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perceived value

A burger isn’t perceived as very valuable to a vegan. And even a veggie burger won’t be perceived as valuable to them if they’re not hungry. And even if they are hungry, they might perceive that it’s more valuable to remain loyal to their current brand of vegan burger. The things that are valuable to other people are often very specific, misunderstood, or glossed over. We often think what’s ‘obviously valuable’ to us, should be ‘obviously valuable’ to others, but that’s rarely the case. It’s far more common that anyone who wants to sell something needs to use click-bait-y ‘hooks’ or gimmicks, persuasion tricks, the ‘right’ words, proof, bonuses, money-back guarantees and more just to get someone to wake up from their busy lives and start ‘perceiving’ the value being offered. People rarely, if ever, perceive the value all by themselves.