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In business, resonance is when all the aspects of your brand, marketing, message, and offer aligns and ‘clicks’ with whoever you’re offering it to. A message like ‘I love weed’ won’t resonate well with a sober prude. But it will resonate better with a self-proclaimed ‘pothead.’ If that pothead is tired of all the ‘young kids’ marketing cannabis strains to them, they might resonate even more with a message such as: ‘Meet a weed-friendly milf, today!’ And if that pothead lives in Toronto, and your brand is ‘The #1 weed-friendly Milf in Toronto,’ than that will have very high resonance with that particular person. Resonance is when we express our true selves, quirks and all, so beautifully and honestly that people can’t help but feel it. Resonance is when we did deep into how our tribe thinks in their inner-most thoughts and use language that echoes their own speech patterns. Resonance is the overlap between our true selves and people we honestly care about as more than a quick buck.