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Goldilocks & The 3 Gurus

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Goldilocks, and she had golden hair.

And Goldilocks had a problem.

Well, more than just a problem, to be honest.

She didn’t get relationships, socializing, or sexuality.

She didn’t get business, branding, or content-creation.

She didn’t get fitness, she didn’t get fame.

She didn’t get why some guys ghosted her.

She didn’t get why making money was so hard.

She didn’t get why she couldn’t stick to a diet.

She just didn’t ‘get’ life.

So one day, Goldilocks decided to seek help.

She went walking through the forest. She saw a house and knocked on the door. She went inside and found nobody there. But on the dining-room table, Goldilocks saw three smartphones.

Curious, she swiped the first one, and the screen lit up with a ‘motivational guru. Could this be the answer she was looking for?

She pressed play, but turned it off quickly when she realized this guru was too soft. She was an ‘airy-fairy’ woo-woo spiritual-therapist type, and her advice mostly amounted to “be gentle, don’t worry, things take time, you’re perfect as you are.”

Goldilocks thought “If everything was fine & on time, I wouldn’t be here! I clearly need to change something. Just tell me how! Ugh!”

Annoyed, Goldilocks swiped the second phone’s lock-screen.

It flared to life but Goldilocks turned this one off too, realizing that this guru was too hard. He was a drill-sergeant sounding guy, ranting and raving about “Hustling, grinding, and pushing through it to succeed!”

“Eww,” Goldilocks thought, “I’m looking for answers, not a guy who sounds like my parents, telling me to just suck it up and do it. Sheesh. Real helpful, dude.”

Finally, she came to the last phone. She swiped. It glowed, and she didn’t turn it off because this guru was juuuust right. He had passion and fire, but also radiated compassion and understanding. He was gentle in some videos, hardcore in others. In some, he swapped back and forth. He seemed to understand life in general, but easily tackled specific, personal problems and situations too.

Goldilocks smiled and tapped through video after video. She felt like she could soak up this guru’s wisdom forever! Until suddenly…

She came across one of his videos that told her to stop watching videos and start applying them to her life.

Tough love and practical wisdom are nothing without action.

So Goldilocks was inspired to leave the house, blaze a trail through the forest, and head back home to take control of, and truly elevate, her life. #ryze