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Influencers offer advice all day long. They package it into catchy memes using humor, story, and more. It’s slick and consumable. But do you actually learn anything? Or is it all just empty calories? Do they explain the fine details behind all their ideas? Or do they tell you just enough to get you interested, then leave you high and dry where it counts? Gurus rarely give real, deep, game-changing explanations… This booklet is the solution.

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    'Motivation porn' is fine, but practical wisdom is better.

    Most entrepreneurs watch ‘motivation porn’ often. It’s inspirational videos that feel good but don’t actually help you. We’ve all watched successful people ramble on about their morning routines or their rules for success, right?

    And there’s nothing wrong with that. It occasionally sparks an idea. It’s fun. It releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals in our brain.

    Which is why I watch that stuff too.

    But there’s a problem.

    Motivation Porn 3

    Dopamine hasn't really helped you.

    Reading a great quote or hearing an epic soundbite can be inspiring for sure. And I definitely get that sweet dopamine hit when they show up in my feed.

    But does any of that stuff actually help? Does any of it really click? Do you actually change your behavior? Do you just click to the next video? Do you ever actually take action on what was taught?

    For most the answer is “no”.

    Why? Because gurus rarely explain what's behind their advice.

    They do their best to help, but the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ is rarely covered correctly. And so, their teachings don’t click.

    The gurus and influencers we look up to all created great lives for themselves, but they can’t really teach you how they did it.


    Because they do 'secret things' they're not telling you.

    And they don’t even realize it. They don’t! Because these things are so natural to them. These hidden methods are like breathing for them. It wouldn’t even occur to them to teach something as simple as breathing! And even if it did, they wouldn’t be able to explain it well enough for you.

    And it makes sense.

    These successful people aren't born teachers.

    This is a rough breakdown of most gurus. (You’ll notice ‘talented teacher’ doesn’t make the list.)



    They’re great at selling their ideas, but they’ve not practiced teaching.



    They’re charmers. On-air personalities. People who’ve accomplished a lot, and they know how to make it appealing.



    They can pump you up and make you want change, but not knowing why means it won’t stick. And not knowing how means you can’t take any action.

    But you deserve to have the curtain pulled back.

    You deserve to see what’s behind the “wizard”. You deserve to have these secrets revealed. You deserve to have proper explanations behind so many of the ideas gurus are spamming. Because they’re often great ideas that may work. But only if you truly understand them. If you don’t truly understand how to swim, even if a guru keeps telling you ‘kick your legs’, you’ll still drown. The only solution is real understanding.


    And since gurus can’t explain it to you…

    …I will.


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