Soaring Beliefs Book Cover

Don't just nudge your beliefs. let them soar.

I believe that you deserve fresh views on sh-t that matters. I believe you can transform your projects, your empire, your life… faster than you’d imagine. I’ve seen people do it. I’ve seen guys rebuild their entire brand in a month. I’ve seen chicks look decades younger in weeks. It’s only 26 pages of clear, simple, fun-to-read language. It just needs an open mind to upgrade your beliefs, & together we’ll help you soar.

This book will show you how.

Hi. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved helping people be better humans.
But most people don’t know I do this. I’m kind of a ‘best-kept-secret.’ I help thought-leaders, influencers, & empire-builders, advising them behind the scenes. For example, I’m a decade-long collaborator of Evan Carmichael’s, and together, he and I created a business accelerator called ‘Soar’. Soar helps heroes like you build their empires.
But not in a ‘normal’, ‘traditional’ way. We do it faster & easier, because we focus on the highest-leverage thing of all. Your beliefs. Most growth comes from uplifting people’s beliefs, something I’ve done naturally since I was young.
(When I was eleven, I helped my Mom believe I deserved a later bedtime.)
At my core, I’ve always devoured every morsel of wisdom I can, in order to teach it to others. I have experience in scores of art-forms & disciplines. My clients call me Yoda, Morpheus, Banner, Merlin. The guru-on-the-mountain.
They’re being playful and tongue-in-cheek. I think. Mostly. Lol. 🙂
The words in these pages are some of my clearest views on life-changing topics. Everything from body-transformation & health, to the power of sexuality, to why you should inject more play into your empire-building.
And I don’t say that lightly.
I have insanely high-standards, like, freakishly so. For myself, and for others. And that includes the beliefs, ideas, & words contained in this book.
I’ve written millions of words in my life, and Cynthia went through 556 of my instagram posts cutting away all the but the best, leaving only 26 pages of pure gold. Your time is precious, and you deserve better beliefs, as lightning fast as possible.
But… I’ll be honest. My exacting love of clarity, precision, and excellence means that I’m ‘edgy’, ‘challenging to connect with’, and ‘a lone wolf’ with little patience.
Yes, I’m epically good at what I do… but I’m also not for everyone.
But, even though I’m flawed and messed up, this works out for you.
My insane standards mean the views presented in this book are top-tier. Literally some of the best beliefs on the planet.
And you can have them for a song.
And since I’m sharing a bit about me and my story, I’ll mention that I love art, sex, ideas, League Of Legends, & rock-climbing.
Wanna know more? You can check out some of my creations here.
(Experts told me I should never ‘link away’ and let people ‘leave my sales page’, but if you don’t get a good enough feeling about me and what I’m sharing here, that you get distracted and never come back… I can accept that.)
Hopefully now you know a bit about me. Now let’s help you know more clearly if this is the right book for you.

Are you really that smart?

I could prove my intelligence any number of ways. I ran circles around other kids in the gifted program. My IQ’s really high. Etc. But I’ve justified, explained, & proved my wisdom to so many doubters over the years that I’m honestly tired of it. I feel exhausted even thinking about it.

I’ve devoted thought to any topic you can name… and I’ve done it much deeper than most so-called ‘experts’ in their fields. I’m not the smartest human being on the planet, but I bring a lot to the table. I’m a fantastic teacher & advisor, and I’m proud of it.

I made lots of my views available for free on instagram over the last year. I made it ’cause I know my rare perspectives can help you. I made this book to help people without even a HINT of making money off it.

Actually, I didn’t even really make this book. A loving fan (@cynshineonline) decided to turn my IG content into a printed book, ’cause she believes the world needs it, and here we are.

Judge as you like.

And isn’t it arrogant to claim to be smart?

I mean… I guess?

Is it arrogant for a great mechanic to claim he can fix your car? Is it arrogant for Beyonce to claim to be a good singer? Is it arrogant for YOU to claim to be good at what you do?

I offer insight, wisdom, & huge shots of creativity and I do it well.

But when I was a kid, I was suuuuper-arrogant. I pissed off everyone. I always thought I was right, saw everything as black & white. I thought I was better than everyone. I pushed friends and family away and never admitted I was wrong about anything.

Life beat every ounce of that conceit out of me.

I was homeless for years. I was evicted, broke, betrayed, abandoned, jailed, and failed many businesses, and suicidal.

It was hell. And it was humbling. And I’d never want to experience it again, so… bye-bye arrogance.

Is this book really worth it?

That’s a fair question. Many people pay $30 monthly for a gym membership they don’t use. They don’t “make their money back.” Others buy appliances that collect dust on their counters. They don’t “make their money back.”  This book, even if you read only a page or two of it, is distilled empowering beliefs. It’ll make you a permanently more valuable person, inside & out. By buying it, you’ve already invested smarter than the examples I just mentioned above.

Yes, it’s really worth it, and to me, it’s almost laughable if someone feels otherwise. <3

Yeah, but I could spend my money on other things…

Yes, you could. But like what? Another fast-food meal, gone in an hour? A t-shirt that’ll dissolve in the wash in a year?

This book is permanent, powerful, eye-opening beliefs that make you a better version of yourself. It unlocks huge potential in you. It elevates you. A lot.

You really wanna tell me you’d prefer to invest your dollars elsewhere, with this opportunity in front of you?

I prefer video, reading is boring / hard / annoying.

You read blogs & emails, you read subtitles in movies, you read subreddits & forums… but you won’t read a 26 page life-changing book with full-color photos? Um… good luck in life, I guess?

Ok, I’m kidding, it’s fine to prefer videos, but the wisdom contained here isn’t meant for multi-tasking. It’s not meant to ‘chill in the background.’ It’s meant to be absorbed, processed, embodied and realized.

If you want videos, hit up youtube or visit the cinema, but all you’ll get is a few moments of escapist entertainment, instead of a better, masterful new you.

I could just get this for free on his IG, right?

Yep! But you’d have to scroll through hundreds of posts. And they’d be a bit out-dated. And you couldn’t show them off to friends when they came over.

And you couldn’t easily revisit them, re-read them, and get them ingrained in your mind.

I don’t know anyone who actively ‘goes back’ on insta-feeds in order to find juicy content. It all remains buried usually. You deserve better.

But hey, I’m happy for anyone who wants to visit my IG too, so do as you please 🙂

I can’t tell what the book’s about.

We-ell… like the title says 🙂

It’s a book about Soaring Beliefs. It helps elevate your beliefs on shit that matters.

Most people fail to accomplish their dreams ’cause for one main reason:

They haven’t thought their beliefs through. They haven’t gotten clear on beliefs that serve them.

But I’ve thought them through. I’ve gotten clear. I’ve done all the thinking for you. Just read, absorb, and believe better.

Then watch your new beliefs create an entirely new life.

Here’s a few testimonials from readers:

For some reason, I’m still hesitant, is there a guarantee?

This is a two-way street. I can give you all the gold in the world, but if you don’t have an open mind, or aren’t really ready for change, this book won’t help you.

That said, I honestly don’t know how someone could NOT like, enjoy, and benefit from this book. Truly.

But hey, it’s a big world, and there’s probably someone who doesn’t, and that’s fine.

There IS a guarantee that if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full-refund. No strings, no problems.

I want you to be happy in life, and will do my best to help with that.

J looks / talks kind of weird, & this is a weird book.

That’s ’cause I am, & it is.

But it’s not a reason to avoid buying, it’s a reason to buy.

Average won’t help you. Normal won’t help you. Average and normal people will get you average & normal results.

Hopefully you’re here ’cause you want weird results. You want to be an anomaly. You want to be the 1% of people who succeed bigger & better, make more, live happier. You want to increase influence and personal power.

If not, go watch Netflix or whatever keeps you ‘normal.’

This probably won’t work for me.

Oh it will. It’ll totally work for you. You know why?

1. You have a brain that thinks & believes. 2. You have a desire to be better. 3. You want your thoughts to serve you. 4. You know to create an empire you’ll need epic beliefs. 5. You’re able to absorb words and ideas.

And since all these things are true, you’re fine.

If you can manage to let the words inside this book touch you & wash over you, you’ll change. You’ve been absorbing the ideas of others since you were a kid, now do it with some god-tier beliefs that elevate you.

I’m not an empire-builder, this book’s not for me.

It’s true, I prefer to help empire-builders, peeps aiming for true greatness, but the beliefs and ideas contained on each of these pages can help almost anyone. Want a better body? There’s a page on that. Want more wealth? There’s a page on that. Want to be happier? There’s a page on that.

So even if you just wanna live a chill life, you deserve to live it well, and this book will help.

It’s probably a lot of hard work, change is hard.

This kind of thinking is what makes things hard.

The truth is, change is easy, and natural.

Change is part of evolution, and you’ve got more practice at it than you think. As kids, we changed almost non-stop. It’s natural, easy, and effortless.

And that talent doesn’t magically go away… unless we start chanting an internal mantra of “its too hard.”

I don’t think a book can change me.

A book DOESN’T change you. You change yourself.

But the same way Think And Grow Rich has made millionaires, and The Bible has created disciples, a book 100% can inspire you to great things.

In fact, some Rumi or Gibran quotes are only a handful of words, but people get them tattooed on their bodies as a permanent reminder of how to live better.

Words are game-changers, invest in these ones.

I don’t know how to believe.

Well, you’re ‘believing’ right now. ‘I don’t know how’ IS a belief. So if you thought that, it means you clearly do know how to believe.

You believe your arm will pick something up when you direct it to. You believe some things are hard, others easy. You believe all kinds of things. You’re literally a natural, hyper, believing-machine.

Let’s get that focused on something valuable to you. This book helps.

Ew, papercuts? No thanks, nobody uses actual books anymore.

A big part of the beauty of this book is the stunning visuals that go with the text. People absorb things when visuals accompany ideas. Sadly, eBooks tend to ruin most images inside them.

Besides, the ideas contained inside aren’t something to be ‘multi-tasked’ on a device, they’re something to be focused on and appreciated and absorbed properly.

Regardless of all this, an eBook version is likely in the works, if you feel like waiting.

I don’t trust buying books online.

lol, seriously? Then yes, this book probably ISN’T for you.

I mean, it may end up in bookstores one day, but it’s 2019, and if you don’t like buying books online, you’re probably won’t appreciate the bold beliefs contained inside.

Either way, I wish you well.

There were boobs on the front, is this a sexy book?

We-ell… I love beauty, sex, the female form. I’ve always loved adding a splash it to most things I create. I feel it makes the absorption of almost anything more pleasant.

That said, this isn’t Playboy, or even Maxim. But a few pages does celebrate the human body’s ability to transform through the power of belief.

Besides, a lot of the most creative artists, entertainers, and empire-builders in history were very sexual people. You won’t get far if you can’t make peace with it.

How long does it take to ship?

Uhh, maybe Cynthia can answer this?

I have to shop around.

That’s cool, I get it.

But I also know that whenever someone ‘shops around,’ they tend to miss out on the opportunity they had in front of them. Don’t let that be you.

There are other books out there that try to change your beliefs, but they take 100s of pages to change a single one.

Or they’re super-general, and just ‘convince you to be positive.’

This book is different. It’s not a step by step manual. It’s not super long.

Instead, each page of this book is crafted to give you a fresh, clear, life-changing view on something that matters.

It’s simple, fast, and enjoyable. You know if one of those ‘other books’ are a better fit, or if this is the one for you already. Trust your gut.

It’s too expensive.

We went through so many changes to make it affordable.

For example, we wanted it to be 10×10, big full color photos on one page, big, readable text on the left. But that raised the costs a lot.

As it stands, it’s basically the most value we can give for the price. All things considered, we barely break even unless get insane sales.

A better question is: Will it be ‘too expensive’, 10 years from now, when you’ve lived thousands of wonderful new experiences from the beliefs inside this book?

No. Be honest, in the grand scheme of things, you’re gonna make way more money in your lifetime than the price of this book, and you’re gonna get way more value out of it than you pay.

Buy it and you come out on top.

Plus you can always get a refund.

It’s too hard to buy.

Hopefully Cynthia can answer this.

It’s pretty easy, click the buy with Paypal button, you may need to enter a few text fields, but really, what’s that compared to the freshest, most life-changing beliefs around?

Can I try before I buy?

I gotchu covered. Click here & here for samples 🙂

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