Soaring Beliefs Book Standup

I wrote the world's first personal development coffee-table book.

It’s called “Soaring Beliefs” and it re-wires your beliefs on topics that matter. Get deep, life-changing wisdom on health, money, fame, death, art, business, and much more.

Your beliefs build your empire.

Business Accelerator & Empire Building

Free Empire Mini-Course

Free Empire Mini-Course

What do Gary Vee, Sadhguru, DJ Khaled, Oprah, & Kim Kardashian know about Empire-Building that most people miss?

Soar Business Accelerator With Evan Carmichael

Soar Accelerator w/ Evan

A great business needs a great leader. Let us help you become one. For serious peeps only 🙂

Empire-Building 101

Empire-Building 101 Full

Content, branding, culture, & more. Get 1 wisdom-email a week for the whole year, hand-crafted for leaders like you.

Empire Building Vids

Be gentle, I’m not a video-guy, but I’ve gotten a lot of praise for these. 🙂

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How to create an empire-level name

The pilot episode of #RisingEmpires teaches you hidden secrets of creating a valuable brand name. It goes way beyond other “how to name” posts out there. It digs into the easy-but-subtle tricks that big brands like Nike, SpaceX, & Uber use to win.

Health secrets | 2-Hour megamix

Modern medicine is ineffective. Big pharma is more interested in selling drugs than creating wellness. It shouldn’t take 100s of thousands of dollars to heal. The human body is insanely powerful at self-repair. Dr. Dispenza, Dr. Rankin, Marisa Peer, Naveen Jain, and other famous health leaders show us a better way.

How to make an empire-level logo

Tired of boring logo tips like “be creative” and “use a vector” ? Enjoy Matt’s journey through logo-design and gain a deeper, true-er, real-er understanding of what it means to create a brand-worthy logo. Things become clear when we look at Apple, McDonald’s, Chanel and more.

Some T-Shirts I Made For Friends

Not a fashion-designer either, but people seem to like my shirts.

RyzeKink Clothing Line

RyzeKink - Apparel Shop

Spear-headed by @cynshineonline2 this clothing line helps women #SlayShame using Kink, Fashion, & Law Of Attraction.


Adorable Zodiac Collection

I looked everywhere for cute, sexy tees that rep each star-sign well. I figured there'd be plenty... there were none. So I made my own.

Rebel Leader Tee

Express your identity & claim your fame, with this celebration of free-thinking words. This tee's similar to other 'entrepreneur' shirts, but cleaner, punchier, & a solid stand on who you are.

Music Videos I Made

As above, gentle pls 🙂

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A boy escapes the ghetto, becoming rap royalty, creating a family, & elevating an entire culture in the process. Enjoy Jay Z’s life story: discover the moments that shaped him and explore his career awards & milestones. Plus, check out cameos from Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Damon “Dame” Dash, Barack Obama, and more. Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter is a unique entrepreneur, & there’s more to his story.

The Top 10 Series highlights success stories, but what about the next generation? There are talented, soon-to-be success stories right here on YouTube, and they may be going undiscovered. I’m taking this chance to spotlight music-preneuers who’ve stepped up to put their own unique spin on Havana by Camila Cabello. If you like the artists, check them out, show them some love. You can even let them know Evan sent you 😉

The world’s most vilified rapper overcomes pain, death, and struggle to create a touching family legacy. Enjoy Kanye West’s life story, discover the moments that shaped him, and explore his career awards & milestones. Plus, check out cameos from Donda West, Kim Kardashian, North, Saint, and others. Did this story make you feel something? Express yourself in the comments below 🙂

Me On Social

I prefer to be mostly “ninja-behind-the-scenes”, or “remote guru-on-the-mountain”, but I do have social accounts lol.

Instagram’s where most of my juicy, free, epic content is lately.

I’m here occasionally.

Peeps seem to like my videos, but honestly, I haven’t felt like posting much here.

Miscellaneous & Older Stuff 🙂

Miscellaneous older stuff that peeps still enjoy.

Catchy billboard remixes, ambient lo-fi, edm, & occasional alt. throwbacks. (Stuff that won’t be muted in Twitch VoDs.)

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When I was a kid I made a tribute to women I found sexy. It had half a million views at one point, so here it is.

I’ve studied every topic under the sun, incl. sex. David Deida is a visionaries on sex, intimacy, & relationships. Here a ~150mb sample of his work.

P.S. Special thanks to @cynshineonline2 for inspiring this page!