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We teach you clearer, faster, and better than any other teacher. Often with emotive visuals, analogies that click, and rock-solid logic.

We amplify your learning, progress, and growth in any area that matters to you.

The same way a great chef can cook any cuisine, a great teacher can teach you anything about life.

Basically we broaden your horizons, make you aware of blind-spots, and super-size your momentum. #TogetherWeRyze

Our teachings are clearer. Our insights are deeper. Our lessons are faster. Our cost is cheaper.

If you have an open mind, listen actively, and apply the wisdom we offer, you’ll ryze sky-high in your life and biz. Period.

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Once you’re a member of ‘The Den’, our exclusive, underground community of rebel-preneurs…

Our process goes like this: You ask. We answer. Repeat.

1. You raise an issue, question, or topic you want improvement on. (leads, sales, persuasion, pitching, content, good hooks, confidence, schedules, looks, health, relationships, etc. — literally any topic.)

2. We give you deep insight & clear explanations that click and make sense to you.

3. We check if you’ve fully grasped the wisdom or not. If yes, we move on to your next issue/question/topic. If no, we dig deeper and explain better until you ‘get it.’

On top of that, we host regular lives where you’re welcome to come and ask J and I questions, and interact more personally.

Plus, if a student is particularly pro-active, they may get special attention or personal guidance from Cyn on a zoom call.

Every business you look up to began with cold-pitching. Nike, McDonald’s, Spanx, The Beatles, you name it. Read to learn more about this: 6 Questions To Ask If You Hate Cold-Approaches.

They get 7 days of full access to ‘The Den.’ (Our private underground Facebook group for Rebels.) to ask all the questions, consume all the content, and join all the Lives they want.


If you’ve been invited personally to try our group for rebel-preneurs, all you have to do is say yes. It’s completely free.

Plus, if for some reason we’re not a good fit, we don’t harass you with emails to come back 🙂

“Every important business decision I run through J-Ryze as a sounding board, a force for good, great conversations…a big shot of adrenaline, creativity, & wisdom.” – Evan Carmichael, Celebrity & Thought-Leader

Much more praise & reviews here:

Truth, clarity, and understanding are rare these days. Everyone is confused about nearly everything. And they’re often in denial as well. People don’t know what they don’t know.

They feel burned out, broken down, and used up. No guru or expert seems to really ‘click’ with them. Especially for rebels who want to do things their own way.

We help by adding shots of wisdom, creativity, and belief-adrenalin to whatever area of life is most important to you.

And we do it over and over for as long as you’re with us, to get you soaring through biz (& life) smoothly.

I met Jay in 2018. I was fat, miserable, depressed, anxious, and addicted to pain-killers. I hated myself and my life. I took my anger out on the whole world around me. I believed I was ugly and that no one would –or could– ever love me.

I saw Jay in an interview on YouTube with a mutual friend of ours, and listening to his words of wisdom changed my life. I knew I had to meet him.

So I went to his instagram and read every post. 500 posts, the captions, the comments and all of his replies. It took me 3 whole days. After which, I reached out to him and we became friends.

On our first call all I did was cry and he understood my pain through my messy tears. He taught me that day that I was valuable and I was beautiful.

1 week after our call I quit taking pain-killers. I also started learning all I could on the Law Of Attraction. Jay sent me tons of resources and I devoured everything. I watched every single video. I dove deep into the LOA and it changed everything.

I started losing weight, I stopped having panic attacks, my depression lifted, and I started to love myself. To truly love who I am.

I began to see myself as pretty and sexy. I FELT it. And I started to dress better, wear makeup for myself, and to feel GOOD.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Although I had nothing, Jay taught me about business, art, love, beauty, passion, healing, parenting, etc… he re-parented me properly. I was a newborn when we met, and he calmly taught me all the things my parents never had.

He helped me heal my sexual traumas, my self confidence, my energy, and he helped me to find my own happiness.

I honestly could go on and on about all the things he’s taught me but really the best way is to see for yourself. One conversation with Jay will change your life. I know because it did for me and tons of others too.

Jay taught me was how to love myself and how to believe in myself.

And he hasn’t stopped teaching me since.

Jay ran his business on the cold streets of Toronto for about 2.5 years.

He used lots of tricks to stay alive, sheltered, groomed, and dignified, but couldn’t seem to get his head above water.

Eventually, after a failed suicide attempt, he gave up trying to ‘accomplish’ anything. He stopped trying to ‘save’ himself. He stopped trying to ‘be a productive member’ of society. He stopped trying to succeed at business.

And his embracing boredom on the bench was a turning point. His giving up was a milestone. His letting go was a game-changer.

Because as he laid on a bench, accepting that even with his genius IQ, he’d failed at every goal and dream he’d had… he found some peace.

He lay there for more than a day until his body started to blister, the heat parched him, and he felt as if he was starving.

At which point he felt inspired to seek shade.

He ended up at the library, where he hooked up his beat-up old laptop and began giving his wisdom away for free on one internet forum after another.

He advised. He taught. He explained. He helped. That became his daily routine.

Wake up wet from the park’s morning dew, head to the library, and teach other people all he knew until the library closed for the night.

And his wisdom was so good, his teachings so valuable, that he got on the radar of Evan Carmichael. Evan partnered up with him, he began being rewarded and respected for his unique perspective, and helped Evan grow his brand to 3,000,000 subscribers in less than a decade…

…and now Jay’s helping everybody else.

Fact:  No person or business ‘needs’ help, but all of us can benefit from help. Chances are you can benefit from help right now, in fact. Want to learn more about this? Read 12 Questions To Ask If You Think Your Business Is Fine.

They get the constant flow of genius insight, support, and love flowing their way from J and I.

They get pieces of exclusive top-tier content.

They even get occasional 1-on-1 Zoom calls with Cyn to really sky-rocket their biz & life.

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