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Calling All Bimbos: The World Needs You

Especially now, more than ever before.

Beauty is just as valuable as intellect.

I repeat…

No matter what society says, please know this:

Beauty is just as valuable as intellect.

Know that having a refined body takes just as much commitment…
…as having a refined mind.

Know that it’s inspiring when people use their assets to succeed…
whatever those assets may happen to be.

Hyperfemmes like Pamela Anderson…

Deserve similar praise to…

Hypermascs like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So be as feminine as you like (harm-free) because…
…boundary-pushers are a blessing.

And in our power-hungry, money-obsessed, patriarchal world…
…hyperfeminine people are needed now more than ever.

Though there’s a label society uses to marginalize hyperfeminine souls…


But there’s a funny thing about labels…

Labels can be reclaimed.

‘Geek’ was reclaimed.
‘Queer’ was reclaimed.
‘Slut’ was reclaimed.

And now it’s time to reclaim the word ‘bimbo.’

But to reclaim a label takes brave world-changers.

If you want a world where bimbos are celebrated rather than denigrated, it will take courage, because…

For a world like that to exist, (budding) bimbos everywhere must come out of hiding, step up, and shine brighter.

For a world like that to exist, more of us must make feminine values a priority.

That means…

Playfulness over productivity.

Sensuality over efficiency.

Beauty over intellect.


This idea scares some people.

They think to themselves…

Won’t civilization collapse if I stop being so intellectual, so productive, so efficient?

No, it won’t.


Take a breath.

Embracing bimbohood won’t cause the world to end.

No one has to live the masculine way, if it doesn’t feel right.

We don’t need everyone to be productivity-obsessed. Things don’t all have to be a straight line. There’s room for curved approaches. Life doesn’t have to be ‘efficiently moving from A to B.’ You don’t have to live on pure hustle & grind.

In fact, the world has way too much masculine vibes already. That’s why there’s so much war, violence, and polarizing discord lately.

The world needs roses, sunsets, & curves.
The world needs bimbos.
The world needs you.

So even if you get hated on at first, know this…

You investing in femininity is a valuable blessing…

And it will empower, enhance, and elevate your life.

(And many others.)

Society has enough people playing small and sidestepping their femme dreams.

Don’t let that be you too.

You deserve better.
You deserve to be your best, hyperfeminine you.

So be brave.

Be courageous.

Be a bimbo.

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