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Bimbo Wealth Bootcamp

For Spiritual OnlyFans Bimbos (Or whatever other platform you use.)

Make $1000 more / Mth. from your OnlyFans when you join our 60-day Bootcamp.

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Learn to manifest wealth directly from The Bimbo Whisperer.

To Make $1000 Extra / Mth. You'll Learn:

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"Do I need to be super-spiritual for this?
Am I getting $1000 extra with my mind?"

No you don’t need to be super-spiritual.

And no this isn’t some woo-woo mind-trick.

This is simple ’cause and effect’ actions you can take.

This program is about 20% mindset-based, and 80% action-based.

Why? Because transforming our minds is a life-long game, but making $1000 in 60-days is a ‘get-on-the-keyboard-and-go’ kind of game. We’ll be teaching you real, solid, practical steps and actions you can take immediately to increase your cashflow.

Yes, we’re spiritual folk. Yes we’ve studied and practiced Law Of Attraction for years. Yes we will be covering some key concepts in this area…

But ultimately, you have the power to make money, just by doing a few simple actions, and that’s the focus of this program.

What You Get (To Help You Make $1000+ A Month):

A once-a-week, 60min. Discord call with @thebimbowhisperer (J-Ryze) and @cynshineonline2 (me, Cyn) in a small-group setting, where he’ll teach how to make $1000 extra from your OnlyFans in sixty days.

He’ll cover everything from identity & mindset, to Law of Attraction to , money & wealth. You’ll also get two optional bonus lessons on focus & time-management, as well as, ‘beating the odds’ through perspective-shifts. (The last two weeks are for you to practice what you’ve learned and make sure you’ve nailed profitable-selling.)

And we know once a week isn’t usually enough guidance, interaction, or accountability for most people who are learning to improve their wealth and abundance, so I will be having an individual, one-on-one call with you each week as well.

Calls with me are 30-to-90 minute video meetings on Discord where you’ll enjoy some time in my ‘Bimbo Bookclub’ where we’ll read some money-making content together, then break them down so you really ‘get’ them on a deeper level.

The rest of the time is spent going over your outreach, comments, DMs, or any other issues that may come up. (I’m also available to you daily via Discord-DM, to give you even more support.)

You get all this wisdom, guidance, and personal attention…

…plus an insanely ridiculous amount of bonus tips, tricks, and resources which we’ll outline more for you further down the page.

Make $1000+ / Mth. Group Lesson Timeline & Breakdown:


How to choose a fun 'wealth identity'

Whatever identity we choose deep down in our hearts we eventually become. Most people won't ever consciously choose a wealthy identity so most people never become what they could. This lesson is a foundation for putting you on a path to making $1000 a month or more!

How to choose a fun 'wealth identity'

Week 1
60 min.


Decision-mastery for fast growth

Many people minimize their decision-making, but to improve any area of your life... the more decisions in that area, the better. Beyoncé made many decisions about performing. Marilyn Monroe made many about beauty. Both knew it was the way to succeed & this lesson helps you make more 'wealthy' decisions.

Decision-mastery for fast growth

Week 2
60 min.
I Want It!


Money As A Symbol you control... easily

Money is a side effect of value. Since caveman times our economy has been based on value exchange. And since you were 'born valuable', that means you control how your value flows. Once you realize you control your value flow, you'll quickly learn that you also control your money flow. This lesson teaches you how.

Money As A Symbol you control... easily

Week 3
60 min.


Manifest wealth by reaching for better thoughts

Your thoughts are crazy-powerful but chances are you either weren't taught to reach for better thoughts regularly, or you're out of practice thinking better thoughts. This lesson solves both, and gets you on your way to making $1000+ a month!

Manifest wealth by reaching for better thoughts

Week 4
60 min.
I Want It!


Time-Abundance & Making Focus Fun

Everyone you look up to has the same 24 hours as you. They found ways to create 'time abundance' in their lives and focus on what's really important to them, moment to moment. In this lesson you'll learn these easy skills to make time management a breeze.

Time-Abundance & Making Focus Fun

Week 5
60 min.
I Want It!


Want to beat the odds? Shift your perspective

Truly successful people in life found a way to 'beat the odds.' You can either have a perspective that leaves you at the mercy of the odds or one that makes you an exception to the odds. This lesson teaches you how to have the latter.

Want to beat the odds? Shift your perspective

Week 6
60 min.
I Want It!

Also Note Our...


The ONLY LOA Wealth Bootcamp For Bimbos

We're the only ones out there teaching you how to use law of attraction AND inspired actions to make that money! We will teach you how to make money, how to love yourself, love the process, and love your fans even more than you already do!


Jay has been teaching business for over two decades. He has made thousands of people money. He's elevated countless brands, bodies, and minds. He's an actual life-changing genius who will blow your mind with every conversation and lesson!

With Cyn's Convenient Text-Support

Other boot camps teach you once a week & then leave you on your own. But I will be in daily contact with you via Discord DM. I'll hold your hand and walk you through the program every step of the way, IF you want.

1. Have Your Discovery Call w/ Cyn

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me to apply for our program. I'll get right to the point and ask you a few questions to see if you qualify to join our group of bimbos learning to make $1000 extra from their OnlyFans (or main platform) in 60 days!

2. Become A Ryzing Star

After you're approved by me to join our boot camp you will receive the link to pay for your investment in yourself. After you buy, you will then receive an email confirmation with the link to join us for our next class on January 30th at 10:30am EST in our Discord!

3. Get Yourself ... 'Schooled'

January 30th you will login to Discord and join the other 4 'Spicy Accountants', myself, & Jay for our first lesson. We'll do brief intros to get to know each other, but the main focus is to learn as quickly as possible so you can get started making that money. Questions for Jay are highly encouraged.

4. Money, Money, Money

Now you've nearly completed the course & are doing all the things to make your money grow. We intend for you to make way more than $1000, but you can't make more if you don't crush this first goal, & we're pulling out all the stops to ensure you do. #TogetherWeRyze

Want a taste of Jay's fire?

All of that for only $597!
(And we haven't even got to the juicy AF FREE bonuses yet!)

I’m not kidding. Jay has created a mountain of valuable resources for people over the years, and we’ve hand-picked things that will help any OnlyFans model absolutely crush their financial goals. As I said, we’ll dig deeper into them shortly, but first a bit about Jay and myself.

Psyched and ready to invest in yourself? (Starts January 30th)


The Founders

Of The Bimbo Wealth Bootcamp

J-Ryze is an ex-homeless entrepreneur who failed 16+ businesses. He lifted himself up by advising Evan Carmichael for years and helped him grow his brand & YouTube channel from a thousand subscribers to 3 million.

Then Jay met super-friendly me, taught me abundance, and helped me with my bimbo-transformation. In turn, I convinced him to share his wisdom with spiritual OnlyFans bimbos and to launch this unique boot camp.

"But why learn from a man who
doesn't even have an OnlyFans?

Because Jay has helped clients (including me!) earn on all the major platforms. Straight up, the wisdom to ‘make money’ has existed long before OnlyFans debuted.

In fact, Jay’s so confident he can help people elevate their wealth, he literally doesn’t care what platform you use.

Making money is just an abundant attitude, paired with abundance-beliefs, leading to abundant action– and this can be done by anyone, in any culture, under any conditions, in any environment… on any platform.

Doesn’t it make sense to learn from someone who understands wealth on this level?

Confession-time: I wasn’t always Jay’s girlfriend. Long before that happened, I started as his client. He taught me how to grow my stale Instagram account from 200 to 3000 in mere weeks (and when IG banned that account, I used what he taught me to grow two more IG accounts to even greater numbers).

Jay’s advice worked so well that I went out and implemented it on Facebook, where I got six new clients in a single week. Then he helped me with Hive (a cryptocurrency social platform), where I grew my audience quickly again, and got us our biggest client yet (plus four smaller, wonderful clients too). Then I did the same thing on Reddit, where I immediately implemented his techniques and got 2 more clients right away.

Once you understand value, business, and marketing reasonably well, the platform simply does not matter.

Jay launched his @thebimbowhisperer Instagram account  last month, and in under a week he got Alicia Amira to share his account in her stories. Jay’s been helping people with this for decades and his track record speaks for itself.

IF you make the work FUN, you WILL be successful, regardless of which platform you choose. 

Jay doesn’t need his own OnlyFans account to teach you deep lessons about wealth-generation. He’s helped me grow every platform I’ve ever asked him to, and he can teach you to grow yours.

You don’t need to do anything shady, rude, or spend more money. All you have to do is listen & learn, apply what you learn, ask questions, and make the work fun.

As you do this, you’ll see that knowing how to make money on one platform, means knowing how to make money on all of them. Instead of making spicy content of our own, we’re busy busy helping YOU make $1000 more in 60 days!

"But what if it's too hard to make $1000 more?"

We totally understand anyone who’s asking questions like this, because we’ve all been taught that making money is hard, growing a business is hard, and that it takes hard work to triumph in life.

But whoever taught us that was wrong, because making money is actually simple, and relatively easy. Business is an activity people have done successfully since cave-man times. People from centuries ago, with minimal education, to kids today with lemonade stands were able to monetize their passions and grow. They all followed the same basic steps to become successful. And you can do it too!

What’s the difference between a hugely successful OnlyFans entrepreneur and a struggling one? Very little. They’re both doing things each day to make more money and grow their business, they just have different attitudes, understandings, and  approaches.

They both know that getting more customers and enticing them to buy is the basic activity of business growth. They know a key difference is that the successful bimbo-preneur has found ways to make it fun and effective for them. This is why we teach ways to make earning more money extra fun and extra effective in ways that work for YOU.

And if you still have concerns we have not one but two money back guarantees AND we have a ton of bonuses too! Like learning how to make your DM conversations work for you and how to earn money from them. Learning how to do outreach in a fun and easy way to bring in more customers. Learning how to price your content without a discount so you’re earning what you deserve.

And how to make this business fun, easy, and lucrative.

Note: These bonuses are optional. They're in case you need a hand. Plus, I will walk you through certain ones on our calls.




2 Done-For-You Pitching Templates

Want to reach out to potential customers but don't know what to say? Jay made two done-for-you pitching templates. You just fill in the blanks!

VALUE: $250


Send [this] to any fan who gets 'triggered'

Get too many Karen's & Kyle's judging you? Not sure how to handle them? Jay made a 'triggered' page so you can send it to them so they can think twice about 'calling for the manager' next time they get triggered.

VALUE: $100


Relax In The 100-For-1 Rule [Video]

Have you done 10 comments and 10 dm's to potential customers and got frustrated you haven't gotten any sales? This 100-For-1 Rule video explains this important rule for ANY and ALL business to understand.

VALUE: $500


6 Questions You've Never Asked About 'Pitching'

You don't want to pitch? Not sure why you should if people are looking at your pics and don't care what you have to say? This page explains pitching and why you should be doing it daily to grow your business and make that money! Nike, Starbucks, and Kim Kardashian still do this daily.

VALUE: $500


How To Make Things Fun [Video]

Not sure how to make this business fun? Not sure why fun is important for business or life? Then you NEED this video!!!

VALUE: $300


How to raise your prices and piss people off [PDF]

Do you think you have to discount your prices to get more customers? Do you think you have to offer a discount because the other girls do? Does Gucci care that you can get a pack of 8 Hanes plain white t-shirts for $12 at Walmart? No! Gucci still sells ONE plain white t-shirt for $80! Don't think you're Gucci? Then you need this PDF pronto!

VALUE: $600

"But what if I don't have time for $1000 extra / mth?"

Many entrepreneurs feel ‘too busy’, ‘overwhelmed’, or ‘distracted’ to get the most out of courses like this. We get it. But successful bimbos, the ones you look up to, have the same twenty-four hours in a day you do.

When they were young and struggling, they had to find a way to grow. They had to find a way to get a handle on their time and focus. And they did it. And you can too. And we’re here to help.

We’re throwing in these bonuses to help you with time management.




15 Easy DM Conversation-Enders [PDF]

Don't know how to end a DM conversation with customers or potential customers? Well Jay made it easy for you with these 30 convo enders. These are polite ways to tell people you can't talk because you're making money moves!

VALUE: $200


Elevate Your Time-Management [Video]

Do you feel like you've got so much to do but so little time? This video is a life saver and teaches you that you do indeed have all the time in the world, IF you want it.

VALUE: $220


How To Focus Better [Story Guide]

Do you think that people eat your time? Do you think you just have too much work to do but no time? Are you always rushing? Your focus could be why you're always 'out of time'. This page will show you exactly why focusing on the things that matter to you will give you more time!

VALUE: $400


30 Promotional Caption Lines [PDF]

Don't know what to say to promote your content? Don't want to sound repetitive when promoting your content? This PDF is full of ideas to help you know exactly what to say!

VALUE: $225

Psyched and ready to invest in yourself? (Starts January 30th)

"What if I have esteem or confidence issues?"

Although we work mainly with ‘girlbosses’ who believe in themselves and have the bold dedication necessary to achieve their goals, we know that even the best of us can have confidence issues from time to time, so we’ve put together plenty of bonus items to help with that too.




Stop Negative Self-Talk in 10min. [Video]

Have you ever woken up and felt so down on your looks, skills, and talents? Yeah we have too. But this video wakes you up and teaches you that you're the shizz! It's a video you will want to keep handy any time your confidence slips. We know you're awesome and this video will remind you that you're a divine being here to love yourself!

VALUE: $800


Why You're Extremely Valuable [Video]

Do you know how incredibly valuable you are? Do you know that your value grows everyday? If you don't know how valuable you are to this world then you NEED this lesson! Fun fact: this was the first lesson Jay ever taught Cyn.

VALUE: $150


Reclaim Your Belief-Mastery [Mega-Guide]

Do you have shitty belief in yourself? Do you have a bunch of fear, anxieties, worries, crappy thoughts about yourself and others? These are all code words for bad beliefs. This guide will teach you how to change them all so you can live a happier and easier life.

VALUE: $300


How to have more self-confidence [Video]

Do you have tons of self-confidence one day and then the next day none at all? Do you see these girls with extreme amounts of self-confidence and wish it was you? We know the feeling. And that's why we made this video. Because we know what it's like to have little to no self-confidence sometimes. If this is you too then you definitely NEED this video!!!

VALUE: $500


Why You Win When You Piss People Off [Video]

Are you afraid to make people mad? Are you afraid to say 'the wrong thing' and lose customers? Then you need this lesson so you can understand that pissing people off will help you win and get that money!!!

VALUE: $425

"But what if I fail?"

We’ve done everything we can to make this fail-proof. It’s very simple, it takes minimal time, and it’s been very effective for some of the self-proclaimed ‘worst’ humans.

And let’s be honest, making a thousand dollars more a month isn’t a huge deal. Many people make as much by getting promotions, bonuses, making investments, or even just changing jobs. This is a totally reasonable goal for any ‘grown-up’ entrepreneur.

That said, we want to go the extra mile to ensure you succeed, so these bonuses are aligned with that.




How to avoid feeling ‘salesy’ [Video]

Do you keep your OF content quiet on your socials for fear of being too sales-y? Do you post one link every few days to your spicy content so you won't "overwhelm" your followers? Kim K doesn't care about being sales-y and neither do any of her sisters. They consistently, excessively "sell" their stuff online. Why aren't you doing it too? Just watch this video cuz, girl, you gotta talk about your business to make money!

VALUE: $750


Fans being needy? Monetize them

Do you hate when dudes pay you a $10 tip ONCE and then expect you to dm them every day for the rest of your life? This is Cyn's secret to get those boys (and girls) to stop DM'ing you or pay you more money.

VALUE: $300


Clickable Content Ideas + Engagement [2 Videos]

Can't think of what kind of content to post that will get more clicks and likes? Want your fans to engage more but not sure how to get them to do it? Then these two videos are for you! We bundled them here together because we know they go hand in hand.

VALUE: $600


R.I.S.C. Method To Create Excellence [PDF]

Do you follow certain bimbos online and wonder how they've become successful and wish you could figure it out too? Then you need this PDF!

VALUE: $100


R.I.S.C. Walkthrough [Video]

Still not sure how researching your favorite successful bimbos will help you succeed? Success leaves clues and in this video Jay breaks it down even further for you and explains how to follow those clues so that you can be more successful than your idols!

VALUE: $450

Besides, this bootcamp is ZERO-RISK to you.

Zero risk? Yes, because we offer not one, but two, money-back guarantees for you.


The "Get Off Scot-Free" Guarantee:

We’re not asking you to decide yes or no today… we’re asking you to make a fully informed decision, that is all.

The only way to make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside.

So you get on the inside and see if everything we say in this bootcamp is true and valuable to you. Then, if it is, that’s when you decide to keep it. If it’s not for you, no hard feelings.

You will then, after a successful Discovery Call with me (Cyn), get to test out our bootcamp, and be able to make a fully informed decision that this isn’t for you.

But you can’t make this decision right now for the same reason you don’t buy a house without looking at the inside, right? And know this, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

If in seven days, for whatever reason, you want your money back, you can get it, ‘Scot-Free’ because we only want to keep your money if you’re happy. All you have to do is email cynshineonline@gmail.com and say “gimme my money back pls”, and you get it.

You can only make this kind of guarantee when you’re confident that what you have is the real deal, and we’re very confident when you pass your Discovery Call and join our bootcamp you’re going to get exactly what you need to make $1000 more a month from your OnlyFans (or main platform.)


The "Hustler’s" Guarantee:

If you do the following:

  • If you show up for every meeting on time, with your ‘homework’ done & ready to rock.
  • If you demonstrate proof you’ve ‘done the work.’
  • If you make no excuses, own your truth, and answer honestly when we ask you questions.

If you do all of the above, and still fail to make $1000 extra a month from your OnlyFans in 60 days, and don’t feel like you got your money’s worth from us, we’ll give you a full refund.

With these two guarantees, there’s literally no risk to you.


"That's a jaw-dropping amount of bonuses--
Why is this so affordable?"

1. Because this is a new experiment and I want to build up some positivity and good-will for the program.

2. Because we deeply appreciate girls who show off. In an over-serious, concrete-jungle world, beauty is a public service that society needs, and we want our launch to be affordable for people.

3. Because it’s simply good karma to give generously and abundantly as much as possible.

That said, this is absolutely bonkers value for what it costs at launch, and the price may double or even triple next time around.

Some Feedback

What people are saying about us!

What they're saying on social!

And there’s 100s of more people praising for Jay’s wisdom on our testimonial page.

Psyched and ready to invest in yourself? (Starts January 30th)

Act Fast Because...

  • We’re only taking 5 bimbos because we’ve already had so much interest that we’re keeping it small for the ‘true ballers’ who want to learn how to earn more money.
  • Our $597 pricing is temporary. This price will not last and if you don’t get in now you’ll have to pay more the next time we offer this program.
  • Jay is an eccentric dude and rarely takes new clients but since I talked him into using his incredible money making skills to help you, you’ve got to take advantage of this because he WILL close up ranks once he feels the need to go back into hermit-mode and won’t talk to anyone but me.
  • This is a limited time offer because I schedule my appointments weeks in advance and have other clients that want to be on my schedule. My spots fill up quickly!

Bimbo Wealth Boot Camp Is For You If...

If you agree with all of the above then…

Your time is now.

You’ve read this far because you know you’re not earning what you deserve as an OF model. You’re struggling to make enough money to pay all your bills and get new costumes, do your nails, get fillers, etc.

You KNOW you deserve to make more money. You KNOW that you’re beautiful but can’t figure out how to make more money the way you’re going now. I know that after the program you’re going to be so slammed with new customer’s you won’t have time to talk to us, so let’s get to be friends and grow your business together, now.

We only have FIVE slots open and we’ve got a line of bimbos wanting in!

And I get that you might have paid for another course to learn how to grow your IG and got burned. Or maybe you took advice from some guru but it didn’t work out. Or maybe you put yourself out there and got harassed by men, judged by family, and felt alone trying to make your bimbo dreams come true.

But you’ve never had ‘bimbo parents’ like Jay and I to hold your hand and show you the way. You’ve never had people believe in you like we do, walk you through the training, and get you to the finish line, hand-in-hand. All this with no risk and two guarantees, you have every reason to jump in, do the work, and make that money.

Imagine yourself quitting your 9-to-5 job and going for OF full time (or getting way more out of your day.)

Imagine being $1000 richer after just 60 days by doing what you already love to do.

Imagine doubling and tripling that amount on your own after learning new ways to grow an audience and do business.

Imagine sipping cocktails by the pool this summer while others you know struggle for less pay while you’re earning money to swim, drink, and show off!

But you’re gonna have to do the work, so if you’re interested, the first thing you’re going to do after reading this… is book a free Discovery Call with me so we can get you into our next class (starting v) and help you make that money, honey.

"Why do I need a 15-min. Discovery Call?"

Because we want you to succeed, and not everyone’s ready to truly earn. I’ll ask you a few questions on a short call to make sure we’re a fit for each other. We’re only accepting 5 bimbos, and we want to ensure each slot goes to someone who’s truly hungry to crush it.

If you feel you’re ready to level up your wealth by at least $1000 a month and learn all the unique tips, tricks, and wisdom we offer, click the ‘book’ button below.

Psyched and ready to invest in yourself? (Starts January 30th!)

How Much Value Are You Actually Getting?

Base Lessons, Coaching, & Guidance

  • 4 (+ 2) 60min. Lessons w/ J-Ryze $3000
  • 4 One-On-One Hand-Holding Calls w/ Cyn $1000
  • Text-and-DM Support $200

'Make It Easier' Bonuses

  • 2 Done-For-You Pitching Templates $250
  • Send [This] To Any Fan Who Gets 'Triggered' $100
  • Relax In The 100-For-1 Rule [Video] $500
  • 6 Questions You've Never Asked About 'Pitching' $500
  • How To Make Things Fun [Video] $300
  • How To Raise Your Prices And Piss People Off [PDF] $600

'Make It Faster' Bonuses

  • 30 Easy DM Conversation-Enders [PDF] $200
  • Elevate Your Time-Management [Video] $220
  • How To Focus Better [Story Guide] $400
  • 30 Promotional Caption Lines [PDF] $225

'Confidence-Boost' Bonuses

  • Stop Negative Self-Talk In 10min. [Video] $800
  • Why You're Extremely Valuable [Video] $150
  • Reclaim Your Belief-Mastery [Mega-Guide] $300
  • How To Have More Self-Confidence [Video] $500
  • Why You Win When You Piss People Off [Video] $425

'Fail-Proof' Bonuses

  • How To Avoid Feeling ‘Salesy’ [Video] $750
  • Fans Being Needy? Monetize Them With This! $300
  • Clickable Content Ideas + Engagement [2 Videos] $600
  • R.I.S.C. Method To Create Excellence [PDF] $100
  • R.I.S.C. Walkthrough [Video] $450

This means that if you join today...

The Actual Value You'll Receive Is...


But today you pay...


Why? Because helping others earn is good karma.

Psyched and ready to invest in yourself? (Starts January 30th!)