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Content Is NOT King: Amy’s Story

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Amy’s cards weren’t selling.

Zero profits were robbing her kids of hobbies.

Gary the Guru said to “post daily,” and even her own father, pro-marketer Tony Liu, said his teams swear by the phrase “content is king.”

So (teamless) Amy posted card-videos 7 days a week.

But still… Amy got no sales.

So she ‘stalked’ other solopreneurs to see what they’re doing.

They posted sporadically, yet somehow earned more than her. When asked, they all replied:

“We spend 10% time on content, while spending 90% time getting traffic and exposure on the content we already have.”

Earning more with less content sounded great.

But Amy couldn’t go against her own father’s advice… could she? Still, something had to change.

So, she bravely ignored the gurus and dropped to one piece of content weekly. She committed 40 hours to traffic generation & engagement. And it worked!

She doubled her card sales, and soon had a base of loyal buyers, while hardly making any “new content.” She now knew that “traffic is king, and content’s barely a knight.” And she shared this with others to beat the crippling narrative every guru was spewing.

Her new motto made huge waves in the solopreneur world…

“If you’re alone, why are you taking content advice from gurus with big teams?


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