RyzeSesh Weekly Q&A - Calendar & Schedule

Next Scheduled Ryzesesh On facebook live:
10:30am EST - Friday, Oct 15th, 2021

7:30am PST   |  8:30am MST   |  2:30pm GMT

If you absolutely can’t make it but want your question answered, you can try posting them in the FB group, but no guarantees! 🙂


Sessions are usually Friday at 10:30am EST unless otherwise specified, and last one hour.

They have a limit of ~10 people to ensure everyone gets their questions answered.

They take place in our Exclusive Facebook Group For Rebels.

Click the button below to go there OR scroll down for 5 tips for a smooth Q&A experience.

Incredibly Helpful Steps

1. Request group access.

Hopefully you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ryzesesh/ , click “Join Group” and I’ll approve you ASAP.


2. Bookmark the group.

It’s pretty important to bookmark the group, because when it’s time for our Live Q&A, you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to find the link while everyone else is enjoying the session.

Unfortunately Facebook is a bit cluttered and tricky to navigate, so this is the best solution I’ve found.


3. Update your own calendar.

Your calendar is important, and it’s probably what you rely on to make sure you don’t miss valuable events, so take a moment to put our Weekly RyzeSesh Q&A in it. (And if you don’t keep a calendar, I highly suggest you start one, it’s a true game-changer for making sure your life goes smoothly.)

4. Bookmark this page.

(Optional) This page (jryze.me/calendar) should always be a clear, reliable way of finding the group and when the next live-sesh is scheduled, so it’s probably worth book-marking as well.

5. Check your gear.

(Optional) Make sure your speakers, volume, browser, and computer are solid and in working order, it’d suck to miss your chance to ask questions because you were busy with a spontaneous reboot or something, eh? 🙂

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