to tweak, refine, and polish the masterpiece that is your body?


Got body-transformation questions? We’ve got answers!

Nope. No one is forcing you to get an hourglass bod. No one is claiming you can’t succeed in life with alternate body shapes. You 100% can. It just might be a bit more challenging, is all. When it comes down to it, people are choosing their gender, more and more, and they should be able to choose their body shape too. Besides, each of the shapes have unique benefits.

For example it’s said that pear-shaped results in healthier pregnancies. Rectangle shapes tend to be even, symmetrical, which can be appealing, etc.

Ultimately… it’s your body, your choice. Whatever a woman wants to do in her life is up to her and no one else.

Beyonce Knowles. Kim Kardashian. Sofia Vergara.  All hugely successful in their profession by showing off their curves. “But they’re entertainers!” I hear you say. Fine. Sara Blakely. Sophia Amoruso. Vera Wang. All mega-successful entrepreneurs who owned their looks and showed ’em off. The truth is, hourglass curves are a fantastic way to stand out and get attention directed at your business… but only if you’re willing to use the gifts nature gave you.

Yep! I’ve tried to link ’em, but any I haven’t you can still look up with a quick Google.

I’ll admit some of them are smaller sample size than I’d like, but they’re all conducted by accredited educational institutions.

When it comes down to it, you either know in your heart that hourglass is an attainable blessing, or you don’t. And if you need “The World’s Best Study” in order to pursue your body-transformation goals, this page isn’t a fit for you anyway.

Then what are you doing on this page? Lol, just kidding… it’s fantastic that you’re already hourglass, but the tips on this page can help you tweak your bod and elevate it even further. Or if it’s not for you, all good, there’s plenty of women who already benefit from the knowledge shared here. Up to you if you want to as well.

The same way a desire for wealth isn’t some weird social construct, neither is a desire to be attractive.

Since cavemen times, humans have always sought expansion, growth, and more resources, and humans have always sought increased mate-choice, sex-appeal, and attractiveness too.

Primitive males would identify a female in the distance by her shape. Nature and evolution is surprisingly good at knowing what’s helpful for life.

So what?

Desires are manufactured all the time. Whatever color is ‘in’ this season. Health food trends. Workout trends. Fashion trends. Tech trends. Design trends. All ‘socially manufactured.’

And then comes along someone who bucks the trend. Someone exotic, doing things differently. And suddenly everyone wants that instead.

They appear valuable because they’re rare.

Often what’s desirable is whatever’s most rare in society. In a desert, water is quite desirable. Born into a poor family? Then wealth is desirable. In a world of angles and squares, curves are desirable.

So let’s admit hourglass figures are fairly uncommon, and desirable because of that…

…don’t you deserve to be one of the rare, hyper-desirable ones?

Rare is desirable.

Dr. Cindy Istook, professor of apparel technology, North Carolina State University, did a study on women’s body-types and found the following percentages of women have each respective body type:

  • Rectangle: 46 percent
  • Pear: 20 percent
  • Triangle: 14 percent
  • Hourglass: 8 percent

This could be bad news if you believe you’re limited to the genetic lottery you were given at birth. But if you’ve seen other women who’ve transformed their shapes, if you’ve seen people go from ectomorph to mesomorph, if you’ve studied epigenetics or nutrigenetics… it’s great news. Because it means you get to be one of the rare ones. Just because a shape is uncommon, doesn’t mean you can’t move your DNA toward it.


Your vision matters.

Whatever your current shape or body type, you can ‘progress’ towards your preferred shape. There are petite hourglasses, medium hourglasses, and ample hourglasses.

Even if you don’t quite hit it, you’ll feel better with even a bit of transformation.

"But I've tried to transform my body before."

I’ve heard this said often enough, and I get it. You’ve tried before and things haven’t worked out. Maybe you’re frustrated, and if so, that makes total sense. You should be frustrated anytime you have a dream that seems to elude you. 

And why does hourglass seem unreachable? Because the ‘stock-standard’ methods don’t work. Most people will tell you “body shape is genetic, there’s no way to change it.” This is a frustrating thing to hear about our dreams. A small handful will tell you it’s possible “as long as you grind hard at diet & exercise.”

All these talkers think they’re ‘experts,’ that they get it, that they’re ‘helping’ you. But they’re not, & none of them truly get it.

Fact is, you have a dream body-shape, and you deserve to reach it, as fast and as fun as possible.  And to do so, you’ll need unique, special solution.

A solution that’s powerful, but rarely spoken of.

It's not surgery, diet, or exercise.

Yes, surgery, diet, and exercise are all viable, reasonable solutions to transform your body. I’m all for ’em.

And chances are you’ll use one or more of them on your hourglass transformation journey. But which ones, in which order, in which frequency depends on something else entirely.

Because every transformation that happens in reality, begins in our minds, our imaginations, our beliefs.

It’s literally not possible for you to have an ‘action-journey’ toward your dream-body, without getting your mentality in order first.

And the better your mentality is aligned up front, the faster, more successful body-transformation you’ll have. This is the thing almost no one talks about. This is the true power that unlocks your DNA.

And it’s simpler and easier than you might think.

But first, why does hourglass really win?

Think about it like this:

When an entrepreneur polishes their idea into a well-oiled machine, providing value to millions of customers… they win.

Just like there’s lots of benefits to building a successful business, there’s lots of benefits to building a beautiful body.

So when a model or actress polishes her bod into an hour-glass goddess, providing value to millions of beholders… she wins. For example…

Companies with attractive CEOs might make more money. A study out of the University of Wisconsin found that S&P 500 companies attractive CEOs were more likely to have higher revenue.

Attractive people may be more likely to be hired for a job. One study found applicants of both sexes were more likely to be given a job.

Beauty might give you a political advantage. According to a Finnish study political candidates do better at the polls than more average-looking politicians.

Attractive people may be more confident. When researchers were rude to women, the attractive ones were more likely to correct the researcher.

The halo effect makes them seem smarter, funnier, & more likeable.

Plus there's...

The Magic Of Curves:

Curves Are Life

A 'flatline' indicates death. Curves symbolizes the opposite.

Nurturing & Abundant

Curvy women are described as ample, voluptuous, abundant.

Soft & Inviting

We're drawn to soft, inviting things. Hard edges are off-putting.

Flow Is Feminine

Curvy women are seen as flowing well through life.

So what's the key to developing an hourglass bod?

I told you we’d get to it, so here goes…



Inside your noggin are many body-beliefs bouncing around. They decide how smoothly, rapidly, & joyfully your transformation occurs. They can make it take a lifetime, or they can get it done in months. But most people hide or deny their beliefs.

Here’s a sample of beliefs you want to have:

Belief One
Belief Two
Belief Three
Belief Four
The human body is truly miraculous.
Our cells are capable of stunning adaptation.
People who've had huge transformations exist.
If they've gotten an hourglass fast, so can I.

C'mon, I don't believe that woo-woo "beliefs" bullsh*t.

That’s understandable, and it’s your right. You’re free to believe (or not believe) anything, including the life-changing stuff I’m sharing here. So fine, let’s say you don’t believe.

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.

Your desire for an hourglass figure will not go away, so you’ll try some or all of the traditional methods.

You’ll eat a precise diet, and get poor results, remaining fat and thin in all the wrong places. You’ll grind out exercise for a while, then give up, eventually going back to your original shape. You may even invest in surgery, and have yourself sliced open, only to end up with complications down the road.

And why?

Because you didn’t get your beliefs aligned first.

I’m not against diet, exercise, or even surgery. They’re all great methods of achieving the body shape you dream of, but there’s one thing that ultimately decides whether these methods work out for you or not.

Your beliefs.

Body-transformation takes creativity, focus, & heart.

Do you really want your dream bod? Do you really have what it takes? If you want that rare transformation most women don’t get, you’ve got to hold rare beliefs that most women don’t hold. Your heart & mind have to be aligned. Your thoughts about body-transformation have to be precise & solid. Your emotions about body-transformation have to be positive & unshakeable. You can’t phone it in. And you can’t have someone holding your hand for the entire journey. I can teach you, but in the end, your progress is on you. Many women have had major transformations, and you can too. For now, let’s explore Jessica’s. 

Jessica Simpson weighed 240 pounds after her pregnancy.

But she believed she could transform her body. She believed in her cells. And yes, she ‘worked hard’ and watched her diet and exercise… but the reason she was able to stick with it, the reason she was inspired to step up to the challenge… was her mentality.

No one teaches how important mental work is. It’s the foundation that needs to be in place before the ‘pro-active’ transformation takes place.

And the people who pull it off, do it without even realizing they did it.

That’s what makes it so… ‘secret’ and hard to replicate.

So here's some beliefs that will help you.

Example Belief 1

My body loves & helps me.

Example Belief 2

Beauty is a precious form of value.

Aspirational Body-Beliefs You Can Aim For:


But believing these things takes some work.

Like most great things in life, if you want to have these body-changing beliefs, you have to apply yourself. It kinda sucks, I guess.

But the fact is, most people can’t just “jump” to believing these things, even if they sound nice. Usually we’re weighed down by opposing beliefs, objections, excuses, and “buts.”

So our job is to 1) demolish any limiting beliefs that are holding us back and 2) build up supportive beliefs in our mind. Once those two things are done, you’ll find yourself on a fast train-ride to your dream body. Only then do you begin step 3) actually taking massive action.

With proper beliefs supporting your actions, you’ll quickly discover fun exercise, stick easily to a food regime that suits you, hang around more supportive people, and more.


Have you ever thought any of these things?

The false beliefs below are basically dream-killers. If you have any of ’em, we’ve gotta replace them with beliefs that serve you & propel you towards your dream body.


I'm not pretty enough.

Or: I'm too fat, I'm not a model, I'm not sexy, I hate myself.  

The Truth: Does this belief make any sense Isn’t it true that you’re never too poor to start a journey to wealth. And you’re never too ‘ugly’ to start a journey toward beauty.


It's too hard.

Or: It's impossible, I'm not good enough, takes too long, already tried.

The Truth: Plenty of women have done this before you. Whatever they have done, you can do. Humans are resourceful, and that includes you.


I don't want to be objectified.

Or: I can't betray feminism, I want my brain to be valued.

The Truth: A canvas is valuable, so is a painter. An instrument is valuable, so is a musician. An object is valuable, so is an admirer. You can be either, moment to moment, it’s your life. Be comfortable being objectified on your own terms.


My kids are more important than my body.

Or: My hubby / biz / home is more important than my body.

The Truth: It makes little sense to prioritize this way. There’s no gun-to-your-head choose one or the other. You can have it all, just be creative. If you have a dream of a great body and a great fam or biz, admit now that it’s 100% possible.


It's too expensive.

Or: I can't afford clothes, healthy food, supplements, gyms, etc.

The Truth: Bodyweight exercises cost nothing. Meditation & proper water consumption curbs appetite. Thrift stores & hand-me-downs exist. Attaining your dream body is practically free, if you put your mind to it.


Partner's unsupportive.

Or: They're fine with my shape, they won't change with me.

The Truth: Your partner has nothing to do with this. It’s your body. You want what you want in life, and owe it to yourself to avoid unsupportive people. A true partner will do whatever they can to assist your body-goals, period.


I won't find clothes.

Or: I'll need a new wardrobe, tailoring's expensive, etc.

The Truth: There are many hourglass women out there who find fantastic clothes, FashionNova is cheap AF, and hourglass women make more money, so… uh… get over it. 🙂


They're all photoshopped.

Or: Beauty standards are unrealistic, no one can live up to this.

The Truth: Photoshop exists, but there are plenty of natural hourglass women you can meet in real life, period. Whether a photo is ‘shopped or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that your body has crazy potential and you deserve to tap into it.


I'll be judged.

Or: I'll be called a bimbo, women will be jealous, I'll get no respect.

The Truth: Everyone who pursues their dreams gets judged. Every. Single. One. 7.5 billion people on the planet, if you can’t block thirsty guys underestimating or handle people whispering about you, you don’t deserve your dream body. Get used to night falling, get used to gravity, and get used to judgment. They’re all basically guaranteed.


Who cares how I look?

Or: I'm no actress, no one sees me like that, even thin I'll be unsexy.

The Truth: You care, and that’s all that matters. If you’re still reading this page, you 100% care how you look, and you desire a ‘sexier’ shape. Admit it and get to changing, or whine about it and don’t. Period.

Above, I’ve outlined the main body-beliefs that hold people back from transformation, but there can be a lot more that aren’t even body-related. Things like “I can’t learn fast… I always fail… I’m never effective… I don’t need to improve… I never admit mistakes… etc.” are all killer beliefs that will make your progress slow, if not impossible.

Unfortunately, many people in our society hold onto these beliefs, then wonder why they can’t get results. Anyway, assuming you’ve managed to let go of these sabotaging beliefs, the next step is to develop better ones.


Beliefs are the foundation of your new body.

Building better beliefs isn’t glamorous.

But it is pretty easy if you take the time and put some real thought into it. The basic principle is to write down a reasonably positive truth relevant to your goal. Then write down a slightly better one. Then write down a slightly better one than that.

Simple, right? It is, but there’s a lot of nuance to it. It’s easy to learn, but takes a bit to master it, and if you do it wrong, your results will reflect that.

I won’t explain all the ins-and-outs of raising your beliefs here, but I will give a quick example, as well as link you to my much more involved free tutorial on Belief-Wheels.

Goal Belief: “I’m making fulfilling progress towards my body-goals & seeing great results.”

Starting Belief: “I’m fat, but lots of women started out fat and ended up hourglass.”
2. Whatever those women have done, I can copy and learn from and achieve.
3. In fact, I’m researching the best transformation stories, so I can find one’s that speak to me.
4. I’m already finding body-transformation techniques that inspire me.
5. I’ve used some already and gotten minor results.
6. As I find better techniques, I’ll certainly gain better results.

7. I’m feeling good about my path, and I’m committed to it.
8. People who commit to their dreams always get closer to them, and so do I.
9. Which means I’m already closer to my dream body, and that progress will grow.
10. I celebrate that I’m actually closer now, even if others can’t see it.
11. I know that anything I focus on positively, grows and blossoms.
12. So I also celebrate tiny improvements, like a single wrinkle disappearing or feeling more energy.
13. I’ve poured more positive vibes toward my body now than I ever have before, and I trust it will respond.

14. I’ll keep up this belief-work because I’m already feeling better, and my body chemistry has been altered.
15. I’m looking forward to what I’m inspired towards next!
16. Basically, at this point, I’m making fulfilling progress towards my body-goals & will be seeing great results soon!

Voila, belief elevated. Below is a link to a way more in-depth tutorial, but hopefully you get the idea.

Tutorials on transforming your beliefs:


Do you know what a belief actually is? And why it holds so much power?  And how to use yours? Find out.


A couple minutes to jot down a few ideas, & voila… belief changed. Sound too easy? Read and see for yourself.


Want a better body? Want a new car? Want to travel more? Getting anything in life follows this simple recipe.

J-Ryze On Video covering specific body-parts:

J-Ryze Video

This video uplifts your ‘boob beliefs’, and gives you deep truths. Truths that will help all your future bust-enhancement methods.

J-Ryze Video

Why do some women shrink their waist easily and others not? ‘Cause it’s not just about diet, exercise, & corsets. Find out more in this video.

J-Ryze Video

A sexier bum is easier to get than most experts imply, ’cause most experts leave out the most important ingredient: BELIEFS.

Other places for transformation of specific body-parts:

Breast Transform

Breast Nexus is a forum discussing natural breast enhancement from herbs to hypnosis to massage.

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You're unique, so develop your unique plan.

Cynthia Before & After Cyn has kind of a unique history.

She was mistreated while eating vegetables as a child, so she developed a hatred of them. She was denied candy, so she hoarded and binged on it whenever she could. She was a heroin-addict who was at one point emaciated and wasting away, then after getting pregnant she ballooned to the opposite.

She’d pretty much given up on transformation and was full of negative body-beliefs.

This meant that she couldn’t stick to any particular food regime, nor could she motivate herself to exercise.

She’d gotten a breast-lift before and figured more surgery would be the only way for her.

But she was willing to work on her beliefs first, and we made a lot of progress.

After the belief-work was done, she was more open to alternative forms of body-transformation, and eager to explore non-surgical methods first.

First she started trying small doses of vegetables. Broccoli or spinach on pizza. etc. Then she went down to 1-2 meals a day, Wim Hof-style.

Next, she stopped smoking weed.

Then she explored stretching, managing to do the splits in about a week, even at her heavier weight.

Recently she took up high-intensity squats, for the most efficient exercise she’d ever done, and the burn felt so good, she committed to them.

Hopefully I’ll update this page with more of her epic transformation as time goes on.

Anyway, the point is that veggies, splits, and squats may not be the plan for you.

You might be better suited to a regimen of dance & veganism. Or maybe you’re an all-surgery, all-the-time kinda gal. Or maybe you’re a supplements & hypnosis hour-glasser. It’s all fine.

That’s why I’m not selling some kind of 5-step system that works for everyone, or telling you the “best” way to transform.

Because there’s no such thing as the ‘best way.’

It all comes down to you getting your beliefs in order first, then experimenting with whatever you’re inspired towards. And your results depend on how well you execute these things.

You have the power to create your individual transformation journey, no one else. And if you do it correctly, you’ll feel aligned and inspired to sustain it.

Your body ‘struggles’ will be gone.

Hopefully you now have a proper belief-foundation (like Cyn), and if so...

Your next step is to explore.

Find The Transformation Methods That Work For You.

Each transformation method out there has way more ins-and-outs than I can explain here. And there are people who are way better at it than me.

But body-transformation is kind of like making food. If I give you a well-stocked kitchen and some cooking basics and an understanding of how ingredients interact with each other… all that’s left is for you to find some recipes that appeal to you, perfect them, and enjoy the delicious results.

So crack Google open and start googling different body-transformation ‘methods’ (recipes). Listen to your intuition, your new beliefs will guide your cells to whatever experiments are best.

Be gentle with your experiments at first, start small, and consult a physician or expert if you’re at all uncertain. To get you off on the right foot, here are some things I’d search when developing your personal transformation plan:


Water-intake, intermittent fasting, grains, vegan, carnivore diet, etc.


Squats, Stomach Vaccuums, Chloe Ting, Deadlifts, Planks, Lunges & more.


Pueraria Mirifica, Goats Rue, Apple Cider Vineger, Ginseng, Fenugreek, etc.


Corsetry, waist-trainers, shapewear, ankle-weights, etc.


Augmentation, Butt Lift, Tummy-Tuck, Liposuction and more.


Magnotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, supplements, looksmaxxing, etc.

So your advice is just "Google some s**t?"

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? We live in an information era.

Almost every answer you can think of is available to you, free.

Someone has taken the time to live your problem, solve your problem, and write about your problem.

Most people don’t value this massive gift.

It’s there for them, but they simply refuse to do the legwork. They don’t want to think of search terms, research what’s important, browse forums, or read.

But with answers flowing like a waterfall on the ‘net, all you have to do is reach out your bucket and tap into ’em.

Google is one of the biggest easiest most effective resources you have…

Use it.

And the first thing you may want to Google are “basic Google tricks”, because most people don’t know how to use quotation marks for better search results. Nor do they know how to use something like “site:reddit.com _______” for finding real answers from real people.

What people are saying about J-Ryze's Hourglass Wisdom:

There are plenty of hourglass bods out there... and you can be one of them!

In the next section we’ll look at a few women who’ve levelled up their bodies in jaw-dropping ways.


Inspiring women who've done it.
There are so many women out there who've transformed.



"The transformation from chav clown to LA princess wasn’t overnight."


"I'm so proud of how far I’ve come not just physically, but mentally."


"Negative thoughts only turn into negative realities."

"Revenge Body is a spiritual and emotional transformation."


Transformation_Template_008b - Vanessa Chalmers

Yes, they changed their diet...


Yes, they used exercise...


But before all that...


They opened their mind & believed.




You choose how far your transformation will go.

Alicia Amira is 'The Bimbo Queen.'

She’s got a definite hourglass. She’s got even bigger, fuller lips than pictured here. She’s got boundary-pushing tats.

Alicia is a self-proclaimed bimbo, and her transformation may be too extreme for many.

But the point is that she’s transformed her body in many (often surgical) ways.

And she’s an example of years of investment spent transforming her body into an ideal she sees for herself.


It’s important that you celebrate Alicia, not judge her.

Even if you’re not a fan of bimbos.

Because of her undergoing an almost-miraculous transformation, she’s paved the way for you.

Not to be a bimbo, but to be whatever you want to be, no matter what people think. It’s your call:

  • You can stop at ‘babe’ level.
  • You can stop at ‘bombshell’ level.
  • You can stop at ‘bimbo’ level.

Or anywhere in-between.

If Alicia’s transformation is possible, your dream-body surely is as well.

Just like Alicia… own whatever dream-shape you have, believe in it, and move towards it.


About The Author: J-Ryze

Why did I write this?

When I was a kid, I loved Sherlock Holmes, I saw him as the smartest man. I loved Tool, I saw them as the most talented band. I loved The Usual Suspects, I saw it as ‘the best‘ movie. I loved Jesus, I saw him as the most loving human.

And, uh, well... I loved porn.

(and I still do, lol.)

I saw porn-actresses as the most feminine beauties on earth, at least, for a while. (I know, ok? Lol, I was an impressionable kid.)

Anyway, I’ve come a long way since I was a kid. And I was probably just repressed, growing up in a fairly conservative fam. And now with a more objective eye, it’s easy to see a lot of porn is too over-the-top for me, abusive, fake, or just half-assed.

And it’s easy to celebrate women like Scarlett Johansson or Priyanka Chopra as the sublime beauties they are. Or appreciate Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, even Kate Moss.

So I’ve learned not to label anything ‘the best’, because life allows no ‘perfection’. Life needs diversity; variety. There are flavors, trends, moods, & preferences, always changing.

I'm judgment-free now.

Yes, I’ve a much healthier, judgment-free view on beauty now.

Buuuut my tendency to aim for whatever seems to be ‘the greatest’ the world has to offer is still there.

For example:

Wealth seems pretty great, so I gravitate towards it. Roses seem like great flowers, so I lean towards ’em. And well, hourglass figures seem pretty great to me, so I’m drawn to them.

What I’m trying to say is— I just love women shaped this way. No justification needed, I just love them. And when I admit this, often women will express their secret desire to have an hourglass figure.

So I figured…

Why not do something to help?

I’m not selling anything here, and if I’m able to help even one woman achieve her dream body, at least the world will have more beauty in it.

And I mean, look— I spent years homeless, isolated, and failing at everything. But I managed to transform my mindset and my reality in some pretty major ways.

It turned me into a huge mind-over-matter guy.

What I really love to do is to elevate people’s beliefs on all topics, not just body-transformation…

That's why I run a community for rebels.

But even though I adore ryzing beliefs on all topics, it seemed like many women I talked to care a lot more about their body-shape than they do about the beliefs or mindset, so I end up discussing that first.

So I made this.

Anyway, rambling aside, I’ve been given a lot, it feels good to pay it forward somehow, and do what I can.


In conclusion, there’s one belief that really matters.

Your body is capable of miraculous things.


Let your mind help.