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Why Girls Run The World

(Except For One Key Thing)

Disclaimer: A zoologist doesn’t need to be an elephant to teach you about elephants. An author doesn’t have to be a criminal to write insightfully about them. And I don’t need to be a woman to offer valuable wisdom about them. I’ve studied women deeply since I was a child. All 4 walls of my childhood room were covered in images of them, I was raised to respect women by my brilliant, unconditionally loving mother, and now I help women improve their lives through the law of attraction. I’ve studied relationships, non-violent communication, philosophy, spirituality, and much, much more. I’ve poured my heart, soul, and decades of experience into writing something valuable. Please be kind enough to read it with an open mind, thank you.

Women are infinitely powerful.

In fact, every human being is infinitely powerful.

So you are infinitely powerful.

I’m not kidding, this is no joke, it is 100% true.

You are powerful.

And you’re connected to a vast power-source.

Some people call this connection your ‘consciousness,’ or ‘awareness,’ or ‘presence’, or ‘soul.’ The name you give it doesn’t matter as much as understanding that it’s there, and that every person has a connection to this infinite power.

It’s the reason you can be, do, or have anything you want. It’s the reason anyone is able to realize their dreams.

Society (and science) doesn’t really understand ‘soul’, or how a new child’s consciousness and ‘life’ is actually brought into the world.

But the fact is, you are a soul experiencing life in a human body. You have the power to direct your thoughts at all times, because you are not your thoughts. You have the power to tune into your emotions at all times, because you are not your emotions. You have the power to make choices at all times, because you are not your choices.

Those things are your tools.

They exist to help you express your boss-babe power. And you, well, you’re something jaw-droppingly more powerful than those things. All of us are.

So how to express this power? How to use it to truly run the world?

The same way humans have manifested change since the beginning…

Law Of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction says that you can be, do, or have anything you want (in essence.)

It says that you have the power to create whatever life or change you want.

It basically says ‘girls run the world.’

Except for one key thing.

Most women don’t realize just how powerful they are.

Most don’t realize their true potential, and sublime source of energy they have inside themselves.


You have energy inside to create, express, and influence life.

So why do a noteworthy portion of women –possessing infinite power inside them– feel so oppressed?

Why would insanely powerful souls, goddesses in physical form, feel so small, so powerless, so oppressed? Do you feel ‘not up to the task’ of changing the world? Do you feel less-than-powerful to create the life you want? Or is it possible you feel this way secretly, deep down? If not, great! Still, chances are someone you know does feel disempowered in the face of patriarchal society.

This article is aimed at helping anyone who feels even slightly less than powerful.

It’s not your fault. There’s a good reason a feminine-identifying person may feel this way. And we’ll explore that much deeper shortly.

But first let’s look closer at the energy you have inside you.

As a ‘woman,’ your energy is ‘feminine’, right?

Well, not exactly.

Before we really get into talk of girls running the world, it’s important to understand feminine and masculine.

‘Feminine’ and ‘masculine’ are universal characteristics.

They exist in the animal kingdom. The exist DNA. They’re not some new invention. They existed before language.

They aren’t just ‘woman’ and ‘man’ or ‘female’ and ‘male.’ They’re far greater than that. They’re yin and yang. And these labels are actually talking about something much deeper than ‘sexism’ or ‘gender.’

Feminine and masculine symbolize the relationship of The Universe / God / Source (feminine) and Human / An-individuated-piece-of-Source / You (masculine).

Don’t worry about the weird language or needing to understand the universe or whatever– all that matters is that you ‘get’ that there are two ‘polarities’ of energy that make up you and the universe.

These two polarities are ‘negative’ and ‘positive’, ‘female’ and ‘male’, ‘yin’ and ‘yang,’ and both are beautiful and vital to maintain balance & harmony in life.

Both are essential if you want to live as the light you truly are.

[Note: Feminine is yin / black / ‘negative’ not because it’s bad, but because feminine holds the ‘space’, the ‘void’, the ‘womb’, the ‘place’ from which all magic / energy / reality / life is born (or manifested.) This form of being ‘negative’ is something to celebrate and be proud of.]

Some people don’t like that certain traits are labelled as ‘feminine’ and others are labelled as ‘masculine’, but there’s no point getting annoyed about it, because…

…yin and yang are literally the foundational duality of all life experience.

No matter how much you don’t like that there are two polarities, both different, both powerful… This truth is woven into the fabric of the universe.

One thing is ‘space’ (feminine), another thing is ‘matter’ (masculine), together they let us experience reality in ‘form.’

They’re both incredibly precious, and essential for the universe to exist. They’re both drastically opposite one another. And like any duality, one side must be called something, and the other side, something else. One side’s called ‘light’, the other ‘dark.’ One side’s called ‘hot,’ the other’s called ‘cold.’ To discuss the spectrum of human values and gender with the aim of getting anywhere… one style of values gets the label ‘feminine’ the other ‘masculine.’ This language will have to do for me to have an effective way of communicating about them, and I don’t have time to re-invent an entire non-gendered language for this article.

So if you want to get decent value from this post, please make peace with, understand, and be wise about these words… because we’ll be using them often throughout this post.

Why is it so important to understand feminine & masculine polarity?

Because these two polarities are how power flows.

Power always flows from one polarity to another.

Imagine you have a flashlight.

And let’s say you want your flashlight to shine bright. For that it needs power from a battery. And for that battery to work, it must have two connections. It must have connections both negative (female) and positive (male). (I touched on why ‘feminine’ is the ‘negative’ polarity above. And it’s a very ‘positive’ thing.)

If either is missing, the flashlight remains dead, and there will be darkness.

The same thing goes for us as people.

For us to ‘light up’ in life and be truly effective, both feminine and masculine energies must be operating within us. Without them we’re also a ‘dark’, ineffective light.

So, having access to both energies is the only way we can light up and be our whole selves.

And humans are designed to be ‘lights’ on earth.

We’re all meant to ‘light up’ our lives, and that can’t be done without some amount of both energies. Feminine and masculine.

Polarities are important.

As I mentioned above, they create experience. Frictions and ‘opposites’ create form. Light creates shadow. Polarities are in everything. Atoms for example, have a negative electron (feminine) and a positive proton (masculine).

Humans are made of atoms, and we have these two ‘charges’ too. We have both energies within us. We’re bioelectric –living ‘electrical instruments’– similar to the flashlight. Every thought that we think is an electrical impulse. Every movement of every muscle is an electrical impulse, blazing a trail down our nerves.

And just like every other electrical instrument, in order for us to ‘work’ properly…

…we must have connections that are female and male, negative and positive.

We can either light up well and shine out our true selves, or we can imbalance our connections and end up ineffective, dim, or completely ‘off.’

What do we do if our energies are imbalanced and we’re struggling in life?

Well, meditating can help us rebalance both parts, (it can literally ‘enlighten’ us), but we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s look at an example of a woman who animates both energies well.


Beyoncé animates both feminine & masculine energy well.

Sometimes Beyoncé may be ‘animating feminine’ almost entirely.

This can be seen when she’s nurturing her children or dancing femininely or sultrily on stage.

“Bringing work up on top of me / I’mma let let you be the boss of me / I know everything you want / Give me that daddy long stroke” – Beyoncé, Blow

Other times she may be reprimanding staff, firing her own Father, or making lucrative deals, masculine-style.

“Gimme my check, put some respeck on my check / Or pay me in equity, pay me in equity“ – Beyoncé, Apesh*t

She’s been able to express either energy well since she was a child, and you can too.

Beyonce Expresses Well

You have the exact same ability as Beyoncé, and you can express whatever energy you want.

So what does all this mean for women?

Does it mean women are feminine, masculine, both, neither?

Well, it’s individual, and can change over time. If you were to examine every moment of your life, the answer would likely become clear. Because the *majority* of the time, you’d have been expressing one energy over the other. Perhaps you express more feminine traits, characteristics, approaches, and energy. Or perhaps you express more masculine ones, overall.

Take an honest look at your life, and you can determine whether you’re ‘more feminine’ or ‘more masculine’, at least up to this point. (Non-binaries may argue that they’re neither/both/neutral, and that’s fine, I won’t get into whether someone can be ‘perfectly neutral’ every moment of their entire lives or not.)

If it’s the former, we could say you’re a ‘feminine-leaning’ being.
If it’s the latter, we could say you’re a ‘masculine-leaning’ being.
If it’s perfectly balanced, we could say you’re ‘ambi’ or ‘neutral.’

And it’s totally fine to be any of these things –no judgment– do whatever suits you because the universe has room for (and values) all.

In fact, no one can ever be completely one or the other, because there’s always an element of the feminine in the masculine, and vice-versa.

But most people are masculine-leaning or feminine-leaning people.

This is why many people identify as a ‘man’ or identify as a ‘woman’ whether physically, mentally, or otherwise.

Because they spend more of their lives animating one type of energy, and incline towards being in a certain ‘polarity’ (aka ‘mode’) more of the time.

Feminine polarity is receptive – it’s nurturing, sustaining, and seductive.
Masculine polarity is transmitive – it’s goal-setting, taking action, and being assertive.

The ‘feminine’ side of things is the heart, spirit, emotion, intuition.
The ‘masculine’ side of things is the mind, intellect, logic, reason.

The ‘right-brain’ hemisphere is responsible for the creative, intuitive, divine ‘god’ side.
The ‘left-brain’ hemisphere is responsible for the critical, logical, earthly ‘physical’ side.

None of these things are ‘better’ than the other. Both polarities bring epic value to the table. Both energies are powerful. Both energies can accomplish tremendous things. And each energy may be ‘called for’ at various times in life.

‘Rest & recovery’ are just as powerful and important as ‘ambition & challenge.’

I hope you’re clearer now on how both polarities are absolutely vital to a harmonious life, and also how we each lean more towards one or the other, (barring much less common ‘neutral’ types.)

Feminine and masculine are part of our universal reality.

And the universe was designed to have a balance.

A balance of both ‘polarities’ is how things are ‘meant to be’, how life’s been designed, set up, or evolved.

A healthy ecosystem is meant to have a stable balance of feminine and masculine. A healthy society is meant to have a stable balance of feminine and masculine. A healthy soul is meant to have a stable balance of feminine and masculine.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be a girly-girl. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a bossbabe. It doesn’t mean guys can’t cry or get emotional. It doesn’t mean they must be dominant and violent.

It just means stability and balance are key.

Because the yin-yang symbol (Tao symbol, or Taijitu) is like a wave in a circle. It symbolizes the ebb, flow, duality, balance, and flexibility to lean more feminine or more masculine at any given time.

The Tao acknowledges that we can be any of the above, or something else entirely… but we must do so with a reasonable balance. Swinging too far one way will cause undesired, disharmonious results.

And today’s society is a stunning example of exactly that.

I’m not saying prehistoric cultures were definitively female-centric.

But it’s certainly possible that they were. Such a thing wouldn’t surprise me. But whether they were or not isn’t really what’s important here. Anthropologists or historians are welcome to debate exactly when and where western matriarchies thrived or didn’t. Determining the truth of what happened thousands of years ago in a scientifically provable way is challenging at best and a foolish waste of time at worst.

What matters for our discussion about girls running the world is more about the meaning of matriarchies existing… ever.

It’s important because people (both men and women) love to talk about ancient times, reference myths, and tell stories in order to further their agenda.

Many feminists will swear prehistoric civilizations were female-centric. Many chauvinists will laugh at such a thing and say the exact opposite, whereas you and I are best served here by seeking deeper truths beyond the agendas.

And the truth is that whether you reference Nubia, Khasi, or some other civilization…

Sometime, somewhere, there existed (or exists) cultures where the feminine was worshipped. Where goddesses abounded. Where clear matriarchies were in place.

And if we were to study those cultures, we’d easily observe less violence and greed, along with more nurturing and connection.

But for many years society’s polarity has leaned masculine.

And I’m not saying that that’s a terrible thing. It’s brought us impressive technological and economic advances.

Taijitu Imbalance

I’m simply pointing out that like taijitu, it’s OK to ebb and flow more towards one side or the other, as long as yin & yang are stably balanced. Leaning too far feminine or masculine for too long, brings undesired results.

Whatever matriarchies existed have mostly faded from people’s hearts and minds (there’s a few small, outdated, under-developed ones left). Meanwhile current governments, religions, wars, finance, language, law, rules, and intellect are the dominant forces in society.

Love, compassion, subtlety, nurturing, connection, and so on have taken a back seat.

And taking a look at things, it’s hard not to view this masculine-leaning landscape to be intentional.

It certainly seems as if…

Male-led institutions have tried hard to degrade the feminine.

And if that’s the case, it’s easy to get ‘triggered.’ It can be easy to rage at men for such oppression and atrocity.

But you’re not meant for tension and triggered, knee-jerk reactions.

If you feel angry at such heinous degradation, please…

Take a breath.

I’m not excusing misogynists, but before dehumanizing them and labelling them monsters who’ve ruined the entire world, take a few deep breaths.

Then realize that any men who contributed to feminine-oppression actually came from mothers who birthed, and likely raised them.

Did their mothers raise them well? Or is it possible they made some poor choices? Can we simply point our fingers at this corrupt king or that corrupt pastor, reducing our society to ‘men’s fault’ and ‘patriarchy = bad?’ My point is…

It’s good to keep in mind that we’re all human.

Who knows why people did what they did way back when? Who knows how exactly our society ended up here? Was it an accident? Did they do it on purpose? Was it a malicious purpose? A selfish one?

Sigh. Well, likely yes, at least initially.

I won’t get into ‘proving’ all this, as many passionate feminists have made entire careers doing so.

I’ll simply say that men in positions of authority have (subtly and overtly) demeaned, lessened, and degraded women for years and years, and there’s little point in debating that fact.

But you may want to explore the question:

How did priests (male), kings (male), and authors (male) do this to the feminine?

Well first, contributions from women were ignored, dismissed, or discredited. Women’s ideas were left out of most religious texts, and women were rarely allowed to hold positions of authority or power. They were made to feel like they were property, replaceable, and often of minimal value, not people.

As time went on, those attitudes were found to be less acceptable, so instead, women were made to feel inferior because they didn’t bring the same things to the table that a man did. Earning money by going out in the world was seen as ‘far superior’ to the nurturing role a woman plays at home of uniting family, nurturing others, and satisfying needs. Plus women were often forced, pressured, or bullied into staying home as the ‘only thing they’re good for.’

At this point women’s contributions were acknowledged slightly more, but still treated with disrespect and contempt.

In response to this, women took up an attitude of “Oh yeah? Watch us earn money in the workforce then!”

This helped in some ways, but made things worse in others.

It helped because women were then seen as more capable than previously thought, and of increased value to society (even if they were still paid less wages for the same job as a man.)

And it was good timing, because eventually the war took center stage and a huge chunk of males left their jobs and businesses to be soldiers. This left thousands of jobs, businesses, and sports teams to be managed by women. And so they were.

Rather than women being thanked and applauded for this, their contribution was taken for granted. It was seen as ‘the least women could do’ while the “far more important” job of fighting was done by men.

Again, women’s natural feminine value was demeaned.

And in the face of all this, instead of ‘standing up’ for the value of their nurturing, family-bonding, beauty-offering, cyclical contributions to society…

Women just became more masculine, and started behaving similar to men in the workforce.

And at first, it seemed like a good move.

Progress happened as women’s steps into ‘the market’ was celebrated as ‘being more on the same level’ as men. It had a side-effect though. The art of being feminine, homemaking, nurturing, and everything traditionally connected with women came to be perceived as derogatory –not just by men– but by women themselves.

And recently, our society praises women who embody masculine traits. Ambitious, badass women are the ‘go-getters.’ Our culture went from preferring women as chattel centuries ago, to preferring women who prioritize a career over home-making. Qualities like gentleness, kindness, softness (that *should* be highly valued by society and come naturally to many people) are much less celebrated.

This is often referred to as ‘internalized misogyny.’

It’s the idea of women suppressing their own, natural, feminine traits or approaches to life in order to fit into ‘masculine spaces’ better.

Basically, the overt external oppression begun by insecure masculine authority figures ages ago, has been evolved by early feminism and ‘entry-level feminists’ into an insidious, internalized oppression dwelling in many women themselves.

In their passionate desire to ‘show men’ they can be valuable too… they’ve accidentally contributed to ongoing oppression at times. How? By acting, dressing, and becoming as cut-throat as men, against their better judgment. Many women see their menstrual cycle not as a blessing, but a curse, so they take painkillers and ‘hustle’ for money, instead embracing once-sacred ceremonies for birth and cycles. Many feminine-identifying people today see even less value in their natural divine design and feminine power than their initial oppressors.

Feminist Flag Pink

Often we see women who make no attempt to reclaim and laud the nurturing way of the feminine. We see women who refuse to embrace their naturally joy-bringing allure, connectivity, receptivity, beauty, family-uniting powers… preferring instead the strive to imitate men.

And again, I’m not saying that’s wrong.

We all have both polarities within us, and we can all animate whichever suits us, moment to moment, just as Beyoncé has done.

But many in our society are convinced that to be ‘truly feminist,’ we should leave little room for people who enjoy the priorities of raising a family, nurturing, and caring for others by doing whatever (traditionally feminine) roles might feel close to their heart.

They suggest that no one would want such a life, but the truth is, with 8 billion people on earth, and family being at the heart of society, it’s likely many souls come to earth specifically to contribute such things. If someone tells me that they have their heart set on being SAHM, I take them at their word. Only they know their heart’s desire.

Still, there’s a huge pressure now for all women to create massively successful ‘careers’ even if that might not be their natural inclination or alignment with their heart’s true desires. Current society is so blinded by the idea that earning money is the only really valuable thing a human being can do… that we’ve forgotten what’s truly important. Not money, but the life-affirming values and human potential that it’s meant to symbolize.

Anyway, all this is another form of female-oppression which leaves almost no place for gentle, traditionally feminine women in today’s ‘feminist’ society.

So yes, women now compete (and even beat men) in the workforce, but many are still not valued for the things they easily, naturally, and instinctually brought to the table in the first place, such as beauty, nurturing, solace, nesting, and more.


The ‘feminine’ side of things is the heart, spirit, emotion, intuition, beauty.
The ‘masculine’ side of things is the mind, intellect, logic, reason, finance.

Both polarities are equally important, equally powerful, equally effective, inter-connected, inter-related, and must be stably balanced in order to have a healthy culture

And that balance has been royally f**ked.

So from the early mistreatment by corrupt patriarchies, a society that undervalues feminine traits and qualities, as well as the women who can so naturally embody them… has now become mostly institutionalized.

Many people today perpetuate the degradation on autopilot, barely even noticing they’re doing it.

And it kind of sucks.

And this attitude is reflected in how society treats nature.

Now, I’m not trying to ‘gender’ nature on you, I know some people get pretty passionate about labelling nature as feminine. (Although many cultures have traditionally seen nature as feminine, with pride — Greece’s Gaia, or Incan’s Pachamama, for example… Plus, many women intuitively ‘get’ their connection to the cycles of life, the ability & choice to birth new souls into the world, nature’s power of reproductive evolution, and so on.)

Regardless, while some cultures see nature as ‘masculine’ and other cultures see nature as ‘feminine’… what really matters is that there is masculine and feminine in everything.

Each polarity can be expressed at any moment by us, and by nature too.

I repeat, ‘the universe’ is a balance of masculine and feminine polarities, perfectly expressing whichever energy is needed to maintain balance in any given moment. And nature is either a) one aspect of the universe, or b) another word *for* the universe.

Either way, humanity’s attitude towards nature can unbalance things temporarily, until nature / the universe gets pissed enough to reset the balance with a volcano or something. A feminine approach to nature would be to connect and harmonize with it. A masculine approach to nature would be to control it, dominate, or subjugate it.

Which approach do you see society taking?

The way we’re treating women is a mirror to the way we’re treating nature, because whatever people’s dominant attitude or polarity is, is what will be brought to bear. We don’t respect nature for being the selfless, loving ‘mother.’ A male-run society fails to recognize the value that ‘she’ provides to us and the many ways she enriches our lives. Why? Because we’ve become over-focused on ‘money’ and economic growth. Just like nature is perceived as not adding any value in her pristine, unexploited state, we don’t see the value that a ‘feminine’ woman brings into this world. (Again, I’m not gendering nature here, please look past the pronouns) Nature generously sustains and nourishes us. And how do we treat her? As a ‘resource’ to be manipulated and exploited for short-term monetary gains.

This is a very masculine approach to nature.

And for the last century at least, male-centric society has been over-emphasizing the masculine, and abusing the feminine side of nature.

Is Nature Feminine?

It’s also reflected in how society views moms.

I love my Mom.

She did an absolutely masterful job at raising me. I literally brag about her with pride whenever I get the chance, because the stories I could tell of her raising me would bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

She’s a radiant light of a woman.

And she raised me on a heavy diet of the bible, but in her own special way. She pulled me out of church at an early age because she felt they were teaching it poorly. And instead of emphasizing all the weird, sexist parts of the bible, she emphasized the truest, clearest teachings of love she could find in it.

Every verse or parable she taught me were the ones about integrity, kindness, self-discipline, commitment, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

I was raised by a loving woman, teaching loving principles, from a book that seems to have minimal lines from, or wisdom by, women. A book that has little place for women, and instead a huge emphasis on how valuable ‘fathers’ and males are.

‘Religion’ is a strange beast.

We’ll look at it deeper later on.

For now, just know that religion and government are society’s biggest and most impactful institutions and they’re mainly responsible for what people think of as the ‘evils’ of the world.

And they’ve created this situation mainly by destroying the universal influence of ‘mother’ and replacing it with the universal influence of ‘father.’

Just look at a world full of violence, conflict, child-exploitation, money-chasing and ask yourself… is that the influence of a nurturing feminine polarity, or of an ambitious masculine polarity? Is that the influence of ‘mother’ or is that the influence of ‘father?’

Next look at the way nature operates and ask yourself the same question. Is nature a more feminine energy, or a more masculine one?

(Again, as above, nature is actually a beautiful, self-sustaining harmony of both energies, but the point is that an over-masculine or hyper-masculine society will ‘imbalance’ things with noticeably undesired results, and nature knows when to rebalance things with ‘added feminine values.’)

Masculine energy is not ‘bad’, but over-masculine energy creates undesirable results.

(Over-feminine energy does as well, but society hasn’t been ‘over-feminine’ in hundreds of years.)

A ‘fatherly’ desire is likely to want victory, strength, and success for his children. A ‘motherly’ desire is likely to want healing, connection, and joy. Too much of either creates an imbalance or ‘lack’ of the other, but when both blend in balanced harmony, magic happens.

My mom taught me that violence is to be avoided as much as possible. She raised me to be generous of heart and kind to others. She raised me to seek understanding and harmony as a priority, rather than jump to conclusions. She taught me to have perspective and be considerate rather than selfish, petty, or antagonistic. She taught me to be in tune with my feelings and to the feelings of others… without compromising my integrity.

My mom embraced her feminine values, and instilled them in me as best as she was able, giving me a deeper understanding of life, despite my a) being male and b) being surrounded by a hyper-masculine society.

Imagine if my mom raised everyone in our society.

But she didn’t. And judging by how our governments behave, I’m not sure most politicians even had mothers. I know my mom wouldn’t have tolerated even a hint of the self-serving, narrow-minded, short-sighted behavior many authority figures indulge in today.

So, let’s take a look at governments.

Politicians seem driven to excel materially. They seem driven toward self-righteousness and conflict. Their need to be ‘victorious’ is a crazy high priority for them.

Atlas Shurgged

Military might. Political power. Economic strength. This is basically all they care about, and it shows in their decision-making and behavior. The happiness of people is barely, if ever, spoken of. The spiritual health and emotional well-being of citizens is rarely considered. The harmonious connection and union of humanity is nearly always relegated to an afterthought, if at all.

Oh, and most current governments, women often are as well.

In 1776 women weren’t even allowed to vote because they weren’t considered equal with men. In fact women didn’t get the right to vote until the 19th amendment was passed in 1920.

At time of writing, 46 presidents have been inaugurated in the United States and not a single one has been a woman. The United States had Donald Trump –a bumbling celebrity entrepreneur– as a leader for four years and the country came out unscathed. Would the world end if they tried out a woman leader for a spell?

(I’m Canadian and it’s not like we’ve had tons of female prime ministers, but we did have Kim Campbell.)

Anyway, our male-centric government officials usually don’t want to talk with, understand, or compassionately consider those they disagree with. Instead they spring into action driven to fight, be right, and come out on top.

And this male-centricity is etched into the United States Constitution.

All ‘men’ are created equal.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”
– The 2nd paragraph of The United States’ Constitution.

Now I’m not one who gets caught up in semantics. Even though I’m fairly choosy with my words and do my best to be understood… I don’t nitpick the words of others very often.

I don’t believe we need to revolutionize every word or phrase or replace the ‘e’ in ‘women’ with a ‘y’, or make latino & latina gender-neutral by making them end with an ‘x.’

But when it comes down to it, sometimes it’s important to look at language, because our words are reflections of our thoughts.

Language is powerful.

So in light of that, when the constitution was written, we can ask…

Did they not have the words ‘women’, ‘people’, ‘humans’, or ‘citizens’ back then?

Of course they did.

So why did they choose the word ‘men’ in such a pivotal, important sentence?

Were the authors just not thinking?

Of course they were thinking.

They were crafting a world-changing document, and had it gone over with a fine-toothed comb by many bright minds.

They were crafting an insanely pivotal document, and they knew it.

Which means?

Which means they intentionally used the word ‘men’, because to them women, children, and slaves didn’t count where equal rights were concerned.

And a similar attitude applies to most male-centric religions.

Women didn’t count as priests or pastors. Women weren’t leaders of the church. Women’s stories were barely told in religious texts. Women were degraded and marginalized so commonly and deeply, that it became ‘part of the culture’, leaving us with a male-dominated society, heavily lacking feminine traits or values.

That’s why we rarely see women leaders, or a woman president. (Though encouragingly, a woman just became President Of Barbados.) That’s why women get paid less than men for the same job. Feminine embodiments are simply not valued as highly, overall, by these cultures. If they were, that’d be reflected in their authority, economic recompense, and reverence.

And church and state are extremely similar in this.

Now take a deeper look at religion.

Whether Eastern or Western, modern or ancient, most ‘recent’ religions have been male-centric and patriarchal, so we could easily dig into Islam or Hinduism if we wanted, but I’ll focus mostly on Christianity since, as I mentioned above, my childhood immersed me in it.

Religious Poster

And although I’m far more ‘spiritual’ and ‘law of attraction’-focused these days, I still see Jesus (fictional or historical) as a radiantly loving manifestor, and role model of how to live well.

And Jesus’s core, most essential, most vital teachings boil down to one verse, Matthew 22:37, which reads:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind…. thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the laws.”

I consider this to be the core of Jesus’ teachings.

He taught love.


Love, as in, the feminine side of things. He taught listening, connection to our fellow humans, and leading with the heart. Jesus was totally at peace with the divine feminine, intuition, and the language of the heart. He easily chose love in situations where others would choose fear. He easily chose his right-brained intuition over prevailing left-brained ‘logic’ of the day.

But the world today is a far, *far* cry from following in his footsteps of love. The verse above is overlooked in favor of so many other fear-based, misunderstood, (likely man-made) agenda-based lines.

Countless religious texts all relegate women to a lower stature.

Or the texts leave women out entirely. Or they mention them as an afterthought.

And all these texts claim to be the ‘inspired’ or ‘official’ word of god!

(If they are, then god apparently sees women as less-than-valuable, since that’s the most obvious, nearly undeniable message one might get from most religious texts.)

But how can all these texts be the ‘inspired word of god’ when between now and the time they were first written, countless ‘uninspired’ people with agendas have gotten their hands on them and cut out certain stories, altered certain words, and drastically twisted the meanings to suit their own personal agendas?

Here’s one small example of someone making adjustments to degrade women, found in the official text. Note the difference in message and meaning between the Old Testament and the New Testament:

Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, WHOEVER opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine.

As it is written in the law of the Lord, every MALE that opens the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;

They’re basically the same line, but the first said ALL life that comes from the womb is sacred, while the second changed it to say all MALES who come from the womb are sacred.

Like… c’mon.

This smacks of a human, political, insecure-male agenda.

But even if it was a mistake, or mistranslation, or something else… my point stands.

It’s not a kind, loving message that values women. Even if it’s an accidental mistranslation, it ‘just so happens’ to be one that doesn’t err in women’s favor.

Whether intentional or accidental, the result is the same: religious texts downplay the value of women. They downplay femininity, allure, nurturing, sensuality, home-making, nature, etc.

And this kind of thing happens abundantly, across a variety of religious texts.

Feel free to explore others like the Quran, and its insistence that women cover up, wear burkas, and other peculiar ‘rules’ that potentially impinge on a woman’s freedom.

And it’s mostly men who are responsible for these creations.

(Except to note that most of these male authors were literally *raised by women.*)

At the time these texts were created, can you picture women being included in the discussion? Can you imagine women sitting around saying “hey, let’s cut Mary Magdalene’s story out of the bible.”


There were no women gathered around the parchment saying “hey, let’s make sure all the religious texts downplay the role of females!”

Regardless, these male-agenda edicts got passed on to the rest of society like a ‘broken telephone’ game of memes.

And so, since government institutions and religious institutions have been allowed control of educating the masses through schools, media, law-making, and spiritual teachings…

They continue to shape the vast majority of our culture.

“Men have had every advantage of us in telling their own story. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands.” – Jane Austen, Persuasion

And male hyper-prioritizing ideas get parroted automatically from parent to child, from teacher to student, from presenter to viewer, with only the occasional person here or there freeing themselves from the influence of church and state.

So due to these two male-dominated institutional behemoths…

Many years ago, society veered away from feminine values.

Female-centric institutions tend to give a sense of future through connection, intimacy, value of all persons, respect for children, and a deep sense of humanity. (Jesus actually taught these feminine values, interestingly.) Female-centric institutions tend to side-step the aggression, crab-bucket, fear-based sense of ‘sin’ male-centric ones gravitate to.

Anyway, many years ago the world shifted away from peace, healing, and love, to righteous indignation, strength, and victory.

Church And State

And the current state of the world is largely because we’ve gone so far in that direction with minimal change in trajectory.

This is why the world is currently a mess.

Because of an imbalance in feminine and masculine polarity.

The world becomes ‘darker’ every time we disconnect, demean, or degrade our connection to either one of the universal polarities. But it’s not the masculine side that’s been distanced. It’s by reducing the power of the feminine that we’ve torn loose a precious connection.

In order for there to be light there must be both male and female. They complement one another. When you disconnect either the male or female polarity you eliminate the true power of nature.

You will not have light, you will have darkness.

And that is exactly what the church and state have created, intentionally or not.

They’ve denigrated the thriving, organic side of nature by cutting away the female. They’re trying to light the flashlight with only one part of the connection, the ‘male’ one. It won’t work.

And the world today is a symptom of that.

(Pandemic, anyone?)

In caveman times, women looked out for those more undernourished than themselves, while her mate knew only one thing, pursue and kill. They were a good team, when balanced. But that balance gradually crumbled, and the love of ‘divine mother’ gave way to the fear of the ‘father god.’ Religion developed fear as a controlling tool back then, even as the government does the same today.

There’s more masculine-style arguing, conflict, polarization, debate, criticism, judgment, and fighting to be ‘right’ than ever before.

Cancel culture. SJWs. Law, after law, after law. Wars. Violence. Molestation. Panic. Fear. Intolerance.

These things don’t really arise from feminine energy, feminine polarity, feminine values.

(Note: I’m not saying ‘Feminine’ power is some perfect panacea. Just like over-masculinity causes problems, so does over-femininity. If a society becomes ‘over-feminine’ issues don’t manifest as wars and intolerance though, instead they manifest as over-passivity, circularity, ineffectiveness, backstabbing, lethargy, over-indulgence, and so on.)

Anyway, my point is we’ve been unable to achieve the community, love, and peace we seek as a society because we’ve minimized feminine power, energy, and values.

But things are much brighter than I’ve outlined.


Think back to the beginning of this article.

What did I say?

I said women are infinitely powerful.

I said you are infinitely powerful.

You’re so powerful in fact, that no matter how many years of oppression, or how much darkness, or how bad things look…

You can flip the script.

You, personally, are powerful enough to create massive change in yourself, in your community, in your world.

You’re powerful enough to change things now, for this generation, and for many more to come, if you want to.

So let’s talk about how you tap into this power.

Using your power is only possible by tuning into your true self.

A lot of people don’t know what I mean by ‘true self’, so…

Call it soul, source, gut, instinct, feelings, emotions, heart, inner-child, etc.

Whatever you call it, you are powerless and ineffective at life without it, and epically powerful when you tap into it.

And it’s a skill that needs to be practiced.

Rosa Parks practiced it. Princess Diana practiced it. Beyonce practices it.

They started as ‘normal kids’, blank-slate infants, just like everybody else.

But they practiced tuning into their true selves often. They got good at it, and they used their power to create change, more impact, and better lives for themselves.

You can do the same, but you will almost certainly be rusty at tuning into your true self at first.

The women I mentioned above had a huge impact on the world.

Because they knew what Jesus knew…

The feminine side runs things.

The heart, the intuition, the right-brain, mysterious, divine, life-giving womb is what runs things.

It’s the true leader.

It creates, advances, and evolves life.

It summons desire and life-force through us all.

And connecting to it, using it, and leveraging it is the ultimate way to navigate life.

It puts us in touch with love, harmony, connection, and divinity.

It’s what lets ‘girls’ literally, as Beyoncé says, ‘run’ the world.

And I don’t mean ‘girls’ or ‘women’ in a physical sense necessarily… I mean any individual who understands well how to tap into their feminine power.

Because although that feminine power has been largely ignored and trained out of us, it’s still mind-bogglingly powerful.

Because it’s the right-brain intuition that guides and evolves humanity.

Because it’s our hearts, not our intellects, that continually serve us with truth and inspiration.

Our emotions are incredibly powerful, and we’re meant to use them as a compass to keep our easily corruptible thoughts on track. People who disconnect from their emotions become cold, violent, and end up harming society and themselves, with their decisions.

Whether they realize it or not.

If we feel bad about a certain subject at a certain moment, it means our thoughts aren’t correctly aligned with truth, light, and harmony.

If we feel good about a certain subject at a certain moment, it means our thoughts are serving us in a loving way.

Every heroine (or hero) you look up to started as an infant, just like you. Each one of them discovered that tapping into their personal power meant leveraging their emotions and thoughts well. They discovered that ‘power’ literally flowed from one polarity to the other. From thought to feeling, and from feeling to thought.

They discovered that the path to gaining influence in the world, the path to creating true change –while different for everyone– all comes down to practicing mood- and thought-management.

So to run the world, there’s nothing wrong with creating an epic career. There’s also nothing wrong with being a SAHM. Don’t forget that a stable society cannot exist without stable families. A woman committed to family-care is therefore the backbone of every society.

“The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread.” – D.H. Lawrence

To run the world it’s fine to be girly, giggly, and bimbo-y, and it’s equally fine to be poignant, articulate, and political. Don’t forget that a stable society cannot exist without beauty & playfulness. A woman committed to body-language over intellect is therefore a vital piece of a stable society.

Girls Are Superheroes

There’s value in all these things, society can benefit from all these things, and the universe values all these things.

The trick is to know what you really, truly want deep down, not what centuries of conditioning have subtly persuaded you to want.

The trick is to use both valuable energies inside you, in whatever stable balance feels correct to you as an individual.

The trick is that in a over-masculine society, you absolutely must reclaim your connection to the feminine. You must practice getting in tune with it, and aligning yourself with it. And the more practiced you are at doing so, the more you can ‘do anything.’

Because this is how power flows, from one polarity to the other.

This article is already insanely long, so I can’t get into the nuts and bolts of exactly how to do this here, but it’s basically the foundation of the law of attraction.

Manifesting change through the law of attraction is basically the harmonic union of your feelings and thoughts, the feminine and the masculine.

You can manifest a truly incredible life that changes the landscape of society, but only if you practice the law of attraction techniques that suit you, and only if you practice well.

To help with that, I’ll link you to my deep, insightful writings on just that.

Empowering Law Of Attraction articles & teachings.

I’ve written thousands of words explaining the intricacies of the law of attraction, and following them is how feminine-identifying souls can truly realize they do indeed…

…run the world.

And I want you to experience your monumental power.

Passionately so.

Because it’s time for the world to rebalance. It’s time for it to embrace the love that was once front and center.

It’s time for more women to step up and create the lives they want, because we’ll all be better for it.

Society would flow smoother if the feminine stepped up.

Society would flow smoother if feminine and masculine were seen and understood correctly as two powerful polarities, meant to be balanced in power and application (but not ‘equal’ or ‘the same’, since they’re polar opposites.)

And this doesn’t require permission or ‘allowing’ from men to happen. Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Dame Sandra Mason and more have tapped into their power, manifested change, and claimed positions of authority and impact despite all odds against them.

I believe if we want to claim our real power, then we must become completely honest about who we intrinsically are and our heart’s truest desires. That means not letting ‘the patriarchy’ tell you what’s right for you. It also means not letting a certain flavor of ‘feminism’ tell you what’s right for you.

It means a real, honest look at yourself. It means introspection and experimentation and following your heart until you zero in on what exactly you want from life.

It means having the guts to choose what you want, even if it looks scary, hard, or upsetting to others.

And if you do choose in favor of your heart’s desire, moment to moment, whether it be getting up for a drink of water, or moving to another country… truly supportive people will applaud you for exercising your power and owning your choices.

Real feminism is about giving every woman the choice to live a life that is right for her. She must have freedom to choose what comes most naturally to her… without judgment, ridicule or any other kind of pressure. From anyone.

If a woman finds satisfaction by working at an office and earning money, so be it. If a different woman finds satisfaction in being a stay at home mom, that choice must be respected equally too.

You can create any life you want, but only by creating a stable balance of feminine and masculine that suits you personally.

Imagine if we restored feminine values to their rightful, balanced place?

If person A loves person B…
Person A is connected to person B and…
Person A can’t harm person B without harming themselves.

“It’s a true story about a woman who once attended my workshops, and is on a spiritual path like all of you. This woman was walking alone in Central Park in New York City at night. A man jumped out from behind the bushes, put a gun to her head, and started raping her. She looked deeply into this man’s eyes, and she could see he was overcome with fear and incredible pain. She began gently stroking his face. ‘It’s ok,’ she said, ‘It’s ok. It’s ok. I love you.’ The man stopped immediately and broke into tears. ‘No one has ever told me they loved me,’ he said. ‘Ever. Not even my parents.’ This woman’s compassion touched this man so deeply that it changed his whole life. ‘The park is dangerous,’ he said. ‘I’ll walk with you and keep you safe.'” – David Deida

Imagine if more people accessed more feminine values, more often. Not going overboard or taking things out of balance, but just enough to connect their heart’s emotions to their thoughts and decisions, and achieve their dreams.

Murders, abuse, bombings, etc. would drop massively.

Because harming others would be harming ourselves.

It’s one of the most beautiful visions I can imagine.

Picture it.

All 8 billion humans on the planet, in tune with their femininely ‘divine’ intuitive side. All 8 billion understanding we’re all connected, all one, all evolving together. All 8 billion, understanding that harming another harms ourselves and elevating another elevates ourselves.

And we have the power to make that a reality, but all my words won’t teach it.

The only thing that will… is leading by example.

The only thing that works is starting with the woman in the mirror.

The only thing that creates change is being the change.

Reconnect to your feminine power, master the law of attraction using the links above, and girl… you really will run the world.


Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core, but like many skills, has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time & effort to ‘get right’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more to it than I mentioned here. I wrote because many women I know would love an improved society or a changed world, and I wanted to help them achieve it.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you reading, commenting, sharing, and even skimming, and I wish you huge joy and success in creating the life you want.

P.S. Want more from me on Law Of Attraction?