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It’s sad how often I hear the following sentence:

"But I already have a coach."

You already have a phone, a doctor, or a business too… but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them. The trick is to be aware of whether or not an upgrade is in order. Let’s walk through the questions I like asking about people’s coaches.


How well does your coach understand you?

Do they understand your hopes & dreams? Do they solve only the problems they’re ‘good’ at, or do they focus on what’s most important to you?

When I ask this, my conversation partner tends to reply:

"Oh, yeah, for sure, yep, uh-huh! My coach totally gets me."

But it’s rarely true.

How clear are your coach's lessons?

Does your coach deliver instant a-ha moments? Or is their input a foggy window you can barely see through? Say your coach was to teach you how important & valuable ‘frustrations’ are? Would the lesson be abundantly clear?

Does your coach explain how to go from a negative belief to a positive one so clearly that you could teach it to a friend?

When this question comes up, most people I speak with just go sheepishly silent, because most of the coaches out there are confusing as hell. And not one of them understands the real reason frustrations actually help you.


Good coaching is good teaching and nothing else.

Pat Conroy

How fast does your coach teach you?

How fast is your coach at helping you?

If your coach really understands life, if they really understand you, if they really understand your issue… a solution takes about 15 minutes of your day.

Life is 20% learning and 80% practice. Your coach should be giving you clarity & emotional tools to rock life, then leaving you free to practice them, not rambling on about their own life instead of yours.

Assuming you don’t interrupt them, if your coach can’t explain how to transform your body, or how to master time-management, or how to excel at your craft in 15 minutes, they’re probably wasting your time.

"Holy. I don't think I've ever learned anything important in 15min."

How ambitious is your coach?

You wanna go far? You need a coach on the same wavelength.

A rising star like you needs a rising coach. Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Phil Knight had Bill Bowerman. Oprah had Maya Angelou.

I’m not saying you need an already-famous coach, but if you want to go far in your career, you need a coach who wants to go far in theirs.

Here people usually answer begrudgingly…

"I don't think my coach is very ambitious."

How well does your coach 'get' life?



No one likes to admit this, but IQ matters. Intelligence matters, especially in a coach.

If your coach can’t tell what’s important and what’s fluff, you’ll waste time on the wrong lessons.

If your coach can’t quickly adapt and evolve to situations, they won’t be able to navigate complex issues. If your coach can’t spot potential problems before they crop up, you’re in for a rough ride.

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - einstein



This is equally, if not more important, than intelligence.

Your coach should masterfully be able to navigate your triggers. They should be skilled at soothing your energy and feelings until the two of you reach the truth together.

If there’s a lot of friction, walking on eggshells, and emotional landmines in your chats, you have the wrong coach for you.

“Use pain as a stepping stone, not a camp ground.” - Alan Cohen



A coach helps you realize your dreams. They help you create the reality you want. So they need to understand the foundation of self-evolution: DESIRE. They need to help you master the tools of Law Of Attraction: BELIEFS & EMOTIONS.

If your coach doesn’t get the intimate & powerful relationship between your desires, your beliefs, and your emotions… they’ll be extremely ineffective at helping you.  Period.

“What you think you create. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you become.” - Anonymous

"Well I've never measured their IQ or EQ, so..."

If this is someone’s response, I know they’ve missed the entire point.

How attentive is your coach?

Does your coach notice your nervous ticks, then dig deeper to solve their root causes… or do they ignore them? Does your coach spot subtle language patterns that reveal deeper issues, and help you transcend them? Does your coach notice your energy drop around certain topics and help you elevate it so you can succeed in key areas of life and business?

For most people the answer to all of this is…

"Unfortunately not."

J-Ryze Coach

Who, exactly, seeks out a coach? If you ask a coach, the answer is usually the same: Winners who want even more out of life.

- The Chicago Tribune

Does your coach challenge you or coddle you?

A mother may coddle you. A therapist may coddle you. But a coach? A coach is meant to challenge you. A coach is meant to make you stronger, faster, richer, better, happier. A coach understand periods of rest and recovery, but a coach does not ‘coddle.’

Your coach is your mental sparring partner, and they’d better be in shape. If your coach is babysitting you, spoon-feeding you, and keeping you safe in your mental crib… they are not a coach.

"Sigh. They likely don't challenge me because they want my money."

Is your coach! stringing you along?

Many coaches --consciously, or subconsciously-- try to make you dependent on them. They make you rely on them and count on them and need them like a drug. Because they know once you're hooked, you're money in their pocket for life.

They know if they make solutions take a long time, they'll milk you for more money.

A good coach, a true coach, will do their best to make you NOT need them. They'll teach you to be strong, to stand on your own, to use your own power and skills 'til you become your own superhero.

And true coaches count on you sticking around not out of need, but out of joy, fun, and collaboration.

One more. Last but not least.

Is your coach truly worth your time & money?

This is probably the most important question you can ask.

Is your coach really worth it?

They should be.

Your coach should be valuable. You should walk away from every interaction with them with your mind blown. Or major actionable steps. A new perspective in your biz or life.

Your coach should be the best teacher you’ve ever had. Someone who turns you into the superhero you know you are.

"Well, until now, I thought they were."

Coaches are aware of how to ignite passion and motivate people. They have an energy that is contagious and know exactly how to get people excited.

Brian Cagneey

A personal story from Cyn.

Many people pay tons of money for a coach, then walk away months later –broke– with zero business-growth, zero life-growth, and disappointed in the experience.

One of my clients felt the same way… but we gave her a free week in our coaching group for rebel-preneurs and this is what she said before investing in permanent membership:

"I got more value from you guys in a week than I did from my $1500 coach in 3 months."
Dianne McRae
Beauty Booster

Dianne was in debt because of her former ‘coach,’ and regrets not getting to know her first before committing to that amount of money.

Cynthia Cynshine Moreno In our group, I won’t guarantee you’ll grow your business… because just like Phil Jackson coaching Michael Jordan, the performance is up to you. But we’ll definitely show you a ton of tips, tricks, and secret teachings that unlock your abilities.

What we do is way different from other coaches.

But no point in me talking about it. I can say it all day long but if you don’t check out our group for yourself and meet J-Ryze yourself, then you’ll never know. Pull the trigger like a boss. Don’t wonder if you made a mistake by walking away from a FREE gift of business growth.