The world's first self-help
coffee-table book...

...makes improving your beliefs luxurious, fast, and fun.

Energizing your beliefs on wealth, health, & relationships is the key to realizing your dreams, and you can get a jumpstart on that in just 26 gorgeous pages. Free yourself from the boring walls of text & filler-content in other personal development books with this time-saving read.

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Personal growth in just 26 pages?

Really? This is gonna transform my beliefs in just 26 pages? With half the real-estate occupied by pictures? No way, I don’t believe it. Why the hell is this book so short?

Necessity. Because each page was hand-selected from a pool of 500+ instagram posts, so every caption was limited to 2200 characters.

Frustration. I was frustrated with other personal dev books that beat around the bush forever. So I made every word count & every sentence matter. No-bullsh*t, straight-to-the-point, zero-filler.

Other authors get self-indulgent and rambly in their books, because they have no page limit. Soaring Beliefs is different, and every word is laser-focused to give you maximum value in minimum time.
Don’t just take my word for it, check out what others have said about J-Ryze’s wisdom.

What They Say

"Every word... pure gold."

“J is the Yoda of Mindset. He’s able to Ryze any belief no matter how heavy and do it with the quickness. Every word in here is pure gold. Reading a page from here is part of my daily routine.”
Michael Lamothe

"This book... will challenge traditional norms."

“J-Ryze is a weird duck. He sees the world differently than you do. And that’s a good thing. This book is a window into his world which will challenge traditional norms, take on stereotypes, and stretch your thinking. Come with an open mind and prepared to be challenged. Enjoy! #Believe”
Evan Carmichael

"[J-Ryze] beat up my poor limiting beliefs to a pulp."

“J-Ryze came with his passionate, motivational gloves off & beat up my poor, limiting beliefs to a pulp. He gave me 2 epiphanies I’d been waiting for for years.”
Benjamin Jenks
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Welcome to the...

Easiest personal-development read of your life.

Each page is a “self-contained a-ha moment” on a significant topic. That means, you can open to any page, start reading, and improve one of your beliefs. And the pages have short, punchy sentences and full-color pictures taking up a good chunk of the space. It really is an easy read.

Gorgeous, glossy, full-color photos.

Most 'gurus' think color photos are fluff.

They think the written word is where personal development happens.

But really, personal growth is a sensory experience.

And a picture's worth a thousand words.


Becoming your best self is meant to be fun.

Improving your beliefs can be sexy, action-packed, and fun. It can be full of pictures and an easy read. It’s time we got rid of boring, black-and-white walls of text. It’s time to stop hiding our books full of wisdom in a bedroom drawer or buried in a basement. It’s time to live your best life, and show it off to others too.

Upgrading your beliefs
shouldn't take 300+ pages of reading.

bored_book_readerThe problem is this: You’ve been trying to ‘make more money.’ You’ve done your best to make ‘your person’ happy. You’ve been exercising & dieting. You’ve poured a lot of time & energy into the important parts of your life. And you still haven’t seen the results you want.

And I get it. I struggled for years without people revealing the secret, hidden things that were actually holding me back. No one told me the real problem I had.

My beliefs.

And there are huge books with hundreds of pages that try to improve your beliefs. But they rarely have examples that click. They never seem to be able to give you a fresh perspective on sh*t that matters like money, sex, and body-transformation.

And even if they do, they make you wade through giant walls of boring text just to change one belief. You don’t need an entire university lecture to change a belief. You and your friends do it over a beer or a coffee all the time.

And this book is like a caring friend. Each page is a brief conversation that literally changes your beliefs on a key topic. Now, it can’t magically go inside your mind and make you think new things, but if you read it with an open mind, respecting the wisdom as if it’s coming from a friend, each page will plant mindset-seeds that will grow and be extremely fruitful for you. The book can help you with money, sex, health and more, but only if you’re eager and receptive to new ideas.

It uses the J-Ryze technique for belief-adjustment on all 26 topics. It works clearly and quickly. And unlike other personal-development books you’ve read, this book tackles people’s must stubborn beliefs, fast.

It’s different than anything you’ve ever tried before. It has to be. Because ‘traditional advice’ and common answers haven’t worked.

F**k Tradition.

Tradition has screwed us all over way too many times. Why did we have to waste years in school? Tradition. Why were we force-fed religious beliefs? Tradition. Why do we end up with day-jobs instead of succeeding as entrepreneurs? Tradition.

"That's how things have always gone. That's just the way things are."

Getting the same teachings, thinking the same things, & going through the same actions as always, gets mediocre, unsatisfying results. So instead, break tradition and try something truly new.

Embrace new thoughts. Let a beautiful new book that elevates your mind flow into your life. It'll open and unlock the power already inside you, plus it'll look gorgeous on your coffee-table.

Fair warning though, this book is for rebels, not traditionalists. It's for outcasts & black sheep. Outside-the-box thinkers who want epic results.


We all have limited life-spans.

Most people understand this. Of course we do, right? We all come to earth, and we all leave it. True. But what many people don’t realize, is that every day you spend with bad beliefs, is a day you’re burning up your dream-life. It’s having one day less to achieve your dreams than you did yesterday.
Now, I value my time and I intend to get the best I can out of life while I’m here. How about you? Did you do something to really move towards your dreams yesterday? No? Ok, cross it off the calendar, that’s one day less of living your dream life. How about today? No? Cross off another one. Tomorrow? I guess we’ll see.
The point is this: The people who stumble across a page like this have an opportunity in front of them. They can pause the ‘auto-pilot’ of their lives, take a moment, and invest a tiny amount of time & money, and unlock huge progress towards their best life.
Or they can leave the auto-pilot on, rationalize some reason to delay their purchase, and continue burning through the precious dream-achievement time life has given them. Hopefully you’re the kind of person who acts now.

I know the ideas in this book will help.

But why should you listen to a 'genius' who was homeless for years?

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I went from ace-ing my gifted classes to being a homeless, depressed, suicidal failure. I was an arrogant, entitled, a$hole. I lost my girlfriend, best friend, & family, but eventually pulled myself out of homelessness by helping Evan Carmichael build a huge empire. Along the way I had to change thousands of my own beliefs, one by one. I started out judging ‘shallow’ pop-stars, but now I love and respect their accomplishments. I used to think I was better than everyone, now I know I have my own value, and others have theirs. I once believed business was hard, now I’m adamant that business is simple. I’ve 180’d so many beliefs it’d make most people’s heads spin, and my clients now call me the ‘belief-ninja’ and the ‘best mentor ever.’




During my long-time collab with Evan, I created fully-animated shorts, wrote landing pages, and conducted interviews for him. I’m credited in his latest book for all the illustrations. He trusted me to create music videos, write lyrics, and make memes for him. I’ve re-touched photos at his request, assembled brand-guidelines, and made systems for his team. Not to mention the ‘believe’ gesture, catchy slogans, and ‘signature sound’ we designed together. I played an integral role in creatively guiding his entire brand, for years. I’m telling you this because despite all the ‘creations’ he trusted me with, the biggest impact I made on Evan was elevating his beliefs about his empire.




You have everything you need to blossom, already inside you. You don’t need me. You don’t need advice. You don’t need this book. You don’t need anything. I’m fully aware that you could improve all your beliefs on your own, just like I did during my decade of despair.

A hard-selling, snake-oil salesman’s job is to make you think you need whatever’s being offered, and people like that deserve distrust and skepticism. But I’m not them.

I’m simply a guy offering you an enlightening book that won’t just elevate your beliefs, but will impress your friends as it takes it’s place on your coffee-table too. 


Simple: emotion, logic, & love.

A belief is just a thought-train, set to forward, or reverse.

And you have the power to put on the brakes, or hit the gas. Why? Because only you have control of your own mind, no one else.

We have 50,000+ thoughts a day. And to build a new belief, you have to A. Change your thoughts (logic),  B. Change your mood (emotion),   and C. Practice (love). The Soaring Beliefs Coffee-Table Book will help you adjust your thoughts & mood on pivotal topics in your life, but only you can do the ‘practice’ of applying the wisdom and approaching things like money, sex, and fame with the newfound perspectives you’ve gained.

Let's say you want to
improve your money-beliefs.

Money’s a tricky one and usually takes quite a while to change, but we can plant the seeds and get them watered at least. Like changing any belief, you start with a single thought. (There’s some finesse to it. It has to be a thought you truly believe, and it has to be a thought you feel *truly* good about when you think it.)

For the sake of example, we’ll start with:

1. “I love money.”

Then, you repeat similarly themed thoughts throughout your day.

2. “I love all the furniture I have… and it cost someone money to make it.”

3. “I love that people are spending, and that cash is flowing just outside my doorstep.”

4. “I love that some people on the planet have built empires and gotten rich.”


But you don’t stop there. Each belief you have is made up of many tiny sub-thoughts, and we want to get as many of them changed as we can.

5. “If other people have done it, it’s possible for me to do it as well.”

6. “Money is such a huge blessing, it helps bring so much freedom and opportunity, I love giving it and receiving it.”

7. “I feel like I’m getting closer to wealth, step by step, especially with all these positive thoughts I’m having towards money.”

8. “I even love people who got money in a ‘sleazy’ way, because even though I’d never do that, at least they found a way to wealth that works for them.”

You keep this up as much as you can, as often as you can, as regularly as you can.

Voila, you have a brand new Mega-Belief on a topic that matters to you.

Your performance and execution of this task will decide how fast and smoothly your beliefs change.

You can do this with biz, relationships, health, talent, whatever!

And you’ve done this subconsciously most of your life. You’ve done it in conversations with friends about a new movie or band. You’ve done it in arguments with family where one side ends up changing their mind.

Those belief-changing conversations are just strings of related thoughts. Each sentence is focused on changing a single belief. And if you remain open-minded during the chat, one or both people come out the other side with elevated beliefs.

Voila, belief uplifted.

After allowing new ideas like this in, people usually feel a personal change. Something clicks and the seed of improvement has been planted. But, like many great things in life, the real results show up with time. New beliefs need nurtured. You can’t just cave the next time someone challenges them. You’ve got to protect them and care for them. Especially when someone steps to your new improved beliefs. This book can plant them, and it’s on you to strengthen them. But that’s a story for another book.

Ready to Get Started?

Psyched to start elevating your beliefs?


You also get bonus gifts.

The book dissects quotes from Joseph Campbell, Sasha Grey, and more. It dives deep into beliefs about death, sex, and effort. It gets you thinking differently, fast, and offers wisdom earned through years of blood, sweat, and struggle. That alone makes it worth the price. But when you buy it, you also get some bonuses.


Mentors are precious and rare. When you buy Soaring Beliefs, we'll give you access to 'The Den', our private Facebook group for Rebels, where you can be mentored by J personally.



Once your beliefs are in order, you have solid ground to persuade others to like you, follow you, and buy from you. If you email us a photo of your receipt, you'll get access to our Persuasion Tips & Tricks guide.

Others have paid thousands for this wisdom.

I've had clients give me a percentage of their profits for the fresh perspectives served up in these pages. And it took me decades of pain and failure to fix a lot of my beliefs. This book could save you a lot of struggle and unlock a lot of growth. Don't worry though, you won't be paying that today.


Today, you only pay about $63.


When you buy you'll join these other happy people:


What do you have to lose?

The answer? Not much. This prestigious book can revolutionize your understanding of key subjects, and it’s about the price of a decent pair of running shoes.


This book is NOT for everyone.


Soaring Beliefs isn't a 'how-to.'

It’s a series of individual, life-changing conversations, on topics that’s matter. It’s not for people who need hand-holding, or for those who have trouble changing their minds.

It’s for outside-the-box thinkers who are ready to change their minds. For those who know they must change their beliefs, and fast, or their life will continue being a struggle It’s for those hungry and ready to change their beliefs. Those who won’t fight and resist each stunning page, but who will instead…

...embrace the fresh views on taboos Soaring Beliefs delivers. 

YOU'LL GET The "Soaring Beliefs" BOOK FOR...



World's First Self-Help Coffee-Table Book

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7-Day Sneak Peek Inside The Den



Jason 'J-Ryze' Fonceca

"Rebel Teacher"

Jason ‘J-Ryze’ Fonceca began as a child genius. Then life humbled him as he went from ace-ing gifted classes to being a homeless, depressed, suicidal failure. He lost his girlfriend, best friend, & family, but eventually pulled himself out of homelessness by helping Evan Carmichael build a huge empire. He followed that up by writing the world’s first personal development coffee-table book with his partner Cynthia ‘Cynshine’ Moreno, and now they run an exclusive Facebook group for rebel-preneurs. His clients call him the ‘belief-ninja’ and the ‘best mentor ever.’ He lives in Toronto, has read thousands of books, and freely admits to loving (gasp!) porn.


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The paper costs about $10. Same goes for ink. Labor & production approximately the same, throw in taxes… and well, it all adds up. Tack on a tiny profit for all our blood, sweat, & tears in actually creating the world’s first self-help coffee-table book and, well, there ya go. But it’s a book for people who appreciate the finer things in life. People who know that sixty bucks here or there in the grand scheme of things isn’t a big deal, and who know this book will open a lot of doors for them.

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We could make it a normal paperback book for cheaper, but the knowledge & beliefs in this book are elite, and it’s served best when the book-format matches that. Most personal-dev gurus cheap out on their books, printing it in black and white on pulp. Soaring Beliefs deserves premium lustre paper & full color ink. It’s not a normal book, for normal people. That said, we’re open to turning it into an ebook or paperback one day if it feels right.

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Once Upon A Time, Joe Was Failing...

(A bonus story, because…well… why not? Stories rock.)

The doctor told Joe that he was dying.

He was a grizzled entrepreneur. His bones felt tired, but his pants rustled listlessly against the smooth leather of his friend’s couch.

“Look, Joe, you’re a smart guy. In fact, you kind of inspired me to build my empire, but I don’t know what to tell you.” Sam said apologetically.

Joe didn’t reply right away. ‘How did I get here,’ he thought. He’d expected so much more from his life. He’d never expected to be sitting nervous in his friend’s mansion, while his own sticker-selling company lurched along like a zombie. It was dying too, along with Joe.

‘Nobody will miss it, unless I can somehow make something of it before it’s too late.’ Joe grimaced as the reality hit him.

And like, it’s not as if he didn’t try. He read self-help books. He studied business. He made good money for a while. Got married. He took all the actions you’re supposed to take. So why was he so plateau’d? His passion for business gone. Failed to write his memoirs. His body frail, looking decades older than his age.

“C’mon Sam, it’s a valuable, worthy company to buy. My wife’s gone. I have no kids. The company will disappear when I do. Please, help me leave a legacy.

Sam sighed.

Joe knew Sam cared about him, but it was clear he wouldn’t take StickerCo. off his hands. Why would he?

“Man, I dunno Joe. Let me make us some more coffee and I’ll think about it.” Sam picked up the cups and left the room.

Joe’s heart sunk, and his head drooped, and his gaze came to rest on one of Sam’s coffee-table books. The title read ‘Soaring Beliefs’ by ‘J-Ryze.’ It seemed to vibrate, as if calling to him. Joe reached underneath the table’s glass pane and picked it up. It felt good in his hand as he opened the first glossy black page. Weird, it seemed to be a self-help book? He’d barely read the foreword, when Sam returned with coffee.

“I’ve thought it through, over and over–“

“–and you’re just not interested in stickers, I get it.”

“Yeah, you know it’s nothing personal–“

“Yep, I figured as much. It’s fine. Thanks for listening. But you mind if I skip the coffee? I gotta take off.”

“Sure Joe, all good.”

“Thanks, and hey, you mind if I borrow this book?”

“By all means! I’m surprised you mention it. Like, that book changed my life. It literally re-wired my brain on s**t that matters. J-Ryze’s wisdom helped me make clearer decisions, see with fresh eyes, and really build my empire.”

“It sounds epic! Sounds like anyone would want a book like this, why so surprised?”

“Well, it’s kind of an elite book. I leave it on my coffee table to see which person has an open enough mind for it. Most ignore it. Some pick it up, and then drop it on page five as if it’s on fire. Some start reading it here, and immediately order their own copy. You’re the only person who’s ever asked to take it out of my home.”

“Hmmm, I mean, I can leave it–“

“No, no, if you’re into it, it’s meant for you. That book played a huge role in who I am today. I’d love for you to read it.”


The next day Joe had devoured the entire book.

It was a short read, lots of gorgeous pictures, and every word was made to count.

Regardless, he knew he’d be reading it again and again. Each page was like eating a full, satisfying meal… but for his mind.

Each page opened his eyes in major ways to things he’d taken for granted. Joe had had hundreds of conversations about money, fame, death, hustle, etc.

And those conversations never really got to the truth of things. They were just people echoing society’s group-think.

J-Ryze tackled each subject with clarity, integrity, and precision. He revealed the truth. Joe realized this is what he’d needed his whole life. Because once he understood a topic, all his actions changed around it.

He read the page about beliefs, and now understood that better beliefs change entire lives. He stopped trying to sell StickerCo.

He read the page about Sasha Grey, and now understood how to tackle new industries. He began to write his memoirs.

He read the page about biokinesis, and now understood that his health was under his own control. He began looking for better doctors.

It was amazing that a handful of pages could elevate his beliefs that powerfully. The book was a game-changer.

Joe breathed deep and clear.

He was eager for whatever came next.

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