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Can I Change My Eye Color With Law Of Attraction?

Yes, set intentions for your eyes, align with them, & release resistance.

Do you want to change your eye color?

You’re not alone, this is a surprisingly popular topic, especially in Law Of Attraction circles. Many people want to change their eye color.

Your eye color is determined by how much melanin is in the iris of your eye. (And the type of melanin, and the makeup of ‘stroma’ tissue in your eye.)

Do you believe it’s possible to change the amount of melanin in your eye? Do you believe it’s possible to even have ‘rare’ colored eyes? Because your cells do.

Your cells believe you can change how much muscle you have, or how much fat you have, or how strong your ligaments are.

Your cells believe they can heal scars, increase lung capacity, and regrow hair and nails.

Your cells believe you can perk up your boobs, firm your butt, and achieve whatever ideal body you dream of…

…including altering the amount of melanin in your iris. In fact, many vegans experience an ‘eye-lightening’ after cutting out meat (but that is certainly not the only way to achieve it.) Many people have changed their eye color, some even change it frequently based on their mood, the weather, etc.

Unfortunately, society has been saying for years it’s ‘impossible’, which means that in order to change your eye color, you’ll have to ‘out-manifest’ society.

Fortunately, this is totally doable, if you apply yourself passionately.

It all starts with changing your beliefs.

Replace beliefs such as:

“It’s impossible or hard to change my eye color”
“It’s easy to change my eye color, my cells are miraculously adaptive”


“It’s rare or unlikely to change my eye color”
“Manifestation ignores probability, there’s realities where my eye color has already changed”


“It’s complicated to change eye color.”
“Any vision I imagine in my mind, I can easily realize, including a new eye color.”

Buh-buh-but Jay, science says eye-color transformation is impossible!


You’re welcome to latch onto this belief, but you may want to dig deeper and really educate yourself on science in general and the science of law of attraction.

Secondly, here’s a look at the first two results on Google:

Eye Color Change - Google Result 1

Eye Color Change - Google Result 2

The first result is from healthline.com, the second is from medicalnewstoday.

And here’s the fifth result:

Eye Color Change - Google Result 5

Notice one says ‘no’ you can’t change your eye color. The next says ‘eye color can change.’ The last says there’s ‘a procedure’ you can get to ‘permanently change’ your eye color.

Science is constantly arguing with itself.

One day scientists will publish a study saying that we evolved from apes.

The next day, other scientists will publish a study saying we evolved from reptiles.

On a third day, they’ll publish a study that says we evolved from neither.

It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Most science experiments I’ve looked at have always boiled down to ‘strong evidence’ pointing one way, then it being disproved, followed by stronger evidence pointing another way. This happens often, with science flip-flopping direction many times across many experiments over many years.

‘Well-educated’ scientists swore that humans couldn’t fly and that piloting chunks of metal in the air was impossible. ‘Well-educated’ doctors swore that running a 4-minute mile was impossible. ‘Well-educated’ astronomers swore the sun revolved around the earth.

Science is often shown up by believers.

It’s often shown-up and proven wrong by people such as The Wright Brothers, Roger Bannister, and Nicolaus Copernicus. These are people who simply ‘believed’ things are possible and set out to explore them passionately, with an open heart and mind, rather than listen to the ‘limited science’ of the time.

So if you’re able to free yourself from the constant bickering of a ‘science’ that can’t even agree with itself and is often proved wrong by ballers who ‘believe’, and you’re able to free yourself from beliefs about how ‘hard’, ‘rare’, or ‘improbable’ eye-change is… you can begin properly aligning yourself with your new eye color.

This can be done through a variety of methods.

What method should I use to change my eye color?

Well, whatever methods feel right to you.

When a LOA teacher suggests methods, techniques, exercises, tricks, programs, courses, and so on, they’re simply giving you practical approaches for elevating your moods, beliefs, and desires, (or to help lower your resistances.) They’re recommending methods to help you achieve increased alignment with your dreams and the universe.

But no matter how great these teachers are, the approaches they recommend may or may not work for you personally.

Life isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey.

And you don’t get the luxury of just ‘asking someone for the right method’ and voila, you’re all set.

Yes, it’d be great if there was a one-size-fits-all approach that LOA teachers could recommend for students. It’d make everything so much simpler.

But the truth is that you’re an incredibly unique ‘blend’ of vibrational offerings on the millions of topics life holds. You have a ‘high, success vibe’ in some areas, a ‘low, struggle vibe’ in other areas, and also have ‘appallingly low blocked vibes’ in others still.

And your vibe on these things often change over time, which means, the method(s) that work for you will be unique too.

And they may also change over time. So life will ‘call’ you to various methods, in various ways, at various times to help navigate around your particular hangups, and integrate organically into your specific situation.

If you have strong beliefs against eastern medicine or are skeptical of iridology, you won’t be guided to herbal or dietary eye-change, instead you’ll be guided to more western eye-color procedures, such as keratopigmentation.

If you’re feeling shitty about eye-color affirmations lately, life will guide you towards other methods such as meditation or ‘acting-as-if’, or something.

Whatever you’re called to, they’ll be methods that suit your budget, culture, economy, resources, access, beliefs, attention span, etc. And the only way such specifically tailored methods are going to show up for you is the universe delivering to you a ‘customized plan’ flawlessly crafted for you. This is why people pick up and put down various methods during their ‘life journey’, until they find their favorites.

Maybe the universe will ‘call you’ towards subliminals for a bit, only to quickly make you bored of them, so that you move on to meditation.

Maybe the universe will have you skip subliminals and meditation and go straight to appreciation and ‘positive-aspects’ lists.

Maybe the universe will make you ‘pissed off’ at one teacher’s methods, just to nudge you towards a better teacher for you. Maybe the universe will help you invent your own method.

This is why it’s not really about which method is better than another, it’s about you experimenting with life, following your true impulses, guidance, and emotions, then playing with the methods that resonate with you most and that you find get you satisfying results.

So please stop analyzing methods like some kind of forensic examiner.

Replace the low-effort approach of just polling people and trying whatever others say are effective for them.

Instead tune into your gut and explore whatever methods call you. Play with them. Experiment with them. Give whichever methods the universe is directing you towards a ‘proper try’ and find whatever works for you.

Google manifestation methods and see which call to you, then experiment and if they don’t work, be at peace with that and explore alternative methods or tweak your approach.

Because ultimately, even if you were trapped in a desert with ‘zero methods’ available, you can still manifest and use the law of attraction.

All that said, I know the feeling of ‘desperately wanting a practical method’ to start with…

So here are the three ‘best’, ranked by popularity / efficiency / results / whatever.

  • Meditation (Best for releasing resistance.)
  • Appreciation / Gratitude (Best for elevating energy.)
  • Visualization (Best for leveraging imagination.)

Most techniques, exercises, and LOA methods you come across are actually just a variation of the 3 methods above.

If I wanted to apply meditation to eye-color transformation, I might meditate when I awake, meditate before bed, and meditate anytime I experience unpleasant thoughts during the day, especially related to physical transformation.

I might chant a mantra such as ‘blue’ over and over, droning on until it all blurs together.

I might do some adapted ‘Wim Hof’ breathing every few hours until all my resistance is gone and I can feel my cells changing.

I might set an intention for my eyes, then play in a dance-meditation, courtesy of Osho.

I might search biokinesis subliminals on YouTube and meditate with them on in the background. There are many approaches to meditation.

If I wanted to apply appreciation to eye-color transformation…

I might deeply appreciate all the eye-colors of the world. I might make a folder on my PC and collect photos of my favorite eye-colors from instagram.

I might write a list of positive aspects about my own eyes. I might deeply appreciate the power of my cells to heal, rejuvenate, adapt, evolve, and transform.

I might express gratitude for the ‘future me’ who already has my desired eye-color. And so on. There’s all kinds of ‘methods’ to tap into appreciation.

If I wanted to apply visualization to eye-color transformation…

I might visualize myself standing tall and proud with my new eye color.

I might visualize people praising me and congratulating me for my stunningly beautiful [blue / green / purple] eyes.

I might break out Photoshop and create a ‘vision-board’ of my eyes, featuring my new desired color.

I might mock-up a drivers license or passport that ‘declares’ my new eye-color.

I might get my spouse to continually tell me I have [blue / green / purple] eyes.

I might even get colored contacts to start ‘tricking’ myself into believing my eyes have already changed.

There’s tons of ways to approach it.

Not all will work for everyone, so it’s vital that you tune into your inner guidance, your feelings, your instincts and let them guide you on what to explore. This is not about ‘intellectually’ analyzing the best method. It’s more like when you were a toddler learning to walk, you simply poured your heart and passion into experimenting with methods and learning from failures.

If you really want to change your eye-color, a similar approach is key.

Now, assuming you have decent beliefs about changing your eye-color, and you’re enthusiastic about experimenting with methods, and you’re willing to commit to practicing through ‘failure’…

…you may want to see some others who’ve succeeded.

So here’s a few eye-color change success stories.

Law Of Attraction Iris Changes:

(Video Removed By Author – youtube.com/watch?v=vaFR0Ze6GpY)

Subliminals/biokinesis from lawofattraction


Dietary Iris Changes:

(Also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s2r4K-fevM )

Surgical Iris Changes:

And there’s lots more success stories out there if a person bothers to look for them.

Which path do I recommend?

It may sound like a cop-out answer, but just like above, it’s whatever path feels best to you.

You’ve got to trust your gut and experiment on your own, and be open to things not working, because just like a toddler learning to walk, you may have to get a skinned knee.

Maybe you try dietary change, but miss cheese, so you switch to subliminals.

Maybe you start with subliminals, they don’t work, so you switch to dietary methods.

Maybe you jump straight to surgery.

Maybe you have a better way than these success stories, and you end up Photoshopping your eyes on your vision-board, and that does the trick.

I can’t emphasize enough how much of an individual journey changing the melanin in your iris is.

Now, personally, I find surgery to be inelegant, inefficient, costly, and generally unpleasant, but it does prove that iris-change is possible with today’s technology.

I’m only slightly more enthusiastic about the dietary/veganism iris-changes, because I believe food is an artform, and that I’m on earth to experience a wide variety of food with no adverse effects, but again, it’s just another way that proves iris-change is possible.

My favorite success stories are the ‘mind-over-matter’ ‘law of attraction’ ones. (I’m not super-big on subliminals but hey, if it works…)

Thing is, the mind-over-matter ones are those that people tend to be most skeptical of. But skepticism has very little place in Law Of Attraction and manifestation. Skepticism is what people had for human flight, the four-minute mile, and the earth revolving around the sun.

Dropping skepticism and exploring and experimenting on our own is how those amazing ‘dreams’ became a reality embraced by pretty much everyone.

So you’re welcome to blame lighting, contacts, photoshop, and more for any of the results you discover. I’m not here to tell you what to believe in, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Just know that when you’re presented with materials and resources aimed at helping you believe your dream is possible…

…it’s on you to decide how skeptical you are about them vs. how uplifted you are by them, and whether you’re willing to give them a chance and experiment.

Here’s a few LOA teachers on youtube discussing this subject further:

I hope this sheds some light on changing eye color.

I appreciate you reading, sharing, commenting, and even skimming. Wishing you a great day.

Much love,

Praactical Law Of Attraction For Open Minds

Note: Law Of Attraction is simple at its core but –like many skills– has a nuanced execution and takes a decent amount of time & effort to ‘get right’ for those not naturally gifted… so there’s more to it than I mentioned here. This was just a mini-jumpstart to get you thinking.

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