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Whole Recipe Vs. Single Steps (Gurus?)

Xyphelle the Martian dreamt of baking a cake. So she turned to Earth’s culinary experts for advice. ‘Ella’ stressed quality ingredients, so Xy invested in premium flour, which resulted in a costly catastrophe. ‘Gordon’ advised ‘bloody good utensils,’ which Xy bought, but still created an unpalatable mess. ‘Nigella’ gushed on presentation, so Xy enrolled in … Read more

Amy’s Cardmaking Miracle (Business, Family, & Mental Health)

Amy’s crafting biz faced constant losses due to endless drama in her life. Amid misbehaving kids, hubby’s financial woes, and friends’ relationship crises, finding time for Xmas cards, let alone marketing, was impossible. When she did get a free moment, she’d escape into Netflix, long showers, or a haze of weed. Time-management courses and avoiding … Read more