LOOK: How influencers, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs are mastering life, even in this recession.

Prodigy mindf*cks the thought-leader world by simplifying wealth, health, and relationships so drastically...

...that even an obese, depressed, junkie single mom can become a thriving, beautiful success-story... in just 27 pages.

"Self-Help Books Don't Have To Be Long, Ugly Walls Of Text."

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I created Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 because I’m a freakin’ lazy reader… I want fast results, and I hate when some guru takes 300 pages to explain what should take three. I don’t want to spend months wading through YouTube to find ‘a-ha’ moments, I want one on every page. Plus, I wanted a book that provides value even after I’m done reading it. One that helps anyone who visits my home. One that looked beautiful on my coffee table, and which gives all who browse it a boost they can feel… in health, wealth, and relationships.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Wayne Dyer said that, and it’s true.

A change in perspective —on any topic— can bring you obscene gains.

So if you want your own money-tree, or that dream partner, or that bikini-bod…

The ‘fresh views’ in this book are all you need.

Because whenever we change our perspective, it starts a chain-reaction leading us to change our beliefs, attitudes, and actions too.

Understand each page of this book and you’ll…

  • generate loads of wealth,
  • have effortless relationships, and
  • enhance your fitness

…more than the majority of ‘self-help’ practitioners.


Because these pages are designed to evolve you.

Each page is what I call a ‘mindblast.’

And these mindblasts take a wildly different approach than typical thought-leader writings (which hardly work at all anymore.)

With the approach used in these 27 pages, you’ll elevate yourself in more key areas…

…than by reading any other “visionary” book out there.

No crazy long reads. No exercises or ‘homework’. No dull walls of text.

It even uses simple, conversational language.

(And no, you won’t need to pay for my ultra-expensive coaching, you can forget that right now.)

This book helps you beat one of society’s biggest, baddest monsters.


What does ‘wheel-spinning’ look like? Well, it looks like this:

  • You’ve spun your wheels trying to ‘make more money.’
  • You’ve spun your wheels trying to make ‘your person’ happy.
  • You’ve spun your wheels trying to exercise & diet.

And despite all your effort… you’ve gotten practically nowhere with the ones that are most important to you.

You’ve poured an avalanche of time & energy into the important parts of your life…

…without getting the results you want.

You’ve just spun your wheels.

It’s painful.

And I get it.

I struggled for years not knowing the secret, ‘ninja,’ hidden things that were actually keeping me stuck.

And no matter what I studied or who I asked…

No one told me what was really holding me back.

I remained clueless as to why I was ‘spinning my wheels’ and accomplishing so little.

My real problem was my perspectives.

I wasn’t seeing the big picture of money, spouses, and fitness clearly at all.

And it’s almost impossible to get to where you’re going if you can’t see clearly.

And even worse…

I swore up and down that I absolutely was seeing things clearly.


Worse than just having a problem…

I refused to even see that I had a problem.

And the thought-leader world knows about this ‘wheel-spinning’ problem. They know that people ‘go nowhere’ on issues like money, health, and relationships because they aren’t seeing the situations clearly.

They even try to solve it for you.

That’s why other teachers have published so many books, hundreds of pages long, that try to shift your perspective on things like weight-loss, cashflow, and meeting mates.


  • Those books rarely contain examples that click.
  • Those books rarely ask the questions that matter.
  • Those books rarely change your perspective.

And even if they do, they make you read through giant walls of boring text just to change one of your views.

Which is ridiculous.

Because changing a view is supposed to be easy.

A ‘view’ (or perspective) is just what you see from where you are— mentally and emotionally.

And you don’t need an entire university lecture to change a single view.

And you certainly don’t need a three-hundred page book to change your view on ‘making cash flow like a waterfall’ or ‘having the opposite sex swoon at your feet.’

A change in view can happen like ‘that.’

Go ahead, snap your fingers.

Yeah, like that.

One good chat, or one deep question, is often all that’s needed to shift your perspective.

You and your friends even do it over coffee or a beer sometimes.

But chats with friends tend to change your views on tiny things.

Things like “how good Breaking Bad is,” or “which local pub to eat at.”

Your friends don’t know what ‘major’ perspectives need changed, or the right words to plant new ones in your heart and mind, even if they did.

Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is different.

It’s different than anything you’ve ever tried before.

It has to be.

Because ‘traditional advice’ and ‘common answers’ haven’t worked for you, right?

So try a new way.

Give your full, deep, focused attention to all 27 pages… and watch what happens.

J-Ryze - Round
“J-Ryze gave me 2 epiphanies I'd been waiting for.”

J-Ryze’s once-private training distilled into 27 shots of perspective to make wealth easier, transform your body, and soothe relationship troubles!

Parents, gurus, & society have steered you wrong. They really have on so many key topics. Get your mind right with the perspective shifts contained in the pages of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1, including ways to…

Make more by truly understanding money on page 6. Master your own personal economy. Learn how in control of your finances you truly are. Understand wealth on a new level... then sit back and watch the cash flow!

Love more by truly understanding relationship sparks on page 17. Learn to use masculine & feminine polarity to create intense s*xual attraction in anyone at any moment... then soar in your relationships on a trajectory that satisfies all involved.

Live more by truly understanding death on page 10. Reconnect with your childhood fearlessness and understand death in a way that empowers you to truly live, and to create confident results others can only watch with envy.

Transform more by truly understanding body transformation on page 28. Shift perspective from seeing your body as an unchangeable genetic burden, to a miraculous adaptation vehicle. Become a happier, healthier person by realizing your own body's power.

And these are just a small sampling of the topics covered.

A fresh perspective on even a few of these can result in major improvements to your living conditions.

...Because each page is a full meal.

"Vigorous writing is concise." - Bill Strunk Jr.

Each page of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is a ‘full meal’ for your heart and mind.

Each page will plant seeds of new views in your life, if you let it.

One of the best parts about this is you can read for 60 seconds and get tremendous value.

Another blessing is that you can read the pages in any order.

Pick whatever topic suits you and get a fresh view on it that changes the game for you.

That’s why they’re not just pages like a normal book would have…

Instead, they’re mindblasts.

Read for yourself what the influencers are saying...

"Every word J-Ryze writes in these pages is pure gold."

"J-ryze has the ability to see talent and potential in you that no one else can. He helps you to think big. He is full of ideas. The most important thing I love about him is his heart. Someone who you can trust to be your friend and your business associate."
Linh Podetti
Linh Podetti
CEO Philanthropist

"This book cuts all the fluff... and digs deep."

"This book cuts all the fluff and reveals what it takes to be at your mental and physical peak, change your life, and achieve what your heart truly desires and needs. EWO Vol. 1, though a short read, manages to dig deep into core human issues we all tend to struggle through. Whether that’s fear, indecisiveness, or a lack of money. Ultimately, each page offers tremendous insights and value, stunning imagery, and a pathway to a new and better you."
Headshot of internationally best-selling author, Issac "I.C." Robledo.
I.C. Robledo
Best-Selling Author

"This book... will challenge traditional norms."

“J-Ryze is a weird duck. He sees the world differently than you do. And that’s a good thing. This book is a window into his world which will challenge traditional norms, take on stereotypes, and stretch your thinking. Come with an open mind and prepared to be challenged. Enjoy! #Believe”
Evan Carmichael

Now read what everyday folks are saying...

"I used to judge J-Ryze. I was so wrong. I started reading the captions of the posts on his Instagram.... I knew I had to interview him. His clarity of thoughts and the value he provides, his grounding nature just blows my mind."
Revathi Jannavarapu
Revathi Jannavara
J-Ryze not only moves through space and time at speeds that would hurt your brain, but he can channel all his wisdom, experience and heart in a way where people can't help but feel connected, moved and deeply inspired. He's an idea pioneer and a true leader. There are few I know who can deliver like this guy. How can one man know so much? If you're ready for insight and to have old paradigms shattered in order to make way for the new, this is your guy!
Matt Horwitz
"J-Ryze, I loved all your views. You have a unique and understanding way of expressing your thoughts that it’s very intriguing to me. It was easy to listen and absorb all the value you were giving to me."
Michael Edwards

How does a mindblast work?

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.”

William Wordsworth said that, and it gets right to the heart of how each mindblast in Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 works.

The average person has about 30,000 thoughts a day.

They also average about 400 emotional experiences a day.

And to adopt a new perspective you have to:

  • A. Change your thoughts (logic),
  • B. Change your mood (emotion), and
  • C. Practice (action).

This book helps you with the first two.

It adjusts your thoughts & mood on pivotal topics in your life…

…but only you can do the ‘practice’ of applying the wisdom.

Only you can start approaching things like money, sex, and fame with the newfound perspectives you’ll be getting.

Let’s say you wanted to improve your perspective on money, so you flip to page 6 and start reading.

What you read is more provocative than anything you’ve encountered previously regarding money.

Maybe it interests you.

Maybe it makes you uncomfortable.

Maybe it even triggers you.


Because any book that doesn’t make you feel something, doesn’t have enough power, truth, or clarity in it to change your perspective.

You can read hundreds of words that have no impact and create no change…

…Or you can read a handful that snap you out of your normal routines and foster true growth towards a better life.

So here’s how the perspective-shifting process goes.

8 steps you go through when changing your perspective.

1. A seed idea is planted.

A 'seed idea' for a new perspective is planted when you read a page of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 on a topic you could use a boost in.

2. You feel something.

Something you read will make you feel. It may be a 'nice' like interest or excitement, or it may be a 'not nice' like anger or discomfort.

3. You make a choice.

You either choose to be fearful, defensive, or dismissive of the idea you've encountered, or you open your mind to it. Only the latter leads to growth.

4. Your mind plays with the idea.

Your mind will naturally play with the idea, and it's on you to use the "further info" section on each page to dig deeper if necessary.

5. A (healthy) conclusion is reached.

Once you've asked yourself how beneficial your new view is, how true it is, & sat with how it can help you, you can reach a healthy conclusion about it.

6. You take your new view out into the world.

Next, express your new view to others & prove to yourself & the universe that you're living in a new way, and that you deserve to reap rewards for that.

7. You stand up for your new perspective.

You don't actually have a new perspective until you can stand up for it proudly when challenged & even teach it to others.

8. Now enjoy the 'fruits' of your new view.

If you've done the internal steps of adopting a new view, and put it into practice, your external reality will change for the better on that topic.

This process is simple, natural, and easy.

It’s what people have done since caveman times when they want to integrate a new idea and level up in life.

Changing perspectives is easy.

It just takes a tiiiiiny bit of courage.

Like dipping your toe in the water of a swimming pool.

It’s easy.

Just like lifting your first weight, or doing your first stretch, is easy.

You just have to have the courage to actually walk into the gym.

The courage to pick up a weight.

The courage to do your first ‘rep.’

And this book is similar.

It serves you up perspectives, and gives you the chance to change your view to one that empowers you more.

It does it on 27 topics, one simple page at a time.

Welcome to the quickest self-help read of your life.

"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter." - Mark Twain

Each single-page mindblast —whether on making effortless bank, your ‘chain of choices’, or cellular self-healing— will cure you of society’s bullsh*t and empower you with true wisdom.

Each page is a “self-contained a-ha moment” on a significant topic.

And each mindblast walks you through powerful perspective shifts simply and clearly.

Almost paint-by-numbers simple.

Apple spent billions making the iPhone, ‘simple.’ Google spent billions making it’s search engine ‘simple.’

Why? Because people love simplicity.

Simplicity sells.

Simplicity is also rare.

Because it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make something simple.

It takes serious investment to create a simple book that shifts your perspective.

Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

But I’ve invested in creating a perspective-shifting process, then used it to create twenty-seven ‘fresh views on taboos’ for you.

I also invested in making them simple and easy-to-read.

I did this after studying thousands of powerful thought-leaders, having thousands of passionate arguments, and changing the lives of thousands of students. (Including my decade spent advising thought-leader Evan Carmichael.)

I call this process “Ryzing Perspectives.”

It’s a process of asking deep, precise questions to get deep, precise answers.

It relies heavily on both intuitive- and diagnostic-thinking.

I’ve been honing this process my whole life, and many have seen the fruits of it on my “Eyes Wide Open” podcast, but…

…this book contains juicy “a-ha moments” that a) haven’t been explored there, or b) have been pruned down to only the most important words and concepts.

And each one sparks thought-provoking, emotion-stirring new views within you.

And new views are the single most powerful tool for change available.

I’m so sure of this, I’d carve it on my tombstone:

Perspective shifts are the fastest, easiest, longest-lasting ways to improve any area of your life.

And anyone can make them.

They don’t take time, or money, or status.

I’ve made many of them. So have my students.

All it takes is a tiny bit of courage, to let go of old views that don’t serve you, and replace them with empowering ones.

And I believe you’re a ‘baller’ who’s ready to step up and change your life the easy way, just like others have before you.

"But, J, doesn't a better life have to be hard & complicated?"

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius

I used to overcomplicate everything.

But if you look at your heroes (or the people you admire), they have pretty simple views on life.

They’re constantly repeating the same simple things: “Do what you love”, “trust your gut”, “be consistent”, etc.

This is because they discovered early… that simple, elegant solutions are often within reach, and worth reaching for.

Which means that ‘no, life doesn’t have to be hard and complicated.’

It also means that if Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1’s thirty-ish pages look ‘too simple’…

Or your mind protests that it’s ‘probably ineffective’…

The opposite is actually true.

Short or simple is a more impressive feat to put into a book than hundreds of pages.


It's easy to explain in many words, but hard to explain in few.

Simplicity is an art.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful.

A hug or a kind word from a parent is simple, but powerful.

Teaching a primitive tribe basic math is simple, but powerful.

Steve Jobs spent billions to make the iPhone simple, but powerful.

Simple is good.

Simple and powerful is even better.

So don’t let your mind dismiss this short, simple book as “ineffective.”

In fact, view it as incredibly worthwhile, while also respecting of your time.

See it as “the iPhone of changing your views,” planting eye-opening seeds, and improving your life.

And realize how valuable that is.


Why invest in a book to change my perspective?


"It's not what you look at that matters; it's what you see."

Read that quote again.

It’s by Thoreau, and it’s worth considering.

Because staring at your bank account, your body, or your love life… doesn’t matter.

You can look at those things all you want & accomplish nothing.

Real change comes when you learn how to ‘see’ correctly.

If you want improvement in any area, one thing is unavoidable.

You must change your perspective.

You can hope, pray, and ‘believe’ all you want, but you’ll just end up stuck in the same loop, living the same life.

(I’ve seen so many ‘believers’ go ‘nowhere’ in life, all because they cling to old perspectives tighter than a crocodile’s jaws.)

A shift in perspective must occur if you want a shift in your reality.

In the video above, I said a perspective is a blend of your “mood & beliefs”, but more accurately…

…it’s a viewpoint that influences, or even determines, your mood & beliefs.

And to change your reality via your perspective, you only have two options:

  1. You can shift the snail-slow way, stumbling through life, taking years to reach those perspective shifts on your own…
  2. Or you can invest in a mental nitro boost, gaining new perspectives from the beautiful pages of Eyes Wide Open Volume 1.

Those are you two options, here and now.

Because change ain’t happening any other way.

Ask yourself when real change happened in your life:

  • Was it when you held the same beliefs taught by parents & teachers?
  • Was it when you went through the same routines as always?
  • Was it when you spoke to the same friends in the same echo-chambers as usual?

Or did satisfying change came when you adjusted your attitude, mindset, and perspective?

Isn’t it true your life improves properly only when you ‘finally see’ those ‘revelations’ that ‘click?’

If you want many changes, you need many 'a-ha' moments.

Those eye-opening moments come before impactful change and life improvements. 

Think about your own life:

  • Did change come when you had a perspective-shifting life-lesson?
  • Did change come when you connected with someone teaching a new paradigm?
  • Did change come when you finally took a break from people who held you back?

If you’re honest with yourself, change never came from holding the same views.

Change blossomed when you shifted your perspective.

And it’s easy.

Change is an easy, natural part of life.

And it’s an essential ingredient in you achieving the wealth, health, or love life you want.

And that change comes from adopting a wider, broader, clearer view.

It comes from embracing new perspectives.

Yet another fight with your spouse? It’s a tooth-grindingly lost cause unless you embody a new approach.

That business pivot you’re considering? It’s a huge waste of time unless you adopt a fresh view first.

Your third, fourth, fifth attempt at a diet? It’s a joke people will laugh at behind your back unless you internalize a new perspective first.

But no one tells you this.

They swear that their method will “work for you,” or that you just have to say the “right affirmations,” or pick the “right market,” and you’ll be home free.

But that's not how change works.

That’s not how results work.

That’s not how life works.

You need to fully embrace new perspectives first.

because those new perspectives are the foundation —the solid ground— that your improved life is built on.

You won’t build sh*t on shaky foundations, or old understandings.

New, high-quality perspectives are 100% required.

And if you’re like most people, that’s a problem.

Because new, high-quality views are rare in today’s society.

And very few people will serve them up to you in a beautiful, bite-size, easy-to-digest form.

But don’t worry, if you’re hungry for a solution…

…you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

Can 27 pages change my life?

Yes, absolutely.

Hell, even a single sentence of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 can change your life.

Some of them have for me, and for my students.

But this book’s only part of the equation.

The other part of the equation is you.

The other part of the equation is:

  • How badly you want change.
  • How eager you are to let go of old perspectives and embrace more empowering ones.
  • How open your mind is.
  • How enthusiastic your attitude is.

Because whether you get a short book or a long book…

…no amount of words can teach someone who argues for their limitations, makes excuses to avoid change, or clings to old identities.

It took me 27 years to achieve these high-value perspectives.

You can achieve them in 27 pages.

And the best way to read this book is in 27 sittings.

Because each page needs to percolate in your mind.

Each page needs you to engage with it.

Each page needs you to stay open, play with it’s ideas, ask more questions, and truly consider it.

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."

Einstein tried to tell us this.

Having some knowledge doesn’t make a person smart.

You’re only truly ‘smart’ if you have a healthy ability to change your mind when met with new information.

(Do you have a proud track-record of changing your views… or do you stubbornly cling to every single one?)

You’re only truly ‘wise’ if you can spot ideas that serve you, adopt them quickly, and drop old ones.

(Most people refuse to do this.)

Most people hate change and love it at the same time.

There’s quite a few folks who’ve addressed this point throughout history:

People only change when there is a crisis.” – Chip Heath

People only change when they feel pain.” –John Mattone

People only change when they’re forced to.” – Doug Kessler

What most people really want is for themselves to remain the same —in their comfortable bubble— but for their lives to magically get better, without them changing how they see things.

Most people deeply prefer familiar ideas.

Most people avoid any they think they’ll disagree with.

For most, even a wise teacher bending over backwards to shift their views… accomplishes no change at all.

Because change, ultimately, comes down to you.

Change comes down to one question:

Can you face a disagreeable or unfamiliar idea & actually sit with it?

Because someone ready for change, is someone who can commit to explore strange, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable perspectives.

Someone ready for change is someone who can admit their current views aren’t doing the trick.

Someone ready for change is someone committed to a positive view that serves them better.

You’re either committed to positive change, or you’re committed to your current identity.

Even ‘not choosing’ is a choice, and there’s nothing in-between.

To benefit from this book you have to truly want change, and to relax into the process of letting it’s words touch you.

Your improved circumstances rely on how much you allow the words in Eyes Wide Open to rewire your mind and purify your heart.

Your improved circumstances rely on how committed you are to diving deeper on any subject that doesn’t ‘click’ immediately.

I went through years of study and practice with each view in the book.

And for practical exercise to apply each one, I hand-selected the best reading material around, so that you’d have a ‘recommended resource’ to dig deeper on any idea you don’t fully grasp.

I made every word count.

There’s zero fluff.

And I did all that with good reason.

Why is this book so short?

Because of...


Your time is precious, and I respect that. So every part of the text is either a high-impact phrase, a high-leverage question, an analogy that clicks, or a story that resonates. Quick & to the point.


Each page began as an Instagram post. Each was hand-selected from a pool of 1000+ posts created over many years. So each page was initially limited to 2200 characters.


Other personal dev books frustratingly beat around the bush. I hated how they spent so many pages on self-glory and repetition. I wanted more change in less time.


Have you ever tried to share a self-help book full of life-changing perspectives with a friend? It's a tough sell. But a coffee-table book with gorgeous images and bite-sized ideas makes you look good when you share it.

Other authors get self-indulgent and rambly in their books, because they have no character, word, or page limit. Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is shockingly different. Every word is laser-focused to give you maximum value in minimum time.

Why use color artwork?

"The eye should learn to listen before it looks." - Robert Frank

Most ‘gurus’ think color photos are fluff.

They think the written word is the only place change happens…

But they’re wrong.

Change & growth are full-sensory experiences.

And a picture’s worth a thousand words.

And even if that cliche isn’t true, the point still remains…

For something to change your life, it’s gotta get your attention first.

And in a book, a full-color, gorgeously crafted image can be as compelling as a sunset, a puppy, or a flower.

Pictures are beautiful, and beauty is transformative.

And transformation happens best either through noticeable pain, or noticeable pleasure.

Appealing photos on premium lustre paper add pleasure to the reading experience.

They make it more likely you’ll retain, internalize, and embody the wisdom on each page.

And they make the experience more joyful.

Becoming your best self is meant to be fun.

It’s meant to be exhilarating.

Improving your perspectives can be fun.

It can be an easy read full of beautiful pictures.

It’s time we got rid of boring, black-and-white walls of text.

It’s time for us to freely show-off our ‘self-help’ books, rather than hide them in a bedroom drawer, or bury them in a basement.

It’s time to live your best life, and share how you got there with others, too.

It’s time to realize the ‘superhero’ you’ve been inside all along.

So what's inside the book?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela made a point of educating others. Of passing on his wisdom. Of sharing valuable perspectives.

And offering you Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is one way I do the same.

You’ll also receive some great bonuses.

Which we’ll get to, but first let’s go over the juicy goodness contained inside the book.

In it’s pages you’ll find fresh views to…

Show you how to monetize... anything.

Did you know there are eight steps involved in monetizing anything? You can see them at work in any sustainably profitable business.

Communicate & get your way more effectively.

Did you know communication boils down to three simple things? Discover how to use them to get what you want from others.

Make health care cheaper, easier, and faster.

Did you know that nature designed you with built-in affordable health care? You've just been taught too many wrong things about it.

Put relationships more under your control.

Did you know you have such powerful influence on relationships you can nearly control people like puppets? Well, you can.

Become successful in anything.

Did you know success in anything has emotional, mental, and choice-driven roots? Learn to use all 3 to supercharge your results.

And twenty-one other empowering perspectives…

That will open your eyes and set you free.

That will help you live a more fulfilling life.

That will help you realize your dreams.

This book isn't a 'how-to' manual.

It’s a series of life-changing conversations on topics that matter.

Each page plants life-changing seeds by giving you a new perspective, yes, but each page can’t apply it for you.

Application and how-to is up to you.

Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is the book you need before all the ‘how-to’ books.

Because those books won’t work unless you have a healthy perspective first.

This book unlocks the power of other books.

And there are books out there that explain ‘how-to’ on every topic under the sun.

But until you read this, those are a waste of your time.

Because none of those other books will work for you, none of them will ‘stick’, if you don’t have a healthy perspective first.

So Eyes Wide Open focuses on this ‘missing piece’ most people suffer from as they stumble around, trying to apply other ‘how-to’ books.

(In fact, each mindblast has a “Further Info:” section that guides you towards the best book on each subject.)

It's a 'gym' for your mind & emotions.

We exercise our bodies because it feels good, and helps us live well.

Imagine a little weight, a few reps, some resistance-training, cardio, yoga, a nice walk, you name it…

…even thinking about it can get our endorphins to start flowing.

Exercise is vital for life.

Your muscles won’t grow if you never challenge them.

They won’t grow if you never put them in a bit of discomfort.

And worse, they’ll atrophy, waste away.

Most people understand this.

And they’ll invest time and money in hobbies, exercises, and more to be healthier.

But most avoid doing something similar for their mind & their emotions.

They rarely open their minds to new, unfamiliar, challenging ideas.

They fail to control their attitude —or avoid being triggered— when they do come across a new view.

This creates many mentally weak people.

They end up with unhealthy hearts and minds, leaving them ill-equipped to succeed in life.

And hey, I’m not saying that’s you.

Maybe you're mentally stronger than average, and that's great.

But whatever your mental and emotional fortitude, chances are new perspectives will help you.

A little mental exercise helps everyone.

Adopting new views is always a guaranteed way to level up, regardless of your current situation.

So I’ll be real here.

If you’re not ready for some discomfort in the books you read, you’re not ready for your dreams.

If you’re afraid of mental discomfort…

…this book isn’t for you.

Fear-based complacency doesn’t always kill your career or stagnate your relationships.

Instead, it kills the incredible career (or thriving relationship) that could have been.

So if you let fear of new ideas keep you complacent then…

…this book isn’t for you.

If you’re the type of person who gets triggered easily by new ideas, and can’t make conscious, intentional, measured responses when those triggers happen…

…this book isn’t for you.

Wait... this book's gonna trigger me?

“It's a universal law that growth can't exist without friction.” - J-Ryze.

First let’s understand what a ‘trigger’ is.

A ‘trigger’ is just mental or emotional friction.

Everyone experiences mental and emotional friction sometimes.

You didn’t come to earth to live a friction-less life.

Friction is actually essential for creating new life, if you think about it.

Nature insists on a ‘healthy dose of friction’ if we want to reproduce, pass on our genes, and birth our legacy for the next generation.

Or another example from the laws of physics:

Friction keeps your vehicle traveling smoothly on it’s journey.

Friction is essential.

Friction is a blessing.

Successful folks are those who respond to that friction in healthy ways.

Successful people are those who willingly seek out friction specifically so they can practice.

They’re those who make bigger moves, and aren’t afraid of conflict, knowing full-well that friction may be part of it.

They know that avoiding friction guarantees you go nowhere in life.

Some say they want a better life than most people, but then avoid the key growth-ingredient, friction. 

And this is why few people grow much at all after their twenties.

  • This is why they don’t get the guy/girl they want.
  • This is why they don’t attain the wealth they want.
  • This is why they aren’t as attractive or healthy as they want.

Because most people try desperately their whole lives to avoid friction.

Which means they’re avoiding a universal law meant to help them grow.

“Growth can’t exist without friction, it’s a universal law.” – Me, again.

Society is filled with people who want everything to be frictionless, automated, requiring no thought.

  • They want drones delivering goods.
  • They want automated tellers.
  • They want magic pills and silver bullets.

They absolutely, positively, do not want work, challenge, or critical thinking involved in any part of their lives if possible.

And that’s the problem.

Because your dreams require you to grow towards them.

And to grow means embracing at least a bit of friction.

Which is why every page of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1  holds ideas, views, and perspectives aimed to cause a bit of friction.


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry the twenty-seven pages are likely to trigger you.

I apologize in advance, but it’s for your own good.

Because friction is actually the greatest gift anyone can give you.

Many politicians trigger people to spark division in others. Many media outlets trigger people to incite rage & ‘get clicks.’

These are self-serving ways of triggering others and aren’t too valuable to you. They may even harm you.

But a true friend will trigger you in a helpful way. If you have a bad habit or addiction, a good friend will bring it up, even if it risks triggering you, because they know it’s the right thing to do.

This book is meant to treat you like a good friend, saying things you need to hear, even if it may rock the boat.

  • I’m not doing it to be a d*ck.
  • I’m not doing it to upset you.
  • I’m not doing it because I enjoy it.

I’m doing it because ideas that rock-the-boat…

Ideas that nudge you towards change…

…is exactly what you need…

And everybody else is too scared to give it to you.

Willingly triggering readers may hurt this book’s sales, but it’s the right thing to do.

If other authors cared about you as much as me, they’d do it too, but they’re more concerned with ‘profit’ and ‘mass appeal.’

It takes true heart and courage to speak the ‘harsh truths’, but that’s what a true friend does.

A true friend doesn’t beat around the bush, they don’t lie to you…

…they just give you the straight up truth, as kindly as they possibly can, even if it means you’ll be mad about it.

And as a child, you valued this.

You valued people who would tell you the truth about subjects.

You’d ask ‘why’ and eagerly await the perspectives that would be given to you. Even if something triggered you, you’d cry about it briefly, then eventually come to accept the truth.

As a child you had no problem changing your mind, entertaining new ideas, and embracing new perspectives…

…and you absolutely can do it again, on any topic, anytime.

You just have to decide, deep down in your heart, that it’s time to change.

Even if it means ‘killing off’ your old identity of struggle, victimhood, or limitation.

And once you’ve made that decision, you’ve got to commit to the change.

Each mindblast plants the seed of a new, empowering perspective in your mind.

And that seed needs nurtured.

How do you nurture it?

You give it positive attention.

You express it to others.

And when someone questions it, you stand by your new view.

Meaning you can’t just cave the next time someone challenges your new view.

You must put your new views into the 'social arena.'

Let’s say you get a new view on “creating a profitable business” from page 20.

It’s the complete opposite of what your family, friends, teachers, and other entrepreneurs have told you.

But it’s a view that would serve you.

If it were true, if you believed it, if you tried it on for size…

…it’d feel great.

It would mean business becomes far easier for you.

  • But it would also mean you’d upset your family and friends.
  • It would also mean you’d have no more excuses for failure.
  • It would also mean you’d have to read some other biz books to get the hang of your new view.

At this point most people feel something deep in their heart.

That feeling goes like this:

“Eh, this new view ruffles too many feathers. It’s too uncomfortable. It means I’ll have to have conflict with some people in my life. Ugh, forget it. I’ll just stick with my comfortable old view on business.”

And so they choose to stick to their original view.

That is your choice.

But choosing to cling to your old perspective will keep you mediocre in business. It will keep you just like your current circles. It will not open any doors for you.

The only way to benefit from a new view is to realize that it serves you, own it, and then defend your new view to others.

Because others will try extremely hard to make you ‘just like them.’

They’ll do anything to convince you not to ‘leave them behind’ as you ryze up to a better life.

When you have a new view, you’ve got to put it into “the arena” of society.

If you like “Game Of Thrones” and other people don’t, you can’t just go along with them and pretend you hate it too.

If you do that, you’re killing the authenticity and power of your view.

You must put your view out there, and let it be challenged, and see how it holds up.

You find out how powerful your view really is when someone challenges it.

It’s on you to strengthen your new, empowering perspectives.

This is how your views grow strong and able to serve you, and how old views that are no longer helpful dissolve.

This book can plant game-changing new views in the neurons of your brain, but it’s on you to strengthen them until they blossom into abundant ‘fruit.’

Remember, this book has 27 such friction-worthy perspectives inside.

And while I’ve gone to extreme lengths to deliver them as kindly and diplomatically as possible…

…to keep them short, not waste your time, and spark real change in your life…

…they’re still aimed to nudge you out of your comfort zones.

And that is precious.

Because outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

It’s where you grow.

It’s where you realize your dreams.

And this book is the only one I know of that does it this quickly or this powerfully.

Who is this book for?

If you’re here, and you’ve read this far, I’m almost positive it’s for YOU.

But more generally…

It’s for those serious about controlling their life.

It’s tough to control your emotions or thoughts when we aren’t seeing situations as clearly as we think we are. 

It’s easier to control our emotions and thoughts when we are.


It’s a book for smart people, who just need their perspective changed a bit in order to get results.

It’s not for people who:

  • Need hand-holding
  • Can’t think critically
  • Have trouble changing their minds
  • Refuse to listen to their heart, or…
  • Can’t recognize truth when they see it.

Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is a book for outside-the-box thinkers who know their old views aren’t getting them where they want to go, and are ready to change their perspective.

It’s for those who:

  • Know they must change their views fast, or life will continue being a struggle.
  • Are hungry to embody a higher perspective (internally), to live a better life (externally).
  • Won’t fight and resist each stunning page, but who will instead…

…embrace the fresh views on taboos it delivers.

Reading this takes something a bit special though, so I hope you have it.

It takes a truly open mind.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking often gets praise for this quote, but Daniel J. Boorstin used it earlier.

Whoever said it, it holds up.

Thinking we already know “what’s what” about money, health, or love puts up walls and closes our minds to new insights, new perspectives.

Believing we ‘know’ something already is a surefire way to prevent any growth, improvement, or benefits coming to us.

Assuming you must read, think, and learn in the traditional ways you’ve been taught…

…may keep your mind comfortably flooded with dopamine, but it also keeps you playing small, repeating life on loop.

This book is for those with a rebellious streak.

It’s for people ready to be on the leading edge of life, blazing new trails for themselves.

It’s not for ‘traditionalists’ who ‘do things how they’ve always been done.’

It’s for the outcasts & black sheep.

It’s for outside-the-box thinkers who want epic results.

You’ll know if it’s meant for you, and when you do, you’d best act fast, pounce on your opportunity, and get it now.

Why should you listen to an ex-homeless a$$hole?

0 +
Perspectives Changed
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Celebrity Client

Listen for three main reasons:

1. Because I’ve been there.

I’ve had to change thousands of my own views in life, one by one.

I started out judging ‘shallow’ pop-stars, but now I love and respect their accomplishments.

I used to think I was better than everyone, now I know I have my own value, and others have theirs.

I once believed making money was hard, now I’m certain that business is simple.

I’ve one-eighty’d so many views it’d make most people’s heads spin, and my clients now call me the ‘living mindf*ck’ and the ‘best mentor ever.’

2. Because Evan Carmichael has trusted me for over a decade.

If you don’t know Evan, he’s worked with Tony Robbins, collab’d with Dean Graziosi, and pissed off JK Rowling.

He also has 3.57M followers on YouTube.

During my years advising him, I created fully-animated shorts, wrote landing pages, and conducted interviews for him.

I’m credited in his latest book for all the illustrations. He trusted me to create music videos, write lyrics, and make memes for him.

I’ve re-touched photos at his request, assembled brand-guidelines, and made systems for his team.

Not to mention the ‘believe’ gesture, catchy slogans, and ‘signature sound’ we designed together.

I played an integral role in creatively guiding his entire brand, for years.

I’m telling you this because despite all the ‘creations’ he trusted me with, the biggest impact I made on Evan was…

…shifting his perspectives about branding, networking, and his whole empire.

3. Because I don’t pretend that you need me, in fact, I know you don’t.

I know that you have everything you need to blossom, already inside you.

You don’t need me.

You don’t need advice.

You don’t need this book.

You don’t need anything.

At least, not to change your view on something.

I  know you could shift your perspectives on your own, just like I did during my decade of despair. (Which I’ll explain further down.)

Eyes Wide Open is just a speed-boost to help you get there faster.  It’s like taking a helicopter rather than walking.

But I’d never be so cringe as to suggest you ‘need’ it.

Hard-selling, snake-oil salesmen on the other hand…

…gaslight you into thinking you need whatever’s they’re selling.

And people like that deserve distrust and skepticism. They deserve not to be listened to.

But I’m not them.

I’m just a guy offering you an enlightening book.

A book that will not only change your views, it’ll also impress your friends, as it takes it’s rightful place in your home.

And, uh, well…

I used to be terrible at changing my view.

During my 'hell years', I sucked at this stuff.

“Knowledge rests not on truth alone, but upon error also.” – Carl Jung

It’s embarrassing to admit.

I used to be awful at seeing things clearly.

I was once awful at taking a broader view or holding a deeper perspective.

Back then, I saw everything as ‘black and white’, and I clung to that view.

I was self-righteous, judgmental, arrogant.

And many factors made me even more so.

The tests that showed my IQ to be 147…

My natural “renaissance-man” talents…

My abilities to speed-read (I’ve read thousands of books)…

My penchant to self-teach & self-learn…

…all just made me more of a cocky, entitled, b*stard.

I was an incorrigible a**hole.

Anytime I ‘knew’ even a bit more than others, I assumed I had the full picture, and acted like I was better than them.

I mistreated people, devalued them, assumed the worst of them.

I called them ‘stupid’, and ‘dumb’, and ‘moronic.’

And shamefully, at the time, I meant it.

I was stubborn and prideful, but also savvy at ensuring I didn’t get called out on my sh*t.

But all my hubris didn’t get me far. I just lost friends, family, and failed business after business.

I ended up evicted, broke, abandoned, jailed, robbed, homeless for years, suicidal, and more.

I was a pitiful failure.

But it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

Because life humbled me, hard.

My “hell years” served me well. It taught me to see things more clearly, to be more open-minded, to dig deeper.

It also gave me time to read.

So I inhaled every book from every thought-leader, philosopher, scientist, guru, spiritualist, and leader I could.

And it took me longer than I’d like to admit, but…

I noticed a pattern with me & the 'gurus.'

What I noticed was this:

I was able to understand things that these gurus spent years learning, faster —and sometimes deeper— than them.

More importantly I had a natural skill at connecting & applying their lessons to other topics.

Often ones they hadn’t even considered.

Not only that…

I was able to explain them more clearly and digestibly than the originators had.

Sure, they’d done the years of work to develop their insights, but I’d done years of work in understanding, explaining, and shifting perspectives quickly.

And I had the background of so many different fields and disciplines to connect and inform my insights.

My Ryzing Perspective process went like so:

  1. Absorb whatever ideas and insights were out there.
  2. Ask better questions to arrive at clearer, deeper understandings.
  3. Explain my conclusions in casual, concise language and relatable metaphors.

And so…

I began sharing my ‘fresh views on taboos’ online.

I did it through blogs, groups, and forums.

And I ended up helping thousands of people understand life deeper and to navigate it more smoothly.

Evan Carmichael, mentioned above, still reaches out to me anytime he needs his eyes opened on something.

But eventually, I met an even more devoted student than him.

I met my partner, Cynthia ‘Cynshine’ Moreno.

She felt it vital that my unique perspectives and my explain-like-i’m-five method of teaching be shared with others.

So she helped found the Eyes Wide Open Podcast and inspired me to write this Eyes Wide Open book.

Cynthia devoured every fresh view and truth-bomb I had.

She said I replaced years of parenting, schooling, and tuition.

She got thousands of ‘a-ha moments’ from me, and said that I “re-parented her the right way.”

She even started a list of various revelations I’ve taught her…

…but there were so many she couldn’t keep up.

Anyway, Cyn insisted I make the best of my eye-opening views available, so that anyone who wants to invest in them, can see clearly through the chaos of life, too…

…without going through more hellish decades to do it.

Cyn was a fat, depressed, junkie single mom.

"Meeting J-Ryze changed my entire life. His words inspired me to make massive changes right away."

That quote’s from the first testimonial Cyn ever gave me.

In it she also talks about having rashes & skin issues, four to six panic attacks daily, arthritis, and more.

But the longer she spent time with me…

…absorbing my perspectives on mental health, financial wealth, communication and relationships, spirituality, personal power, and more…

…the more she transformed.

  • Her skin cleared up,
  • She beat her addiction,
  • She got off her meds,
  • Her panic attacks and arthritis disappeared,
  • So did her bi-polar disorder,
  • She replaced insomnia with rejuvenating rest.
  • She took up yoga, squats, and swimming,
  • She lost 100 lbs,
  • She mastered the splits in one week.
  • She learned to monetize anything,
  • She learned to diagnose business issues,
  • She learned masculine/feminine polarity,
  • How to communicate better,
  • and more.

And she believes the world needs fresh views on key subjects.

(That’s why she talks to me for hours on our podcast, as another way to get those ‘fresh views’ out to people like you.)

Cyn before and after meeting J-Ryze, and there's far more positive improvements emotionally & mentally too.

But there’s something magical in having a tangible, tactile physical book.

There’s something special about having those long podcasts distilled down into clear, impactful, bite-sized ‘mindblasts.’

There’s something beautiful about drinking in each idea alongside a full-color artwork by the book’s author.

A lot of love went into making this.

It was a two-decade long journey to get this book into your hands.

Which is just another reason I know it’ll improve your life and help you make your dreams into reality.

This is the most value per page of any self-help book.

Here’s what many people think…

"$63 for a book?"

It’s not so crazy, when you dig deeper.

Lots of books exist, many costing even more.

What matters most is the value contained inside them.

"A cynic knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing." - Oscar Wilde


Do you have any idea of the value contained in Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1?

Others have paid thousands for (and made more from) this wisdom.

I’ve had clients give me a percentage of their profits for the fresh perspectives served up in these pages.

And it took me decades of pain & failure to arrive at these life-changing perspectives.

This book will save you time, money, headaches, and unlock a ton of growth.

Don’t worry though, I’m not charging you thousands, or taking a chunk of your business.


I’m only charging $63 USD.

Just over three twenties from your wallet (or crypto-wallet) is all it takes to get mind-blowingly practical wisdom.

$63 for fresh views on taboos that even experts take lifetimes to learn.

And they’re being served to you in the clearest, most efficient, most life-changing way possible.

It’s a freaking bargain.

Imagine a beautifully crafted bottle of vodka.

A nice luxury bottle, but not ridiculously extravagant.

Let’s say it’s a bottle of Belvedere vodka.

The Belvedere vodka is triple-distilled.

It’s pristinely pure, crystal clear, and packs an intense punch in every little shot.

Well, that’s this book.

Each mindblast is an intense shot of pure, distilled wisdom.

Another reason why Belvedere costs more than the average vodka is that…

Even Belvedere bottles are beautiful pieces of art.

Belvedere’s bottles are so valuable…

…that empties are kept because they become status symbols or conversation-pieces that others ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over.

Again, that’s this book.

Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 offers twenty-seven full-color artworks made by me, using skills from my days as a Photoshop Wizard, digital artist, and airbrusher.

Each page features meticulously crafted copy that can give you an easier path up life’s mountain, using skills from my years winning creative writing contests & years blogging.

And each one can impress people in your life, elevate you past other personal dev folks, and holds its value long after you read it.

Each premium lustre page is a work of art.

Lastly, Belvedere costs more than most other vodkas because…

Belvedere’s basically better in every way.

And one of life’s universal rules of thumb is that “you get what you pay for.”

The occasional shrewd investor or clutchy bargain hunter may try and beat this rule, but it rarely goes well.

You just.. get what you pay for in life, in vodka, and in books.

Belvedere’s better quality, better drinking experience, better buzz, less hangover, elevated presentation.

And just as Belvedere is strictly superior…

…so is this book.

Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 is just better in every way.

It delivers far, far more value and bang-for-your-buck than any other book in the thought-leader world.

  • It’s not just the high quality paper and ink.
  • It’s not just the gorgeous full-color artwork.
  • It’s not just the concisely crafted words that respect your time.

It’s more than that.

  • It’s the twenty-seven years of study and practice.
  • It’s the lessons learned while running a business & staying healthy while living on the streets… for years.
  • It’s deep thought & hard convos that put each perspective through a crucible of fire, leaving only pure ‘diamond views’ for you to read.

Stop investing in average books.

You deserve more value.

Still not convinced this book is flat-out more value?

Then compare it to the greats.

The personal development market was valued at ~42 billion just two years ago, and there’s a reason for that.

There’s nothing more valuable than investing in, and elevating, yourself.

If you gain more empowering beliefs, happier moods, and elevated perspectives… those are accessible to you for your entire life, no one can take that knowledge, wisdom, or uplifted consciousness away from you.

And great teachers have written great books all throughout history that deliver those things.

Books like Think & Grow Rich, The Secret, & You Can Heal Your Life.

These books are amazing, yes, but the thing is, they talk and talk and talk —like this landing page— just to give you one or two perspective shifts at most.

Most people read hundreds of pages of fluff, to end up with one or two valuable takeaways when they’re done reading.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let's look at the actual value I got from these great books.

I read these self-help books, and they did help me.

But not as much as you might think.

The first book I read was Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Book: Think And Grow Rich

Pages: 238

Cost: About $16

Time: A week of reading.

Cost/Page: $0.07 cents.

But after applying whatever I could  from it…

…it did not make me rich.

The second book I read was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Book: The Secret

Pages: 198

Cost: About $18

Time: Just under a week of reading.

Cost/Page: $0.09 cents.

But after applying whatever I could from it…

…it did not give me The Secret to much.

The third book I read was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Book: You Can Heal Your Life

Pages: 272

Cost: About $20

Time: Over a week of reading.

Cost/Page: $0.07 cents.

But after applying whatever I could from it…

…it did not Heal My Life.

Now, this could all be my fault.

It could be because I wasn’t receptive, or in the right mindset, or committed enough to practice, or I misunderstood the teachings, and more…

…so I take responsibility for that.

And I don’t regret purchasing a single one of those books.

They were great investments. They got me thinking. They opened my eyes to new ideas. They put me on a path to where I am today.

Those books were huge blessings to me.

But they took huge chunks of time to read.

They left me with few high-value takeaways.

Now let's look at Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1.

I wrote this myself because I knew people’s limited perspectives prevented them from getting value from other great personal dev books, and I knew that perspectives can change in an instant as long as the reader is truly ready.

Book: Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1

Pages: 27

Cost: $63

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Cost/Page: $2.30

Technically, yes, it costs more.

Just like Belvedere vodka costs slightly more per ounce than the average vodka…

…Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 costs more per page, than the average personal development book.

But how much is your time worth?

Would you pay a dollar or two more per page to get weeks of your life back?

And compare it to what it would cost you to change your views on money, relationships, or health through alternate methods.

Private coaching with me costs $1000 an hour. (You might even need 3+ sessions if you’re not open to change.)

Our Wealth Bootcamp costs $600. (Group coaching which is even more time investment on your part.)

But you can get perspective change from Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 for only $63

But it gets even sexier than that.

Eyes Wide Open delivers the epiphanies of an entire book on each page, so we’re looking at about ~$18 of distilled wisdom on each page…

…multiplied by 27 pages…

…equals a minimum value of $486, just by saving you from reading countless other books.

And those ‘other books’ I refer to, while decent, eventually became paperweights or doorstoppers.

When I was done with them, they were basically garbage.

And how much would an artbook cost on it's own?

You’re not just getting the most concise perspective shifts on the market.

You’re also getting stunning digital art created by J-Ryze.

  • Anne Leibowitz’s photo book costs about $88
  • Frank Frazetta’s artbook costs $89
  • Led Zeppelin’s official photobook costs about $92


How valuable is it to have some mouth-watering eye-candy to arouse your senses and get you primed to absorb the ideas in Eyes Wide Open?

How valuable is it to tell someone else your most powerful self-help book is stunningly beautiful, and worth it for the art alone?

How valuable is it in our attention-economy to have something that captures your attention beautifully, but holds it only briefly, so you can get back to your life?

How valuable is it to combine punchy, insightful self-help, with gorgeous, show-off-worthy artwork?

And more importantly…

How valuable is it to get your hands on a copy of…

The World’s First Personal-Development Coffee-Table Book?

Eyes Wide Open blows the other books I read away.

You know what I did with those books?


They just sat on a shelf collecting dust.

Such world-renowned books turned into clutter once I was done reading them.

When it came time to move, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to cart them around. They certainly didn’t impress my friends.

The value of their ideas was decent enough, and stayed with me, but the book itself depreciated in value.

Eyes Wide Open solves this.

When you’re done reading it, it actually appreciates in value.

It becomes a positive impact on your home, your decor, your guests, friends, family.

How much would you pay to have your family open their own minds when they’re sitting at your coffee table?

How much would it cost you to send a family member to therapy for money issues, health issues, relationship issues, or communication issues?

Let’s say each page of the book is worth one therapy session, fair?

And say guests read at least three pages once they’ve picked up the book.

3 therapy sessions * $150 (avg. therapy cost) = $450 extra value via opening your family’s minds.

3 therapy sessions


$150 (avg. therapy cost)


$450 extra value via opening your family’s minds.

Eyes Wide Open can be a ‘ninja-stealth’ way to open your family’s eyes and get them to see things your way…

…without expensive therapy, and without you lifting a finger.

Name another book likely to do that!

Most personal development books aren’t likely to even be touched by a guest.

Imagine if you could get brilliant insights like the books above give, in less time, with more pictures, and when you were done, the book could actually be a centerpiece in your living room, or make a heart-touching gift to a friend, one they truly get excited to open?

Well you can, with Eyes Wide Open Volume 1.

And let’s be honest.

If you’ve found your way to this page…

…you’re smarter than average.

And you’re smart enough to read what’s on a single page, and get an epic takeaway from it.

You’re smart enough not to need 300 pages of repetitive bullsh*t just to grasp a single point.

You’re smart enough not to need constant personal anecdotes and shoegazing from an author, just to get a new insight about life.

You just need an author who will:

  • value your time
  • respect your intelligence, and
  • who takes steps to make their book a truly high-value experience for you.

Imagine if you could get key kernels of wisdom from the books mentioned above, and more… in just 27 pages, from a modern-day Socrates.

Wouldn’t that be worth a paltry $63?

That’s a pair of mediocre running shoes.

With all I’ve said in mind, $63 is a ‘steal.’

And you might even be surprised to know that $63 barely covers the costs of producing such a beautiful book.

I barely make even a profit on it.

(I may even be taking a loss if prices on paper or ink change in this economy!)

So what’s in it for me?

Well, most authors won’t come right out and say this, but:

I care about my legacy.

I care about leaving a positive mark on the world.

So although this isn’t about the money for me, it is about something.

It’s about preserving the decades of wisdom, study, practice, and experience in shifting perspectives I’ve gained.

It’s about not letting such valuable insights die without touching others.

It’s about getting the value I’ve been blessed with out to bright people…

…people like you.

It’s about being a candle that lights other candles.

I want you to thrive.

So think of how much more money you’ll make, how much time you’ll save, how many headaches you’ll avoid once you’ve internalized the empowering views within.

Many students of mine instantly navigate work interactions better, deal with clients better, handle relationship talks better, relieve their health care costs, laugh off haters, and more


but even the ones who are slower to digest new ideas end up letting the seeds sprout in their minds, leading them to more choices, actions, and resources that help them on their journey.

Fresh perspectives, when nurtured, always blossom into life-changing revelations that permanently elevate your life.

The book pays for itself almost instantly.

What’s the pricetag of a permanently clearer mind and permanently calmer emotions?

And I haven’t even gotten to the juicy bonuses yet.

Think about it.

If the World’s First personal-development coffee-table book…

The Belvedere of self-help books…

The Lamborghini of thought-leader books…

…isn’t worth the price of some running shoes to you…

You may want to check your priorities.

If you’re not confident you’re going to make a measly $63 dollars from a guy who’s helped Evan Carmichael make millions…

You may want to check your self-confidence.

If the physical, psychological, & emotional results Cynthia got from my ‘fresh views on taboos’ doesn’t inspire you to buy…

You may want to check your level of desire.

If a money-back guarantee from a truly sincere person who only wants you to succeed doesn’t soothe your fears…

You may want to check your rationality.

Oh, wait.

I didn’t mention the ‘new view’ guarantee, yet?

Please allow me to do so now.

The 'new view guarantee.'

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk." - Mark Zuckerberg

I’ve done my best to remove all risk here.

I’ve done my best to get valuable, life-changing ideas into your hands (and on to your coffee-table, computer desk, or bookshelf.)

I do this by offering a money-back guarantee.

If this book doesn’t give you eye-opening new perspectives on stuff that matters to you, or doesn’t look good on your coffee-table or office desk, or fails to satisfy you in any way…

…just email cynshineonline@gmail.com with the subject ‘refund’, arrange to have the book shipped back, and your money will be returned to you.

Because I made this to uplift, elevate, and help you.

I made it so the overall balance of your life would be ‘happier.’

I made it so you’d feel pleased and proud of your investment.

And if that’s not the case, then that book belongs in someone else’s hands.

If that’s the case, I don’t want your money.

And what makes this guarantee even better than most, is that…

I’ve also reduced the risk on your time.

I’ve done this by keeping the book concise but impactful.

If you think about it, buying is a super low risk decision:

  • Life-changing wisdom
  • in an efficiently quick read,
  • that can earn you more,
  • and keeps most of it’s value once read,
  • for half the price of some Air Jordans,
  • with a money-back guarantee.

I’m not sure how I could reduce the risk on this decision much more than this.

(Plus, since Blurb –our printing service– often offers special promos for first-time users, so you can probably pick EWO up for a discount right now!)

It’s a no-brainer.

You get some fantastic bonuses, too.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” ― Socrates

I call myself a teacher, but the truth is, people can only teach themselves.

All the teaching goes on in your own mind.

Two people could read the same thing, and person A could tune out, be combative, and learn nothing, while person B pays attention, practices what she’s ‘taught,’ and learns a lot.

The point is, like Socrates said, all I can do is make you think.

And so, when you order your copy of Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1, I’m giving you some bonuses that will inspire you to think more.

I’m throwing in a generous scoop of bonuses, which includes:

  • 10 Ryze Mind Cards [JPG]
  • 8 Steps To Monetize Anything [PDF]
  • How To Practice Effectively [PDF]
  • 10 Ryze Thought-Memes [JPG]

So not only do you get all 27 mindblasts, you also get the bonus shots of mental adrenalin listed above.

And they, together with your own badass self, have the power to free you from the shackles of old beliefs society’s burdened you with.

Are you ready?

Because when you let your heart resonate with what’s true in these materials…

When you let your mind play with the new perspectives…

When you let yourself embody fresh views…

That’s when you really start to take the reins in life and skyrocket your growth.

That’s when you really start to #ryze up.

So act now.

Why acting now is more important than you think.

The reason it’s important to act now isn’t what you think it is.

  • It’s not because ‘the deal will disappear,’ it won’t.
  • It’s not because ‘the price is going up,’ it isn’t.
  • It’s not because of any false scarcity or ‘fake urgency marketing bullsh*t’, I hate that stuff.

It’s vital you act now for one reason that’s very personal to you.

You have a limited life-span.

Most people understand this.

Of course we have limited lifespans. We all do, right?

Sure, obviously, we all come to earth, and we all leave it.


But what many people don’t realize…

Is that every day you spend clutching old views, is…

…a day you’re burning up your dream-life.

It’s you having one day less to achieve your dreams than you did yesterday.

Now, I value my time and I intend to get the best I can out of life while I’m here.

Which means I’ve gotta ditch old ways and reach for something new and improved.

How about you?

Did you do something to move towards your dreams yesterday?


Ok, cross it off the calendar.

That’s one day less of living your dream life.

How about today?


Cross off another one.

Tomorrow? I guess we’ll see.

The point is this:

The people who stumble across a page like this have an opportunity in front of them.

They have an opportunity to get closer to their dreams.

The choice looks like this:

They can pause the ‘auto-pilot’ of their lives and invest a little time & money to unlock huge progress towards their best life…


They can leave the auto-pilot on, rationalize to delay their purchase, and continue burning through the precious “dream-achievement” time life has given them.

Hopefully you’re the kind of person who acts now.

So here's what you get when you order.

Total Value: $675

Today, you only pay $63 USD.

You could even gift an extra copy to a friend, it makes a great gift. 😉

Only Available From Blurb

Note: Currently this book is exclusively available through Blurb, so you’ll need to ‘make an account’ and enter your payment info. (Only takes ~90 seconds of your time.) 

YOU'LL GET The "Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1" BOOK FOR...

$63.00 USD



When you buy you'll join these other happy people:

It’s $64.00. (plus $6.99 for shipping to the US, Taxes, Vat, Duties, etc are calculated at checkout based on your location.)

To search for a shipping price & delivery date estimate, please use Blurb’s shipping page to estimate the cost. http://www.blurb.com/shipping

Once ordered & purchased, it takes 4-5 business days to produce, plus 2-5 days to ship, for a total of 7-11 days, depending on the delivery method you select, and the destination. You’ll see estimated delivery dates at checkout.

Blurb ships to 98 countries, but does NOT offer rush delivery. (Also, due to covid, shipping time can be delayed, sincere apologies.) 

The paper costs about $10. Same goes for ink. Labor & production approximately the same, throw in taxes… and well, it all adds up. Tack on a tiny profit for all our blood, sweat, & tears in actually creating the world’s first self-help coffee-table book and… well… there ya go.

But it’s a book for people who appreciate the finer things in life. People who know that sixty bucks here or there in the grand scheme of things isn’t a big deal, and who know this book will open a lot of doors for them.

You’ll receive an email with the tracking number when Blurb ships your order.

If you have any issues or questions about delivery or tracking please contact Cynthia: cynshineonline@gmail.com and please include your order number in the subject line.

We could make it a normal paperback book for cheaper, but the knowledge & beliefs in this book are elite, and it’s served best when the book-format matches that. Most personal-dev gurus cheap out on their books, printing it in black and white on pulp. Eyes Wide Open deserves premium lustre paper & full color ink.

It’s a unique book, for unique people.

That said, we’re open to turning it into an ebook or paperback one day if it feels right.

PO Box delivery is only available for orders shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you’re shipping to a post office box in the above countries, select This is a PO Box when you create or edit an address.

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‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca's diagnosis as 'genius' as a child made him arrogant. This led to him scraping by as a homeless entrepreneur... for years. Eventually he got out by helping Evan Carmichael build his empire of 3 million followers. A brief stint as 'the bimbo whisperer' coaching OnlyFans models followed, after which he finally pivoted to his "Eyes Wide Open" podcast with his partner Cyn. His clients call him the ‘living mindf*ck’, ‘mindset adrenalin’, & ‘best mentor ever.’ He lives in Toronto, has read thousands of books, & can rap Godzilla by Eminem.

Bonus Story (because stories rock.)
Joe's Turnaround
—An Eyes Wide Open Tale—

The doctor told Joe that he was dying.

But Joe had had enough of doctors, and was a grizzled entrepreneur, used to going against the grain, besides.

So he figured he’d discuss his situation with his friend Sam, instead.

His bones felt tired, but his pants rustled listlessly against the smooth leather of his friend’s couch.

“Look, Joe, you’re a smart guy. In fact, you kind of inspired me to build my empire, but I don’t know what to tell you.” Sam said apologetically.

Joe didn’t reply right away. ‘How did I get here?’ he thought. He’d expected so much more from his life. He’d never expected to be sitting nervously in his friend’s mansion, while his own sticker-selling company lurched along like a zombie. It was dying too, along with Joe.

‘Nobody will miss it, unless I can somehow make something of it before it’s too late.’ Joe grimaced as the reality hit him.

And like, it’s not as if he didn’t try. He read self-help books. He studied business. He made good money for a while. Got married. He did everything you’re supposed to do. So why was he so plateau’d? His passion for business gone. Failed to write his memoirs. His body frail, looking decades older than his age.

“C’mon Sam, it’s a valuable, worthy company to buy. My wife’s gone. I have no kids. The company will disappear when I do. Please, help me leave a legacy.

Sam sighed.

Joe knew Sam cared about him, but it was clear he wouldn’t take StickerCo. off his hands. Why would he?

“Man, I dunno Joe. Let me make us some more coffee and I’ll think about it.” Sam picked up the cups and left the room.

Joe’s heart sunk, and his head drooped, and his gaze came to rest on one of Sam’s coffee-table books. The title read ‘Eyes Wide Open’ by ‘J-Ryze.’ It seemed to vibrate, as if calling to him. Joe reached underneath the table’s glass pane and picked it up. It felt good in his hand as he opened the first glossy black page. Weird, it seemed to be a self-help book? He’d barely read the foreword, when Sam returned with coffee.

“I’ve thought it through, over and over–“

“–and you’re just not interested in stickers, I get it.”

“Yeah, you know it’s nothing personal–“

“Yep, I figured as much. It’s fine. Thanks for listening. But you mind if I skip the coffee? I gotta take off.”

“Sure Joe, all good.”

“Thanks, and hey, you mind if I borrow this book?”

“By all means! I’m a bit surprised you mention it. That book changed my life. It literally re-wired my brain on s**t that matters. J-Ryze’s wisdom helped me make clearer decisions, see with fresh eyes, build my empire, rekindle my marriage, and find rock-climbing for fitness.”

“It sounds like an epic book that anyone would want, why so surprised I mentioned it?”

“Well, because even though it’s a compelling coffee-table book, people who’re feeling down usually gravitate away from it. It tends to attract people in more upbeat moods.”

“You’ve actually noticed a pattern?”

“Yeah, I leave it on my coffee table to see which person has an open enough mind for it. Most ignore it. Some pick it up, and then drop it on page five as if it’s on fire. Some start reading it here, and immediately order their own copy. You’re the only person who’s ever asked to take it out of my home.”

“Hmmm, I mean, I can leave it–“

“No, no, if you’re into it, it’s meant for you. That book played a huge role in who I am today. I’d love for you to read it.”


The next day Joe inhaled the entire book.

It was a short read with gorgeous pictures, and every word was made to count.

Regardless, he knew he’d be reading it again and again.

Because each page was like eating a full, satisfying meal…

…but for his mind.

Each page opened his eyes in major ways to things he’d taken for granted. Joe had had hundreds of conversations about money, fame, death, hustle, etc.

And those conversations never really got to the truth of things.

They were just people echoing society’s group-think.

J-Ryze tackled each subject with clarity, integrity, and precision. He revealed the truth. Joe realized this is what he’d needed his whole life. Because once he understood a topic, all his actions changed around it.

He read the page about monetization, and now understood how to revive his business. He made bold changes to StickerCo.

He read the page about sexual differences, and now understood women better than ever, giving him success in the dating market.

He read the page about the power of his cells, and now understood that he could be the exception to the ‘incurable patient.’

He began looking for better doctors, reading other authors like Joe Dispenza, and using the Wim Hof method of self-healing.

It was amazing that a handful of pages could elevate his perspectives that powerfully and direct him to so many leading-edge resources.

The book was a game-changer.

Joe breathed deep and clear.

Now, instead of feeling burdened and downtrodden, he felt hopeful and alive.

He knew his legacy had barely even begun, and he had a juicy adventure left to explore.

Joe was eager for whatever came next.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis


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