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Discover truths everyone's too afraid to tell you on relationships, money, health, and more in our Eyes Wide Open Podcast.

The Eyes Wide Open Story.

You’ve been sold lies upon lies for decades.

But it’s not your fault.

The media, politicians, well-meaning parents, corporate elites, big tech, and more have pulled wool over your eyes for decades.

Maybe they haven’t done it on purpose. Maybe they’ve only done it because they’re confused, or have been lied to by generations before them too.

But the result is that you struggle to navigate parts of life that should be easy.

Relationships. Health. Wealth. Ethics. Sexuality. Gender.

These topics were never meant to be so challenging, so foggy.

On the Eyes Wide Open podcast, Cyn and J-Ryze clear away the confusion on all these topics and more.

It’s a ‘smart’ podcast with a friendly, casual tone.

Cyn asks big questions and J-Ryze delivers deep answers that together, leaves you even smarter, wiser, and more enlightened than you already are.

How did it start?

J-Ryze, an ex-homeless serial entrepreneur who helped Evan Carmichael grow his brand to 3 million followers, has always had… rather unique perspective on things, but he hated promoting himself.

Fortunately, he met Cynshine, an ex-junkie, ex-sex-worker, mom of three who adores sharing his ‘fresh views on taboos’ because she knows they’re an uplifting, eye-opening gift to others.

In fact, Cyn’s appreciation of all the value he’d provided over the years, led to the birth of the Eyes Wide Open podcast as a free, accessible way for others to benefit the way she did.

It’s good karma to share with others, and so… here we are.

Eyes wide open, people. 🙂

Man yelling into smart phone.
Episode 006

Are You ACTUALLY Good At Communicating?

If you’re like most folks, you waste huge chunks of your life on ineffective communication that takes you further from your dreams. Cyn asks J-Ryze what communication really is, how to communicate effectively, and why so many of us are convinced we’re good at it.

66 mins.
Andrew Tate, bald, scruffy, wearing sunglasses.
Episode 005

Is Andrew Tate RIGHT?

Human beings have value. We accomplish things. We have insights. And no matter how much someone triggers you, there may be things to learn from them, and value to be found in some of their statements. Let’s explore the value of some Andrew Tate’s quotes.

65 mins.
eyes wide open podcast - episode 4 - beauty
Episode 004

Beauty Standards: Insecurity, Fairness, And FEMININITY

This episode made Cyn cry. Beauty standards trigger insecurity, rage, & confusion in many. We dig deep and deliver real talk & fresh views on western beauty standards.

65 mins.
eyes wide open podcast - episode 3 - money
Episode 003

8 Steps To Monetize... ANYTHING!

Making money is a basic skill, just like cycling, swimming, or cooking. Learn the simple foundations for monetizing anything during this thought-provoking chat between J-Ryze & Cynshine.

59 mins.
"Oh Em Gee... It was mind-blowing. J-Ryze was a total mental makeover! It was the starting point to the soaring of my career."
Kendra Sands
Fashion Designer
"If...you find a person who makes such an impact in your life & inspires you to be a better person, who truly cares about what matters in your personal space in the world, then consider yourself lucky'. J-Ryze is that person. Right away I knew he was the real deal."
June Marie Vieau - Model Testimonial
June-Marie Vieau
"He helped in curing me of a neurotic OCD behavior which was devastating but I spoke with him just once and ... he guided me to healing my own mind."
Monika Gonzalez
Creative Consultant

Here's a taste of the fire.

"If you take a step back, lying is just a form of communication."

Episode 2 - Is Lying OK (Why And When)?

"Money is a side-effect of value. Of service. Of energy."

Episode 3 - 8 Steps To Monetize... Anything!

"A relationship isn't some sort of 'prize competition'-- Between a mother and child, who is the... 'prize'?"

Episode 1 - Relationships: What Do Men & Women Really Want?
"You have really good energy dude [and] you are worth your weight in gold."
Sonnie Trotter
Sonnie Trotter
Pro Climber
"J-Ryze is selfless, helpful, intelligent, & friendly. His presence… is a comfortable welcoming understanding in a random, chaotic tumultuous world. I’m glad our friendship is genuine… If that’s not marketed, it should be."
Adam Potts
Sgt., CAF
"Your support has been awesome. Like being re-parented the right way!"
Amy Mehta Parmar
Dating Coach

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