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The world has a wisdom problem.

Too many narrow views.
Too little precise advice.
Too much fake news.

People prefer fluff, flattery, &
sugar-coated lies to... the truth.

Hi, I’m J-Ryze!

I ran my business while homeless for years. Then I became Evan Carmichael’s secret weapon, building his brand for about a decade. And during all this, I noticed something interesting. Most people struggle to tell truth from lies. So they accept anything they hear from the media, influencers, and gurus. And the people who have a better chance at recognizing real wisdom… are seen as outcasts and weirdos by society. Which is why I offer the world’s best practical wisdom for rebels.

Have you ever...

Have you ever felt like you know better than most people, but still can’t get the results you want? This is a common affliction. I felt it for years as a gifted, but arrogant, youngster. Eventually karma and an extremely dark time in my life beat all my conceit out of me, and I began taking a real, honest look at myself and the results I was getting. The truth was I had a lot of value to give, that I simply was not getting out to the world very persuasively. Have you ever…

Wanted to cut through the bullsh*t?
Needed a judgment-free genius advisor?
Had trouble making decisions?
Felt like you need a shot of mental adrenalin?
Needed clear answers, fast?
Wanted solutions that click with you personally?
Needed someone who challenges you?
Wanted fresh views on taboos?
Wished you could be more badass?
Felt like there's something you're just not getting?

I am the solution.

OK, that sounded cockier than I wanted but… meh. I’m owning it. I’m owning it because my homeless years made me stronger, smarter, and more loving.  I embody clear truths, genius insights, and brilliant creativity. I stand up for what matters. I believe in people’s dreams & potential– often more than they do themselves. Because of this, I spark growth. Real, visceral growth. People simply can’t remain timid, still, or neurotic in my presence. All negative personality traits get burned away if someone can remain in my circle.

If you’re not here with a pure heart, sincerely looking to grow, you’re not a fit. Contrarian, knee-jerk, ego-driven people never have a pleasant time with me. They get their issues called out & challenged almost instantly and instead of using it as a chance to grow, they resist, fight, and get kicked to the curb. It’s not personal, it’s just fact.

I’ve been a conceited, narcissistic asshole. I’ve been homeless, betrayed, jailed, doubted, and failed many businesses. My partner is an ex-addict. I used to run a kink clothing brand. I’ve seen and heard it all, and I judge no one. I’ve worked on myself a tremendous amount to free myself of judgment and create a safe space for people to be honest with me.

I can give platinum-level solutions and insights and I do it fast and affordably. But I won’t tolerate people lying to me. If you’re not selling because it feels “yucky” to you, I expect to hear it.  If you wasted your whole day jacking off to porn instead of applying my solutions, I expect that to be shared. If you feel guilted by your family and drop the ball on your biz, I expect you to own it. I don’t judge, so you have nothing to fear, but a doctor can’t help you if you lie about your symptoms, and I can’t help you if you lie about your choices.

Here's what makes me different.

A modern merlin delivering fresh views on taboos.

Teacher Of Rebels - Demo Reel 2021


J-Ryze Is...

Truth-Bombs 99%
Insight 87%
Efficiency 83%
Passion 91%
Artistry 79%

Clear, Instant Wisdom

Most 'gurus' waste your time.

Most ‘experts’ take 30 minutes, just to give you 5 minutes worth of wisdom. They talk ‘from experience’ about what works ‘for them.’ They do NOT talk about what works for YOU. I’m better. I give deeper, clearer, more satisfying insights to you in less time. Period. And the passion in my delivery is palpable. I may say “like” too many times, but you’ll walk away from my speech a smarter, wiser, better equipped person who feels in control and bigger than whatever problem you arrived with.

Distilled growth

I helped Evan grow a 3,000,000 subscriber mega-brand in ~10 years.

I helped Cyn do a full splits in 9 days. I helped uplift Amy’s beliefs about ‘selling’ in a 40-min. writing exercise. I helped Lisa make her first dollar in a single 10-min. conversation.

Whatever issue you bring to me, I will sky-rocket your growth far beyond what you imagined… and all you have to do is be open-minded & co-operate.

Mindset Adrenalin

When I teach it's adrenalin for your mind, your soul.

I mean it. I’m not satisfied unless the solutions I’m offering click. I make a point of speaking truths that vibe right & resonate to your core. They’ll get you fired up and out of your chair, doing shit that matters. I can’t stand hollow words, canned answers, or fluff. Most influencers giving you advice just want clicks, views, and ad dollars, but IDGAF about that stuff. I care about your growth. I insist on real growth produced from what I offer, or there’s no point in me even talking.


Other gurus won't criticize you, because they want your money.

Most experts are needy & greedy for your clicks. They care more about ‘their numbers’ than they do about speaking the truth. They’re almost like politicians, trying to get every vote and ruffle no feathers. Not me though. I’ll happily criticize you. Well, not you, exactly, because I love and believe in you. But I will criticize the choices you make, the actions you take, and the attitudes you bring. Because criticism isn’t a bad thing. It’s just another word for feedback, and quality feedback is insanely valuable. And the only way anyone gets better is with pure, real, honest, sincere, clear, truthful feedback. And my feedback is the best. Period.


Pop dreams

Most experts you meet won't know pop culture.

They’ll know a tiny handful of basics: Game Of Thrones, Lady Gaga, Oprah, and that’s about it. I’m different. I’ve watched 1000s of TV series, listened to 100,000+ songs, and read millions of words. Not to mention the countless creations I’ve made across many disciplines. I know that brands aren’t just built on transactions & profit alone. They’re built on ritual, story, and art. I’ve an incredible taste for beauty, understanding of artistry, and comfort with pop commerce and I use them to take you much further than everybody else.


I'm not kidding. When I say zero, I mean zero.

I’ve had people reveal their freaky fetishes. I’ve had them confess to crimes. I’ve had them betray me, doubt me, hate me, blame me. I’ve had everything and wasted it. I’ve failed insanely hard. I’ve walked out of interviews, I’ve separated from fam. I’ve been evicted, jailed, homeless and suicidal. Nothing you’ve thought or done is as dark and bad as what I’ve seen. Trust me when I say, I judge no one. And even the best influencers you can name, –save Sadhguru I guess– can’t give you the acceptance and non-judgment I do. (I’m no doormat though, respect required.)

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for handling the darkness of others.
Carl Jung


I've faced my darkness.

As a kid I had a lot going for me. I had an IQ of 167, went to a gifted school, and was popular with all the different cliques. I skipped University because I was already making $60/hr. When that was done, I went through a bunch of girlfriends & jobs, but eventually ended up struggling to run my business homeless on the cold streets of Toronto.

I did that for nearly 3 years before I gave up and tried to commit suicide, but I failed at that too. It absolutely crushed my ego and self-worth to have so much talent, intelligence, and drive… but fail at everything I touched.

After lying on a bench for over thirty hours, I went to the library to find some shade, and passed the time by giving my advice away free on the net. All day every day I gave the best answers I could to whatever question I could find.

And I started getting clients. Big clients. And things started turning around, big time. I collaborated with Evan Carmichael on building his brand for the next decade… and now I’m helping others.

P.S. There’s a lot more darkness than I can mention here. Betrayals, my jail experience, the disrespect, family drama, sex, drugs, and on and on.

That's why I can light the way through your darkness.

I mean, not literally, but wisdom, clarity, and insight really do feel… enlightening. Just sayin’.

It’s time for your path to light up. It’s time for confusion to dissolve. It’s time to reclaim control of you biz, relationships, and health. Your time is now, because…

The Rebels shall inherit the earth.

And I don’t even mean that as a cliche or some weird bible reference. I mean it for real. Almost literally. Because since I was a kid I’ve had a dream.

I dream of building a new city for rebels.

A new culture. A new way of life. The same way we replace old appliances & ancient smartphones when it's time to upgrade... I believe it's time we do that with our cities, systems, and culture.

It seems obvious to me that our world needs this.

But ditching the old in favor of the new can cause growing pains for some. Those who are comfortable in their bubbles, who clutch on to ego, or seek tradition rather than evolve… are not a fit for this dream.

So I'm starting by helping the change-makers.

Whether you’re a gamer, artist, pornstar, coder, ceo, rapper —whatever— as long as you want to live life in rebellious way, I’m psyched to help you.


Want a taste of ryze?

I’ve written some truly valuable things over the years. I admit I’m not the world’s best writer, there are some stumbling blocks, but the information and value in there is off-the-charts worthwhile.


Do you need a webinar to learn to ride a bicycle? No? Same goes for business. I’ll prove it to you. Not even Gary Vee explains business this well.


Am I even meant to have an hourglass bod? Don’t we live in a body-positive society? Isn’t hourglass just slutty? All these answered and more.


All coaches are NOT created equal. Are you even sure you have a truly good one? How would you know?

And here's a taste of what paid members get.

Persuasion Tips & Tricks: Basics That Work

From “One-Sentence Persuasion” to the “Mr. Rogers’ Method”, this will get you persuading really, really, really damn well… fast.

I may look young, but i've been doing this for a long time.

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Pieces Of Content
Celebrity Client

In fact, I've actually been doing it since i was a kid.

Things can be easier, more effective,
& more fun for you.

You already have the keys to life.

But sometimes it helps to hear them echoed back to you from a truth-teller.

You can access them with an open, receptive mind, eager for real talk. Be curious. Sincere. Seek true understanding and growth, don’t just look to argue.

Believe in your focus and attention. Believe that if you put your mind towards learning from me, you’ll make fast progress in any area of your life.

Why?  Because it’s true.



There’s nothing wrong with wanting money. It actually helps the economy. But no one’s told you the real deal-breakers to wealth-creation.



Society hasn’t taught you about time properly. Parents & teachers have given you bad time-habits & time-mindsets. You deserve better.

See what others are saying.

Happy Clients
Evan Carmichael

Want to see even more praise for J-Ryze?

Click the button to see an entire page of almost a hundred rave reviews, including a video testimonial from Evan Carmichael! I’ve actually helped a lot more than this, but so many people praise Jay in one day, we don’t have space to show them all. So we collected the best 100 for you here.

Almost everything you've been taught...
needs re-taught.

Here's a sample of what I taught Cynthia in a year:

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Some other interesting tidbits about J-Ryze.

Jay doesn’t like to brag about his many talents, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them. He has an abundance, and has lived a truly interesting life. This section will give you a few tidbits.

Explains business success in 1 phrase.

A single, thirteen-word sentence sums up business success in the simplest terms possible.

Jay can karaoke 'Godzilla' by Eminem

"I could swallow a bottle o' alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla..."

Illustrate 'Built To Serve' by Evan...

Evan Carmichael's best-selling book has Jay's name in the front cover.

He's a renaissance-man & polymath.

I've lost track of all the disciplines he excels at.

Ran his biz while homeless for 2+ years.

It sucked, but made him stronger, wiser, and more humble.

Interviewed from a subway platform.

He had to cover the mouth-piece whenever a train passed.

Instant momentum on any topic.

If you bring Jay a sincere problem or question, he can instantly get you headed towards solutions.

Effectively plays all champs in League.

League Of Legends has 150+ champs. Jay can play all of them fairly well.

Photoshop & re-touch wizard.

He's retouched many model's photos, and held 11 art exhibitions of his printed & digital works.

He's never met an art he was bad at.

Painting, writing, graphics, web design, coding, DJing, song-writing, choreography, etc.

Has transformed over 10,000 beliefs.

For himself and others, including some incredibly stubborn ones on health, wealth, and love.

Coded a 3-level game prototype.

In 3 months, without ever having used Unity before.

Received an official 'spirit award'...

...from York University, despite not attending a single class there.

Why don't you offer programs & packages?

Because program-sellers are really just recipe-sellers. And 'recipes for success' are for amateurs. They're for chumps. They're for casuals who want a step-by-step process to magically win at life. But that's not how success works. Success is not a recipe. Life is not a recipe.

Life is a gourmet meal and you're the chef. At ryze we create master chefs. We give you skills far beyond a store-bought recipe. You either join us to truly become better, or you follow some guru's recipe only to find out it doesn't work well for you.

And that's why we don't offer 'programs' and 'packages.'